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Sonu Sood Launches Bluechip Token at Versace Palazzo, Dubai

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Blue Chip Launches Their Real Estate Industry Backed Token

While the adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to grow, as evidenced by last year’s bull market, there is still an abundant need to integrate real-world assets onto the blockchain.

The goal of BlueChip Token is to close this gap by connecting blockchain technology and the real world. BlueChip Token will make it simple and quick to tokenize and fractionalize real estate through many channels, including Metaverse, by using a set of smart contracts.

Ravinder Soni, CEO BlueChip Token says:“ BlueChip token aims to help maximise the investors’ steady and fast growth in the market. As they also have a staking program.”

Their premium staking program allows you to invest and earn high returns from multiple industries, all on a single platform. This makes BlueChip Token one of the world’s most powerful staking programs to offer such high returns.

The launch event of the BlueChip token witnessed Sonu Sood, an Indian actor, as chief guest along with Indian wrestler. The Great Khali, former Indian cricketer – Mohd. Azharuddin, Indian comedian- Sanket Bhosale, and Sugandha Mishra with other VIPs from various industries in Middle East like Dr. BU Abdullah, Mr. Mohd. Siddiq Khan, Mr. Butti Mohammed Khalifa,

Chief Executive Of Al Ali Yachts LLC & Sea Riders LLC – Mr. Yaqoob Al Ali and Father of the Middle East Cinema – Mr. Ahmad Golchin.

Sonu Sood said in his address to the gathering at the inauguration ceremony:“I’m honored to be a part of the Blue Chip Family. BlueChip is a terrific investment opportunity supported by real estate. BlueChip is a trusted name for a brighter future for you and your loved ones.”

Blue Chip is bringing real estate to Metaverse, where people can own lands, homes and clubs. Blue Chip is elevating real estate investment to a new level.

About Blue Chip

The consultants and advisers on the BlueChip Token team are experts in the field with a range of backgrounds. The investments are advised across a variety of businesses where BlueChip has a long history and a solid presence.

With BlueChip Token, investors earn monthly returns on their investment with the help of a staking program.

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