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MoonXBT Review – First Social Trading Platform With Up To 150x Leverage on Bitcoin Options

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While derivatives trading can be an excellent investment method for turning short-term market volatility into high-earning plays, it typically has a high barrier to entry, which prohibits most newcomers from participating in the lucrative marketplace.

MoonXBT is looking to challenge this premise. With a unique blend of social-oriented trading features, an easy-to-use interface, and a low fee structure, MoonXBT allows crypto beginners, and experts alike, to make the best out of short-term market volatility or engage in spot market trades for longer term plays.

Pros of MoonXBT

  • Trade with 1x to 150x leverage
  • Spot trading with market and advanced limit order functionality
  • Intuitive and easy to use trading interface
  • Liquid Contracts offer several benefits over conventional contracts
  • Copy trading benefits both newcomers and experienced traders
  • Options premium is lower than on rival platforms

Cons of MoonXBT

  • Relatively limited selection of supported digital currencies

MoonXBT trading features

MoonXBT supports more than 30 digital currencies that can be traded with a leverage of up to 100x for altcoins and as high as 150x for Bitcoin. The options trading platform allows customers to enter positions with as little as 1 USDT, which underscores MoonXBT’s goal of providing access to trading services to as wide of an investor audience as possible. The platform differentiates itself from most others in the industry with special Liquid Contracts and an intuitive and easy to master trading interface. In addition to crypto derivatives offering, MoonXBT provides access to spot trading as well. We’re going to discuss these features in more detail in the following sections.

Easy to use trading interface with advanced features

The MoonXBT market view offers quick access to all of the most important trading features – the features are readily available and located where you would expect them to be. Users who are familiar with TradingView’s offering will be happy to learn that the leading market tracking solution is seamlessly integrated into the MoonXBT platform.

Trading view provides quick access to options markets available on MoonXBT.

As one would expect, users are able to make use of advanced charting features, market indicators, and a plethora of customization options that allow them to make precise and efficient trades based on contemporary market patterns.

One of the stand-out features is definitely the multi-screen trading and the ability to show multiple trading views side by side for an added layer of convenience.

If you wish to experience the mechanics of options trading in a risk-free environment, you can do so thanks to the Demo mode, which can be accessed through a drop-down menu on the right side of the trading view screen.

What are liquid contracts?

Liquid Contracts are MoonXBT’s own take on contract trading, a widely-used investing practice that allows traders to gain exposure to markets without actually owning the underlying asset. For example, a trader using 100x leverage can enter a position of 10,000 USDT with as little as 100 USDT. This means that if the price of an underlying asset increases by just 1%, the trader in this case earns a 100% return.

Compared to other similar offerings in the market, Liquid Contracts offer several distinct advantages. For starters, MoonXBT’s Liquid Contract can be opened for just 1 USDT and suffers from the minimal risk of overweight taking place. Secondly, Liquid Contract’s handling fee starts at 0.05% with no additional capital cost. Last but not least, Liquid Contracts are anchored to the best price in the global spot market, ensuring reasonable prices and eliminating the possibility of human manipulation. For a more detailed look at Liquid Contacts, click here.

Perpetual contracts

MoonXBT has also introduced perpetual contracts, which is a very popular type of derivative among cryptocurrency traders. Perpetual contracts are a product that allows traders to go long on short on specific cryptocurrencies, and utilize leverage. A unique aspect of perpetual contracts is that they don’t have an expiration date—as long as the margin requirements are met, positions can be held indefinitely.

The perpetual contracts on MoonXBT are denominated in USDT—the margin, profits and losses are calculated in USDT, giving users an intuitive overview of how their trades are performing.

MoonXBT’s perpetual swap is one-way, meaning a trader can either open a long or short position for one contract instead of holding both long and short position for one contract at the same time.

Perpetual contracts are a welcome addition to the MoonXBT platform, bringing its offering in line with the biggest cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges on the market.

Options trading

MoonXBT offers several options types, which are optimized to streamline and simplify the trading experience. MoonXBT users can take advantage of European spread “call” and “put” options. For context, a call option gives its holder the ability to buy an asset, while a put option gives the holder the option to sell an asset.

In contrast to European spread options, MoonXBT’s American standalone options provide more flexibility and lower inherent risk as they can be exercised at any point before and including the expiration date. MoonXBT also supports warrant options, which are based on American options, but feature better liquidity and a more streamlined transaction process.

For those who seek a specified payout based on predetermined upper and lower price trigger levels, MoonXBT offers access to double one-touch options.

Spot trading

In addition to a comprehensive suite of derivatives crypto trading products, MoonXBT can also use spot trading functionality. Cryptocurrency traders can choose to grow their portfolios with several of the most popular digital assets, including: 

All cryptocurrencies listed above can be bought or sold in Tether (USDT) stablecoin trading pairs. MoonXBT users can utilize different order types with different levels of trading precision, including limit, market, and advanced limit orders.

MoonXBT social trading features

MoonXBT prides itself on providing an engaging social trading experience that gives experienced traders and casual investors a reason to collaborate and share trading tips and investment strategies. In addition, the platform boasts a highly competitive rewards program and various promotions that make trading on MoonXBT particularly profitable. Learn more about MoonXBT’s core social trading features in the following sections.

Copy Trading

One of the highlights of MoonXBT’s focus on the community aspect of trading is the so-called copy trading. The feature can be especially beneficial to novice traders, for the purposes of copy trading called “followers”, who have less experience and time to identify good buying and selling opportunities. Here’s a brief summary of the copy trade feature, as explained by MoonXBT:

“Investors can choose one or more traders to follow. After following the trader, there is no need to manually open and close positions, and they can directly follow the trader to automatically conduct contract transactions without having to watch the order, so as to maximize the profit!”

Following the investment strategy of an experienced trader can be a useful shortcut to fast portfolio growth. However, the feature doesn’t benefit only casual investors but offers clear incentives for traders with a proven track record to share their trading endeavors with the community.

The Copy Trading dashboard display advanced trading stats and sorting filters.

Those who apply and are selected to become senior members of the MoonXBT community, dubbed “traders,” are able to significantly increase their income flow by earning up to 10% of the follower’s profit share.

Earn Moonpoints for rich rewards

MoonXBT’s loyalty program offers rich rewards for high-volume traders and newcomers alike. Also, MoonXBT rewards trading activity and promotional tasks completion with the platform’s own MoonPoints

Affiliate Program

The trading platform features an affiliate program as well, which lets affiliates earn up to 60% commission on trading fees generated from their referrals. The affiliate program is an excellent choice for those who are looking to earn a steady income and are unwilling to partake in inherently risky derivatives trading.

Trading Battle

Customers can participate in the Trading Battle promotion, which pits traders against each other and allows top users to win a share of a community-funded crypto prize pool. Individual Battles can be created by users that hold over 10,000 MoonXBT Points or are subscribed by over 10 subscribers, and feature-rich prize pools. Trading Battle costs 5 USDT to create, but do keep in mind that the creator is eligible to receive 5% of the total prize pool. The rewards distribution follows a very straightforward approach – the higher the profit, the higher the ranking.


MoonXBT’s community forums are a great place to share trading tips and form new and lasting relationships. As long as you stay within the boundaries of community guidelines, you can ask questions about anything trading-related, post your thoughts on the crypto market, or simply read what others have to say about various, mostly derivatives-related topics.

MoonXBT fees, deposits, and withdrawals

MoonXBT charges two types of trading fees, namely the fee associated with opening and closing a position and the so-called Overnight financing fee, which is incurred every day at 0:00 UTC on open positions. The base trading fee of 0.05% increases in proportion to leverage and margin levels, based on the following formulas:

  • Trading Fee(Open/Close a position) = Margin * leverage * 0.05%
  • Overnight Financing = Margin * leverage * 0.05%

In addition to the trading fees described above, MoonXBT charges fixed fees on USDT withdrawals. USDT withdrawals via the OMNI and ERC20 networks cost 28 USDT and 20 USDT, respectively, while TRC20-based USDT withdrawals incur a fee of only 1 USDT.

The minimum withdrawal is 10 USDT, while the maximum withdrawal amount caps at 30,000 USDT. Most withdrawals are usually processed in minutes, while withdrawals of more than 2,000 USDT can take up to one working day.

While you can fund your MoonXBT account with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT, be aware that the deposits are automatically converted to USDT. The MoonXBT team is planning to offer bank card and bank transfer fiat deposits and withdrawal options in the near future.

Is MoonXBT a safe exchange to use?

MoonXBT is headquartered in the Cayman Islands and has offices across Asia, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. The MoonXBT team includes experts in the field of secure trading systems, which is tasked to protect the exchange against potential malicious activity. 

MoonXBT also maintains a dedicated insurance fund and risk control system to prevent short-term volatility from having an impact on the platform’s liquidity. Also, most digital assets are held in multi-signature, cold wallets with strong encryption. For an added layer of user account security, MoonXBT allows users to set up 2-factor authentication via their favorite 2FA service. 

Mobile app

In addition to its desktop offering, MoonXBT offers access to its trading platform via native applications for the iOS and Android operating systems. The mobile applications provide access to the complete feature set of their desktop counterpart tailored for the smaller screen real estate of handheld devices.

Customer service

The MoonXBT support staff can be reached 24/7 via a direct request form on the webpage, email, or through a live chat feature. Multilingual customer support can also be reached through the usual social media channels, including Telegram and Reddit. Before reaching out to the support team, make sure to visit the comprehensive FAQ section, which provides clear and concise information about the platform’s features and a wide range of investment topics.

Final thoughts

Although a relative newcomer on the exchange scene, the MoonXBT team has been quickly adding new features to its platform and, thanks to its focus on social aspects of trading, has managed to build a lively community of cryptocurrency investors.

The team has recently expanded the MoonXBT platform’s offering beyond derivatives exclusivity and launched spot market trading. If you are looking for a cryptocurrency trading platform that makes spot and contracts trading highly accessible and engaging, look no further – MoonXBT is the right platform for you.