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The Best Cryptocurrency for Online Casinos [In Collaboration]

By May 26, 2020 No Comments

There has been a surge in people who play at online casinos and they have turned to the best crypto casinos and cryptocurrency to satisfy their need for excitement. Many players choose to play and stay at certain gambling sites because of bonuses and promotions. 

The majority of online gamers are on the hunt for the best online casino bonuses in at least three ways: the no deposit bonus, match deposit bonus, or free spins in the slot machines. Some casinos exclude cryptocurrencies in their offerings, while some gambling sites use cryptocurrencies as welcome offerings. Some brands even create special welcome games where players can claim cryptocurrencies. 

A Rundown of Cryptocurrencies Gambling Sites Use

The online casino industry is constantly changing with exciting, real money slot machines. What’s even better is they are being updated regularly. Along with this, you can fund your game in so many ways. Cryptocurrency has risen over the years, and there has also been a rise in crypto payment methods. This has led to many brands, like those gambling sites found on, broadening their range of payment methods to accommodate a plethora of different crypto options.


Bitcoin is a giant in the cryptocurrency world, and many large online casinos trust it. A great advantage of using bitcoin is it is accepted and recognized worldwide. You are protected by Bitcoin because of its high trust value, and it is readily available. 

When you use Bitcoin for your online gaming, you will have the security as it comes with its own security features. The cryptocurrency is decentralized, meaning it is impossible to counterfeit or double-spend. You will have full control of your funds all the time. 


Ethereum is the second most stable cryptocurrency from Bitcoin. Ethereum has advanced tech and security features, which make it different from Bitcoin. It is perfect for players who want to hide their personal and financial information. Ethereum saw the creation of easier blockchain programs, which became widely accepted in the market. Ethereum made it possible to create currency in shorter time periods. Ethereum currency is popular among online casino players. 


Many players are seeking ways of payment that provide a high level of privacy and security. Monero provides anonymity in transactions online. The use of this cryptocurrency began way back in 2014 and has risen in popularity over the years. The identities of the users are protected by a series of signatures and hidden addresses. When it comes to safety and anonymity online, this cryptocurrency is the best choice for online casino payments.


Ripple allows players to make withdrawals and deposits in larger amounts at online casinos. It is versatile and has a variety of offerings. Ripple is backed by banks all over the world and can be a cryptocurrency as well as an exchange platform. Compared to its alternatives, Ripple provides faster deposits and withdrawals, therefore is an ideal cryptocurrency to be used on internet casino sites. 


Litecoin is another player in the cryptocurrency world that provides fast transactions and security features. It is almost similar to Bitcoin since it is also accepted worldwide. It is also a popular payment method being used by online casino players. 


EOS is a new player in cryptocurrencies, so you won’t be seeing it often in online casinos because it is not a popular payment option yet. When you do use EOS as a payment option, make sure that the casino operates with EOS and check specific games that run for EOS. The difference with EOS compared to other cryptocurrencies is the casino only holds on to the funds you are betting and never to your entire funds. Once the bet is over, your wins are directly deposited to your EOS account. EOS also gives you anonymity and security features. It can even allow you to play at EOS run casinos using your email only. 

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash is an offshoot of Bitcoin, and the reason for its existence is some computers didn’t accept the update to the original Bitcoin. What happened is they simply split the two: the original Bitcoin and the updated crypto coin now called Bitcoin cash. Online casinos also accept Bitcoin cash, and one of its advantages is faster transactions, ease of use, and cheaper transaction fees. There are also increased safety measures. 

Final Thoughts

Online casino gaming is fun and even more so now since payment methods have gotten a technological upgrade because you can bet with your cryptocurrency funds. You can have ease of use and play anywhere in the world. Cryptocurrencies are backed by next-level security measures, so you know that your funds are in a trustworthy system.