4 Ways and 8 Projects for You to Benefit from 2022 World Cup with Crypto

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How to benefit from the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar using crypto
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If you ask what is the most exciting upcoming event this winter, the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is definitely the top one on the list. As one of the most anticipated global sport events, if not the most anticipated, this world cup would potentially attract more than 5 billion viewers, according to history data. 

Moreover, in addition to enjoying the spectacles of the game, one can get the chance to capitalise and earn from the World Cup, especially with the help of blockchain and crypto technology. 

In the past, blockchain and crypto technology has been adopted by the pioneers of the football industry in the form of issuing club fan tokens and so forth. With the previous pavement, the 2022 World Cup can bring more crypto investment opportunities for users. Here are 4 ways and 8 projects with which you can take a pie from the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. 

First Way: Participate in Crypto Prediction Derivatives 

Prediction is a human instinct, and for sport events with such competitive nature, people will inevitably predict. And therefore, there’s natural soil to develop prediction derivative products for a large-scale sport event like the FIFA World Cup. Now with the help of blockchain technology, it has become more convenient and secure for people to participate in the prediction activity for the world cup and potentially make profits from their predictions. 

Project 1 – MoonXBT Footbal Token 2022 Derivative 

MoonXBT, the leading social trading exchange, has recently released a Football Token 2022 derivative product where participants can choose the teams of their likings by purchasing relative tokens and earn yields stage by stage. This is the first ever world cup crypto derivative combining the blockchain technology with one of the largest sporting spectacles in the world. 

MoonXBT’s Football Token 2022 derivative has three major advantages that its counterparts do not possess. First of all, it has a very clear and simple to use product. Unlike other projects where people have to open several pages in order to place their predictions, MoonXBT has a particular sector for the derivative where all the rules, processes and functions are displayed clearly which makes it super easy for users to start their prediction and profit making journey. 

Secondly, MoonXBT is a crypto exchange which makes it easy for the tokens to be transacted in both first and secondary markets which will attract more liquidity. More importantly, MoonXBT is a social trading exchange which can utilise all the KOLs, communities and social tools to market the event. The platform also has a rebate program up to 50% for making referrals to the world cup derivatives. 

Project 2 – La’eeb Inu

La’eeb Inu is a new cryptocurrency to be used in its own 2022 world cup prediction platform. As a utility token, users can use La’eeb Inu to show support or predictions on the teams they like. The prediction process would be similar to MoonXBT’s prediction process. 

However, unlike MoonXBT which is an exchange, La’eeb Inu is a crypto project which means the transactions and liquidity of the La’eeb Inu token will be initially dependent solely on the primary market. In order to add in secondary market liquidity, the token will have to be listed on a reliable exchange. 

Project 3 – World Bet 

World Bet is a BSC-based football prediction platform which allows users to bet via purchasing NFTs. Users can earn by holding NFTs of different teams with different earning percentages. The NFTs then can be the credentials for rewards distributions based on the game results. 

The project utilises blockchain technology to a great extent. However, it seems the predictions mechanisms and token economies are kind of complicated considering it involved minting, auctioning, renting NFTs as well as three tokens. It might be too complicated to use as a prediction derivative for the world cup where people just care about if they win or lose and how much they are getting. 

Second Way: Buy World Cup-related Crypto 

Perhaps the most direct way to invest in the 2022 FIFA world cup is to buy the relative tokens and enjoy the potential appreciation of the token prices with the development of the game. So the question is what kind of world cup tokens to buy? 

Project 4 – Crypto.com Token

FIFA has announced that Crypto.com will be an Official Sponsor of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Due to the great exposure that the world cup will bring to Crypto.com, one can expect a surge in the traffic to the platform which will also possibly boost the price of Cronos (CRO), the platform token of crypto.com. 

Project 5 – Algorand blockchain Token

Likewise, FIFA will also partner with the blockchain project Algorand for issuing world cup NFT and other blockchain-supported products. As a public blockchain similar to Ethereum, Solana and so forth, Algorand (ALGO) is the world’s first carbon-negative blockchain and the world’s first pure proof-of-stake blockchain. The FIFA partnership will probably increase the growth of the chain. 

Project 6 – Qatar World Cup Token

Qatar World Cup Token is a community-driven fan token for 2022 FIFA world cup in Qatar. Its official Twitter has now attracted more than 8k followers. 

It’s not clear yet if the Qatar World Cup Token (#QWC) has been listed on any exchange. But the force of community should not be ignored and QWC can be added into the watch list. 

Third Way: Purchase World Cup NFT

Ever since the NBA Top Shot, it has become an open secret that sports can benefit from issuing NFTs. The FIFA world cup, one of the most viewed and supported global sport events, is no exception. Investors can look for good quality world cup NFT projects to purchase and trade for potential earnings. 

Project 7 – cryptoworldcup2022

For instance, this website seems to be creating a series of world cup NFT already. It’s worthwhile to keep an eye on how the project develops and how the market reacts to it. Users can also mint their own NFT on the website to become part of the project. 

Fourth way: Play to Earn

Users can also invest their time in the play-to-earn games with the world cup concept. With the development of GameFi and Metaverse, this would also attract a certain amount of traffic which can potentially drive the success of the play-to-earn projects. 

Project 8 – Soccer Crypto

Soccer Crypto is a BSC-supported football play-to-earn game where football players are designed into NFTs. There is also the design of in-game tokens. And therefore, players can make profits by playing to earn tokens, trade NFTs and other forms of token economies. 

It can be seen from the above that the combination of blockchain technology and the 2022 FIFA world cup is truly presenting great chances for making profits. Users can carefully go through all the ways and projects possible, do the due diligence and catch the chances they think are suitable for them. None of the above consists of any kind of financial advice.