Midas.Investments’ “CeDeFi” Offers Hybrid Yield Options

By July 7, 2022 No Comments

Midas.Investments, an innovative crypto staking platform, is revolutionizing the approach to crypto investments to deliver fresh and unique opportunities to investors. 

Since 2016, investors have leveraged centralized finance (CeFi) to earn passive yields in the crypto space. Security measures for CeFi platforms are robust as these platforms must adhere to Know You Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. Conversely, decentralized finance (DeFi) models and protocols are inherently free from KYC/AML regulations, but the DeFi market is highly volatile, and investors have lost large sums of assets since the DeFi boom in 2021. 

Midas.Investments’ platform is designed with built-in tools that help crypto investors stay ahead of the volatile DeFi market. With its CeDeFi model, the platform bridges the gap between the DeFi and CeFi worlds. 

An Overview of Midas’ Innovative CeDeFi Model

Midas.Investments offers crypto investors a hybrid yield strategy, integrating the beneficial aspects of centralized and decentralized finance. Midas’ CeDeFi model is championed by a team of over 40 qualified members with a unified mission to generate hedged yield streams, leveraging digital strategies for sustainable passive income. With the team’s experience, highly-effective algorithmic infrastructure, and round-the-clock portfolio management, Midas.Investments is innovating crypto investment opportunities. 

Midas offers three tested and effective yield strategies to investors with its suite of hybrid yield products. 

  • The Fixed Yield Strategy 

The first investment strategy allows for investors to earn industry-leading yields on more than 20 staked crypto assets. The offered APY on BTC, for example, ranges from 9.4% to 12.1% and is the highest among all custodial staking platforms. Midas also offers APYs of 10.6% to 12.8% on ETH and 14.5% to 17.6% on stablecoins such as USDC and USDT. Investors have the option to “boost” their yields by opting to receive daily payouts in Midas’ platform token (MIDAS), a highly-versatile utility token that goes well beyond simply allowing investors to earn higher APYs. For example, investors normally earn 14.5% on stablecoins (paid in-kind); by enabling the boost feature, an investor would instead earn an APY of 17.6% on stablecoins while being paid in MIDAS, which may be swapped out at any time (no lockups required). Additionally, MIDAS token holders may directly stake MIDAS on Midas.Investments and earn an APY of 27.4%.  

  • Yield Automatic Portfolio (YAP)

Like Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in traditional finance, YAPs are collections of crypto assets grouped according to type and performance. There are two types of YAPs offered on Midas, the DeFi and Stable YAPs. The Stable YAP is composed of an equal-weighting of BTC, ETH, MIDAS, and USDC, while the DeFi YAP represents a collection of eight DeFi protocols. YAPs are rebalanced monthly to realize the appreciation of the better-performing assets with an equal redistribution of returns to ensure optimal yields for investors. 

  • The Complex DeFi Strategy

This relatively new concept allows investors to explore medium-to-higher risk options to diversify their portfolio performance. With higher risk comes a higher reward for investors who explore this investment option within Midas’ innovative CeDeFi model. 

Platform Security

Investors’ assets on Midas.Investments are protected with the highly-secured Fireblocks crypto custody and transfer system. Fireblocks offers top-level digital security for all stored crypto custody assets. Additionally, the technological infrastructure and industry-standard security supporting Fireblocks help to automate processes such as the monthly rebalancing of the YAPs. A vast network of backend processes also works to secure the investment options available on Midas’ platform. 


Midas.Investments is doing the unprecedented by combining the strongest features of CeFi and DeFi. There are currently 10,000+ active investors on its platform with more than $200 million of assets under management. Midas is on a course to disrupt and revolutionize crypto staking with its investment strategies. You can visit Midas.Investments to learn about its innovative, passive investment options.