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Use Counos X (CCXX) to Transfer Money Anywhere in the World [Sponsored]

By May 22, 2020 No Comments

Perhaps these questions have crossed your mind at some point:

  • Does a solution exist for money transfer (fiat money like the Swiss franc, Euro, dollar, etc.) from one country to another? 
  • What can be the fastest and safest way possible? 
  • How about money transfer (fiat money) or buying and selling in countries with money transfer issues? 
  • Given the instabilities of the stock markets and the key changes in the growth and development process of technology, is there a method for safe investment and business? 

The intent of this article is to answer all these questions. 

Creation of a New Market 

Perhaps you know that development in technology and network communications has taken some huge leaps, and as such investment and business are not as they were in the past. There has been a paradigm shift. Traditional markets and physical communications are no longer as applicable as they used to be. It’s the same for physical marketing and commercials. The time for middle-men is over and people do their business smarter than in the past. 

As the new Blockchain technology came to fore in 2009, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin (which many of you may know or have even worked with) was introduced to the business world and has attracted the attention of investors and traders during these years. 

However, this was only the beginning, and as time went by many other services from this new technology were offered to users. 

A Platform that Stands Out

Let us introduce a different platform to you. A platform that utilizes similar technology to Bitcoin, and has many opportunities for growth and development. In this platform, you can find the answer to many of your needs. 

By using Blockchain technology and offering cryptocurrencies like Counos X, Counos Coin, etc., Counos Platform was born in 2018 in Switzerland and has been offering services to its users ever since. The decentralized exchange of Counos Platform was introduced in 2019 in the country of Estonia with the official permit and license number 14673576 and has official and legal offices in the European Union, including the city of Vienna in Austria, the city of Bratislava in Slovakia, and also in Estonia. 

Before going any further, you can refer to this link and make sure of the authenticity of this platform, which has been officially registered and has official and legal offices in the European Union and Estonia. You can also find out about the history of the users who used this platform, analyze its growth diagram, and invest with ease of mind. 

By offering services such as Counos decentralized exchange and legal escrow agent, Counos Platform enables its users to take part in money transfer and engage in their financial and commercial affairs with a guarantee and in the shortest time possible. 

Clarifying Some Things 

Using the Counos Decentralized Exchange to transfer fiat money. (you can refer to this link and find out about its authenticity and how it works) Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Counos Coin, Counos X, etc., and fiat money like the Swiss franc, dollar, Euro, etc., which can be easily exchanged with one another, using Counos Decentralized Exchange, money transfer is easy

It must be mentioned that in order to transfer fiat money, it is better to use Counos X, because this cryptocurrency has better price stability compared to other coins and cryptocurrencies, and you can use this coin as the basis for your buying and selling operations. You can also benefit from this cryptocurrency by buying them for a lower price and selling them for a higher price, like buying and selling fiat money such as dollar and Euro. 

  • So for instance, you need to transfer Euro from Europe to the United States as dollars. 

This can be done easily and safely, as fast as possible, using Counos Decentralized Exchange. You can do this by buying Counos X with Euro, or any other cryptocurrency (it is better to use Counos X because it has better price stability as a basis for buying and selling) and then sell this cryptocurrency to get the fiat money needed, which in this example would be U.S. dollars. In order to do this you can submit your offer in the exchange or use the existing ones, and then sell your cryptocurrency and get fiat money in exchange. 

However you need to be aware that in the existing market of Counos Decentralized Exchange, there is a multitude of offers for buying and selling that can be used, and also users can submit their own offers in the market to buy whatever they need. In addition, users can use their own personal accounts to receive or transfer fiat money. 

Crypto Wallet 

In this part, we want to introduce the crypto wallet or the electronic wallet. As the name suggests, an electronic wallet can be used to store cryptocurrencies. Each cryptocurrency has its own unique address that is only for you and no one else has access to it. Also if your only reason for buying cryptocurrency is investing in this field, then in order to store them you can use Counos electronic wallet that you have to install on your smartphone or computer. To find out about how you can install and work with Counos mobile wallet, please go to this link

In the Counos decentralized exchange, a multi-signature (MultiSig) wallet is implemented until the contract is done and completed. This step is taken to ensure that no exploitation takes place and also to improve the level of safety. The way MultiSig wallet works can be found in this link

Earning Money

You can see that many people need these services for business, buying and selling, and money transfer solutions, especially in countries where money transfer is faced with issues. So by identifying these people and using this technology, you can create an exchange for yourself, and by growing the range of users and transfers you can develop your own exchange. In this way, you can have a money transfer solution for yourself and also be able to earn money. 

  • What are the advantages of this method of money transfer? 

First of all, you do this in the decentralized exchange with no Middle-men. 

The second point is that transfers are done in the fastest time possible. And the third point is that you transfer your money with ease of mind in a safe environment without the fear of fraud. 

  • The other question is, how can you invest with your money? 

Our answer is that you can do business by buying and selling cryptocurrencies and fiat money in Counos Decentralized Exchange

When you buy and sell cryptocurrencies and exchange them to fiat money from anywhere in the world using Counos DEX, you can create an exchange for yourself and then develop it

For example, you are in the European Union, you can use this technology to transfer money and do business in the United States, Asia, and even Africa

  • But you may be thinking, how can you earn money from this? 

The way this market works is based on supply and demand. You buy your cryptocurrency, like Counos X, and then submit your offer in the market of Counos Decentralized Exchange with a competitive price to sell your cryptocurrency. In this way, you can earn money through a simple buying and selling process. 

There is a lot of demand for money transfer services, so you can take advantage of this opportunity and create your own exchange. With respect to the current financial conditions, using the money transfer solution that we offer has many clear advantages. 

Another major advantage of using Counos decentralized exchange is that you can engage in deals with people you don’t know or trust, with complete assurance and with ease of mind. The way this safety is provided is by using an escrow agent in trades to review the documents, and also by using a MultiSig wallet which will need at least two private keys to release the funds. 

Also, if you want to do your business affairs anonymously, you can use the crypto to crypto trades decentralized exchange, and engage in trades with not Middle-men and in an anonymous way. 

Today’s world moves ever closer to becoming a network. When the stock markets of the world and the United States fall into mayhem for a seemingly small challenge like a virus, then there is the need for an evolution in the financial systems. 

  • We should consider this fact and turn threats into opportunities? 

By using the new Blockchain technology created by Counos Platform, this possibility for users to not only meet their needs but also to be free from bureaucracy and Middle-men now exists. You can engage in financial trades and invest with even a modest budget instead of just saving. 

It needs to be pointed out that you can engage in the long term and also short term investment. Instead of buying gold or currencies or shares, you can buy a variety of cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin which was 0.001 dollars back in 2009 and got to 12000 dollars in 2019), or create an exchange for yourself and engage in buying and selling and transferring currencies

Among the services that are offered by Counos Platform is its electronic payment gateways with which you can use cryptocurrencies to settle invoices in electronic markets and online shops (an article will soon be published about this). 

Final Remarks

There are different investment opportunities available in the market, so why should you choose this one? 

Keep in mind that the most important thing when it comes to trusting a platform is knowing what that financial platform sees in its own future, and what it has done to achieve its goals. For example, a platform that is not listed on any official exchanges cannot really be trusted. Therefore, you should look for a system with a bright future. 

In this article, our aim was to introduce to you a money transfer solution so that you can make money and benefit from it. This system is growing more and more each day throughout the world.