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Game Changing' Endothermic Mining Rigs Unveiled by Luxembourg Startup

OnMiners S.A. is in the process of launching what it calls a ‘new generation’ of endothermic cryptocurrency mining rights that provide high power without generating a lot of heat and noise. The Luxembourg-based startup was founded by a group of financiers and their Endothermic Multi-Algorithm CHIP benefits from a chemical reaction that absorbs energy from its surroundings and lowers the temperature. The rigs can mine BTC, LTC, ETH, XMR, DASH, ZEC and a range of other cryptocurrencies.OnMiners CEO Hisao Saito said the mining rigs will have a “game-changing impact on the market” and Saito said the long-lasting crypto winter has forced the remaining miners to experiment with new technologies that capitalize on cheaper and alternative energy sources. (RS)

3 hours ago

Bitmain Rolls Out New Zcash Miner That Has Three Times More Hashing Power Than Its Forerunner

Earlier today, Bitmain announced the launch of a new miner for Zcash, a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency. Per the announcement, the new miner dubbed 'Antminer Z11,' has three times more hashing power than its forerunner (Antminer Z9). Antiminer Z11's design enables it to mine cryptocurrencies that are Equihash algorithm-based such as Zcash. Bitmain added that this miner has a 12-nanometer chip that makes it energy-efficient by saving up to 60% of electricity cost compared to its predecessor. (KE)

16 hours ago

NUVO Shifts Its Crowdsale to Singularity Exchange

Earlier today, Global Blockchain Mining Corp. (FORK), announced that it had migrated the NUVO crowdsale from Paperstreet to the Singularity exchange. FORK stated that Paperstreet only supports payments in BTC and ETH and NUVO deemed it fit to increase the number of cryptocurrencies that the crowdsale's participants would use. By shifting to the Singularity exchange, NUVO would accept payments in BTC, BCH, BSV, DASH, DCR, DOGE, ETH, XRP, TRX and ZEC among other popular cryptocurrencies. The crowdsale commences today at noon and will end at 11:59 PM EDT on May 17. (KE)

2 days ago

In less than two weeks, @geffenz presents at the Bay Area Zc...

In less than two weeks, @geffenz presents at the Bay Area Zcash Users meetup. Don't miss this chance to learn about… https://t.co/acTGvKcU1u

5 days ago

Technical Comparison Between Zcash (Highly promising) and Bitcoin (The King)

Today, Bitcoin is trading at $3922 while Zcash is trading at $50. There is one thing that seems clear to the investors, and that is “Bitcoin is far valuable than Zcash.” Well, the age of how one cryptocurrency is better than the other based on price is fading in the period where policymakers are more […]

8 days ago

‘Satoshi’ Craig Wright Brags about Destroying Anonymous Coins Monero, Zcash

Dr. Craig Wright is back. And this time, he is out to destroy the societally menacing anonymous coins. The Australian computer scientist and alleged creator of Bitcoin told CNBC Africa’s Ran Neuner that he knows how to kill Zcash and Monero. Dr. Wright said that he was going to expose these anonymous coins sometime this year, adding: “If you have a privacy coin, I will show you that it is basically as private as running through Times Square with your pants around your ankles.” If what Dr. Wright is saying is correct, then it is a piece of troubling news The post ‘Satoshi’ Craig Wright Brags about Destroying Anonymous Coins Monero, Zcash appeared first on CCN

10 days ago

França estuda proibir três criptomoedas em todo seu território

Vários países buscaram criar regulações para as criptomoedas em 2018. Alguns ainda estudam como será que o mercado criptográfico funcionará com uma lei própria, como é o caso da França, por exemplo. O Comitê de Finanças do país decidiu banir três criptomoedas antes que qualquer regulação seja aprovada. Sendo assim, alguns ativos digitais poderão encontrar sérios problemas para adentrar ao mercado francês de criptoativos. Uma regulação a nível mundial também deverá mapear como o mercado de criptomoedas se desenvolverá após uma legislação aprovada. Nesse caso, uma iniciativa poderia acontecer através do G-20, por exemplo. O grupo já apresentou discussões e um desejo por aprovar uma regulação para as criptomoedas a nível global. Porém, essa aprovação ainda não aconteceu e países buscam criar sua própria lei envolvendo o comércio de criptomoedas. Monero, Dash e ZCash podem ser proibidos na França No caso da França, o país declarou em recente relatório publicado que possui intenção de vetar alguns ativos digitais. Essa iniciativa deverá servir como base para a criação de uma lei futura no país para o mercado de ativos digitais. Prezando a transparência das transações envolvendo ativos digitais, a França acredita que criptomoedas com transações anônimas devem ser proibidas no país. Sendo assim, essa alegação recai diretamente sobre o ZCash (ZEC), o Dash (DASH) e o Monero (MRX). País alega que algumas criptomoedas oferecem riscos Essas três criptomoedas envolvem transações anônimas e essa modalidade parece não agradar ao Comitê de Finanças da Assembleia Nacional da França. No relatório publicado pela organização política, o ZCash, o Dash e o Monero podem contribuir com práticas criminosas. Nem todas criptomoedas possuem transparência em relação aos seus dados referentes as transações. Nesses casos, o anonimato dos usuários é mantido e não pode ser revelado. Para alguns, esse poderia ser um facilitador de crimes envolvendo a evasão de divisas fiscais e corrupção. Por outro lado, a tecnologia blockchain recebe o merecido destaque no relatório francês. Em relação as três criptomoedas que devem ser proibidas na França, o comitê não fez distinção de plataformas que operam parcialmente ou em completo anonimato. Para o presidente do comitê, seria apropriado que essas criptomoedas fossem proibidas no país. Saiba mais em França estuda proibir três criptomoedas em todo seu território

11 days ago

eToro ventures into the United States cryptocurrency market with new exchange platform

eToro, a social trading and multi-asset brokerage company, has launched its crypto-to-crypto exchange platform in the United States, according to a report by thenextweb. The exchange was launched in 32 states and territories in the US, however, the platform is yet to reveal any details on the same. The exchange will provide services to 13 crypto-assets and information regarding these assets will be announced by the platform later. The platform will also add more cryptocurrency assets in a few months. It will also launch a multi-signature cryptocurrency wallet for customers. The wallet will provide services in six crypto-assets. They are: Bitcoin [BTC], Litecoin [LTC], Ethereum [ETH], XRP, Bitcoin Cash [BCH], and Stellar [XLM]. According to the platform, buying and selling services for these coins will be enabled immediately. Yoni Assia, the Founder of eToro, said: “When I founded eToro, I envisioned a community where people could trade, invest and share their knowledge in a simple and transparent way. eToro also acts as a bridge between the old world of investing and a blockchain-powered future, helping our users navigate and benefit from the transition to crypto-assets for wealth building.” The Founder further stated: “People create the eToro experience and now Americans will play a major role in shaping our community and future” The main platform provides trading services in 14 leading cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Bitcoin Cash [BCH], XRP, Dash, Litecoin [LTC], Ethereum Classic [ETC], NEO, EOS, Stellar [XLM], Cardano [ADA], IOTA [MIOTA], Binance Coin [BNB], and ZCash [ZEC]. The initial announcement about the expansion of its trading services to the United States was made in May 2018. Apart from this, the platform has already set-up operations in over 140 countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia. The post eToro ventures into the United States cryptocurrency market with new exchange platform appeared first on AMBCrypto.

11 days ago

Markets Update: Cryptocurrencies Struggle to Surpass Upper Resistance

Cryptocurrency markets have been looking more optimistic but many digital assets are still struggling to surpass upper resistance in order to move forward. On Friday, March 8, trade volumes have increased, showing a quick spurt of renewed energy but market indicators suggest there a few more hurdles ahead. Also read: An In-Depth Look at Ethereum’s Maker and Dai Stablecoin Top Cryptocurrencies Wrestle With Sell Walls Crypto markets are showing some rigor during this morning’s trading sessions, leading up to the weekend, with many short-term outlooks still bullish. Overall trade volume for the crypto economy has increased today, spiking to $31.1 billion at the start of the day. At the time of publication, all 2,000+ digital assets have a market valuation of around $132.7 billion. Bitcoin core (BTC) markets show prices are hovering around $3,928 and a market capitalization of around $69 billion. BTC is up 1.4% for the week and up about 0.39% over the last 24 hours. The second highest market cap still belongs to ethereum (ETH) where each coin is swapping for $137. Top 10 cryptocurrencies on March 8, 2019. Prices are down over the last 24 hours around 0.63% but ETH is up 0.07% over the last seven days. Ripple (XRP) markets are down 1.15% for the day and 2.55% for the week as each XRP is trading for $0.31 per coin. Litecoin (LTC) is still the week’s top contender as markets are still up over 18% for the week and 0.13% today. Each LTC is trading for $56 per coin and the market cap is roughly $3.4 billion, allowing LTC to command the fourth largest market cap. Lastly, eos (EOS) is up about 4.7% over the last seven days but today the currency is down 1%. At the moment, each EOS is trading for $3.76 per coin. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Market Action Bitcoin cash (BCH) prices are hovering around $130 today and buyers are still struggling to break upper resistance above the $145 zone. Currently, BCH markets are down 1.5% over the last 24 hours and 2.2% for the week. BCH commands the sixth largest market cap with an overall valuation of about $2.3 billion this Friday. The top five BCH exchanges today swapping the most volume are Lbank, Bitmart, Binance, Hitbtc, and Upbit. BCH/USD 7-day. March 8, 2019. The trading platform Lbank is capturing the lion’s share of BCH trades with 33% today. ETH is still the dominant BCH pair on March 8 with 36.7% of all trades. This is followed by USDT (31.4%), BTC (24%), KRW (3.21%) and USD (2.98%). Overall, the South Korean won has seen a decent spike in BCH trade volume this week. Bitcoin cash has the eighth highest trade volume today just below neo and above zcash with $298.51 million traded in the last 24 hours. BCH/USD Technical Indicators Looking at the short term four-hour chart on Bitstamp and Kraken shows BCH bulls are trying relentlessly to wrestle past resistance but so far they’ve been unsuccessful. Still, the BCH short-term outlook remains bullish and a few indicators confirm some more attempts from persistent buyers on the way. Currently, the two Simple Moving Averages have a nice wide gap with the 100 SMA well above the long-term 200 SMA trendline. This gives traders a positive outlook as the path toward the least resistance is still the upside. BCH/USD 4-hour. March 8, 2019. However, the four-hour Relative Strength Index (RSI -44.3) is meandering in the middle indicating uncertainty among traders. During the middle of last week, the moving average convergence divergence (MACd) indicated that a reversal was in the cards and the signal still stands. Looking at the order books show deep resistance up until the $145-155 range and from there BCH bulls could do well up until the $175 range before the next pitstop. We can see on the back side that if bears grabbed the reins they will be stopped at the current vantage point up until $110 per coin and will meet bigger buy walls again. BCH/USD 1-day. March 8, 2019. The Verdict: Optimism in the Midst of Negative Outlooks Most traders are optimistic things will head northbound for a short period of time but some believe the market will drop again after reaching a certain point. Perennial perma-bear Dr. Doom (Nouriel Roubini) explained in a recent interview with the CFA Institute that BTC will continue to plunge in value and claimed that crypto supporters are fanatical. “I met some of these individuals, and I must say I’ve never seen in my life people who on one side are so arrogant in their views, who are total zealots and fanatics about this new asset class,” Roubini stated. Despite some of the bullish indicators, market analyst Jani Ziedins told Marketwatch this week that if BTC continues to struggle below the $4K range, the case for a bull run may evaporate. “Bitcoin continues to hover underneath $4k resistance,” Ziedins wrote. “It wasn’t all that long ago we were talking about $9k support, then $8k and $7k. $6k and $5k followed not long after. Now $4k turned from a floor into a ceiling.” Ziedins added: Adoption of cryptocurrency for han

11 days ago

Craig Wright Claims He Can Put A Name To Anonymous Cryptos

Craig Wright, one of the notorious minds behind Bitcoin SV and, possibly one of the original creators of Bitcoin (or so he claims) has taken the media by storm again this week after making bold claims that he can trace and, put a name to anonymous crypto transactions, such as those you might find within Dash, Monero and Zcash for example. The reports come straight from Wright’s recent comments, leading many people to refer to him as the Donald Trump of the crypto space. Whilst this is probably meant to be an insult, I imagine he will accept it as a compliment. According to FXStreet, Wright has said: "Yes, I can make ZCash and Monero completely traceable... A means to start monitoring it all and attributing. And, responsible disclosure is not those teams. Have a nice life. Not my issue, you use an anon coin, a crime coin as this is all they are, and you are in many countries already committing a crime. So, I would rather teach the Feds how to stop this than help a bunch of losers help criminals.” In essence, Wright believes that he has created a tool that allows him to trace transactions on private networks, through this tool he can monitor the networks and reduce instances of crime. Wright believes that fundamentally, private coins like Dash and Monero have only been set up to facilitate criminal activities, he refers to private coins as crime coins and suggests that even interacting with such cryptocurrencies should be considered a crime, for some reason. This is a sentiment that is mirrored at a government level across the world. Whilst many authorities accept cryptocurrencies, they are worried about privacy based coins simply because they can indeed help criminals remain undetected, whilst still passing funds and money across accounts. If Wright’s claims are true, this could all change, using this tool he has built. Has he actually built a tool? We don’t know, and to be honest even if he has, it probably doesn’t work very well - privacy focused coins are built to be ultra private, even the most skilled and technical developers can’t access transaction data because the data was never really there in the first place. We think Wright is just flexing here, in order to get people to talk about him again, which is fine we guess.

11 days ago

A Guide On How To Select The Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

A cryptocurrency exchange is a marketplace where you can trade cryptocurrencies for another digital asset or fiat currency. Basically, cryptocurrency exchanges assist investors to sell their coins swiftly in an effective manner. The market has different cryptocurrency exchanges and navigating and settling on the right platform can be hard. However, there are factors to consider before opening an account with any exchange. The exchange should meet your needs and requirements. What to Know Before Choosing an Exchange Fees: We have different types of fees charged by cryptocurrency exchanges. You should settle on an exchange that charges low deposit and withdrawal fees. Most reputable exchanges usually charge a fee that does not exceed 0.25%. Note that fees differ across various exchange platforms. Also, look out for exchanges with discounted fees. Reputation: Look at the reviews by other users to determine the strength of an exchange in the market. Reviews will give you a rough idea about the direction of an exchange. All reviews are important because they are based on factors like liquidity and security. Furthermore, look at the exchange’s online community. Monitor the type of conversation, the number of people in the community and any complaints being raised. Go for an exchange that has positive feedback from users. Liquidity: Liquidity simply means the degree to which a particular asset can be quickly bought or sold without altering the general stability of its price. Join an exchange with higher liquidity since it guarantees market stability of the exchange. Higher liquidity means that you will have access to quicker transaction times. Additionally, with high liquidity, every user will access fair prices. Note that liquidity is affected by factors like trading volume and regulations. Security: Your platform of choice should have solid security measures to protect your funds. Any exchange should have basic security features like two-factor authentication, username, password, and extra security keys. Measures such as e-mail encryption with OpenPGP or U2F is a bonus. Also, look at the history of the exchange for any notable security breaches. Other factors include user interface and supported cryptocurrencies.Its important to know what are the best cryptocurrency brokers to project yourself, your funds and make sure you’re investing your hard earned cash right. Here are some of the reputable exchanges you can choose from. Binance Binance is a leading crypto exchange offering competitive rates with a market cap of $133,856,269,432. The platform supports more than 100 coins. The exchange has a positive reputation in the market from its global pool of users. The platform’s users can choose between basic and advanced trading interfaces. The latter is quick and mostly meant for newcomers. The advanced trading interface is meant for experienced investors. It is more complex. Binance offers crypto-to-crypto trading. Recently, Binance launched new fiat to crypto exchange in Jersey. The exchange offers trading options in Bitcoin, Ether, BNB trading pairs. Notably, the exchange supports over 100 coins like Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. Binance offers a flat rate of 0.1% for traders who don’t need instant fiat liquidation. Additionally, BNB offers a 25% discount on trade fee when working with the coin. Deposits are free. Withdrawal fees are always updated on a regular basis. Binance only has limits on withdrawals. From the security aspect, Binance deploys the CCSS and ISO/ICO security protocols. We also have the Google Authenticator and 2FA to verify withdrawals and security modifications. Additionally, the exchange does not store user data. Despite, the large customer base, Binance customer service is very responsive. On the downside, the inconsistent withdrawal fees might turn off some people. Coinbase Pro Coinbase Pro is a product of Coinbase. The exchange has features meant for advanced traders. It comes with detailed charts, graph, and different trading options. Coinbase Pro was designed for individual traders but not institutions. Supported assets on Coinbase pro depend on regulations of different regions. Even though users can view the order book they can only exchange pairs allowed in their regions. Popular trading pairs include ETH/BTC, LTC/BTC, and BCH/BTC. US traders have access to BTC/USD, ETH/BTC, ETH/USD, LTC/BTC, LTC/USD, BCH/BTC, and BCH/USD. On fees, Coinbase Pro deploys the maker-taker model. Maker traders do not pay anything. However, taker orders are done at market price and filled at once. Note that an order can be divided into multiple orders that include a maker order and a taker order. For a pricing tier of up to $10 million, the taker fee is 0.3%. Put in mind that Coinbase Pro has an option of instantly transferring funds to Coinbase account. To guarantee the safety of assets, Coinbase stores 98 percent of customer funds offline. Furthermore Coinbase Pro distributes assets geographically around t

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"Not only is Zcash testing the viability of a fully encrypte...

"Not only is Zcash testing the viability of a fully encrypted blockchain, the protocol also allows users to selecti… https://t.co/6wS8OHwW3M

12 days ago

"In the world of digital currencies, Zcash stands out not on...

"In the world of digital currencies, Zcash stands out not only for its focus on privacy where Bitcoin falls short,… https://t.co/RgIgiLwfCJ

12 days ago

Zcash / USD Technical Analysis: Breaking Out Is Not Enough

Zcash is bearish in the short-term with a large bearish pattern present on the four-hour time frame ZEC / USD is bearish over the medium-term with the cryptocurrency trading below its 200-day moving average The daily time frame shows a breakout above a descending price channel that is starting to lose momentum Zcash / USD Short-term price analysis In the short-term, Zcash is bearish, with the ZEC / USD pair trading under its 200-period moving average on the four-hour time frame. A large head and shoulders pattern is also present on the four-hour time frame, with cryptocurrency edging closer to the neckline of the bearish pattern. The ZEC / USD pair is also creating bearish lower highs and lower lows across the four-hour time horizon. ZEC / USD H4 Chart (Source: TradingView) Pattern Watch Traders should note that if the bearish head and shoulders pattern is triggered, the four-hour time frame shows that an even larger head and shoulders pattern could take shape. MACD The MACD indicator on the four-hour time frame is showing that pressure remains to the downside. Relative Strength Index The RSI indicator on the four-hour time frame is currently neutral and providing no clear trading signal. Zcash / USD Medium-term price analysis In the medium-term, Zcash remains technically bearish with price trading well below the pair’s 200-day moving average on the daily time frame. The daily time frame is also showing that the ZEC / USD pair has performed a major upside technical breakout, with price trading above a large descending price channel for the first time since the summer of 2018. Bullish momentum remains weak despite the major technical breakout, with the cryptocurrency trapped in sideways trading action just above the price channel. ZEC / USD Daily Chart (Source: TradingView) Pattern Watch Traders should closely monitor daily price closes above the upper trendline of the descending price channel. MACD The MACD indicator on the daily time frame is flatlined and currently generating no clear trading signal. Relative Strength Index The RSI indicator is neutral on the daily time frame and suggests that recent bullish breakout is losing upside momentum. Conclusion Zcash is likely to remain under pressure in the short-term, especially with the presence of the bearish head and shoulders pattern looming over the cryptocurrency. The daily time frame is providing a contrasting picture from the four-hour time frame, with the major technical breakout above the descending price channel going up against a bearish head and shoulders. Ultimately, traders must not ignore either pattern and should continue to monitor price action around the pattern’s breakout zones. [{"date":1520373848000,"value":381.192,"volume":56090400},{"date":1520460248000,"value":347.585,"volume":56819700},{"date":1520546648000,"value":319.057,"volume":59181900},{"date":1520633048000,"value":298.172,"volume":72078100},{"date":1520719448000,"value":289.949,"volume":52785000},{"date":1520805847000,"value":310.376,"volume":55726700},{"date":1520892248000,"value":289.284,"volume":52051000},{"date":1520978648000,"value":283.176,"volume":46302700},{"date":1521065049000,"value":246.508,"volume":51609300},{"date":1521151449000,"value":244.731,"volume":45542900},{"date":1521237848000,"value":242.152,"volume":43818500},{"date":1521324249000,"value":222.875,"volume":41889200},{"date":1521410648000,"value":232.882,"volume":54212100},{"date":1521497048000,"value":242.651,"volume":59475700},{"date":1521583148000,"value":264.509,"volume":56032800},{"date":1521669548000,"value":260.138,"volume":69589100},{"date":1521755949000,"value":247.51,"volume":49455300},{"date":1521842648000,"value":252.155,"volume":48293300},{"date":1521929048000,"value":243.928,"volume":46092400},{"date":1522015448000,"value":241.997,"volume":41863300},{"date":1522101248000,"value":213.552,"volume":50026500},{"date":1522185848000,"value":221.507,"volume":49329900},{"date":1522272248000,"value":210.841,"volume":63766400},{"date":1522357748000,"value":191.545,"volume":49032400},{"date":1522444448000,"value":190.619,"volume":52117500},{"date":1522530848000,"value":186.315,"volume":38169300},{"date":1522617249000,"value":184.634,"volume":53098700},{"date":1522703649000,"value":193.493,"volume":43228900},{"date":1522790048000,"value":205.707,"volume":47629700},{"date":1522876448000,"value":185.39,"volume":38716600},{"date":1522962848000,"value":182.246,"volume":32600100},{"date":1523049247000,"value":175.88,"volume":33064400},{"date":1523135947000,"value":183.712,"volume":34088500},{"date":1523222948000,"value":181.301,"volume":28623000},{"date":1523309350000,"value":175.657,"volume":33888900},{"date":1523395748000,"value":179.089,"volume":32307500},{"date":1523482150000,"value":181.332,"volume":39876000},{"date":1523568549000,"value":210.621,"volume":61711600},{"date":1523654950000,"va

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Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Bliss, $170 The Only Obstacle To $360.

Latest Ethereum (ETH) News Craig Wright has his reasons to doubt Ethereum’s goals. The super computer talks and smart contracts and the ICO launching platform did differentiate ETH as a token and Ethereum as a platform driving its value to spot levels. Backed by dedicated developers-most working pro-bono, projects find this network irresistible despite current limitations. Read: Vitalik Buterin Compares Bitcoin and Ethereum: BTC is like a Calculator, ETH is like a Smartphone Scalability is a challenge and will remain so as long as it remains decentralized with no compromise designed to accelerate speed. Through Constantinople, the network is working towards achieving an amicable yet practical solution towards Serenity. At that last stage, like the Voltaire in Cardano, Ethereum will be scalable, have a better VM and most importantly, the throughput would be in millions if not billions. However, in the path towards this dream, sacrifices must be made. Miners did their part and through EIP 1234, thirding was executed while simultaneously pushing the difficulty bomb for another year. Thirding is a way to reducing ETH inflation, drawing demand during the ice age as the network intrinsically discourage mining in preparation for Casper. Also Read: Controversial Craig Wright Has the Technology to Make ZCash and Monero Completely Traceable Constantinople was a success and another proposal now is the drastic slashing of GAS fees. Payable in ETH, all transactions within the network is charged. Eric Conner (who is building ETHHub) proposes reduction of GAS fees by 90 percent eliminating the need of auctioning which he says is a source of frustration. ETH/USD Price Analysis At the time of press, Ethereum (ETH) prices are stable. Perched at second place with a market cap of $14,430 million, ETH is widening its gap with XRP meaning Constantinople has had an effect on price. This was expected and as mentioned in our last price piece, ETH bulls are in control as long as prices are maintained above $135. Ceilings remain at $170 but unless there is a rally above this mark, risk-averse traders should stay on the sidelines until after our trade conditions are meant. The arena is open for aggressive traders who should fine tune entries in lower time frames with reasonable target at $170. Trend and Candlestick Arrangement: Short-term Bullish, Bear Breakout Pattern In the short-term, buyers appear to be in control. However, when we take a snapshot of price action from a top down approach, Ethereum (ETH) bears are in control. Worse still, prices are within a bear breakout pattern with clear resistance at $170. The level is a strong obstacle for bulls and as previous support now resistance, the demand for ETH must be high to force a close above $170 invalidating the possible retest and the bear breakout pattern of mid-Nov 2018. If not and for a second time this year bulls fail to close above $170 and instead prices recoil with an accompanying bear bar, ETH prices could collapse below $150, $100 and last year’s lows of $70. Volumes: Increasing but Bullish Recent higher highs may be pumps of a retest phase as mentioned above. We cannot be conclusive until after prices close above $170. All we know is that the volumes of week ending Nov 25—6 million versus 2.1 million, influences our ETH/USD price action. Visibly, participation has been dropping until recently when volumes began rising as prices edged higher. With weekly averages of around 2.1 million, we need a sharp uptick above 6.5 million as ETH prices expand above $170 reversing losses of late Nov 2018. All charts courtesy of Trading View This is not investment advice. Do your research. The post Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Bliss, $170 The Only Obstacle To $360. appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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Ontology (ONT) Jumps In Top 20, Could Dethrone NEM (XEM) Next

Ontology price gained traction recently and broke the $0.9000 and $0.9500 resistances against the US Dollar. There was a break above a key bearish trend line with resistance at $0.8900 on the 4-hours chart of the ONT/USD pair (data feed from Binance). ONT price spiked above the $1.0000 resistance before correcting a few points There could be a minor downside correction before the price rallies further above $1.0000. Ontology (ONT) surpassed Zcash to move to the 10th spot in the market cap. Its price could continue higher and there are even chances of ONT surpassing the market cap of NEM (XEM). Ontology (ONT) Price Analysis In the past two days, there were decent gains in bitcoin, Ethereum, ripple, litecoin and EOS against the US Dollar. Similarly, a few small cap altcoins gained traction, including ONT. After declining as low as $0.7882, there was a solid upward move. The price moved above the $0.8500 resistance level to started a decent recovery. Buyers pushed the price above the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $1.2230 high to $0.7882 low. There was even a close above the $0.9000 resistance and the 55 simple moving average (4-hours). Moreover, there was a break above a key bearish trend line with resistance at $0.8900 on the 4-hours chart of the ONT/USD pair. The pair extended gains above $0.9500 and spiked above the $1.0000 resistance area. However, further gains were contained by the $1.0055 level. The 50% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $1.2230 high to $0.7882 low also acted as a resistance. The price is currently correcting lower, but there are many supports near the $0.9200 and $0.9000 levels. The main support is near the $0.9000 level and the 55 simple moving average (4-hours). Below $0.9000, the price could find bids near the $0.8500 level. There is also a connecting bullish trendline in place with support at $0.8300 on the same chart. On the upside, a close above the $1.0000 level could push the price further higher. The next stop could be near the $1.1200 level. Looking at the chart, ONT price is clearly gaining pace above the $0.9200 level. Once buyers gain momentum above $1.0000, there could be further gains. On the other hand, a downside correction may find support near the $0.9000 and $0.8500 levels. The overall price action suggests more gains above the $1.1000 level in the near term. Technical indicators 4 hours MACD - The MACD for ONT/USD moved nicely into the bullish zone, with a positive bias. 4 hours RSI (Relative Strength Index) - The RSI tested the 70 level and it is currently correcting lower. Major Support Levels - $0.9000 and $0.8500. Major Resistance Levels - $1.0000 and $1.1200. The post Ontology (ONT) Jumps In Top 20, Could Dethrone NEM (XEM) Next appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.

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Crypto Market Wrap: Litecoin Lifted as Volume Hits Yearly High of Over $2 Billion

Crypto markets continue upwards; Binance Coin and Litecoin on a rip, ABBC Coin surges out of nowhere. Market Wrap Crypto markets have continued their upward momentum today as further gains are added. The majority of the majors are in the green and total market capitalization is pushing north of $130 billion. There is still strong resistance ahead though so how far markets can climb this time remains to be seen. Bitcoin surpassed $3,900 a couple of hours ago and hit an intraday high of $3,940. This could not be sustained however and BTC immediately fell back a little. It is still up over a percent on the day though volume has tailed off a little. Failure to break through resistance at this level will result in a pullback. Ethereum has made it to $140 again but still failed to make further gains. ETH is currently up a couple of percent on the day and is hovering just below $140. XRP has made slightly less and has reached $0.317; compared to the rest of the altcoins Ripple’s token has remained weak for the past month or so. The top ten is mostly green for the third day in a row as altcoins continue to gain during the day’s Asian trading session. Binance Coin is absolutely murdering it as it reaches a ten month high and tops $15. BNB has now also flipped Tether with a market cap of over $2 billion for the first time in over a year. Litecoin price 7 days. Coinmarketcap.com Also on a pump is Litecoin which has surged another 10% taking it to $58 before a slight pull back. This is the highest LTC has been for five months as volume surges to a yearly high of over $2 billion. Over the past 7 days Litecoin has surged 24%, it is about to flip EOS for fourth place and may have already done so by the time you read this. The momentum has come from the major release of Litecoin Core v0.17.1 RC1. The big mover in the top twenty at the moment is Ontology which has flipped Zcash to enter this section. ONT has added a further 7% on the day taking it to just under a dollar. Monero and Ethereum Classic have made 3% each but the rest have not done much over the past 24 hours. FOMO: ABBC Coin on a Rip Again the relatively obscure ABBC Coin has surged by 78% today propelling it up the market cap charts to 24th, ahead of VeChain and Dogecoin. The epic pump has taken ABBC to $0.60 as this relatively obscure altcoin has surged over 800% in the past couple of weeks. Also getting a good dose of fomo today is Aurora pumping 27% followed by Ravencoin up 22%. The only double digit dump in the top one hundred is Quant dropping 11% on the day, Veritaseum is not far behind with an 8% slide. Total crypto market capitalization has grown by 2.3% since yesterday. Another $3 billion flowing in has taken markets up to $134 billion. Bitcoin dominance has slid below 52% largely at the expense of LTC and BNB. Failure to break resistance at $4k for BTC will result in the rest of the market falling back again. Market Wrap is a section that takes a daily look at the top cryptocurrencies during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Crypto Market Wrap: Litecoin Lifted as Volume Hits Yearly High of Over $2 Billion appeared first on NewsBTC.

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How to Buy Zcash with PayPal | Beginner’s Guide

Short Intro to Zcash Zcash is a privacy coin that was created in 2016 as a result of a fork from the Bitcoin Blockchain. But, unlike Bitcoin, Zcash keeps all transaction data confidential. It has two modes in which you can transact: private and transparent, which enables you to choose if your transactions will be […]

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Monero [XMR]’s fluffypony retaliates to Faketoshi’s statement on coin privacy

Craig S Wright, the Chief Scientist at nChain and a Bitcoin SV proponent, recently made some claims pertaining to Monero [XMR] and ZCash, on his official Twitter handle and Riccardo Spagni aka fluffypony, the lead proponent of Monero, retaliated to his statement. Monero [XMR], the thirteenth largest cryptocurrency by market cap is known for its privacy features. Based on a blog report, Monero enhances privacy with the use of ring signatures, confidential transactions and stealth addresses. This ensures that apart from the information required to approve transactions, no other information is open to the public. Additionally, the coin’s cryptographic privacy makes its transactions untraceable and has unconnected characteristics. However, ZCash is known to preserve privacy with the help of Zero-Knowledge proofs, which mainly hides transaction details. The self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto aka Faketoshi said on Twitter: “Yes, I can make ZCash and Monero completely traceable... A means to start monitoring it all and attributing. And, responsible disclosure is not those teams. Have a nice life.” Source: Twitter Source: Twitter This was soon met with Riccardo Spagni’s retaliation. He said: “All talk, no action. This moron is just a snake-oil salesman in a cheap, ill-fitting suit, wearing a gaudy watch that he thinks looks expensive because a store clerk told him as much, bragging about money he doesn’t have & skills he can’t demonstrate. It’s just sad & pathetic.” Source: Twitter Udi Wertheimer, a Bitcoiner and coder, said on Twitter: “Keep trolling, horseman. I deanonymized all your txs and have the location of your sunk boat and whatever else. My team is underwater fishing for your keys, and once we find them we will dump them all for Bitcoin (BSV) and then release 78 papers describing how. Risk. Finance.” The post Monero [XMR]’s fluffypony retaliates to Faketoshi’s statement on coin privacy appeared first on AMBCrypto.

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French Finance Committee: Ban on Anonymous Cryptocurrencies Appropriate

In a report published earlier today, the Finance Committee of France’s National Assembly has stated that it would be appropriate to ban all cryptocurrencies focused on providing greater anonymity to the user. The committee went on the write that such cryptocurrencies posed heightened risk of various financial crimes. The rest of the report was not at all damning to the wider blockchain and cryptocurrency space. It states that greater understanding of the technology and the ways it is being applied were required by regulators. Could France Ban Anonymous Cryptocurrency? As part of the report published today focusing on blockchain technology and its application in cryptocurrency, the president of the Finance Committee of France’s National Assembly has stated that it would be appropriate to ban all cryptocurrencies that enhance privacy for the user. As reported by Forbes, Éric Woerth writes in the introduction to the document: “It would also have been appropriate to propose a ban on the dissemination and trade in [cryptocurrencies built] to ensure complete anonymity by preventing any identification procedure by design... This is the case for a certain number of [cryptocurrencies] whose purpose is to bypass any possibility of identifying the holders. To date, regulation has not gone that far.” Woerth makes it unclear how far such a ban on anonymity-focused cryptos would extend. He makes no differentiation between those that are private by default, such as Monero, and those that feature optional privacy. As highlighted by the Winklevoss twins listing Zcash at Gemini last year, such coins are largely thought to be more palatable for financial regulators. Could France’s National Assembly try to ban privacy coins? Also as part of the introduction to the document, Woerth states some of the issues presented by the rise in cryptocurrency use. These include: money laundering, tax evasion, and fraud, as well as threats to the environment posed by mining. Later in the report, the committee does note that cash remains the most common method for financing criminal activity. France Not Hostile to All Crypto Despite a clear distaste for privacy-enhancing cryptocurrencies and their potential connection to criminal activity, the report does not take a hostile approach to the rest of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology - only aspects that seek to hinder law enforcement’s ability to police financial crimes. Wroeth goes on to comment on the importance of understanding and differentiating between different applications of the technology: “The distinction between the different uses of [cryptocurrencies] must continue, to establish a finer and more precise regulation protector of the general interest, as well as the private interest of the entrepreneurs of this domain.” The report concludes by stating that greater efforts should be made to regulate crypto’s on-ramps and advocates the forming of an international regulatory framework. Related Reading: France’s Yellow Vest Bank Run: Could it be Bullish for Bitcoin? Featured Images from Shutterstock. The post French Finance Committee: Ban on Anonymous Cryptocurrencies Appropriate appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Will Tron (TRX) “Crash” Because of Craig Wright Comments?

Tron price could edge higher, down 3.6 percent in the last week. Fundamentals and technical factors favor bulls Transactional volumes low. Any spike in volumes may see TRX close above 3.1 cents Craig Wright thinks Tron is a scam that will dump hard. Nonetheless, candlestick arrangement favors bulls. Besides, recovering Bitcoin (BTC) prices often drive altcoin prices higher further cementing our stand that there is an undervaluation of Tron (TRX). Latest Tron (TRX) News Fundamentals All along, even in one of the longest and brutal crypto winter, Tron figureheads remain determined. A couple of updates and partnerships later, it is increasingly becoming clear that Justin Sun and the Tron foundation are undeterred and eyeing the dominance prize. Like Ethereum, the Tron Network had a hard fork as they prepare for institutional investors from BitGo. However, this has been their goal all along. Tron is a successful smart contracting platform. Furthermore, it is a fan favorite in social media circles. #TRON will launch 3.5 hard fork upgrade on 2/28. New Features: 1. multi-sig and acct mng, institution ready 2. Dynamic energy adjustment to real-time network performance 3. 50% up performance & res usage 4. Better VM safety, events server for Dapps. Go! #TRX $TRX — Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) February 24, 2019 It may be incensing for Craig Wright, a Bitcoin maximalist who claims that he has the tools to decipher ZCash and Monero’s privacy. However, for Tron puritans, they are inching closer to their objective despite sliding to tenth in the market cap rankings. since when did better technology matter in crypto anyway. especially when you have coins like $TRON who have nothing but alot of marketing and can achieve notable market price success still — cryptosatoshi (@cryptosat284) March 5, 2019 Candlestick Arrangements Surprisingly, Tron (TRX) performance is dismal and lagging other assets. In the top 10, the high supply coin is down 3.6 percent from last week’s close and stable on the last 24 hours. If anything, this is not what we expected because candlestick arrangements, as well as recent fundamentals, favor Tron (TRX) bulls. Despite this glitch, it is likely that prices will recover and edge higher as set by the price action of late Feb. Note that price action in the daily chart points to demand and as long as prices are trending above 2.1 cents or Jan 14 lows, there are high chances that Tron (TRX) will rally towards 3.1 cents and 4 cents in the short-term. Founding our optimism is yesterday’s resurgence that concluded a three-bar reversal pattern off the bull break-out level. All the same, we need confirmation of yesterday’s high-volume bull bar. It is after when prices close above yesterday’s high is when aggressive traders can buy on dips with first targets at 4 cents. On the reverse side, any close below Mar 5 or Jan 14 lows, will nullify this projection. Technical Indicators Our anchor bar is the high-volume bull bar of Feb 4. Even though trade ranges are tight, volumes are high. For trend resumption, we need prices to close above 2.5 cents—our bull breakout level. It will be perfect if that is at the back of high volumes exceeding averages of 11 million. However, the real deal will be a breakout above 3.1 cents accompanied by high volumes above 42 million. The post Will Tron (TRX) “Crash” Because of Craig Wright Comments? appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Craig Wright Claims To Have Technology To Break Privacy Coins

Craig Wright, an extremely controversial figure in the crypto community claims to have the technology to break privacy coins. Wright is known for making his famous claim of being the creator of Bitcoin, without any evidence. He was then behind the hard fork of Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash. Later, he also abandoned Bitcoin Cash to fork Bitcoin SV. He recently went on a rant criticizing other cryptocurrencies. Wright said Ethereum is a scam and a lie. He later tweeted that he has the means to make privacy coins such as ZCash and Monero completely traceable, and rather help the feds stop them instead of helping out 'a bunch of criminals.' (VS)

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Binance Coin (BNB) Prices Can Double to $26 By End of Q2 2019

Latest Binance Coin (BNB) News So exactly why is Binance coin (BNB) pumping? Well, everything has to do with the ambitions of the “humble” but strategic Changpeng Zhao. The maverick founder of Binance—who is categorical that the exchange is not for sale, led a BNB transition from Ethereum as it was an ERC 20 token to its own blockchain, the Binance Chain. Read: Here is What is Driving Binance Coin (BNB) in the Crypto Markets It has been two weeks since the world’s largest exchange by adjusted volumes announced their Binance DEX test-net saying amongst other attractive properties; the decentralized exchange will be liquid and bear some resemblance with the otherwise easy to use Binance user interface. Zhao was quoted saying: “The user interface on Binance DEX is similar to the interface of Binance: Fast, secure and user-friendly. At this stage, we simply want to develop the best DEX as fast as possible. We are still figuring out some functions as we go and will be asking traders for feedback on the test-net, in order to iterate and improve on it quickly.” Two weeks later and with Binance Coin (BNB) as a settling and native coin in use, Binance DEX promises to be transforming. Not only will users have full control of their wallets but the network is designed with speed and capacity in mind. Also Read: Controversial Craig Wright Has the Technology to Make ZCash and Monero Completely Traceable Block time is one second—fastest blockchain and most importantly, it can handle the same trade volumes as centralized version. Add that to the requirement of crowd funding projects to accept BNB and it’s easy to see why fundamentals as well as candlestick technical considerations favor Binance Coin (BNB) bulls. BNB/USD Price Analysis Clearly, Binance Coin (BNB) is crashing records. Not only did it print new highs against Bitcoin (BTC), but the coin is now up 40.4 percent in the last week. That means, it is up to eighth flipping Stellar Lumens (XLM) and Tron (TRX). Gauging from candlestick arrangement and streams of supportive fundamentals, it is likely that BNB will edge higher. We cannot discount chances of BNB replacing BCH and Litecoin in the top five. Trend and Candlestick Formation: Bullish, Bull Trend Resumption For a clearer outlook, the weekly chart paints a rosy picture. Here we can easily note that the trajectory is northwards as BNB bulls bounce off the 78.6 percent Fibonacci retracement level of the coin’s high low. As bull momentum pick up, we can only project that prices will edge higher towards the coin’s ATM’s at $26—double the current market valuation. This projection is in line with Fibonacci retracement dictates. If that is the case, every low should be a buying opportunity with cross hairs first at $20—the 23.6 percent Fibonacci retracement level. Volumes: Bullish Of note in the weekly chart is week ending Feb 10 bull bar. The high volume confirming bar did reveal demand in lower time frames because prices surged reversing losses of week ending Nov 25. Accompanying this upswing was a spike in participation—5 million against 2.5 million. Encouragingly, BNB trade volumes have been on the rise since after the completion of the three-bar bull reversal pattern of week ending Dec 23. Now, as long as BNB transactional volumes exceed averages, it is likely that BNB will pump towards $20 and later $26. All charts courtesy of Trading View This is not Investment Advice. Do your research. The post Binance Coin (BNB) Prices Can Double to $26 By End of Q2 2019 appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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Controversial Craig Wright Has the Technology to Make ZCash and Monero Completely Traceable

Craig Wright, the force behind Bitcoin Cash SV and the instigator of the disastrous Bitcoin Cash hard fork of Nov 2018 (that cost Bitmain’s Jihan Wu his job), is no stranger to controversy. He no longer entertains testifying and surprisingly is at pain when the Satoshi topic is revived. While he claims to be the brains behind Bitcoin as the pseudonymous but elusive Satoshi Nakamoto, he recently threatened to “end” the popular CNBC Show CryptoTrader hosted by the interestingly inquisitive Ran NeuNer should he dare bring it up again. It is so because: “People sit there saying, “You have to tell me (if he is Satoshi).” Why? I don’t have to tell you anything. I have my right to privacy. I can say what I will or won’t. I’m not asking you to give me money or support me. I don’t want your support. I don’t really care. I don’t need your investment. I’m not raising capital. I’m not getting a cent from you. Therefore, you have no right to know. The end.” The Rise and Rise of Scams and New Coins Even though the start was shaky, the resulting discussion turned out to be quite substantive as Craig gave his two cents of what he thinks of decentralization and why Bitcoin Cash SV is the only true coin in the midst of fakes. Read: Internet Pioneer Kaspersky: Digital Currencies (Likely Not Bitcoin) To Replace Banknotes As the immortal swordsman, Connor MacLeod, as depicted in (his favorite?) the film, Highlander, Craig is playing a duo-role. Firstly, he won’t shy away nor bow out as the maverick founder, Satoshi albeit without private keys. Secondly, he is a battle tested character, an immortal warrior, fighting for the eventual survival of the real Bitcoin now that alternatives working under the guise of decentralization are cropping up. He warned that all these new coins and ICOs are nothing but pure scams that must end. In his analysis, coins like BTC “will never be the gold of the future. It’s not even Bitcoin.” Others like Tron will after pumping -with nothing more than marketing to show off, will “crash harder.” According to Professor Faustus, Bitcoin as he earlier championed is designed to complement bankers and will act as a clearing house, not replace them. All this decentralization talk is to him “idiocrasy squared.” And it is not about decentralization, he has a problem with Ethereum which as we know is creating a smart contracting platform ran by a decentralized Turing complete virtual machine gifting it the ability as a world’s first super computer. Read: Nasdaq’s Tokenizing Platform In Trial, Product Manager Confirms Craig takes issue saying Ethereum as a project is a “scam and a lie” as he hits on the network claims of high efficiency: “There is no such thing as a token for a supercomputing mechanism. That is a scam and a lie. There is not one token that gives you a single compute cycle for anything less than a million times the cost [of a conventional computer]. You would actually be more efficient to buy a Raspberry Pi than you would be to buy a thousand dollars’ worth of compute cycle on Ethereum.” Yes, I can make ZCash and Monero completely traceable... A means to start monitoring it all and attributing. And, responsible disclosure is not those teams. Have a nice life. — Dr Craig S Wright (@ProfFaustus) March 5, 2019 Privacy? What Privacy? Being a maximalist that he is, Craig further goes on to say anonymous coin is pure hogwash. In fact, he revealed that he is working on a tech that will just show how transactions on networks as ZCash and Monero are traceable. With a killer tech on his hands that will be directly accessible to law enforcers, Craig will demonstrate that privacy in ZCash and similar platforms is “as private as running through Times Square with your pants around your ankles.” Not my issue, you use an anon coin, a crime coin as this is all they really are, and you are in many countries already committing a crime. So, I would rather teach the Feds how to stop this than help a bunch of losers help criminals — Dr Craig S Wright (@ProfFaustus) March 5, 2019 Perhaps it’s about time we sit and watch what Craig has up his sleeves. He has his reservation of privacy coins, will remain controversial and if he manages to expose ZCash transaction, then his coding skills will no longer be questioned leading him closer to the King himself, Satoshi. The post Controversial Craig Wright Has the Technology to Make ZCash and Monero Completely Traceable appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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Crypto Market Wrap: Binance Coin Surges 10% to Seven Month High

Crypto markets have found a new level; Binance Coin pumping hard, EOS and Maker still sliding. Market Wrap Monday’s crypto market dump has found a new level and the selloff has abated over the past 24 hours. This has prevented another huge rout though further losses cannot be ruled out. Total market capitalization has stabilized above $125 billion for the time being. After dumping $100 yesterday Bitcoin has found a new channel around $3,760 where it has traded for the past day. Daily volume is back up to nearly $9 billion for BTC but it appears to be all bearish at the moment. As predicted Bitcoin fell after failing to break strong resistance at $3,900, all indicators suggest that further losses are imminent. Ethereum has leveled out at around $127, dropping a further percent or so on the day. All of February’s gains are getting wiped out as ETH continues to weaken and follow in the shadow of Bitcoin. XRP has not fallen in the same magnitude which has reduced the gap between second and third places to just $800 million. The Ripple token is currently trading at $0.305. Binance Coin price 24 hours. Coinmarketcap.com Only one altcoin is surging in the top ten during today’s Asian trading session and it is developing a pattern of its own. Binance Coin appears to be behaving like a stablecoin; it pumps when markets dump. BNB is currently up 10.5% as it hits an 8 month high of $12.50. Binance boss CZ appears to have taken over from Justin Sun for volume of twitter posts in any given day; Progress, slowly but surely. pic.twitter.com/RN7kBKOsVT — CZ Binance (@cz_binance) March 4, 2019 Either way his exchange backed token is flying at the moment as it surges past Stellar and Tron to take eighth spot by market cap which is currently $1.7 billion. Changpeng Zhao’s current AMA and recent DEX announcements are driving momentum for BNB. Tron is the only other altcoin in the green in the top ten as it made almost 3% over the past 24 hours. Looking further down at the top twenty Bitcoin SV is having a rare bounce as it adds 4% on the day taking its price to $66.50. The rest are still in the red with Maker shedding the most at 5%. Monero, NEM and Zcash are all still weak with further losses of 3% today. FOMO: MOAC on The Move Today’s fomo induced pump is MOAC which is up 14% at the time of writing. There does not seem to be much driving momentum for this multi-level blockchain scaling platform so it could well be tomorrow’s dump. Also getting a boost at the moment is Loom Network with a 12% pump. Following a couple of days of fomo, Ravencoin is cooling off today as it becomes the top one hundreds biggest loser dumping 13% on the day. Revain and Bitcoin Gold are not far behind as they both shed 12% making up the only three to drop double digits at the moment. Total crypto market capitalization has found a temporary floor at $126 billion following the $4 billion dump yesterday. Daily volume has crept back up to $28 billion but signals are bearish and the selloff is likely to continue. Crypto markets are at exactly the same place they were three months ago as the consolidation continues. Market Wrap is a section that takes a daily look at the top cryptocurrencies during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Crypto Market Wrap: Binance Coin Surges 10% to Seven Month High appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Deconomy Seoul 2019 Event to Feature a Debate Between Vitalik Buterin and Nouriel Roubini

Deconomy Seoul 2019, which is an event that focuses on “cryptography, decentralized networks, economics, business, finance, and law,” will be held April 4-5 at the Jangchung Arena. Prominent speakers in crypto and the blockchain space will be featured, including Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin, author and coder Andreas Antonopoulos, ConsenSys CEO Joseph Lubin, Zcash CEO Zooko Wilcox, Binance CEO Changpeng "CZ" Zhao, and many others. Included among the speakers is economist Nouriel Roubini, who is infamous for his disdain of bitcoin. Deconomy will host an intellectual debate between Buterin and Roubini. Tickets are currently available at the early bird price. (GT)

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Feb Volume Report: Leading Markets Post Strongest Month Since Q1 2018

For many leading markets, February produced the largest monthly volume since the first quarter of last year, with 30-day BTC trade activity surpassing $200 billion, and ETH exceeding $100 billion. Also Read: Report: Quadriga’s 6 Cold Wallets Have Been Without Funds Since April 2018 BTC Volume Surpasses $200 Billion for February February saw the highest volume for BTC trade in one year, with BTC pairings generating nearly $206.37 billion in trade during the last 30 days. The increase in trade activity was driven by the run up to $4,000 during the middle weeks of February, with volume having since retraced amid sideways consolidation. The surge in activity comprised a 34% gain in trade activity month-over-month. USDT trade also produced its heaviest month of trade since the first quarter of 2018, with $177.12 billion worth of tether changing hands. USDT trade activity increased by 56.50% when compared with January. 30-Day ETH Volume Surpasses $100 Billion Monthly ETH trade activity reached a one year-high during 2018, with $104.46 billion worth of ethereum having been traded during the last 30 days. As such, ETH trade increased by 34.40% month-over-month. During February, EOS ranked as the fourth-most traded cryptocurrency for the fifth consecutive month. $33.24 billion worth of EOS were traded during the last 30 days, comprising a 54.75% gain in trade activity. February comprised the strongest month of EOS trade since May 2018. LTC ranked as the fifth-most-traded crypto asset for February, with $32.85 billion worth of litecoin changing hands. LTC saw a 93.58% month-over-month gain in volume, comprising the strongest month of trade since the first quarter of 2018. Bitcoin Cash and Dash Ascend Volume Rankings During February XRP was the sixth-most traded cryptocurrency of February for the second consecutive month, with $17.66 billion worth of XRP changing hands during the last 30 days. XRP trade activity increased by 30% month-over-month, however, failed to exceed the trade volume generated throughout December. BCH ascended two positions to rank as the seventh most traded crypto asset of the past 30 days with $8.91 billion worth of trade. Despite posting a 40.54% gain monthly trade, February comprised the second-weakest month of trade in more than 12 months. Dash re-entered the top ten after falling to 12th last month, ranking eighth with $6.22 billion worth of trade. February saw dash produce a 48.45% volume increase month-over-month, comprising the strongest month of trade since September. NEO Reclaims Top Ten Ranking NEO produced its strongest month in over 12 months, with $6.21 billion worth of NEO changing hands in the last 30 days. NEO comprised the ninth-most traded crypto asset during February, breaking into the top ten for the first time since November. NEO trade activity increased by 72.5% month-over-month. QTUM produced its strongest month of trade since the first quarter of 2018, generating $6 billion worth of trade in the last 30 days. Monthly QTUM trade increased 22% when compared with January ranking it as the 10th-most traded cryptocurrency during February. CKUSD comprised the 11th-most traded crypto asset during February with $5.87 billion worth of trade. February saw monthly CKUSD trade activity gain 38%, comprising the strongest month of trade since Q1 2018. ETC rose two positions to rank as the 12th-most traded cryptocurrency with $5.75 billion worth of trade in the last 30 days. February posted a 60% gain in monthly ETC volume, comprising the strongest month of trade since August. TRX Posts Significant Reduction in Monthly Trade Despite falling from the top ten, ZEC produced its strongest 30 days of trade since Q1 2018 for the second consecutive month, with $5.22 billion worth of ZEC changing hands. February saw ZEC volume increase by 4.4%, ranking as the 13th-most traded cryptocurrency. TRX comprised the only crypto asset of the top 15 to post a reduction in trade volume during February. $5.08 billion worth of TRX was traded during the last 30 days, ranking as the 14th most trade crypto asset. XLM posted its strongest month since the first quarter of last year, with $3.99 billion worth of XLM changing hands. XLM comprised the 15th-most traded cryptocurrency during February, with volume increasing 23%. BTT Ranks Among Top 20 BTT comprised the 16th-most traded crypto asset during February, with $3.86 billion worth of BTT having been traded. BNB made its second appearance among the top 20 in one year, ranking 17th with $2.84 billion in trade over the last 30 days BSV ascended one rank to comprise the 18th-most traded cryptocurrency during February, with $2.70 billion worth of trade. BSV trade activity increased 34.33% month-over-month. PAX saw a nearly 10% decline in monthly trade activity, slipping one position to rank as the 19th-most traded crypto asset with $2.01 billion in trade. TUSD ranked as the 20th-most traded cryptocurrency for the second consecutive month with $1.87 worth tra

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Crypto Market Wrap: Monday Starts With Another Dump in $4 Billion Slide

Crypto markets have just started to slide; Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS and IOTA getting hurt, Ravencoin flying high. Market Wrap It looks like a Monday morning crypto market dump has just been ignited. All major cryptocurrencies are breaking down at the moment and heading deeper into the red. Following a week of consolidation and failure to break through resistance this has been expected. Total market capitalization has dumped $4 billion and is heading towards $125 billion at the time of writing. Bitcoin has spent most of the past 24 hours floating around the $3,850 level; it hasn’t even attempted to test $3,900 resistance again. A couple of hours ago things started to break down and BTC plunged to below $3,800, it is still falling at the time of writing, down 2.4% on the day. Naturally the digital lemmings have all followed suit, Ethereum no exception. With a 5% slide ETH has dropped back below $130 and is still heading south. Market cap is down to $13.5 billion as the gap to XRP closes with the Ripple token only falling 3% in the rout. A sea of deepening red has enveloped the top ten during Asian trading today as coins are offloaded. EOS and Bitcoin Cash are taking the brunt of things dumping 6% at the time of writing. Litecoin and Tron not far behind with losses over 4% as market caps erode. The top twenty is all falling off the cliff this morning leaving no survivors. Cardano and IOTA falling fastest right now with 6% losses, and Bitcoin SV, Dash and Zcash are closing up with 5% falls. Ravencoin Flying High All of today’s FOMO is going to Ravencoin which is still up 30% on the same time yesterday. The altcoin has reached a three month high as it continues to spike. RVN is a token based on an asset, security and stock tokenization platform that offers dividend payouts. Network growth and a Bittrex listing is keeping Ravencoin flying while markets dump again. RVN is available on @BittrexExchange, one of the earliest supporters of this project! As with all exchange listings, no fee was paid.Raven is decentralized and has no funds, no offices, no leadership, no executives, no CEO & no one authorized to sign anything. Thanks Bittrex! — Project Raven / RVN / Ravencoin (@Ravencoin) March 3, 2019 Also still holding up at the moment is MOAC which has a green 9% today. Double digit dumps are going on at THETA, Komodo, and Aelf right now but that list is likely to grow until markets find a new floor. Two hours ago crypto markets dumped $4 billion falling to $126 billion at the time of writing. It is the largest movement for over a week but not one that has come as a surprise. A lot of indecision and consolidation always ends with a breakout and many had predicted that it would be on the downside. Total market cap 24 hours. Coinmarketcap.com Bitcoin has failed to break through resistance several times over the past week and yet again has pulled the rest of its brethren into the red today. At the moment things are still falling so we will have to wait and see where the digital dust will settle this time. Market Wrap is a section that takes a daily look at the top cryptocurrencies during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Crypto Market Wrap: Monday Starts With Another Dump in $4 Billion Slide appeared first on NewsBTC.

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RT @alchemyDC: Come to the city and learn about the Zcash re...

RT @alchemyDC: Come to the city and learn about the Zcash reference wallet with @geffenz, designer at @zcashco https://t.co/WOBZloM2qW

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Shapeshift Debuts Six-Episode Show Dedicated to Crypto Enthusiasts

On Wednesday ShapeShift announced the launch of a six-episode crypto-oriented show called “Down the Rabbit Hole”. The Switzerland-based crypto exchange posted a trailer for the show on its Twitter page and the first episode, “The Technologist”, is dedicated to Zcash CEO Zooko Wilcox. The final episode is dedicated to Shapeshift founder Erik Voorhees and in the episode, Voorhees discusses the social impact of blockchain. A tweet from Voorhees suggests that the video series is designed to improve and rebrand Shapeshift after the company decided to incorporate know-your-customer (KYC) requirements to its platform In early February the exchange also announced a beta version of its new platform which is focused on providing unique non-custodial services. (RS)

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"Zcash is the first widely available application of zk-SNARK...

"Zcash is the first widely available application of zk-SNARKs...The privacy of Zcash is derived from the fact that… https://t.co/Ro0IObgqQI

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Learn more about Zcash in just two minutes! This @coinbase v...

Learn more about Zcash in just two minutes! This @coinbase video is a great primer about the origins of Zcash and h… https://t.co/nFoHk5otws

21 days ago

"zk-SNARKs is a proof system that allows the Zcash software ...

"zk-SNARKs is a proof system that allows the Zcash software to prove that a statement is true without revealing any… https://t.co/twtyZRlUnJ

22 days ago

Zcash Uses Shielded Addresses and P4 Protocol to Solve GDPR Compliance Issues

Zcash, a privacy coin that uses a zero-knowledge proof, is further enhancing its vision of privacy protection by developing its blockchain in a design that is GDPR compliant by default. The startup unveiled that it would use shielded addresses which are GDPR compliant because they do not store or transmit identifiable data during transactions. Combined with the Private Periodic Payment Protocol (P4 Protocol), the shielded addresses would help Zcash prevent data leaks and data theft. (KE)

24 days ago

Learn how Zcash brings us back to the privacy we've always e...

Learn how Zcash brings us back to the privacy we've always enjoyed with cash—upgraded for a digital, networked, glo… https://t.co/soYCMZYbVD

24 days ago

ZCash Company is Now the Electric Coin Company to Avoid Confusion With the ZEC Foundation

News reaching Ethereum World News indicate that the ZCash Company has rebranded to the Electric Coin Company for the sake of clarity. This name change is meant to differentiate them from the ZCash Foundation. The...

25 days ago

ZCash Company is Now the Electric Coin Company to Prevent Confusion

News reaching Ethereum World News indicate that the ZCash Company has rebranded to the Electric Coin Company for the sake of clarity. This name change is meant to differentiate them from the ZCash Foundation. The...

25 days ago

Ethereum Classic Price Gains 6% as Developers Mull ETH 2.0 Roadmap Implementation

Based on the current overall crypto market momentum, one would almost think the sky’s the limit. Such a train of thought is very dangerous to pursue among traders who want to pocket some profits over the weekend. While the Ethereum Classic price appears bullish at this time, one has to keep in mind its value tends to go up and down quite often. As such, chasing the top can easily cause some financial headaches. Ethereum Classic Price Rises Ahead of the Weekend In the cryptocurrency world, it is often difficult to determine what drives individual markets. While it is not uncommon for altcoins to derive value from Bitcoin and foremost, Ethereum Classic is seemingly a different creature in this regard. It too benefits fro bullish BTC momentum, although ETC usually does its own thing. Today is seemingly no exception in this regard. Over the past few hours, the Ethereum Classic price has risen by 6.6% to $4.77. Furthermore, there is a 5.8% gain over Bitcoin to bring that value to 0.0011986. Both of these trends are promising, yet they wouldn’t materialize without good trading volume. ETC Notes $218.43m in volume today, which is nearly half of its overall market cap. It is rather interesting to note how the ETC-related discussions on Twitter are evolving right now. Saturn Network is sharing a handy video guide regarding building new tokens and ICOs on top of Ethereum Classic. While this option has existed for quite some time now, it remains to be determined whether or not anyone will make use of this method. Planning your weekend? Why not BUIDL on Ethereum Classic. #ClassicIsCominghttps://t.co/uHYb9lWuBj#SaturnNetwork #Tokens #DEX #BUIDL #EthereumClassic #ETC #ERC223 — Saturn Network (@SaturnProtocol) February 22, 2019 It is also worth noting Ethereum Classic is currently live on the DEX trading platform. Although that is not the biggest exchange solution by any means, their list of support coins and tokens seems pretty solid. They also purposefully opted for not using Tether’s USDT stablecoin but list TrueUSD instead. Very interesting, as it creates a different onramp for ETC as well. Live on DCEX Monero IOTA Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum OmiseGo Bitcoin cash DASHBitcoin Gold Zcash Ethereum classic XRP TrueUSDFiat on ramp TUSD#ripple #xrp #btc #ltc #eth #omg #bch #dash #btg #zec #etc #tusd #xmr #miota #dcex #dcexofficial — DCEX (@dcexofficial) February 22, 2019 Last but not least, it would appear the ETC core developers are currently mulling whether they should integrate the Ethereum 2.0 roadmap in the future. That in itself is a very interesting topic of debate. This roadmap would introduce a lot of interesting upgrades to ETC, although no final decisions have been made at this time. Definitely something worth keeping an eye on. @preston_vanloon and myself just had a really productive meeting with the $ETC core devs about adopting the #Ethereum 2.0 roadmap for $ETC. No commitments yet, video coming soon. @etclabscore @BobSummerwill @Yazanator — Joseph 0x29a Delong (@josephdelong) February 22, 2019 All of the developments behind the scenes appear to be working in favor of Ethereum Classic. That in itself is a bit of an unusual situation, although one many ETC holders will be quite pleased with. With this decent trading volume in place, the uptrend could, in theory, easily be resumed over the weekend. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. Image(s): Shutterstock.com The post Ethereum Classic Price Gains 6% as Developers Mull ETH 2.0 Roadmap Implementation appeared first on NullTX.

25 days ago

ZecQT Gets Added to Google Play Store

The ZecQT Wallet Android app for Zcash (ZEC) is now available on Google Play. ZecQT is a Sapling-compatible wallet but it is not an official Zcash wallet and is not affiliated with the Electric Coin Company. According to the description, the ZecQT Wallet is the "Android companion app for your desktop zec-qt-wallet full Zcash node." So far, there is one review on Google Play, which gave the app the highest possible rating of five stars, saying: "Excellent. Congratulations to the developer for this long-awaited app. Works perfectly and very intuitive. I just upgraded the desktop version, scanned the QR code, and everything was working. A milestone in Zcash history." Yesterday, Zcash was added to the Trust crypto wallet. (GT)

25 days ago

Blockchain 101: What Are zk-SNARKs?

What are zk-SNARKs? zk-SNARK is an acronym for “Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge,” which is a proof construction where one can prove that he/she owns certain data without having to actually reveal it, without having to interact with the verifier. Zcash is the first project to use zk-SNARKs’ zero-knowledge cryptography, thus enabling its transactions […]

25 days ago

Distributed Digest: Friday, February 22, 2019

The Zcash Company becomes the Electric Coin Company, the Flyingcarpet Network is being built on top of Gnosis, and Maker’s Dai Stability Fee may increase.

25 days ago

Zcash Company rebrands to Electric Coin Company

The former Zcash Company has changed its name to the Electric Coin Company for the sake of clarity, the company has announced in a blog post.The post Zcash Company rebrands to Electric Coin Company appeared first on The Block.

25 days ago

Weekly Update (Community + Comms): - NU3 Process Changes - C...

Weekly Update (Community + Comms): - NU3 Process Changes - Company Name Change - The Growing Role of the Zcash Foun… https://t.co/EFLnfeeORV

25 days ago

To achieve sustainability and growth of the Zcash ecosystem,...

To achieve sustainability and growth of the Zcash ecosystem, a diverse effort from a variety of organizations and i… https://t.co/94lWlSt6hO

25 days ago

Zcash 'Company' Changes Name to 'Zerocoin Electric Coin Company' for More 'Clarity'

The Zcash company, which supports the ongoing development of the Zcash (ZEC) platform, a leading privacy-oriented cryptocurrency, has rebranded to the Electric Coin Company.

25 days ago

‍Trust Wallet has integrated with Zcash! Trust Wallet will n...

‍Trust Wallet has integrated with Zcash! Trust Wallet will now support Zcash in its basic functionality with plans… https://t.co/glCR8qv5YK

25 days ago

Zcash Company Changes Name to the Electric Coin Company

Yesterday, the startup behind Zcash announced that it is rebranding from Zcash Company to the Electronic Coin Company. Per the announcement, this change seeks to distinguish the organization from Zcash's non-profit foundation and the coin itself. The change would reflect the organization's legal name, which has always been Zerocoin Electric Coin Company, LLC. However, only the name would change as the company would continue supporting Zcash. The company then unveiled that in the coming months, it would create the Electric Coin Company brand, move all information from z.cash to a new domain, change its email address, and change social media properties. (VK)

a month ago

Zcash Company Rebrands to the Electric Coin Company

The company behind privacy coin Zcash (ZEC) announced Thursday that it is rebranding from Zcash Company to Electric Coin Company to better differentiate itself from Zcash’s non-profit foundation and the coin itself. The change also mirrors the company’s legal name, which has always been Zerocoin Electric Coin Company, LLC. Zcash Company is now the Electric Coin

a month ago

Zcash Company Rebrands Itself as the Electric Coin Company

The company behind privacy coin Zcash (ZEC) announced Thursday that it is rebranding from Zcash Company to Electric Coin Company to better differentiate itself from Zcash’s non-profit foundation and the coin itself. The change also mirrors the company’s legal name, which has always been Zerocoin Electric Coin Company, LLC. Zcash Company is now the Electric Coin

a month ago

Zcash Company vai mudar de nome

Por: Livecoins A empresa Zcash Company, reconhecida no mercado cripto pelo seu trabalho seguro e de respeito, irá alterar seu nome para Electric Coin Company. De acordo com um anúncio da empresa feito pelo Twitter, somente o nome foi alterado. A Eletric Coin Company continuará a desenvolver para a Zcash, trazendo inovação e adoção a essa moeda. De acordo com post em blog da Zcash, um dos motivos seria para ficar mais claro, visto que o nome da empresa é originalmente Zerocoin Electric Coin Company, sendo Zcash o nome da moeda. Com o rebranding tudo ficará mais claro para stakeholders deste projeto, pelo menos de acordo com a equipe que já alterou o Twitter e promete mudar domínio do site e mais. No momento da escrita deste a Zcash é a 22ª moeda do mercado, valendo cerca de R$ 200 por unidade. O artigo Zcash Company vai mudar de nome foi publicado originalmente em Livecoins.

a month ago

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