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Affyn’s “Generation Zero” NFT Collection Sells Out In Just 100 Seconds

By July 7, 2022 No Comments
Affyn (FYN) metaverse gaming cover image

Affyn (FYN), a Singapore-based blockchain company, recently released its first collection of Generation Zero Buddies (Gen 0) NFTs – and they sold out at breakneck speed.

According to the press release shared with CoinCheckup, the Generation Zero Buddies totally sold out within 100 seconds of launching, making it one of the quickest sell-outs in the ecosystem. The first set of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) showcased 400 different Gen 0 NFT Buddies, which were extremely scarce by design and categorized under “Mythical” traits.

The event was extremely popular, and the first set of NFTs sold for 2,995 FYN each, worth around $150 per NFT. The Gen 0 NFTs rose to the second top-ranked position for Polygon NFTs on OpenSea.

Lucas Lee, the founder and CEO of Affyn, had the following to say on the matter:

“The user participation we experienced during the Gen 0 sale has just been nothing short of overwhelming and encouraging. I sincerely thank the community for their passionate support and trust in us. We cannot wait to unveil what the months ahead will bring.”

The Affyn Buddies were extremely popular due to the fact that they are interoperable across different metaverses and blockchain games. The Gen 0 NFTs will be the first set to join the Affyn NEXUS World Metaverse. This is a play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse where the virtual and real-world converge.

Affyn is an experienced Singapore-based company using blockchain technology to develop mobile games. The games are well-made, with geolocation and augmented reality integrated.

The NEXUS World Metaverse showcases a sustainable game economy and real-world token utility. Users can get access to the metaverse by buying one of the NFTs, such as the Gen 0 collection. The NFTs will serve as a digital representation within the NEXUS world. 

Players can buy land and build structures to host events and games in the metaverse. 

After selling out in under 100 seconds, the entire NEXUS world and the Affyn ecosystem is certainly something to watch over the coming weeks.