How to Trade Bitcoin from Anywhere in The World

By October 12, 2020 No Comments

The international world of trading

Every stock exchange means more than one local market. If you want a big profit – you always start a new venture elsewhere. But before blockchain the international trading was difficult. Fewer investors had had enough capital to make their first successful steps on their own. But today the foul circle of poverty was broken when the blockchain arrived.

No, it was not a hyperbola. Now you can trade all around the world almost without restrictions. Forex does that but Forex deals with traditional, fiat money, it is bound by numerous government policies and various fees and taxes from old financial institutions. With blockchain you only need a proper wallet. It calls Coinbox.

Why Coinbox is your choice

  • The Coinbox app is currently available in over 187 countries from all over the world and has 750000+ active users.
  • The rise of decentralize finance apps in this DeFi craze has seen the wallet add every ERC-20 standard token on its platform. This adds 1000’s of tokens to its pool of crypto assets supported.
  • The wallet is available on multiple operating systems: Coinbox is available on the web supporting Windows, macOS, and Linux. You also can download the mobile based app on Google Play Store and the Apple App store.
  • The transactions here are clear and fast.
  • You can sell the BTC from all over the world to your Paypal account.
  • There is an easiest way to exchange any cryptocurrency here.
  • Coinbox is one of the best solutions if you need to sell bitcoins in the EU. The recent update let you sell your BTC for fiat directly via SEPA to your bank account.
  • Extended security settings which allows you to login via face-id, touch-id, or classical passwords and codes, change your BTC address after every incoming transaction and confirm operations via email.
  • Staking Assets & Rewards: Coinbox allows you to earn a passive income just by holding cryptocurrencies in your wallet, the so-called staking. Staking is available for the ALGO cryptocurrency, based on the open Proof-of-Stake blockchain platform Algorand. Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is 5.46% for ALGO.

How to begin your world trading

  • First of all it’s necessary to download application and register in the system (you may also use web version, whatever is more convenient for you);
  • When the application is downloaded you need to log in;
  • As soon as you are logged into the application, you can see the list of supported cryptocurrencies and tokens. If you always have a trade with some coin, the Coinbox wallet will provide you a complete log of your transactions. This is your “Wallet” section.
  • In the “Prices” section you can see the current cryptocurrency rates and top news, that will help you make your investments rational and effective.
  • Buy, sell (for BTC only) and exchange your coins in the proper tabs. These operations are instant, they proceed in several clicks, no more;
  • Choose your asked level of security in the “Settings” tab and get referral links for your partners. The bonuses you can receive are up to 80% fees from each deal.

Yes, it is that simple. With the wave of one finger, you can trade bitcoins from anywhere in the world. The Coinbox application is one of the coziest wallets, so just try it!