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IOST Shoots for the Moon with NASA Proposal

IOST could be on its way to the moon, quite literally. U.S. space program NASA is on the hunt for blockchain-based solutions for specific challenges that it faces. One of the problems that NASA is facing its building a model-based system engineering (MBSE) and IOST says it knows just the thing. “IOST proposes a IOST-based Product Management System (PMS) that enable permeable traceability for variants and versions in MBSE. When the product system model was defined originally, the supplier will write the initial block into the IOST Product Management System (PMS),” according to the IOST team in a blog post. The irony of space travel for a crypto project is not lost on IOST, and they are capitalizing on it. IOST is promoting the possible NASA partnership by offering free IOST tokens to followers for retweeting a post and tagging friends. IOST has promised 2,159 IOST tokens to 10 lucky winners, addding: “Fun fact: The diameter of the moon is 2,159 miles.” (GT)

a day ago

Berminal - The Blockchain Terminal

As the name suggests, Berminal is a mix of Blockchain and a Terminal, which ideally suits the platform. It is a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency platform which is organised into a terminal which provides sufficient information for Crypto enthusiasts. It challenges the very notion of Twitter’s countless promotional content, with trolls even bringing down coins which have high value to the world. A Crypto enthusiast or an active Crypto trader needs accurate news and not falsified news that is portrayed through the various social media platforms. Thus Berminal has created a justified system where real and original news that is efficient is shared. Berminal is available through a web browser, and even a mobile application whether it be Android or iOs. Berminal’s Efficient News Aggregator It is designed perfectly with brief information that is easy on the eyes. It is the ideal application to open when waking up to know what the latest and most important news is, to browsing on it while you are having lunch. It can also be browsed on your mobile when travelling through its mobile application. Best of all the articles are redirected to the original source. Berminal allows the community to decide whether it is important news or not, by a voting system embedded. You too have the privilege to vote on whether or not the article is newsworthy or just a bunch of information which won’t make a difference. For the Hardcore Crypto Enthusiasts It’s has a mesmerizing portal of airdrops which makes it very convenient for bounty hunters, who if not for Berminal would be browsing every nook and corner of Telegram’s channels and groups. If you love telegram no problem, you can hop on to the Berminal telegram community and chat away with like-minded Crypto lovers! Crypto Charts At Your Finger Tips Once you’re on Berminal, you will notice a Crypto ticker on the top flowing continuosly displaying the percentage changes. Thus it allows you to pick up interesting Cryptocurrencies which are on the move upwards shown in green while browsing through the important Blockchain and Crypto news. Clicking any of the Cryptocurrency signs will lead you to the trading chart on the right side signifying essential details such as the price, and analysis. You can view charts with various indicators and historical statistics, which is pretty much a simplified version of TradingView. Click ‘Reseach’ for an interesting insight thanks to the affiliation with Coincheckup. Don’t forget to utilise the alerts by switching the price alerts button on. Given the volatility of Cryptocurrencies it is vital you get to buy the Cryptocurrency you want to hold when things are looking positive while selling if the coin is facing drastic price falls. That’s not all; you can connect your Meta Mask or Ledger to buy six tokens through Berminal’s trade option. These tokens include ZRX, IOST, MCO, GTO, XMX, and HOT. It’s an application a Cryptocurrency trader can only dream about! Reward Yourself with BERM BERM is the native token of Berminal! That’s right; you can earn 1 BERM for tasks such as voting ten times each day and even win a lump sump of BERM through the daily pool by predicting the BTC price for that day. There’s also a quiz under the very short and helpful ‘Daily Berminal Brief’ which rewards you BERM tokens if you answer it right. The BERM coin is fixed at $0.05. Extra Features That’s not all, a beginner, intermediate or Crypto advanced enthusiast can dig in deeper into several Cryptocurrencies by clicking on the ‘About’ button. It includes details such as circulation, total supply, active investors and a summary of the coin in a nutshell. It also contains links to the websites, whitepapers and various social media channels. If you are not very fluent with English, it does not matter. There are currently 11 available languages available on it, which include Indonesian and even Spanish. Overall Berminal utilities Crypto economics to use incentivised BERM tokens for relevant information to be circulated among its community. Berminal is all about its community similar to how Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have developed through the years -through the community! The decentralised cryptocurrency and impartial Blockchain and Crypto information platform called Berminal has grown to become a fan favourite. Image Source - ICO Ranker The post Berminal - The Blockchain Terminal appeared first on Zerocrypted - Your Daily Cryptocurrency News, Guides And More.

2 days ago

IOST Mainnet Launch Countdown Reaches 10 Days

The IOST blockchain launch countdown clock is ticking and the mainnet will go live in 10 days from now, on Feb. 25. IOST Co-Founder Jimmy Zhong noted on Twitter that the project is ahead of schedule, saying: “We are 6 months ahead of our original schedule published in December 2017," adding that “major exchanges” will gradually support the IOST token swap, which is 25 days from now. IOST partners have begun setting up nodes and joining the network. The IOST developer team, meanwhile, is working to ensure the success of the mainnet launch. (GT)

2 days ago

IOST Elections Attract Nearly 200 Node Candidates Prior to Mainnet Launch

More than 1.3 billion votes have been cast in the IOST elections, leading to 67 nodes being elected so far. Nearly 200 candidates are interested in becoming IOST nodes, which represents demand leading up to the mainnet launch on Feb. 25. The projects that are atop the leaderboard currently include IOST World, SSSminex, and Biss.com, each of which have earned more than 10% of the vote. Also, IOST just launched a referral program to further incentize IOST token holders to participate in the elections. Referred friends earn a 25% annualized return for participating in early voting while the referer earns a 50% referral bonus. (GT)

2 days ago

IOST Kicks Off a Referral Event, Participants Could Receive up to 200,000 IOST for Each Invite

As the IOST Global Partnership Program is in full swing, IOST and BISS have partnered to launch a10-day referral event starting Febrary16. Throughout the event, IOST supporters can invite friends to register and vote for their favorite candidates on the IOST.biss.com voting website via a unique invite link. While your friends earn a 25% annualized return for early voting, the referrer will earn a referral bonus equal to 50% of the early bird rewards of your friends. Voting rewards and referral bonuses will be automatically issued each following day. Referrer can receive up to 200,000 IOST ‘inviting rewards’ for each person invited and there is no limit on the total number of referrals. To date, the IOST Global Partner Program has received more than 1.3 billion votes and nearly 70 candidates have been elected. You can visit the official link: https://iost.biss.com/#/ to participate in the referral event. (RL)

2 days ago

🚨 IOST & BISS Referral Event Starting 16 Feb, invite fr...

🚨 IOST & BISS Referral Event Starting 16 Feb, invite friends to https://t.co/JGFxZJmHJg and vote via your unique i… https://t.co/vx9bGcZLfE

3 days ago

IOST Aims to draw 500 Partners to Its Network in 2019

Co-founder and CEO of IOST Jimmy Zhong said today that they aim to bring 500 plus Nodes/Partners to its network in 2019. He revealed that more than 200 node candidates are in the pipeline for its Main Net launch. Besides, Dapps are expected to come in March. In the earlier interview with SOSO Labs, a well-known crypto media in South Korea, Jimmy said 40 plus Dapps would be deployed starting from its Main Net launch. IOST Global Partner Program has received 1.3B votes so far and nearly 70 nodes have been elected. IOST is trading at $0.0067as of this writing. (RL)

3 days ago

Next on #OSTLIVE ➡️ Project Update & #AMA with OST CEO J...

Next on #OSTLIVE ➡️ Project Update & #AMA with OST CEO Jason Goldberg. Join us on 19th February at 11am EST - live… https://t.co/QKnSlTLsTa

3 days ago

#IOST’s Global Partner Program 31st day: 67 Candidates have ...

#IOST’s Global Partner Program 31st day: 67 Candidates have been elected into the IOST ecosystem so far. Total vote… https://t.co/LIVuIPWBvO

4 days ago

IOST Ready to Launch its MainNet at the end of February, Jimmy Zhong Says 40 High-Quality Dapps Already in the Pipeline

In a recent interview with SOSO Labs, a well-known crypto media in South Korea, IOST cofounder and CEO Jimmy Zhong said that IOST Main Net is ready to launch at the end of this month. Currently, the IOST Global Partner Program is in full swing, with more than 1.3B votes cast and 60 plus nodes being elected so far. Zhong said IOST network also welcomes those who are willing to join the IOST network governance but have zero tech background, as IOST would help them through third parties. He revealed that more than 40 Dapps are already in the pipeline for its Main Net launch, and they are beyond just the gambling DApps that EOS and Tron already have. They would launch a more diverse set of DApps, such as decentralized exchanges and content Dapps. Jimmy also believes IOST network could achieve a user base of 100M by the end of 2019. IOST is trading at $0.0067 as of this writing. (RL)

4 days ago

IOST Named Among Top Playable Platforms Alongside ETH and EOS

IOST is the fourth playable platform after Ethereum, EOS, and Tron, IOST Co-Founder Jimmy Zhong stated. IOST, however, is the first “scalable solution in a decentralized way,” he added. Zhong is anticipating a “new era” of decentralized apps on the IOST blockchain in March after the mainnet launches on Feb. 25. He is inviting developers to start building on the project today. IOST has mass adoption of crypto in its sights, one tool for which is its Berm protocol for content that attracted more than 1 million sign-ups in 30 days. (GT)

4 days ago

IOST PoB Consensus Addresses the Drawbacks that Other Popular Projects are Grappling with

The 9th Episode of the Ethereum Challengers, a well-known podcast program on Youtube as well as a good writing column on Medium, talked about IOST’s PoB consensus mechanism, the current IOST Global Partner Program, the upcoming Main Net launch and other topics surrounding IOST. Peter Keay, the author and the host of the program introduced the voting procedures to the audience and readers. He noted that Servi reset in the IOST’s PoB consensus helps mitigate the immense power that whale token holders can have, thus addressing the cartel issues that exist in the other blockchain projects such as Lisk. Besides, Peter has initiated a node-IOST Node Leobi and joined the IOST Global Partner Program. IOST Node Leobi has received 87,995 votes so far, and if they successfully pass the threshold of 2.1M IOST, it will officially become an IOST Partner. At the press time, IOST is trading at $0.007, up 4.15% in the past 24 hours. (RL)

5 days ago

Meet Swaminathan Jayaraman, OST Lead UX Designer. He is a pr...

Meet Swaminathan Jayaraman, OST Lead UX Designer. He is a product designer with a focus on digital experiences and… https://t.co/DVBXcE2EJo

5 days ago

iBank Digital Successfully Elected as the IOST Global Partner

iBank Digital has been successfully elected as the IOST Global Partner, according to the latest update on IOST’s Twitter platform. iBank Digital Asset, a global digital management firm based in Vancouver, is a world leader in the facilitation and underwriting of crypto trading supported by Huobi Cloud and it lends through the first open decentralized global lending network. iBank Digital stated that they were committed to promoting IOST network, supporting developers, and expanding IOST community. (RL)

5 days ago

IOST Co-Founder says More Than 1.3 Billion IOST Have Been Staked

IOST co-founder Jimmy Zhong recently tweeted that to date 1.3 billion IOST have been staked in its pre-voting portal by nearly 200 candidates. The blockchain startup expects more than 500 nodes and 4 billion IOST to be staked (voted) in POB in 2019. The network also plans to launch its mainnet in 12 days and Zhong said that over the next 30 days the crypto-community can expect the revelation of new Dapps, a decentralized exchange, stablecoins, wallets and more. All interested parties are encouraged to visit biss.iost.com. (RS)

5 days ago

IOST Targets Top 20 Coin Status in 2019 amid Bullish Green Candles

While much of the broader crypto market is trading in the doldrums today, IOST is gaining ground. The IOST token has added nearly 4% in the last 24 hours to $0.006745 on trading volume of approximately $5.5 million. Most of the trading is unfolding on Binance and Huobi Global in the BTC and USDT markets. IOST Co-Founder Jimmy Zhong took the opportunity to acknowledge the gains after all “the hard work that’s been done in the last year," saying: “Have to shill once in a while I guess... IOST aiming to get to get 3B+ votes in 3 months. Thinking top 20 this year.” IOST node elections are unfolding currently and Zhong is referencing the target number of votes cast. Meanwhile, the IOST mainnet is scheduled to launch on Feb. 25. (GT)

6 days ago

South Korea Crypto Media D.Street Joins IOST Global Partner Program, Aiming to Promote IOST to Reach out to More People

The well-known South Korea crypto media D.Street has officially joined IOST global Partner Program, aiming to become a node in the IOST network. D.Street said that they would promote IOST in South Korea, and direct more developers and people to join the IOST ecosystem building efforts. IOST Global Partner Program reportedly is still in full swing, and they have launched a special event to celebrate the Lunar New Year in which lucky voters who vote for the top 3 in the numbers of votes on the day will see a 1000X of their initial rewards, and there are only 2 days to go before the event closes. At the press time, IOST is trading at $0.0066, up 2.38% in the past 24 hours. (RL)

7 days ago

IOST Partner Voting Competition to End on February 11th

In a tweet, the IOST team has announced that it is almost completing their Lunar New Year voting competition. The voting competition started on February 2nd and is scheduled to end in the next two days. IOST and BISS have collaborated to undertake these partner elections. The competition involves rewarding voters with IOST for voting one out of the top three ranking candidates, who are ranked based on the votes that they get. Voters are also rewarded if their first vote of the day goes to the top candidate. The voting competition will end at 16:00 UTC on February 11th. (KE)

7 days ago

This week's ICYMI: ➡️ Recap from OST LIVE with Zac McClure,...

This week's ICYMI: ➡️ Recap from OST LIVE with Zac McClure, Co-Founder of @TokenTax https://t.co/MAn3ooCgA0 ➡️ Me… https://t.co/YLtIvZIeqq

8 days ago

Berminal Officially Joins the IOST Global Partner Election, Breaking into Top 5 in Total Votes Cast Today

Berminal has officially joined the IOST Global Partner Program, aiming to become a node in the IOST network. As a leading real-time cryptocurrency news platform and mobile app that aggregates stories and news from various major sites like Coindesk, Cointelegraph, CCN, Cryptobriefing, etc, Berminal is going to build its app in the IOST network when its Main Net launches on Feb.25. Berminal has received 1,720,540 votes so far, breaking into the top 5 in the number of total votes for today, but still has some way to go before it touches the threshold of 2,100,000 votes to become a Partner/Node. Berminal users will be able to hold IOST or tokens issued on IOST, use the IOST wallet and play with the Dapps inside the ecosystem. Anyone interested could visit the voting the website https://iost.biss.com/#/ and cast your vote. (RL)

9 days ago

IOST Achieves a More Decentralized Consensus than DPoS Systems

IOST achieves greater decentralization with its proof-of-believability consensus mechanism versus DPoS systems. IOST Co-Founder Jimmy Zhong pointed out the differences, saying that “IOST does not use EOS-style DPoS and we do not have super nodes.” Instead, IOST will have hundreds of nodes, the elections for which are currently unfolding on IOST.Biss.com. Even with greater decentralization, IOST is able to maintain scalability and censorship resistance. “We will have hundreds of nodes and they do need your support... to meet the 2.1M IOST bar and continuously do even after the main net launch,” said Zhong, adding that investors get heavily rewarded for staking their tokens. (GT)

9 days ago

IOST Releases its Blockchain Developer Report

IOST recently issued its 2018 Blockchain Developer Report and data from the report shows that the one-third of IOST developers are less than 25 years old and 30 percent are 25 to 35 years old. On average, developers in the IOST’s community have more than 1 year of experience with blockchain development and 20 percent of the cohort operate as full-stack developers. IOST hopes to increase the number of blockchain developers entering the market and to achieve this the blockchain startup partnered with top universities like Tsinghua University in 2018 to host a number of blockchain instructional workshops. The report also found that JavaScript, Golang, and Python are the top three programming languages used by blockchain developers and 73.3 percent of IOST developers use JavaScript for smart contracts. (RS)

9 days ago

Meet Aniket Ayachit, OST Software Engineer. Aniket is a mobi...

Meet Aniket Ayachit, OST Software Engineer. Aniket is a mobile application developer who specializes in iOS develop… https://t.co/K303c1gPlY

10 days ago

Daily Berminal Brief: Litecoin Could Use Mimblewimble's Privacy Features And Ripple Teams Up With 10 Universities For Blockchain Research

The State of The Market - February 8, 2019 BTC: $3,462.02 (+1.44%) XRP: $0.299057 (+1.85%) ETH: $108.95 (+3.72%) The crypto market made small gains, as the total market cap added $2.4 Billion in the last 24 hours. All of the top 20 cryptocurrencies are in green, and most of them are up by more than 1%. The biggest gainer is Litecoin, which is up by nearly 12% after the Mimblewimble news. Bitcoin has successfully managed to defend its support at $3,400 for now and it is trading above $3,450. However, the trend could reverse over the weekend when volumes are low and easy to manipulate. In other news, New Zealand police claims to have made excellent progress in the Cryptopia hack. In a recent report, Detective Inspector Greg Murton claimed the stolen cryptocurrency is being tracked both by the police and specialists worldwide. Last month, Cryptopia was hacked and over $16.1 million worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen. Also, researchers discovered a Bitcoin SV user had embedded an image of child abuse on its blockchain. The image was found on Bitcoinfiles.org, a website that allows users to view documents stored on blockchain. Using Money Button's digital payments service, the user took advantage of a data limit increase on Bitcoin SV's blockchain and loaded the obscene image. 1) Over the past week, Litecoin founder Charlie Lee has suggested that Litecoin could integrate confidential transactions to increase Litecoin's fungibility. According to Lee, "Fungibility is the only property of sound money that is missing from Bitcoin and Litecoin." Lee suggests that now that the "scaling debate" has passed, the next frontier for digital assets will be fungibility and privacy. Lee also mentioned that Litecoin could utilize Mimblewimble's technology in a soft fork that would integrate the new privacy features atop Litecoin. The soft fork method is backwards compatible and would not require miners and node operators to choose between two different protocols. Lee also mentioned that the Litecoin development team "spent hours" discussing various methods for adding confidential transactions to Litecoin and he tweeted that "we are now also exploring doing bulletproof MimbleWimble with extension blocks." 2) On Thursday Ripple revealed that it had partnered with another 10 universities that will join its University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI). Among the group are top universities like Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Duke, Georgetown, Morgan State, and the University of Singapore. In January, Ripple also partnered with the Institute for Fintech Research (THUIFR) at Tsinghua University in Beijing. The collective will conduct research, develop educational curricula, host conferences and award scholarships to students studying blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital payments. The new additions bring UBRI's membership to 29 universities and since 2018 Ripple has committed more than $50 million toward university partnerships. 3) IOST Latino, which is a candidate in the IOST node elections, has provided more detail about its role in the community. The Venezuela-based project, which has not yet been elected, has announced that as a node, it would earmark 25% of its rewards to social aid in Venezuela, whose economy is suffering from hyperinflation. IOST Latino believes that low crypto representation in the Latin American region is not an obstacle but an opportunity for the growth of IOST, particularly in countries like Venezuela and Brazil. The IOST Latino team says it's looking to be the voice of the project in the region and wants to make Latin America an IOST territory. (VS)

10 days ago

Analysts: Internet of Services (IOST) will Register Significant Gains

After hitting its bottom in 2018, the IOST/BTC pair began surging and is currently looking to trend higher. The bottoming process commenced on November 24, when the coin traded below $0.00000114, entering an entirely oversold territory. However, the asset attracted buyers, who enabled it to find support at $0.00000114. At the end of December, IOST surged and breached the resistance level that it had formed at $0.00000114, and traded as high as $0.0000014. The price then increased to $0.00000176 and traded at that level until February 4, when it soared to $0.00000181. Analysts believe that the coin will upswing once again to trade at $0.0000026 then $0.000003. (VK)

10 days ago

IOST Latino Pledges a Percentage of Rewards to Venezuelan Social Aid

IOST Latino, which is a candidate in the IOST node elections, has provided more detail about its role in the community. The Venezuela-based project, which has not yet been elected, has announced that as a node, it would earmark 25% of its rewards to social aid in Venezuela, whose economy is suffering from hyperinflation. IOST Latino believes that low crypto representation in the Latin American region is not an obstacle but an opportunity for the growth of IOST, particularly in countries like Venezuela and Brazil. The IOST Latino team says it’s looking to be the voice of the project in the region and wants to make Latin America an IOST territory. (GT)

10 days ago

Analyst Suggests IOST is in Buy Territory

Crypto analysts believe the Internet of Services token (IOST) has reached a price where a trend reversal is imminent and chartered financial analyst Kiril Nikolaev believes the IOST / BTC pair is ready to rally. Over the past month, IOST has shown bullish price action from 0.0000014 and bulls took out the 0.00000176 resistance on January 9. According to Nikolaev, the IOST/BTC pairing is forming a cup and handle pattern on the 12-hour chart and bulls appear ready to rally above 0.00000181 if they can surpass the 0.00000175 resistance and turn it into a support near the 50-day MA. Nikolaev believes that if IOST remains above 0.00000175 it could rally to 0.0000026 - 0.000003. At the time of writing IOST is up 2.84% and the IOST / BTC pair currently trades for 0.00000181. (RS)

10 days ago

IOST Elections Spotlight Elected Stakeholder Trio

The IOST node elections have produced 60 elected stakeholders for the ecosystem so far. The top three elected nodes with the highest percentage of the votes include South Korea’s IOST World with 13.9% of the vote, Cayman Islands-based BISS.com with 13.2% of the vote, and China-based SSSminex, with 10.2% of the vote. Combined, these three elected nodes have thus far attracted more than 395 million IOST-based votes. There have been more than 1 billion IOST votes cast in 20 days across all node candidates. It takes 2.1 million votes cast in IOST tokens to become elected as a node, and the technical barriers to do so are minimal. Candidates and voters alike are rewarded by IOST. (GT)

11 days ago

IOST Announces 50,000 IOST Giveaway to Commemorate 1 Billion Votes

IOST is launching a 50,000 IOST giveaway event to celebrate the casting of more than 1 billion votes over the past 20 days. IOST supporters are encouraged to retweet the announcement to at least two people and five winners will be selected on February 2. Supporters who vote now are eligible to receive a Lunar New Year bonus and earn 1000x their IOST. Supporters are also welcome to join the IOST ecosystem and candidate applications are still open. (RS)

11 days ago

IOST Developer Focus: Livestream Event Attracts Hundreds of Devs Globally

IOST Co-Founder and CTO Terrence Wang held a live-streaming event in which more than 400 developers around the world participated. The discussion focused on “why IOST is the go-to blockchain for developers and users.” The reason is that the IOST blockchain is faster, more user/developer friendly, and more decentralized than other blockchains. Meanwhile, IOST has a “secret plan” that they are unveiling in March involving Theseus, which supports the development of decentralized apps. According to the announcement, the “Theseus team is launching a tool to enable IOST users to play IOST dApps without technical barrier/super low technical barrier.” IOST recently launched its node elections and is targeting more than 500 elected partners this year. (GT)

12 days ago

@TheCryptoArtis1 once you have voted, you can not change or ...

@TheCryptoArtis1 once you have voted, you can not change or "re-use" those votes. You don't lose your IOST, you hav… https://t.co/hyGQ9yGi5T

13 days ago

IOST Launches IOST Creative Community Contest

As the team at IOST remains hard at work during the voting phase of its Global Partnership Program, they continue to launch new things and encourage community involvement. To that end, IOST has launched a Creative Community Contest in an effort to engage the community and early adopters and build the IOST ecosystem. Users are encouraged to share their thoughts, in-depth project comparisons, graphics, videos, or any other content that they feel contributes positively to the IOST community. All submitted content must be original, and rewards range from $25 - $200 worth of IOST tokens. (JF)

13 days ago

Daily Berminal Brief: Philippines Issues Crypto Regulations, And IOST Elections In Full Swing With 800 Million Votes

The State of The Market - February 4, 2019 BTC: $3,452.79 (-0.74%) XRP: $0.301477 (-1.32%) ETH: $107.67 (-0.49%) The overall market was in slight downwards trajectory over the weekend, with nearly $700 Million lost in the last 24 hours. The total market cap went from $114.8 Billion to $113.6 Billion in the weekend. However, the crypto market is giving mixed signals, and it is not following Bitcoin right now. Also, BitTorrent's newly launched BTT token has been surging lately and is up by more than 50% from its original sale price. In other news, Zebpay crypto exchange unveiled that it is opening new offices in five European countries to increase its presence to 43 countries on the continent. The company currently operates out of Malta, and the expansion will avail it for users in Slovakia, Spain, Romania, Lithuania, and Liechtenstein. Also Euro Exim Bank, the first bank to officially adopt Ripple's XRP-powered xRapid, recently announced that it has successfully implemented the technology. According to Graham Bright, the head of compliance and operations, "Euro Exim Bank is now working closely with technical resources at Ripple, and has successfully implemented the xRapid system for customers requiring low-value remittances in currencies and jurisdictions typically subject to large exchange costs, costly liquidity and delivery time and acceptance issues." 1) Earlier today, the Philippines unveiled a new set of rules that would govern cryptocurrencies to protect and regulate investors effectively. The Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) approved the Digital Asset Token offering (DATO) regulations, which covers the buying of utility and security tokens. According to the announcement, CEZA would be the primary regulatory authority in this new framework, and the Asia Blockchain and Crypto Association (ABACA) would be an SRO that helps enact and enforce the new rules. According to CEZA administrator Raul Lambino, the entity seeks to provide a clear set of guidelines to encourage innovation while ensuring proper compliance within the crypto ecosystem. 2) IOST's ongoing election is in full swing. It is set to make its big move by launching its mainnet on February 25. To give the community a sense of ownership and participation, IOST has taken the approach of democratizing the nodes. There is zero technical barrier to entry. Candidates must attract at least 2.1 million votes, and so far 55 nodes have been elected. A total of 800 million votes have been cast in this process. Pittsburgh-based Sutler Ventures recently made it through and is currently ranked at the 8th position with 33.2 million votes. IOST Co-Founder Jimmy Zhong has set a goal of 100 Million users to use IOST's network, and he is confident of achieving it with their upcoming products. 3) The recent drama around QuadrigaCX showcases the poor practices followed by cryptocurrency exchanges. QuadrigaCX is Canada's largest exchange and its CEO Gerry Cotton controlled all the private keys. Last month, Cotton sadly passed away and along with him, the exchange has lost access to $190 million user funds. The crypto market is clearly not happy with the poor management of funds. CoinShares executive Meltem Demirors called the situation beyond horrifying and Binance CEO CZ tweeted that exchanges should never neglect security. The funds are likely gone forever, and the future of QuadrigaCX is uncertain. (VS)

14 days ago

Following our IOST #Tech Essay #Contest, we are now opening ...

Following our IOST #Tech Essay #Contest, we are now opening the #IOST #Creative Community Contest. Share your thou… https://t.co/iBuS5quq1R

14 days ago

PSA📣 #IOST is owned by YOU - the users. Now is your time t...

PSA📣 #IOST is owned by YOU - the users. Now is your time to decide on the IOST ecosystem & bring a new era of… https://t.co/qfZfv8Ym21

14 days ago

This week's ICYMI ➡️ The Block’s @mdudas to be interviewed ...

This week's ICYMI ➡️ The Block’s @mdudas to be interviewed by OST’s @betashop on OST LIVE https://t.co/zhzmsRo2X5… https://t.co/qfVKdUC6ZH

14 days ago

IOST Election In Full Swing With 55 Elected Nodes And 800 Million Votes

IOST is set to make its big move by launching its mainnet on February 25. To give the community a sense of ownership and participation, IOST has taken the approach of democratizing the nodes. There is zero technical barrier to entry. Candidates must attract at least 2.1 million votes, and so far 55 nodes have been elected. A total of 800 million votes have been cast in this process. Pittsburgh-based Sutler Ventures recently made it through and is currently ranked at the 8th position with 33.2 million votes. IOST Co-Founder Jimmy Zhong has set a goal of 100 Million users to use IOST's network, and he is confident of achieving it with their upcoming products. IOST is priced at 0.005934, gaining 2.84% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

15 days ago

The First IOST Global Partner Reporting Conference Hosted, More than 70 Different Partners Present

As IOST Global Partner/Nodes election is still ongoing, ICAC ( the IOST Core Arbitration Committee) organised the first ever Partner and Node ecosystem conference for the IOST network, according to IOST’s update on Medium. Over 70 different teams and organisations joined, which marks the start of ongoing ecosystem conferences to discuss and decide on IOST’s decentralized governance, ecosystem reward mechanisms, and cross-collaboration of a wide range of efforts to increase network value and grow user base. ICAC ( the IOST Core Arbitration Committee) is a committee set up for overseeing, co-coordinating and management of the IOST partner and node ecosystem. ICAC is a 3rd party organisation and fully independent from the IOST core team. They reportedly have run similar arbitration committees for other large blockchain projects including EOS and TRON and will remain fully independent and impartial on all matters. IOST is focused on building a decentralised platform that allows both enterprises and individuals to host decentralised apps through IOST. At press time, IOST is trading at $0.006, up 3.39% in the past 24 hours. (RL)

15 days ago

Major Exchanges to Support IOST Mainnet Token Swap

IOST Co-Founder Jimmy Zhong has announced that all major exchanges will support the IOST mainnet token swap. Among the exchanges that the project has been working with include Binance, Huobi, Bithumb, UPbit, and others, some of which also support the IOST election process. IOST node elections are in full swing and support ERC-20 tokens for staking and voting. Zhong explained: “Votes are going to cold wallets and will be burnt when we swap tokens.” The IOST mainnet launch is scheduled for Feb. 25. (GT)

16 days ago

BISS Announces Voting Competition As Part of the IOST Partner Election

BISS, “The world’s first token-to-token & token-to-stock CFD trading platform,” recently announced that in cooperation with IOST it will be sponsoring a voting competition for the IOST partner election process currently underway, which will reward some lucky voters with free IOST tokens. Users who vote for the top three candidates of the day will receive bonus IOST from the daily reward pool, equal to 5% of total votes cast to any of the Candidates that day and split between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranking nodes in proportions 50%, 30%, 20% respectively. (JF)

16 days ago

CoinGecko Joins IOST's Mainnet Election and Ecosystem

IOST, which is nearing the launch of its mainnet on Feb. 25, has welcomed CoinGecko as a candidate in its masternode elections and ecosystem. CoinGecko must receive 2.1 million votes by March 10 to qualify as an IOST node. Singapore-based CoinGecko is a crypto valuation and coin-ranking website, boasting 6 million monthly visits to the site. So far they have received 10,000 votes. IOST is hosting its very first partner ecosystem conference on Feb. 2 to discuss the project's decentralized governance structure and more. (GT)

16 days ago

Meet Ashfaq Bhojani, OST Administration Director. Ashfaq is ...

Meet Ashfaq Bhojani, OST Administration Director. Ashfaq is an experienced professional with experience in Operatio… https://t.co/GsEGIeX18b

16 days ago

Excited to welcome @coingecko to the IOST Election and ecosy...

Excited to welcome @coingecko to the IOST Election and ecosystem! Coingecko is one of the biggest #crypto market o… https://t.co/sRBz1sRgEv

17 days ago

IOST Hosted the1st IOST Partner Meetup in its Beijing Office

IOST CEO and co-founder Jimmy Zhong shared the photos on the company’s first global Partner meetup in Beijing office on his Twitter, the CEO said more than 100 people participated the meetup, including developers, foundation representatives, media outlets and other well-known industry figures. He revealed that more similar events will be hosted in Japan, South Korea, Singapore and around the world. IOST Global Partner Program has been going on more half a month, and the voting portal remains open. The program aims to bring in 1000 plus Partners with the first ever NO tech barrier. So far, 56 candidates have officially become IOST Partners with a total of 100 million votes cast. IOST Mainnet is expected to launch in the Q1 2019. At press time, IOST is trading at $0.0056, down 1.61% in the past 24 hours. (RL)

17 days ago

IOST Invites dApp Developers to Contribute to Its Ecosystem; Launches dApp Referral Program

IOST is set to roll out its mainnet a month from now and with the clock ticking, the team is inviting more dApp developers to join it in developing the IOST ecosystem. In preparation for the launch, the IOST has started a series of projects to ensure the process runs smoothly. These are a developer bounty program, a bug bounty program, the tech article contest, dApp ecosystem building, and the launch of the dApp referral program. The referral program would award IOST tokens to anyone that refers a dApp to the IOST ecosystem. (VK)

17 days ago

#DApp Referral Program: Become a Contributor to the IOST Eco...

#DApp Referral Program: Become a Contributor to the IOST Ecosystem by referring great #DApps and earn referral… https://t.co/DZUuiJ6mQW

17 days ago

Recap from OST LIVE with @josephpallant, Founder and Executi...

Recap from OST LIVE with @josephpallant, Founder and Executive Director of @BlockForClimate— Putting the Paris Agre… https://t.co/CNMRhpbluu

17 days ago

Submit your questions for OST LIVE with Mike Dudas, CEO of T...

Submit your questions for OST LIVE with Mike Dudas, CEO of The Block. @TheBlock__ is a media platform that simplifi… https://t.co/Chbjil2L2T

18 days ago

IOST Unveils the Top Five Node Candidates in its Elections

The IOST blockchain has announced the launch of its voting portal and the official release of the IOST global partnership program. The startup also held the first election for node candidates, where the firm incentivized all participants through rewards. As at the time of writing, the company has already distributed 2.5 million IOST as bonuses for the current node. The top five contestants in the election are BISS.com, IOST World, SSSminex, AlphaCoin Fund, and Float Capital. (VK)

18 days ago

IOST's Global Partner Rate3 Introduces Cross-Chain Swaps between Stellar and Ethereum on Testnet

Rate3, a decentralized dual protocol for cross-chain asset tokenization and identity management, has not exhibited their cross-chain swap service live on testnet. By enabling a token to be able to move seamlessly across DApps built on different blockchains through cross-chain swaps, developers won’t have to limit themselves to just a single blockchain when creating their Dapps. The team said, “This interaction will serve as a foundation to build upon for other instances of cross-chain swaps that are to be done by Rate3-including an upcoming IOST iStablecoin initiative.”(RL)

18 days ago

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