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Cryptocurrency Price Analysis for the week January 14 to January 20

Hi Readers, welcome to cryptocurrency price analysis for the week. Do not forget to check movers and shakers for this week at the last of the article. Bitcoin (BTC) Bitcoin has again been stable this week with dropping less than a percent. The good thing about Bitcoin is that it still holds itself above USD 3500. The prices hit the high point of USD 3,758.53 and the lowest point of USD 3,552.29 during the week. The exchanges that were more active, in volumes, with BTC across various pairs this week were, BitMex (15.45%), EXX (4.94%) and CoinBene (4.39%) Among prominent news around Bitcoin, Cboe senior instructor Kevin Davitt said that futures trading volatility for BTC has steadily been on the rise. Source: Coin360.com Ripple (XRP) XRP moved back to the second place again but Ethereum and continues to stay there. On the top, this week the prices of XRP were at USD 0.337942 and towards the bottom, it quoted USD 0.318354. The exchanges that were more active, in volumes, with XRP across various pairs this week were ZB.COM (13.42%), ZBG(6.09%) and Bitbank (3.21%) For XRP this week, Ripple sales director Ross D’Arcy said that Ripple Will Make Payments as Easy as Sending Emails, Ethereum (ETH) Ethereum has had a somber week as its Constantinople upgrade got delayed. Ethereum on the top, this week was at USD 130.86 and were at lows of USD 116.97. The markets that were more active, in volumes, with ETH across various pairs this week were LBank (4.22%), EXX (3.18%) and DOBI Exchange (3.09%) Among news surrounding Ethereum this week, Preston Byrne, an attorney at Bryne & Storm joked that joked that the popular blockchain, ETH, is more centralized than “the core of a neutron store falling into the event horizon of a black hole,” The Other Movers and Shakers The Other coins that made to the top and bottom this week according to CoinMarketCap (accessed on January 20 at 3:35 pm IST) were Movers Apollo Currency - Showing a rise of 334.59% SnapCoin - Showing a rise of 145.73% TenX - Showing a rise of 128.80% Shakers Empowr coin - Showing a drop of 74.46% Ormeus Coin - Showing a drop of 67.99% LRM Coin - Showing a drop of 51.43% What do you think would be the sentiment of the crypto markets next week? Do let us know your views on the same. The post Cryptocurrency Price Analysis for the week January 14 to January 20 appeared first on Coingape.

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Bitcoin Price Watch: The Currency Is Getting Better and Worse at the Same Time

At press time, the father of cryptocurrency is continuing its descent and is now trading for just over $3,500. This is about $100 less than where bitcoin stood during our previous few price pieces, and it seems the currency isn’t stopping anytime soon. To be fair, the problem isn’t just affecting bitcoin. Most major forms of crypto are down for the count. Ethereum, for example, has fallen by approximately four percent over the last few days and is trading for about $119 (over $30 less than where it stood last week), while Ripple’s XRP has fallen by about three percent and is now trading for just over 30 cents. This isn’t a good week for crypto, especially if you’re a primary payment coin. Chart by SignalSwiss And yet despite these consistent slips, it appears bitcoin is still retaining a solid position on the financial ladder. Coinstar - the tall, green kiosks you often see at supermarkets where one can exchange all their coins for paper bills - has come forward to announce that it will be presenting a bitcoin option to all its customers. This time, things are going to work a little differently. One can’t trade in their coins for crypto, but they can purchase it with paper money. In addition, they’ll have the option to buy as much as $2,500 at a time. That’s about $900 shy of a full coin at the time of writing. Jim Gaherity, the CEO of Coinstar, explained: “Coinstar is always looking for new ways to offer value to our consumers when they visit our kiosks, and Coinme’s innovation deliver mechanism, along with Coinstar’s flexible platform makes it possible for consumers to easily purchase bitcoin with cash.” A move like this clearly shows just how popular bitcoin is. Despite its falling prices, there wouldn’t be room for a service like this if people weren’t still buying bitcoin in droves, which means that there’s still hope for the falling cryptocurrency, and its path towards legitimacy is growing clearer by the day. Unfortunately, with this growth comes a heavy price to pay, and there’s always a negative side to developments like this. Bitcoin is still being used despite its slinking prices, and it remains the most popular currency for approximately 80 percent of transactions occurring in black markets. While blockchain surveillance firm Chainanalysis confirms that activity is down from last year (transactions have dropped from approximately $707 million to about $600 million), bitcoin is still being used regularly to purchase things like drugs and illegal firearms. Economist Kim Grauer comments: “For someone who wants to buy something on a dark marketplace, the fact that the bitcoin price is fluctuating doesn’t really matter.” Bitcoin Chart by TradingView The post Bitcoin Price Watch: The Currency Is Getting Better and Worse at the Same Time appeared first on NullTX.

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Sentimental Analysis for Cryptocurrencies- January 20

Cryptocurrencies are in a very difficult territory where no fundamental or technical indicators is actually affecting the price than the sentiment of the community. Every news article or a social mention is actually driving the trend and direction of where the prices are heading to. Although most of the sentiment is derived from the sentiment of the Bitcoin- the largest cryptocurrency, still some altcoins have their specific pros and cons that change their variance from that of Bitcoin. Let’s look at the few indicators that are used widely across to determine the sentiment. Bitcoin Sentimental Analysis As mentioned it’s the largest coin in the market that decides most of the trend for the crypto markets is necessary to understand that sentiment it garners among the community. A lot of news flow and sell off has dampened the short term sentiment but yes there are some long-term positives which make Bitcoin an interesting study. An analysis of its social mention and greed and fear index would give us a clear idea of what is happening Analysis Type Tool Analysis- Score Sentiment #BTC - Hashtag Analysis Keyhole Score: 87 Positives: 36.8% Negative: 4.6% Neutral- 58.7% Neutral to Positive- Neutrals rise #BTC- Social Media Mentions Social Mention Sentiment 2:1 in favor of positives With 55 scores towards neutral Neutral Fear to Greed Index Alternative.me Score 35-Fear Negative to Neutral Fear to Greed Index CNN Money Score 52 -Neutral Neutral Bitcoin has been a stable zone for over a couple of weeks. The stability somewhat assures that Bitcoin will not be breaching USD 3000 anytime sooner. The street is pretty undecided and looks to remain neutral on the prices. The fear and greed indexes have the first time, over past 2 months, have come in a neutral zone after being in the extreme fear territory. Altcoin Sentimental Analysis Fear and Greed index is only available for BTC as not may altcoins have all components required to calculate it Altcoin Keyhole # analysis Social Mention Sentiment ETH- Ethereum Score - 87 43.4% Positive 6.1% Negative 50.5%- Neutral 17:0 towards Positives Neutral 74 Neutral to Positive- Dipping Positives XRP- Ripple Score 87 37.6% Positive 5.5% Negative 57.0% neutral 9:1 towards Positives Neutral 99 Neutral to Positive, Positive Rising BCH- Bitcoin Cash Score 80 27.6 % Positive 5% Negative 67.4% Neutral 5:0 towards positives Neutral 169 Neutral to Positive- Neutrality rising EOS Score 78 33.4% Positive 9.3% Negative 57.3%- Neutral 14:0 towards positives Neutral 109 Neutral to Positive- Neutrals moving to positives XLM-Stellar Score 98 44.8% Positive 0.5% Negative 54.7% Neutral 3:1 towards positives Neutral 76 Neutral to Positive, Positive rises sharply Well, the Ethereum Constantinople Upgrade was delayed and that led to the sentiment dampness for Ethereum. While for most altcoins things were neutral, some positivity was noted in altcoins like XRP and XLM indicating their positive inroads to the financial industry. Will this sentiment actually pull back the prices? Do let us know your views on the same. The post Sentimental Analysis for Cryptocurrencies- January 20 appeared first on Coingape.

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Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates to Launch a Cryptocurrency for Banks. Underlying Blockchain Tech Still Undisclosed

The Sixteen Members of the Committee The world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies is slowly beginning to permeate the traditional finance market, and Arabs are willing to become references for other actors by using these technologies in large-scale operations. According to an article published by the Emirates News Agency, The Executive Committee of the Saudi-Emirati Coordination Council announced a few hours ago the results of its first meeting in Abu Dhabi, in which they addressed strategic issues for regional development in the economic, social and military fields. The committee, composed of 16 members from both countries and headed by Mohammad bin Abdullah Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs and The Future, from the UAE side, and Mohammed bin Mazyad Altwaijri, Minister of Economy and Planning, from the Saudi side, announced seven joint initiatives, which will be implemented throughout the course of 2019. Experimenting With Blockchain To Issue an Official Interbank Cryptocurrency In economic matters, they decided to experiment with blockchain technologies to facilitate financial operations between the two countries. To this end, they announced a pilot project for the creation of a commonly accepted cryptocurrency of interbank nature in a first instance: “The cross-border digital currency will be strictly targeted for banks at an experimental phase with the aim of better understanding the implications of Blockchain technology and facilitating cross-border payments. The virtual currency relies on the use of a distributed database between the central banks and the participating banks from both sides. It seeks to safeguard customer interests, set technology standards and assess cybersecurity risks. The project will also determine the impact of a central currency on monetary policies.” Until now, the team did not provide further details on the characteristics of the project. Being only a first draft it is difficult to have a clear idea of how it will work, but there could be some speculation taking into account the purpose of the announcement. The Committee in the middle of a working session Being a joint initiative, it is very likely that both central banks will function as fully validating blockchain nodes and that the traditional banks of each country will, in turn, have nodes of inferior hierarchy used for the processing of transactions. The blockchain will be private, so the general public will not have the possibility to access the information, still, being a centralized blockchain, it is likely to be designed to allow the reversal of transactions in case central banks need it. Up to now, it is not known when the first tests will start, however, there are certain advances since the central banks are somewhat familiar with blockchain technologies developed by Ripple, IBM, and ConsenSys, which gives them some fundamental knowledge of the xRapid, Hyperledger and Ethereum platforms. The post Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates to Launch a Cryptocurrency for Banks. Underlying Blockchain Tech Still Undisclosed appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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Weekly Performance Update for BTC, BCH, ETH, TRX, USDT, and XRP

The crypto market this week was in a swing movement after a whole weekend of being in red, most of the cryptos were able to pick up. On Monday 14th, about 79 of the top 100 increased in value including BTC, BCH, ETH, TRX, USDT, and XRP. The next day showed a downward slide on the index curve with 88 of the top 100 cryptos recording loss within 24 hours. BTC which traded at a range above $3,650 the previous day went lower, trading at $3628.67, losing by almost 2 percent. BCH was the worst hit, going low by 7.36 percent at $123.15 trading price, followed by ETH which went low by $6.27 percent, trading at $120.97. XRP and TRX also traded low. The price curve this week was a swing low swing high kind of movement, after being in red condition on 15th the market picked up again seeing majority out of the top 20 in green. Majority of the top ten which includes BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, TRX, and USDT grew by over 4%. BCH which had the highest percentage of loss the previous day went up by 6.64 percent, BTC increased by .79% against -1.82% previous loss, ETH and the other three were also in green. Bitcoin’s trading volume increased from around $4.3 billion to $5 billion, the reason being that so many dormant wallets were reactivated during the week. The big three being BTC, ETH and XRP all grew accordingly. The curve again took a downward movement as prices went down between 17th and 18th with only a few cryptos showing green sign. Prices picked up towards the end of the day on 18th through 19th which saw the majority of the cryptos in green again. Saturday 19th showed better performance, with 92 out of the 100 in green. BTC traded at $3,743 growing at over 5 percent in 24 hours with a market cap of $65.4 billion. Ripple’s XRP was at $0.330 trade, growing at 1.14% in 24 hours with market cap reaching $13.5 billion. ETH traded at $124 growing 2.53 percent, the market cap was $13 million, BCH, and TRX traded at $130 and $0.024 respectively with 1 percent and 2 percent growth. But it was a bad day for Tether which was among the cryptos that went into the red, trading at $1 losing only 0.01 percent, the market cap went down to $2 billion. This analysis shows that ETH, BTC, XRP maintained a steady flow than the other three. The post Weekly Performance Update for BTC, BCH, ETH, TRX, USDT, and XRP appeared first on ZyCrypto.

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@Crypto_Bitlord Just do what I do, block anyone that shills ...

@Crypto_Bitlord Just do what I do, block anyone that shills XRP or has XRP in their name gets blocked. If most peo… https://t.co/FuAHuRXbxD

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XRP in Action Mode: Growing Numbers Fueling the Growth in Real-World Operations

Ripple is working hard on spreading its products worldwide with a strong number game as the XRP, xRapid, RippleNet, and xCurrent gradually gains more customers, real-world usage, and support from the community. XRP’s Strong Number Game Recently Ripple’s client Mercury Fx took to Twitter to share how it made one of its largest payment on RippleNet by using XRP while saving money in the process. This showed the real-world usage and effect of XRP. Ripple is already working hard and fast in pushing to make its various products part of real-world banking operations. Previously, it has been claimed in 2018 that Ripple already has 100 clients in its bag and earlier in January, this year itself, Ripple shared further insight declaring RipleNet has surpassed 200 customers all over the globe. The latest additions in this network have been Euro Exim Bank, SendFriend, JNFX, FTCS, Ahli Bank of Kuwait, Transpaygo, BFC Bahrain, ConnectPay, GMT, WorldCom Finance, Olympia Trust Company, Pontual/USEND, and Rendimento. Ripple’s clients have all the praises for its different products that allow them to settle transactions fast and in a cost-effective manner as David Lighton, the Founder of SendFriend, which was founded at MIT, said, “Through our partnership, we are bringing our customers a next-generation, blockchain payment solution that leverages XRP to address many of the efficiency and equity problems with existing remittances.” XRP fever is certainly spreading as platforms like r3, XRP Tip Bot, Arrington Capital, Omni, Nexo, Coil, XRParrot, and Travala among many others are utilizing this digital asset as a form of payment. The plan is rather simple here to provide a better cross-border payment solution in terms of speed, cost, and transparency that the current established banking system lacks. Just recently, Ripple sales director Ross D’Arcy said they want to make sending payments as easy as sending an email, “3 clicks, 30 seconds, receive a confirmation that the end beneficiary has been paid. So as easy as we can do a voice chat or exchange emails, that’s exactly how we want the payment experience to be.” D’Arcy further shared how this technology is a better solution than Swift, “Ripple could shut down as a business tomorrow, and our customers could still transact using our software. The same wouldn’t be the case with Swift.” If we talk about the number a bit more, according to the XRP community blog, XRP has about 1.5 million active wallets, more than 230 exchanges where the 2nd largest cryptocurrency has been listed and a strong community which is made up of over 1 million people. “XRP has one of the largest and most coordinated group of developers of all cryptocurrencies in Ripple Labs,” said Ben Ritchie of Digital Capital Management while predicting XRP price at $0.75 by December 31, 2019. On the front price, XRP is currently down about 90 percent from its all-time high. At the time of writing, it has been trading at $0.330 with 24-hours gains of 0.31 percent. The post XRP in Action Mode: Growing Numbers Fueling the Growth in Real-World Operations appeared first on Coingape.

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Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang says blockchain “natural technology for banks and trading”

Jerry Yang, the Taiwanese-American co-founder of Yahoo, says, despite crypto hype having yet to turn into reality, that blockchain and finance are a natural fit, according to comments first reported by Finews Asia. Yang was speaking at the Nikkei Innovation Asia Forum held in Singapore on Thursday, where he took part in a discussion entitled Rising Tides of Innovation in Asia. But before blockchain can secure the necessary adoption traction, paradoxically, given the technology gave wing to the word “trustless”, Yang says it first needs to build trust. Although in the reported remarks he did not explicitly explain who needs to trust who, given his observations in an earlier session at the same conference - in which he expounded on what he considers to be the three-sided clash between China and the US in the interrelated spheres of geopolitical hegemony, trade and technology - the trust presumably needs to be established not just with individual consumers or within and between corporations, but between states too. “Blockchain is a natural technology for banks and trading. If you look at U.S. institutions and banks, the kind of infrastructure that is being developed has long-term implications. For the technology to succeed, the question is can there be trust built? That can open a huge number of doors,” Yang predicted. Clearly, the starting point for that trust has to be at the level of individual corporations but, as the multiple consortia attests, interoperability and industry-wide standards means that development in isolation eventually has to break out into collaboration between competitors. Those sorts of relationships require trust of an old-fashioned sort, likely cemented by financial incentives and disincentives. When trust breaks down Think about the days past, when Google’s Eric Schmidt sat on Apple’s board happily soaking up the plans for the iPhone only for Google to work on an operating system for a similar as yet, at the time, unbuilt touch screen-based device. It’s why Steve Jobs called Android “a stolen product” and trust between the two tech giants broke down. Schmidt joined the Apple board in 2016, a year before the iPhone was launched, and Apple probably still deeply regrets the appointment. It is fair to say that one of the drags on the pilots that big banks have been involved in coming to fruition as working products, is the difficulties of agreeing practices and standards between rivals with different legacy infrastructure and levels of technological prowess. Staying with the trust theme, Yang added: “For applications to get implemented successfully, trust must first be built.” However, once the trust problem is overcome - a problem that distills into a mixture of confidence in the technology and trust in the ability of competitors and states to cooperate for mutual benefit, then the technology will see lift-off. “With trust, huge opportunities for the mass adoptions of blockchain will be realized,” Yang concludes. Geopolitics, trade, tech... and blockchain Speaking at an earlier session, Yang said he saw both positives and negatives coming out of the competitive rivalry between the US and China, a tussle he doesn’t see ending soon. “It continues to be the accelerator, both for the greater good, and for greater division. There needs to be some sort of mutual assurance and trust, which seems to be deteriorating.” The unintended consequence of the fight the Trump administration has picked with China is that it will encourage the Chinese Communist Party to double-down on seeking leadership in the technology realm. Although Yang framed his comments in the context of the US financial industry, blockchain is identified by China as one of the key technologies in its Fourth Industrial Revolution plan, with application way beyond just banks and trading. Indeed, China seems to see those as perhaps the least important sectors, although its big tech companies do have a head-start in areas such as mobile payments. Blockchain is one of the technologies that China is probably the most confident in establishing a lead over the US, as are the domains of artificial intelligence, internet-of-things and smart cities. To put it succinctly, it could be argued that China doesn’t have the same problem with ‘trust’ that the West has regarding blockchain adoption, because it can direct the economy from above (up to a point), forcing standards on industries, if it so wishes. Certainly, some of those emerging standards may appear to thwart distributed ledger development but that is a general misinterpretation by westerners. China has banned exchanges and ICOs not because it wants to kill blockchain. On the contrary, it wants full spectrum control in order to spur development for economic gain not individual empowerment. The natural fit with finance Regarding the natural fit with the world of finance, it looks increasing likely that the most successful financial applications will initially be in fundraising and secu

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The Bullish News Keep Coming, but They Are Doing More Harm Than Good

Recently, a report emerged that indicated that Russia intended to invest billions in Bitcoin. The report by an Australian publication cited U.S sanctions as the reason Russia was turning to cryptos. Barely two days later, a top Russian crypto regulations executive disregarded the report as merely wishful thinking. It will be at least three decades before the global powerhouse invests in crypto, the official stated. Such has become the nature of the crypto industry. After suffering a brutal 12 months in 2018, the industry has been desperate for positive and bullish news. And there hasn’t been a shortage of such news. While much of the news and sentiments have been factual, speculative and non-factual news has also been on the rise. Media outlets, social media and crypto analysts have all been found culpable. Sparking the Next Bull Run It was in 2017 when the hunger for bullish news became a widespread phenomenon. Back then, such news was followed by spikes in the prices of most coins. One of the biggest beneficiaries was XRP, a digital currency which appreciated by 35,000 percent in just 12 months. XRP’s incredible rise was a direct reflection of Ripple’s efforts to onboard banks. This gave investors confidence in the long-term prospects of the currency, and its price appreciated automatically. Since then, the market has been desperate for bullish news. Crypto analysts became some of the biggest sources for this news. These analysts have had outstanding careers as stock traders. Therefore, the crypto market was all too eager to rely on their expertise to predict when to buy and sell Bitcoin. Some of the analysts have remained objective. They have continued to help the industry better comprehend the market trends and interpret the various graphs. They have offered their insight on what currencies are performing well and why. These analysts have been a gold mine of information for the millions of traders globally. On the other hand, the sensationalists have been just as many. These analysts have relied on bold and controversial analysis and predictions to go viral and stay relevant. They have been not shied away from stating with utmost certainty what they believe Bitcoin will trade for in two months time. On social media, they are just as polarizing, dividing the crypto universe into two warring factions. Adding Fuel to the Fire Media outlets have just been as culpable. With the proliferation of crypto sites in the past two years, the industry has dropped in its standards quite significantly. While some crypto sites continue to uphold ethics and high journalistic standards, many have faltered along the way. With these sub-standard sites, sensational articles meant to click-bait have become the order the day The effect the sites have had has been far-reaching. For one, they have tainted the crypto industry’s image greatly. With these sites running articles filled with unresearched and inaccurate facts, many have disregarded the entire crypto media industry altogether. The crypto industry’s very young history doesn’t help matters much. Many people who aren’t quite tech-savvy know little about the industry. Those whose first contact with the industry is through these sites are likely to believe that the industry is full of delusional minds. As the industry strives to move forward during the crypto winter, we all must take responsibility and become better servants to the industry. And for those that taint the industry, it’s our duty to deny them any attention and to root them out. The post The Bullish News Keep Coming, but They Are Doing More Harm Than Good appeared first on NullTX.

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Bitcoin vs Ripple Price Analysis: BTC and XRP Drop to Last Weeks Lows

Bitcoin 4-Hour Chart The price of Bitcoin surpassed key levels during yesterdays trading creating a more bullish outlook. Many analysts were looking at $3840 as an area for its price to move to next. However, the bullish price action failed to follow up, and the price dropped back below the $3684 level. After failing to continue its bullish movements, the price dropped to the point of last weeks low and found support at this level. Price bounced from this support level and has been consolidating around $3520 for the past few hours trading. XRP 4-Hour Chart XRP was trading more bearishly during last weeks price action. Price of XRP failed to overcome the $0.335 resistance level during yesterdays surge, and we noted in yesterdays article that it would be likely to drop to last weeks low if the market did not continue rising. Price did drop to last weeks low, similarly to Bitcoin. Last weeks low is around $0.31, but the price has since risen to $0.315 and has consolidated here for the past few hours. The consolidation which is now taking place in Bitcoin and XRP increases the likelihood that the next significant will be to the downside. When price consolidates after a drop, this is often followed up by another drop. Key Takeaways: Both Bitcoin and XRP have dropped to last weeks low over the past day of trading, and both have found liquidity at this point. Both surged yesterday with bitcoin looking far more bullish after overcoming the $3684 resistance. Both bounced from the point of last weeks low and have been consolidating for the past few hours. Bitcoin vs Ripple Price Analysis: BTC and XRP Drop to Last Weeks Lows was originally found on Cryptocurrency News | Blockchain News | Bitcoin News | blokt.com.

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Ripple/XRP: XRP’s Private ledger FUD busted by Ripple’s CTO

The private ledger of XRP FUD erupted after the news about the transfer of money from Mexico to the U.S. took place a few days back. People who tried to find the transaction on the XRP ledger failed to do so and were convinced that there was indeed a private ledger for xRapid transactions via XRP. As per the company, they made a transaction worth £3,521.67 i.e., 86,633.00 from U.K. to Mexico. The company even stated that they saved 79.17 pounds and 31 hours on this transaction. @MarkCryptos and @XRP_Mahn1 both asked a similar question to the CTO of Ripple, David Schwartz if this was actually true in separate tweets. @XRP_Mahn1 asked: “@JoelKatz Some seem to think there is the ledger, and a hidden ledger, (One retail, one institutional) that will eventually be merged together. This to my understanding seems ridiculous as the protocol rules state one state is valid, and it’s immutable.” David Schwartz replied: “It’s hard to imagine what such a merger would look like. It would have to follow the rules of the public ledger. It’s kind of funny, I was actually thinking just today about how cool it would be if you could run the XRPL software in a private ledger mode and later bridge... to the public ledger. For example, you could have an asset issued on both ledgers that’s bridged by the validators of the private ledger who multisign txns for the public ledger. It’s actually a cool use case to cut txn fees and scale.” The conversation on the Twitter thread continued and a user asked if there is a possibility of a private ledger that could be set up between organizations for transactions via xRapid Schwartz continued that the XRP Ledger is public and it is the “authoritative proof” that a person holds XRP. He continued that there were ways that a person/organization could use the real XRP on a private ledger but would require for that person/organization to actually buy XRP to do the bridging. David Schwartz further stated: “That gives you two interesting use cases: 1) No XRP for cases where the cost of XRP is a factor. You only need/use XRP when you need to interact with the public ledger. 2) XRP fully linked, for cases where you want liquidity and connectivity and don’t mind the very small costs.” Furthermore, Schwartz said that none of this was built yet and even if it were to be done it would not be difficult. Moreover, he said that if such a thing ever happens it would be questioned over the system being centralized. He continued that he liked the idea of federation run ledgers. David Schwartz concluded saying: “If you were creating such a walled garden, why use a crypto or blockchain at all? This seems like just recreating private ledger balances — what everyone’s been doing already.” The post Ripple/XRP: XRP’s Private ledger FUD busted by Ripple’s CTO appeared first on AMBCrypto.

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Market Weekend Watch: BTC Drops $200 In Just Two Hours

Bitcoin maintained a relatively stable movement over the last few days, with its price hovering between $3600 and $3750 range. Although Bitcoin ended Saturday with a price of $3700 and surged even further up to $3772 on Sunday morning (Bitstamp), the major crypto dipped to $3470, losing $200 of its value within just two hours. Following our Bitcoin analysis from a few hours ago, we were not convinced by yesterday’s decent green candle. Bitcoin is now facing the past week’s low around $3500 - A Bull Walks Up the Steps, a Bear Jumps Out the Window. The decline isn’t strange as it is typical to see a drop in the crypto markets during weekends whereas there is a low trading volume which is easier to manipulate. Another Bart is formed in Bitcoin’s chart XRP and ETH are also recording losses of 3.15% and 4.31%, with their current prices now at $0.32 and $119 respectively. During the week, ETH price faced a strong resistance around $127 and $129 but unable to enter the $200 level. Major Crypto Headlines Oceans Apart: Crypto Regulation in the US and EU. This compares the different approaches to cryptocurrency regulation by financial regulators in the two regions across the pond. United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia Collaborate on New Cryptocurrency. The two Arabian Peninsula nations have made an official announcement that they will work together to create a cryptocurrency. What is eToro? Beginner’s Guide To The Social Trading Platform. Learn how to trade major cryptocurrencies on eToro, one of the best online trading platforms since 2008. Most Significant Winners and Losers Wings $0.118 (+41%) Wings (WINGS) is leading the pack of the most significant gainers in the crypto market over the last 24 hours. The veteran altcoin recorded a 46% increase against the USD, with a current price of $0.118. Wings’ market cap and daily volume are now $11,002,620 and $17,292,692 respectively. The new gains started pumping in after the project team announced the introduction of a new phase for WINGS - Future Coin Price Forecasting. This new feature will reportedly forecast the 3-6 months price of any coin, which in turn will guide buyers and investors on how they invest. Shift $0.39 (+31%) Shift (SHIFT), an altcoin that started Sunday with a bearish movement, found itself as the second most significant gainers over the last trading session. Shift’s price hovered around $0.30, but its new price within the last few hours to press time is $0.396, which shows a 31.10% gain against the USD. LocalCoinSwap $0.02 (-27%) LCS tokens, the native currency of LocalCoinSwap, a p2p cryptocurrency platform, accumulated the most significant loss over the last trading day. LCS recorded a decline of more than 27% against the USD and now trading at $0.02 with a market cap of $1,138,514. LCS traded $0.029 high at the early hours of Sunday but saw a shape fall, which crashed its price to as low $0.018 before adding $0.002. The post Market Weekend Watch: BTC Drops $200 In Just Two Hours appeared first on CryptoPotato.

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Bitcoin Drops Over 4% to $3,500, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Tron, & Cardano Fall Harder

After rising above $3,700 yesterday, Bitcoin is yet again down to around $3,500 as it losses over 4 percent. As the top altcoins crash harder between 3 to 7 percent range, total market cap losses $5 billion. Bitcoin Back to around $3,500 After the crash on January 10th, Bitcoin price once went to $3,720. Yesterday, Bitcoin saw 24-hours gains of about 3 percent and reached past $3,750, according to Coinmarketcap. The surge in Bitcoin price presented a good arbitrage opportunity for the traders as on Bitfinex exchange Bitcoin traded above $3,790 while around $3,700 on the majority of other exchanges. However, yesterday’s gains wiped out as suddenly the market takes a hit. Bitcoin has come back on $3,500. The leading cryptocurrency is managing the daily trading volume of $5.1 billion. Source: TradingView The short-term price might not be in favor of Bitcoin, but according to Tyler Winklevoss, Bitcoin will beat the $7 trillion market cap of gold, “Our thesis around Bitcoin’s upside remains unchanged. We believe Bitcoin is better at being gold than gold. If we’re right, then over time the market cap of Bitcoin will surpass the ~$7 trillion market cap of gold.” Meanwhile, according to the latest report by Chainalysis, darknet markets are thriving. The volumes have rather peaked in 2017. However, the activity has been redirected to a new platform after AlphaBay closed in mid-2017. Altcoins Seeing Deeper Red As usually happens altcoins took it even harder as top cryptocurrencies are registering 24-hours losses between 3 to 7 percent. Cardano and IOTA lost more than 7 percent, bearing the highest losses among the top 30 cryptocurrencies. XRP along with Bitcoin SV and Binance Coin sees the loss of just over 3 percent. Source: Coinmarketcap With about 20 percent gains, Holo (HOT) is the top gainer while with about 12 percent loss, Stratis (STRAT) is bearing the highest losses in the past 24-hours. This led the total market cap to shed about $5 billion while the 24-hours trading volume of the entire market is $17.4 billion. Source: Coinmarketcap The post Bitcoin Drops Over 4% to $3,500, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Tron, & Cardano Fall Harder appeared first on Coingape.

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XRP Price Decline Paves the way for Retaking the 9,000 Satoshi Level

It was seemingly a matter of time until the bearish momentum returned to the cryptocurrency industry. Unsurprisingly, this also affects the values of assets and tokens in the process. Following a very bearish one-hour candle, the XRP price is now heading down in spectacular fashion. The upside is how this asset is finally regaining some BTC value, which will please some speculators. XRP Price Decline is Expected It is very unusual for weekend trading to show small bullish signs. For some unknown reason, that was exactly what yesterday brought to all markets. A fair bit of optimism seemed to materialize, yet most of those gains have been wiped out in the process. As Bitcoin takes another dramatic turn for the worse, all markets are forced to follow suit. XRP Is no exception in this regard, although it is gaining on Bitcoin itself. Over the past few hours, there has been a net 3.2% loss in XRP‘s USD value. Even so, this popular asset still sits on the fence at $0.32, which has proven to be somewhat of a stable support level in recent months. There is also a 1.25% increase in the XRP/BTC segment, which will be of more interest. If this trend keeps up, one XRP should be valued at 9,000 Satoshi again in the coming 24 hours. Depending on how and why one trades this asset, that can be a very positive sign first and foremost. As one would come to expect, the current price momentum dominates most of the discussions on Twitter right now. Bear Grylls’ Brother seems to confirm this is another “regulated” dump across the markets. It is uncanny how these bearish one-hour candles disrupted market momentum on multiple occasions this year already. Whether or not it is a coordinated effort, remains rather difficult to tell. oh look another regulated crypto dump....... #eth #etc #btc #xrp #ltc #ada #trx #bch — bear grylls brother (@2manyusernayms) January 20, 2019 Piers isn’t too bothered by this recent XRP volatility. In fact, this user turned a negative into a positive by stocking up on more XRP on the Kraken exchange. An interesting approach, as every market dip is someone else’s gain in the long run. It is never a smart idea to put all of one’s eggs in the same basket, but one can see why this dip would make for an interesting investment opportunity at this time. Great volatility right now, bought #XRP the hole way down to 0.3110 USD on kraken. Expencting to see a reversal and a shoot back up ti the 0.32 region — Piers (@ThackrayPiers) January 20, 2019 The actual price chart for XRP does not look too confidence-inspiring right now. In fact, it might turn more investors off as of right now. This massive drop has been quite spectacular, and the immediate uptrend following it was met with even more resistance. So much liquidity is changing hands, as the buy support remains fairly strong where this digital asset is concerned. That is one of the key aspects to keep an eye on when wild price shifts like these materialize. くっそワロタwww #リップル #XRP pic.twitter.com/zKUygiXlTF — りむくん (@yftIgV5fuxEYqta) January 20, 2019 Although the current market trend doesn’t look all that promising, there is no reason to panic yet. Bitcoin’s momentum looks incredibly troublesome, but it remains to be seen to which degree that will affect other currencies, assets, and tokens. For now, the XRP/BTC gains will keep some people more than happy, albeit the downtrend in USD value remains a point of concern. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. The post XRP Price Decline Paves the way for Retaking the 9,000 Satoshi Level appeared first on NullTX.

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The Daily: Coinspot Launches OTC Desk, Bitdeer Expands in Eastern Europe

Crypto exchange Coinspot has launched an over-the-counter trading desk in Australia and you’ll find more about the platform in this edition of The Daily. Elsewhere, computing power-sharing platform Bitdeer.com is focusing on Eastern Europe through a partnership with the largest digital asset trader in the region, Exmo. And in the U.S., expired Mccoins will get you a Big King. Also read: Sapphire Develops GPU for Grin, TSMC Sees Drop in Mining Revenue Crypto Exchange Coinspot Offers OTC Services to Australian Traders Australian cryptocurrency exchange Coinspot has announced the launch of its dedicated over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk. The platform will be able to process high-volume transactions for its members without the need to use the traditional public order books. The idea behind the project is to solve problems of liquidity for traders who want to deal in larger quantities. The company believes the OTC desk will reduce their exposure to fluctuations on the crypto markets. Lock-in pricing is expected to eliminate slippage and minimize the risks associated with high-volume trading. Clients can now buy and sell a number of digital assets, including bitcoin core (BTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), ethereum (ETH), ripple (XRP), litecoin (LTC), and the stablecoin tether (USDT). Coinspot, which is among the leading crypto exchanges in Australia, promises access to the widest variety of digital coins in the country. The main condition for using the service is that each trade should be valued at AUD $50,000 (USD ~$36,000) or more. A 0.1 percent fee is applicable to transactions on the platform. Coinspot’s OTC desk will offer its users the services of a professional trading broker. Bitdeer Launches Russian Site, Partners With Exmo Bitdeer.com has launched a Russian version of its website. The announcement comes with the news that the computing power-sharing platform has teamed up with Exmo, the largest digital asset trading platform in Eastern Europe. The partnership will allow Bitdeer and Exmo to provide their users with the opportunity to participate in cryptocurrency mining with no technical insight or investments in server infrastructure. The two companies hope to popularize the minting of digital coins and contribute to the development of the crypto market. Offering new payment processing models and related customized products to the public is also part of their plans for the future. Bitdeer CEO Celine Lu described the two initiatives as a milestone for the company’s venture in Eastern Europe. “Through the new partnership with the region’s largest crypto exchange and the launch of a localized website, Bitdeer.com has geared up to bring the best service to local as well as global individual miners,” Lu said, noting that around a third of the platform’s users come from Russian-speaking mining communities. Despite the bearish trend in the crypto space, Bitdeer.com has seen its traffic reach over 1.2 million visits and over 50,000 daily active users. The platform has users from more than 165 countries. Over 40 percent of its orders have been placed by customers in the U.S. Leading crypto companies such as Huobi and Binance have been taking steps to expand their presence on the Russian market, establishing offices in the country and offering Russian-language services. Crypto exchange Exmo enjoys growing popularity in the greater Russian-speaking world thanks to supporting trading pairs with local fiat currencies such as the Russian ruble and the Ukrainian hryvnia. Burger Chains in Coin War Maccoins, which were minted last summer to mark the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac and ride the wave of the crypto craze, have expired. Now a major competitor is making its own marketing stunt at the expense of McDonald’s “global currency.” This week, fast food fans were invited to cash in their Maccoins at select Burger King locations in Chicago, U.S. media reported. Customers have been offered a free Big King XL in exchange for the tokens. Burger King claims its new sandwich has 175 percent more beef than the Big Mac and comes without a third bun. Last year McDonald’s “limited edition” coins provided holders anywhere in the world with a free Big Mac. What are your thoughts on today’s news tidbits? Tell us in the comments section. Images courtesy of Shutterstock. Need to calculate your bitcoin holdings? Check our tools section. The post The Daily: Coinspot Launches OTC Desk, Bitdeer Expands in Eastern Europe appeared first on Bitcoin News.

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Three Cryptocurrency Heroes of the week, Apollo Currency (APL), Everus (EVR) and SnapCoin (SNPC)

The total cryptocurrency market performance for the last seven days has been quite average with a few coins rising to the occasion. The total market cap increased from $122 billion to $124 billion in the last seven days with Bitcoin dominating the market with 52.49%. XRP constituted 10.9% of the total market cap, and Ethereum also represented 10.4%. Coins like Icobay (IBT) and Empowr Coin (EMBR) recorded a significant drop of 94% and 76% respectively followed by some few other digital assets in the last seven days. However, there are few selected coins which had positive growth and three of such coins are introduced below. Everus (EVR) Everus was the best performer of the week among all the existing cryptocurrencies with a percentage rise of 403%. This digital asset outperformed all the big guns moving from $0.010 on 12 January 2019 to $0.05 on 19 January 2019. This digital asset currently has a market cap of $11 million. Also, it has an available supply of 456 million and a total supply of 1 billion. Everus is expected to continue its impressive run. Everus is not much popular and does not have a sizeable community. However, its motive of seeking to leverage the Ethereum blockchain for its services like exchange and ATM will possibly take it to the top. Apollo Currency (APL) APL is another digital asset that recorded a significant rise from down the price curve to the top. Seven days ago, this cryptocurrency was trading at $0.000789 but had taken a big surge to trade at $0.0035. It recorded a percentage rise of 332%. It currently has a market cap of $50 million. Also, its available supply is 14 billion and a total supply 21 billion. SnapCoin (SNPC) SnapCoin was trading at $0.035 on 12 January 2019 but recorded a significant rise of 254% to trade at $0.122 on 19 January 2019. It has a total supply of 735 million. SnapCoin is one of the least recognized digital assets in the market. Looking at its number of days in existence and its performance, SnapCoin can be tipped for greatness. On January 15, 2019, Snapcoin recorded its all-time low price of $0.0125. On 19 January 2019, it recorded its all-time high price of $0.123. It is widely reported that most of the newly introduced cryptocurrencies record good performance due to speculations, and their prices are not usually a true reflection of the market. On this note, investors should do their own research before they invest in these assets. The post Three Cryptocurrency Heroes of the week, Apollo Currency (APL), Everus (EVR) and SnapCoin (SNPC) appeared first on ZyCrypto.

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Report: Businesses Must Adopt Future Technology

One of the goals of the Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 program is transitioning towards a digitized economy. To achieve this, the municipality of Riyadh has collaborated with IBM to integrate the blockchain technology to enhance services and processes in administrative and economic zones. The Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) has also partnered with Ripple to use xCurrent to help banks in the kingdom to improve their payments infrastructure. This vision is one of the primary pillars of the blockchain as a futuristic technology, and its efficiency, transparency, and impenetrable security makes it the best option for digital change. Consequently, organizations that fail to embrace it risk being obsolete. (KE)

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Bitcoin Nears $3,750 as Top Cryptocurrencies Record Moderate Gains

The top 20 cryptos are currently registering moderate gains with Bitcoin nearing $3750, per 360 data. At the time of writing, Bitcoin had gained 2% to trade at $3739. This is higher than its price set at the beginning of the week of $ 3663. XRP is trading at $0.331 after gaining more than 1.6% on the day. Over the past 24 hours, Ethereum has gained about 3% to trade at around $125. However, the most significant gains have been recorded by NEO, Maker, and Litecoin with increases of 5%, 4%, and 4% respectively. At press time, the total crypto market valuation had surged to $124.6B. (KE)

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Crypto Pundit: Ethereum (ETH) Is “Doomed To Be Centralized”

“Ethereum (ETH) Is Arguably Centralized” On January 14th, Preston Byrne, an attorney at Bryne & Storm that is enamored with blockchain technology, took to Twitter to mention his thoughts on Ethereum (ETH), likely in the context of the then-impending Constantinople hard fork, which was recently delayed due to security qualms. Byrne joked that the popular blockchain is more centralized than “the core of a neutron store falling into the event horizon of a black hole,” accentuating his true thoughts on Ethereum. The British solicitor, who founded “the first open-source permissioned blockchain client,” Monax, wasn’t done though, as he added that the aforementioned ‘black hole’ was situated “at the center of the ultra-dense galaxy m85-HCC1,” run by Ripple Labs. Although Bryne made use of creative license to write his tweet, his point that the world-renowned blockchain, dubbed a decentralized “world computer,” is centralized was made clear. Bryne broke down his reasoning behind this comment via a post on his personal blog. Bryne first noted that while he cannot conclusively conclude that Ethereum is centralized, there are a number of red flags that point towards immense centralization within the ecosystem. The Brit laid out four points, which he believes indicates that “Eth is centralized.” First, he brought attention to Ether, noting that the founder/ICO premine “looks suspicious as hell,” drawing attention to the centralization of wealth that befell the ecosystem. Bryne even noted that the mass of ICO “HODLers,” many of which have continued to abstaining from liquidating their positions, have the ability to “crash the currency.” Then, the attorney noted that Ethereum nodes accentuate centralization, remarking how “centralized services providers, especially ConsenSys-backed Infura (an upstart promoting scalable blockchain infrastructure), exercise outsize influence over node infrastructure.” More specifically, the lack of scaling solutions by the way of Infura and similar projects have curbed the node subsector. Then, Bryne noted that there is a lack of Ethereum clients, as Geth and Parity currently dominate the ecosystem. Lastly, in reference to the Constantinople debacle, Bryne stated that the fact that Ethereum’s core developers had the authority to make notable changes on a moment’s notice is questionable. Bryne’s Post Sparks Twitter Discussion As Bryne hinted at in his post, his centralization quip quickly drew a lot of flak from an array of crypto commentators, analysts, and insiders from across the globe. Tech entrepreneur Mike Dudas, the chief executive and founder of The Block, revealed that while he is fond of Byrne, the centralized take was unconvincing. Byrne responded by noting that the broader blockchain ecosystem “shouldn’t take Ethereum’s ecosystem boosters” at their word, “given the three or four red flags [of centralization].” Yet, there were still others who responded to Byrne’s primer on Ethereum’s centralization with cynicism and hate. Michael Sullivan, a pro-blockchain “pragmatic fringe technologist,” noted that at its core, decentralized tech “never guarantees” pure, unbridled decentralization, but a see-saw balancing act/dichotomy between the two states of central control and distributed consensus. Taarush, an 18-year-old Solidity programmer that is a fan of cryptoeconomics, noted that nodes aren’t, in fact, hard to spin up, touching on Geth’s improvements over recent years. Coldacid noted that most cryptocurrencies are centralized on some level, including Bitcoin. Jehan seemingly of blockchain upstart Althea, a project that promotes a faster, cheaper, decentralized internet, noted that running full nodes “isn’t hard,” but noted that the premine does look questionable. Anyhow, the bottom line is that Byrne’s eye-opening post garnered flak and support, and may become a talking point regarding Ethereum in the months that follow. Title Image Courtesy of Descryptive.com Via Flickr The post Crypto Pundit: Ethereum (ETH) Is “Doomed To Be Centralized” appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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XRP Technical Analysis: Bear takes over the bull’s green pastures

The cryptocurrency market has been going through ups and downs, but has not witnessed anything shocking in terms of market movement. The second-largest coin, XRP has also seen sideways movement. However, there was a tiff between XRP and Ethereum for the second position, which won its place back. At the time of press, the coin was valued at $0.3262, with a market cap of $13.3 billion. XRP registered a 24-hour trade volume of $398 million, with a dip of 0.45 % over the past day. The coin has been falling for the past few days and has recorded a fall of $2.01%, and is not showing any recovery as it falls further by 0.16% over the past hour. 1-hour Source: Trading view The one-hour chart of the coin registers a downtrend from $0.3353 to $0.3205, followed by a sudden spike. The coin then noted a massive downtrend from $0.3426 to $0.3317. The coin registered a resistance at $0.3317, and strong support was observed at $0.3256. Awesome Oscillator marks a bearish market with a faded momentum. Bollinger Bands appear to diverge, increasing the volatility in the market. The moving average line is under the candlesticks indicating a bullish market. Chaikin Money Flow is above zero, indicating a bullish market. 1-day Source: Trading View The one-day chart of the coin marks a gradual uptrend from $0.3674 to $0.5649. The chart also noted a recent downtrend from $0.5157 to $0.3760, with a resistance marked at $0.3760. The coin marked a strong support at $0.2903. Parabolic SAR indicates a bearish market as the markers have aligned above the candlesticks. MACD line is under the signal line, marking a bearish market. Relative Strength Index indicates that the buying and the selling pressures are evening each other out. Conclusion As per the indicators, Awesome Oscillator, Parabolic SAR and MACD, a bearish trend is will be carry forwarded. However, Bollinger Bands and Chaikin Money Flow indicate a bullish run, but the majority of the indicators side by the bearish reign. The post XRP Technical Analysis: Bear takes over the bull’s green pastures appeared first on AMBCrypto.

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8 Crypto Debit Cards You Can Use Around the World Right Now

Cryptocurrencies are gradually becoming a viable payment option across a range of markets and jurisdictions. If there is a tool that significantly expands the usability of digital coins in a world still dominated by traditional payment systems, it’s the crypto debit card. A growing number of reliable platforms offer the fintech product to bitcoin enthusiasts. Also read: Crypto Cards Are Legal in Russia, According to the Finance Ministry Established Crypto Card Providers in the U.S. Bitpay, which processed over $1 billion in payments during a bearish 2018, offers users in all U.S. states a convenient way to spend their cryptocurrencies online and in store. Its prepaid Visa card is tied to a cryptocurrency wallet that supports instant conversion from bitcoin core (BTC) and bitcoin cash (BCH) to U.S. dollars and local fiat currencies outside the country. Bitpay’s crypto card is available to U.S. residents only. To apply, it is necessary to provide a home address, a valid government-issued ID and social security number. There’s a fee of $9.95 that covers the cost of issuing and a dormancy fee of $5 a month following a 90-day period of inactivity. A currency conversion fee of 3 percent is applied each time the card is used outside the U.S. Withdrawing cash at an ATM costs $2 in the United States and $3 abroad. Shift, another card available in the U.S., allows users to connect to their Coinbase accounts. The Visa card has no maintenance fee but a 3 percent commission is charged on international transactions. ATM withdrawals cost $2.50 in the United States and $3.50 in other jurisdictions. The card itself is $20. Shift supports BTC only and offers fee-free conversion from bitcoin core to U.S. dollars. Major Crypto Debit Cards Available in Europe Wirex is the first choice for many Europeans. The U.K.-based startup offers both virtual and physical Visa debit cards, and the plastic version comes with chip and PIN. They are currently available to residents of the European Economic Area (EEA), where Iban support was introduced for all EUR accounts. However, the company plans to offer its services in North American and Asian markets as well. Users can load the card with bitcoin core (BTC), ethereum (ETH), ripple (XRP), litecoin (LTC), and waves, the latter having been added recently. Card holders can spend three leading fiat currencies - euros, U.S. dollars and British pounds. Wirex users pay a $1.50 card management fee each month. ATM withdrawals within Europe cost $2.50, and $3.50 elsewhere. In-store purchases are rewarded with 0.5 percent crypto cashback in BTC. Revolut, another British company, offers up to 1 percent cashback in cryptocurrency for payments made with its Revolut Metal card. For less than $16 a month, the digital bank’s premium service provides clients with access to five major coins - BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP, and LTC - and the ability to pay in over 150 fiat currencies. The contactless card, which can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, comes with fee-free ATM withdrawals up to €600 per month (~$680). Cryptopay issues another card in both virtual and physical form. The latter has a chip and costs $15. The contactless card is currently issued only in Russia, where it has a 1 percent loading fee and a monthly service fee of 65 Russian rubles, less than a dollar. Cryptopay is planning to bring its cards to Singapore. The payment provider supports BTC, ETH, LTC, and XRP. A fee of $2.50 is applied to withdrawals from teller machines and each exchange transaction is charged a 3 percent commission. Some Newcomers in the Market A number of payment providers and fintech startups have launched new cryptocurrency debits cards in the past few months. These platforms are trying to attract the attention of crypto users around the world and prove themselves as alternatives to the well-established products on the market. Fuzex is cryptocurrency payment card project that last summer chose bitcoin cash (BCH) as its base cryptocurrency. It also supports ETH and the platform’s own token, FXT. Fuzex cards are currently issued to residents of Europe and the APAC region. The physical card is NFC payment enabled. It comes with an EMV chip and a barcode display. Crypto.com, a Hong Kong-headquartered company formerly known as Monaco, announced in October it’s starting to ship its MCO Visa cards to customers in Singapore. The prepaid cards are linked to a mobile wallet that allows holders to buy, sell, store, send, and track digital coins such as BTC, ETH, Binance’s BNB token, the platform’s own MCO tokens as well as major fiat currencies. Aximetria offers a debit card linked to a cryptocurrency wallet which became available to Russian citizens since last year. In November, the Switzerland-based startup told news.Bitcoin.com its platform supports BTC and ETH which can be used for online and offline payments via instant conversion to fiat. The company is partnering with the cryptocurrency exchange Cex.io. The card can be or

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XRP, Stellar (XLM) and Tron (TRX) Price Analysis- Bull Market Is Coming

XRP, Stellar (XLM) and Tron (TRX) Price Analysis- Bull Market Is Coming After a Bearish run, the various cryptos have gone through a slow market correction. Today’s focus coins are up by a small margin apart from XRP which is down by 3.1%. Stellar and Tron were up by 0.44% and 3.66% respectively. XRP/USD XRP started off trading at $0.33368 before it was hit by a bearish momentum that has seen the figure drop to $0.322833. This translates into a 3% drop in price. The XRP/USD pair found resistance at $0.3380 and support held at $0.33. The Bearish momentum created a contracting triangular pattern between the 7-day (B) and the 21-day (C) moving averages which signaled the strong downward momentum. In the markets, Ripple’s XRP had a volume of $405 Million in the last 24 hours which saw its market capitalization clock at $13 Billion. This signifies increased XRP sales as can be seen in the Relative Strength Index (A). The latter is downward facing and is at 43 currently which is closer to 30 (the oversold area) than 70 (under bought). This means investor sentiments are diminishing. XLM/USD While most cryptos took a nosedive yesterday, Stellar made spirited attempts to shoot upwards as can be seen in the analysis chart. The Bull Run pushed the 7-day EMA (B) above the 21 day EMA (C) which indicated a strong Bullish momentum. The XLM/USD pair started off exchanging at $0.108 and is currently at $0.106084. This depicts a 2% dip in Stellar’s price. Additionally, the 7-day EMA is currently the price support at the $0.1099 mark which indicates that the Bull Run might kick off anytime soon. In the markets, investor sentiments are stable seeing that the RSI (A) has not drifted into the oversold or undersold areas. TRX/USD The TRX/USD pair shook off the bearish momentum in the markets in the last 24 hours to record a 3.8% rise. It began off at $0.024399 and is currently at $0.025 with the 7-day EMA acting as support. The Upward momentum saw the 7-day moving average cross over the 21-day moving average (C) representing the strong Bull Run. In the markets, Tron has a market capitalization of $1.66 Billion and sold $173.8 Million over the last 24 hours. This has strengthened investor sentiments in the coin with its RSI (A) oscillating at the middle zone. The post XRP, Stellar (XLM) and Tron (TRX) Price Analysis- Bull Market Is Coming appeared first on ZyCrypto.

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The Debut of Stellar Lumens On Grayscale

Stellar has gained the trust of Grayscale Investments, and so will follow the path of single asset trusts such as Bitcoin Investment Trust ($GBTC). Grayscale tweeted the announcement through Twitter- 1/ We are excited to announce two big developments! First, today marks the launch of Grayscale Stellar Lumens Trust! Investors can now gain exposure to the price movement of XLM through a traditional investment vehicle. For more info go to https://t.co/izJooCsKwS — Grayscale (@GrayscaleInvest) January 17, 2019 Hence Stellar will have a platform whereby it will help investors gain coverage towards Stellar Lumen’s native token lumens (XLM). The managing director of Grayscale Investments fully supports Stellar as he believes it has a strong use case of being a bridge currency in transnational money corridors. The data from Grayscale’s website states that Stellar Lumens Trust will begin with $0.4 million, under management. It equals to 3,870,000 XLM held by Grayscale’s offering. The tweet also released information on renaming certain single asset trusts. The following are the new names for the products- Grayscale Bitcoin Trust™ Grayscale Bitcoin Cash Trust™ Grayscale Ethereum Trust™ Grayscale Ethereum Classic Trust™ Grayscale Horizen Trust™ Grayscale Litecoin Trust™ Grayscale Stellar Lumens Trust™ Grayscale XRP Trust™ Grayscale Zcash Trust™ Grayscale is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Digital Currency Group. It builds, buys, and invests in more than 130 blockchain companies around the world. Zerocrypted Opinion Stellar’s idea of cheap and fast transactions, makes it a front running competitor against Ripple who has been gaining sufficient coverage, especially from its banking partnerships. Stellar is founded by the brains behind Ripple and Mt. Gox, Jed McCaleb. It is working towards a low-cost payment network and has attracted heavyweights such as IBM which is working towards a cross-border payment rail on top of the network. XLM is currently the sixth most valuable cryptocurrency, with a value of $0.109884 and a market capitalization of $2,101,995,418 at the time of writing. As for the institutional investors, this news rides high regarding cryptocurrencies being trusted. Image Source - Flickr The post The Debut of Stellar Lumens On Grayscale appeared first on Zerocrypted - Your Daily Cryptocurrency News, Guides And More.

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Why Bitcoin (BTC) Bottoming Below $3,000 Could Be A Good Thing

Back in 2017 when bitcoin hit a high of $3,000, hedge fund billionaire Michael Novogratz, sold much of the cryptocurrencies he owned claiming believing this would be its top. Months later, bitcoin would go on to hit as high as $20,000. Shortly after Michael Novogratz sold off, he stated that if bitcoin fell to $1600, he’d buy a bunch more. This sentiment is currently shared by a lot of traders, mostly from Wall Street. Wall Street could be waiting for prices to hit their bottom before they buy in. According to many, the bottom could be around, or slightly below the $3,000 mark. Risky Business But Easily Effective Mike Novogratz and much of Wallstreet believe that cryptocurrencies will rally given the promise of the blockchain technology. However, only when prices are at certain lows, would merit buying them. Wall Street will always look to buy lowest and sell highest. A drop to the $3,000 level would entice Wallstreet to buy creating a much-needed demand. Wall Street will not only see prices rallying in the short term but also in the long-term. BitOoda Executive Vice President Brian Donovan believes that if bitcoin falls to the $2,400 range, Wall Street will begin selling and re-allocating assets to cryptocurrencies. According to Donovan, Wall Street would get in on cryptocurrencies using bitcoin for its popularity and wide exposure. With altcoins following bitcoin’s trend, the top coin dropping and hitting a bottom will see the wider market take a huge dip. Later when a bitcoin rally is triggered, the wider market will follow in tandem and see the wider market soar. Bitcoin Expected To Drop In The Short-Term According to Flipside Crypto’s research team, currently, bitcoin has a high potential for price shifts after bitcoin wallets that have been inactive for a very long time, started moving bitcoins. The team says that there’s likely to be high volatility in the coming days. High volatility easily leads to a bear market. BTC, XRP And ETH Price Analysis In the last 24 hours, the three top cryptocurrencies have remained largely unchanged. Bitcoin is still trading within $3,690 and $3,742 with the sight of a possible breakout. XRP has been stuck between $0.32 and $0.33, while Ethereum is still trading for a little over $125. At the time of press, all three are recording marginal gains from the last 24 hours with Ethereum recording the highest gain of about 3%. The three top cryptocurrencies are in dire of some positive news that could potentially see them break short-term resistance positions. The post Why Bitcoin (BTC) Bottoming Below $3,000 Could Be A Good Thing appeared first on ZyCrypto.

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SWIFT has too much Control over Payment Transactions - Ripple Sales Director Ross D’Arcy

The power struggle for supremacy between Ripple and SWIFT in the payments industry is in a high trail. In trying to point out why Ripple is superior to SWIFT, the Sales Director of Ripple, Ross D’Arcy says the company (swift) does not put transaction speed as its priority and can influence the output of transactions, unlike Ripple payment system which is independent of the company itself. In his words, D’Arcy said “I think Swift’s a really interesting example. Because Swift, if you think about it, kind of crosses the lines sometimes and plays a bit of a political role. We don’t see our customer’s transactions. Our customer’s transactions go over the internet. So Ripple could shut down as a business tomorrow and our customers could still transact using our software. The same wouldn’t be the case with Swift.” The sales director spoke about this during the Shift Money fintech conference in Croatia. He further added that Ripple’s goal is to make payment as easy as sending an email, not like what SWIFT has to offer. SWIFT has been the world’s leading communications company since 1973, enabling financial institutions to send and receive financial information securely. The system does not necessarily facilitate funds transfer but sends payment orders to the concerned financial institutions for appropriate actions to be taken. Ripple, on the other hand, came on board in 2012 and came up with this robust system for making instant payments across the globe with currently over 200 clients in 6 continents. Ripple’s payment technology is out to disrupt the payment industry and that is the bone of contention with SWIFT. It’s product xRapid which works on the payment network Ripplenet also makes it superior as far as payment is concerned. There were rumours that SWIFT was considering partnering with Ripple to improve its system which SWIFT vehemently denied. In fact, it sees Ripple’s blockchain based payment system as premature, which may be why the latter is developing a new API to further increase the speed of payments. Ripple is determined to dominate the world of payment settlement and their system beats every other company in the same sector according to Weiss Ratings analysis. It will therefore not be an easy task for SWIFT to successfully outcompete Ripple in the industry. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse and SWIFT CEO Gottfried Leibbrandt are scheduled to meet in France on the 30th of January. It will be interesting to know the outcome of the meeting. The post SWIFT has too much Control over Payment Transactions - Ripple Sales Director Ross D’Arcy appeared first on ZyCrypto.

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Top 10 Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2019

As 2018 closed with intense bearish trends, traders are treading carefully and handpicking what coin/token will birth decent profits. To help simplify this tedious process, we made a breakdown of some of the most promising cryptocurrency tokens/coins that are most likely to birth highly attractive profits for both traders and investors in 2019. Binance Coin (BNB) BNB is the token that can be termed “lucky” with strong backing from the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance, BNB is definitely here to stay. A look at BNB’s all-time data shows the mind-blowing step by step growth process from less than a dollar to its current trading price of $6.54. With Binance standing firmly behind Bnb, adaptability is guaranteed for BNB traders. Ripple (XRP) Top cryptocurrency traders like Ran Neuner know better than to doubt the potential of XRP whose stability in trading volume has resulted in making it the world’s second largest cryptocurrency both presently and on several other occasions. Despite XRP not having a trading price of up to one dollar, traders have revealed time and time again that XRP is the next best token that guarantees security in trading, following BTC. Litecoin (LTC) Currently seated at a trading price of $30.98 at press time, Litecoin is by far one of the most reliable cryptocurrencies in terms of trading volume and price stability. LTC has only been around for a few years but has managed to pull through the bearish tides. As far as stability is concerned, think Litecoin. Tron (TRX) The Tron network has morphed into one of the most user-friendly platforms. Not only has this attracted more developers to the Tron network, but this progress has also greatly affected the network’s native token (TRX). It became evident that more traders were interested in TRX when TRX surpassed Ether’s transaction record of 1,349,890 with a total daily transaction record of 1,367,488. Dash (DASH) After more than five years of its inception, Dash is firmly standing tall with diehard traders from as far back as 2014. Hodlers of Dash have made it through some of the harshest market trends to get to this point. And seeing the slow and steady pace with which Dash has built its price volume, from as little as $1 to $1000, its current price of $71 is not deterring new traders from trading Dash on a daily basis. Bitcoin (BTC): New cryptocurrency traders and investors may have been introduced to BTC in 2018, undoubtedly one of BTC’s toughest year. However, long term traders have remained on their toes seeing the massive investment rate from institutional investors. Although the big bull is currently struggling at a trading price of $3600, traders are still betting big on it. Even top cryptocurrency founders like Charlie Lee of Litecoin had previously advised traders to own at least 1 BTC before purchasing any other “shitcoin”, Litecoin inclusive. Monero (XMR) From $2.47 on the day it went live, XMR fell back to $0.7 mark for almost a year before climbing back up to $1 in May 2016. With a slow and steady price movement that has now landed it on $45, it is no wonder that XMR is a top choice for altcoin traders. Bitcoin SV (BSV) The result of the 2018 BCH November hard fork BSV has been trading rather impressively since it went live just a month ago. BSV began with a trading price of $84.41 and hit an all-time high of $134.59 shortly after. Unlike most tokens that usually begin with impressive trading price and significantly goes down the drain, BSV has managed to defy the odds showing strong resistance throughout the bearish trends and despite the slight decline in trading volume, BSV is impressively maintaining a trading price on the $70 mark as of this writing. Zcash (ZEC) While ZEC has experienced a major decline in value, traders are still very much certain that the days of $600 and $700 is still very possible to achieve. Seeing that ZEC has been around since 2016 and has refused to show any sign of a fallback, traders have still not called the bottom for this token as it remains one of the most valuable with a flexible tradability rate. Maker (MKR) MKR is unarguably one of the most valuable tokens with a very promising future that is evident in its data from 2017. Stability is the word that classifies this token as it has skyrocketed in daily gains on multiple occasions. This growth is not likely to cease anytime soon as more and more traders are pouring in to double up its already rich price of $459. Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are wholly those of the author and do not represent those of, nor should they be attributed to, ZyCrypto. This article is not meant to give financial advice. Please carry out your own research before investing in any of the various cryptocurrencies available. The post Top 10 Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2019 appeared first on ZyCrypto.

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Bitcoin’s Improving Fundamentals Indicate a New Bull Market is in the Making, Weiss Ratings

Martin D. Weiss of Weiss Ratings says Bitcoin shares resemblance with Gold and with gold already bottomed and on its new bull cycle, Bitcoin is not far behind with its fundamentals strong. Meanwhile, he also talks about the upcoming bears in the stock market and if it will affect the “risk-on asset” crypto as well. Bitcoin Shares Similarities with Gold In its newest blog, Weiss Ratings’ Martin D. Weiss talks about Bitcoin bull market in the making and its resemblance with Gold. Weiss talks about how Bitcoin’s primary use case is becoming a store of value that has earned it the title of “digital gold” and “gold 2.0.” “Like gold, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could become a haven for investors who flee from fiat currency devaluations. In fact, in one key aspect, it may be even better than gold: It cannot be confiscated by any government.” Over the years, Bitcoin market movement shares resemblance to gold as at major highs, both make sharp U-turns called “pinpoint tops” and at major lows, both form long bottoming patterns called “rounded bottoms.” Talking about gold hitting its bottom in August of last year, Weiss says gold is currently in a new 3-year cycle with its upswing in early stages. Gold is further expected to make new five year highs by surging through $1,400-per-ounce zone that means a new peak could be in order. “Bitcoin is not far behind. The charts tell us it’s currently still in a bear market, but improving fundamentals tell us a new bull market is in the making” First, while the market is falling, more advanced and newer cryptos like EOS and TRON have enjoyed a surge in usage. Another point presented is altcoins with a large market cap like Ethereum and XRP have “shown signs of escaping the bear” and halt its decline. The important point according to Weiss is that “Distributed Ledger Technology continues to advance by leaps and bounds.” But Stock Market Bears are Coming, Will Crypto Drop More With bear signalling an incoming for US stock market that could begin to decline in April, will it affect the cryptos as well? For the starters, history gives us no context as S&P 500 has been in its nine-year-long bull market right from the day Bitcoin began trading. “Whether looking at the daily, weekly or monthly fluctuations, there’s virtually zero statistical correlation between stocks and crypto.” However, the biggest concern is Cryptos are a risk-on asset like stocks and speculative real estate. So, will investors rush to sell anything they associate with risk such as cryptos if their stock portfolios sink in a bear market? The answer Weiss says is “Sure” and it could put downward pressure on crypto prices. However, he says, “We can’t imagine too many investors waking up one morning and saying: “Oops! Big losses in my stocks! I’ll sell my crypto to raise the cash.” And we doubt this factor will be the primary driver of Bitcoin prices.” He concludes by advising not to let bear market in stock distract you from crypto investment and until, “Bitcoin signals its own bear market is over, prudence dictates caution.” The post Bitcoin’s Improving Fundamentals Indicate a New Bull Market is in the Making, Weiss Ratings appeared first on Coingape.

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Ripple vs Bitcoin: BTC’s Price Outperforms XRP Over Past 7 Days

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bitcoin (BTC) Daily Chart Bitcoin has once again proven itself to hold its value the strongest among the top three cryptocurrencies in questionable market conditions. Bitcoin has outperformed both Ripple and Ethereum - the second and third-ranked cryptocurrencies by market cap - over the past seven days. 7-day performance of top 3 cryptocurrencies (BTC, XRP, and ETH) Data from Messari shows that Bitcoin increased 2.28% over the past seven days while XRP is up 0.20% and Ethereum has lost 1.12%. Bitcoin has also managed to overcome a major resistance level despite ethereum and XRP falling back from resistance levels. Bitcoin (BTC) 4-Hour Chart Price tested $3684 a number of times during the week but recent price action as seen on the above 4-hour brought price above this level. Short-term momentum has started shifting to the buyers with both the RSI and MACD increasing on the 4-hour chart - both used as gauges of buyer or seller momentum. Analysts have a more bullish outlook from this point. The next resistance level to monitor is around $3840 which was a point of resistance in past trading and also the level where price had a breakout to the upside on the 6th of January. XRP Price Analysis: XRP Daily Chart XRP broke down from a descending triangle pattern last week which is a bearish trend continuation pattern. Once price broke down, it continued to decrease below an expected support level at $0.335. The price action of XRP looked bullish early in the week with price testing $0.335 a number of times with $0.335 acting as resistance. Numerous tests of a level make the level weaker with progressively fewer sellers to hold the resistance level on each test. XRP 4-Hour Chart After a number of tests early in the week, the price action of XRP started to form more bearish patterns. Lower highs were forming with each price increase looking weaker. Recent trading has started looking more bullish. The price of XRP has started to increase along with Bitcoin. But while Bitcoin managed to overcome its resistance level at $3684, XRP failed to overcome $0.335 and has since started trading away from this level. If the bullish movements that many analysts anticipate for Bitcoin take place in near term trading with BTC moving up to test $3684, this is likely to push XRP to also rise with the market. However, if Bitcoin begins to consolidate above the $3864 resistance level it just overcame, it is highly possible XRP could begin trading further away from the $0.335 level and begin to approach last weeks low at $0.31. Key Takeaways: Bitcoin has outperformed Ethereum and XRP over the last seven days. Bitcoin has increased above the resistance level at $3684. The next level to monitor is around $3840 which was the point of a breakout in price on the 6th of January. XRP broke below a descending triangle pattern last week and dropped below the $0.335 level. XRP price tested $0.335 a number of times early in the week but began forming more bearish patterns with lower highs forming. XRP also increased at the same time as bitcoin but failed to overcome $0.335 and has since started trading away from it. The price may move to last weeks low at $0.31 if the price of Bitcoin does not continue to increase. Ripple vs Bitcoin: BTC’s Price Outperforms XRP Over Past 7 Days was originally found on Cryptocurrency News | Blockchain News | Bitcoin News | blokt.com.

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XRP, Dogecoin, IOTA, XLM, Dash, Monero, Neo, Tron: Price Predictions, Jan 19

XRP Price Analysis: XRP Daily & 4-Hour Charts A look at the Daily chart for XRP shows that price has been moving in a symmetrical triangle for the past three months. It is very close to the support line of the triangle, currently trading at $0.33. Furthermore, the MACD is falling with diminishing power and is close to making a bullish cross. However, the price is facing resistance from the 7,21,50 and 200-period moving averages. On the right side, on the 4-hour chart, we can see that price is facing a short-term resistance line. XRP Price Prediction: Thus, I believe that a breakout from the solid red line would start a rally with a short-term target at $0.36 (green line) and medium-long term target at $0.4 Dogecoin [DOGE] Price Analysis: Dogecoin [DOGE] Daily ChartA look at the daily chart for Dogecoin shows that price has fallen to the long-term support area at $0.002. While there has not been a lot of price movement these past two weeks, there is significant bullish divergence occurring in both the MACD and the RSI. Dogecoin Price Prediction: Therefore, I believe the price will not break down of the support area and during the next month will make a rally to the medium-term resistance area at $0.0035-0.0037. IOTA Price Analysis: IOTA Daily Chart A look at the daily chart for IOTA shows that after falling down to $0.2, the price started a rally which took it up to $0.4 and is now trading at $0.31. While trying to break out of the Ichimoku cloud, price met resistance from the 50-period moving average and developed significant bearish divergence with the RSI. Price retraced to the medium-term support area at $0.27. Price is currently facing resistance from the 7 21 and 50 period moving resistances and the Ichimoku cloud. However, the projected cloud from February onwards is positive. IOTA Price Prediction: Therefore, I believe that price will move sideways or drop down to the support area for a while, then start a rally up to the resistance area at $0.45. Stellar Lumens [XLM] Price Analysis: Stellar Lumens [XLM] 12-Hour ChartA look at the 12-hour chart for XLM shows that price is trading at $0.1 and moving in a symmetrical triangle. Price is facing resistance from the 7, 21, 50 and 200 period moving resistance. An interesting period to keep an eye on where price could break out is the 20-24 January date, which marks the end of the triangle and a positive Ichimoku Cloud projection. XLM Price Prediction: There are some areas of the Ichimoku Cloud which are positive and I believe that price could break the resistance line and move to the next resistance area at $0.14 Dash Price Analysis: Dash Weekly Chart A look at the Weekly chart for DASH shows that price has fallen all the way to the support area at $60-70 and is now currently trading at $72. The RSI is below 30 indicating oversold conditions. Furthermore, three bearish crosses have occurred between the moving averages and price is below the 7, 21, 50 and 200 period moving averages. However, there is significant bullish divergence developing in the MACD. Dash Price Prediction: While there is not enough information to make an educated guess about where the price is going, I believe the price of Dash will move between the $60-70 and the $120-125 area for a while, before the market shows its hand. Monero [XMR] Price Analysis: Monero [XMR] Daily ChartA look at the Daily chart for Monero shows that price is trading at $45 and is facing resistance from the 7,21,50 and 200-period moving averages and the Ichimoku Cloud. However, there is significant bullish divergence developing in the RSI, and the MACD is close to making a bullish cross. Monero Price Prediction: Therefore, I believe the price of Monero will break the resistance line and start a rally to the top of the Ichimoku Cloud and the 50-period moving average at $75. Neo Price Analysis: Neo Weekly Logarithmic Chart A look at the Weekly chart in logarithmic form for NEO shows that price is currently trading at $7.6. Price is facing resistance from the 7, 21 and 50 period moving averages and the Ichimoku Cloud. The RSI is at 35 indicating neither overbought nor oversold conditions. Furthermore, the MACD is positive and increasing. Neo Price Prediction: Therefore, I believe that in the short-medium term price will start a rally to the next resistance area which coincides with the 7-period moving average at $13. Tron [TRX] Price Analysis: Tron Daily Chart A look at the Daily chart for Tron shows that price is currently trading at $0.024 within the $0.23-0.26 area of resistance. Price developed significant bearish divergence with the RSI. Furthermore, the MACD made a bearish cross and is currently falling. Tron Price Prediction: Therefore, I believe that price will continue to fall to the support area at $0.015 by February 11. XRP, Dogecoin, IOTA, XLM, Dash, Monero, Neo, Tron: Price Predictions, Jan 19 was originally found on Cryptocurrency News | Blockchain News | Bitcoin News | blokt.com.

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South America: Crypto and Blockchain News Roundup 12th to 18th January 2019

South America Welcome to another weekly blockchain news roundup from around the world. Here we present to you all the latest Bitcoin news continent by continent and country by country. Brazil Brazil Is One of the Top Countries With Users Affected by Malicious Apps on the Google Play Store: A global cybersecurity giant, Trend Micro, has recently made a worrying discovery as it exposed a computer spyware called ANDROIDOS_MOBSTSPY that hides itself as an Android application and steals personal information from users of the Apps available for download on the Google Play Store. Although this is not a malicious crypto mining scam like before, the app was found phishing for information and reportedly affected wallet services and accounts installed on the phone. The attack impacted people from 196 different countries, with Brazil ranking at the sixth place in terms of the most downloads. Some of the apps affected by the problem include Flappy Birr Dog, FlashLight, HZPermis Pro Arabe, Win7imulator, Win7Launcher, and Flappy Bird. Brazilian Fintech Picks Ripple Over Swift for International Payments: The Brazilian fintech Remessa Online has decided to switch from the traditional Swift banking network to a much cheaper blockchain-based Ripple solution. Ripple has recently been making waves after being adopted by international banks and financial institutions. The network has grown to over 200+ partner banks around the globe. This move will cut down the cost of sending money from $40 per transaction to approx $1.6 with no extra fee while allowing transactions to 20+ countries, which comes as a massive relief for the frequent dealers. Brazilian Exchanges Announce That They Will Support Hard Fork in Ethereum: Almost all major Brazilian exchanges including Bitcoin Market, Bitcoin Trade, Braziliex, Foxbit, 3xBit, and Stratum CoinBr have announced their support for the hard fork on the Ethereum network and the new implementations of Constantinople. They have already started the preparations to accommodate the changes. Although there has been a delay in the execution of hard fork, originally scheduled to take place on January 16th due to some security vulnerabilities, the Brazilian companies have still decided to add additional security measures such as suspension of withdrawals and deposits or added layers of confirmations to ensure seamless adoption when it eventually occurs. Brazilian Association Awaits Cade’s Response to the Closure of Exchange Accounts: At the closing of the year 2018, the Brazilian Association of Cryptoactive and Blockchain (ABCB) reported a staggering growth of their membership from 2 members just eight months ago to a total of 37 associated companies. But, any similar success in 2019 hinges on the final decision of CADE (Administrative Council for Economic Defense) on the termination of exchanges’ current accounts by large banks. The alleged malpractice was reported to CADE on ABCB’s request last September, and cryptocurrency exchange hopes that the monetary authority will follow suit of similar organizations in Korea and Chile and rule in their favor. Exclusive: Federal Revenue Intends to Launch Digital CNPJ With Blockchain in Brazil: The Brazilian Federal Revenue Service (RFB) has announced the expansion of its research and development in the field of blockchain and has decided this year to launch a digital CNPJ, on blockchain along with bCPF. RFB’s also elaborated that they don’t want to develop a set of products for the market but want to make the cryptocurrency activities for the stakeholders easier and more centralized. The services are expected to be initiated in the first quarter of 2019, although there is no fixed date given. Venezuela Venezuelan President Multiplies the Value of El Petro Cryptocurrency by Ten: President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has announced an increase of 10x in the country’s new national cryptocurrency, el Petro, to 36,000 Sovereign Bolivars while raising the minimum wage by 18,000 sovereign bolivars. Given the hyperinflation veering towards 2,000,000% in the country, the step will hope to alleviate the crisis by increasing the minimum wage by 300%. Venezuela is looking to break the shackles of US sanctions via el petro cryptocurrency, and despite its volatility, many Venezuelans welcome and prefer Petro over the now increasingly valueless bank notes. Venezuelan Government Giving Discounts for Property Bought With Petro: In a bid to increase the usage of their newly launched cryptocurrency Petro, Ildemaro Villarroel - Venezuela’s minister for Habitat and Housing, announced that they are offering 10% discount on all properties bought with Petro under the government’s Great Housing Mission scheme. Although currently, only 15 local construction companies are using the state-backed digital currency, Villarroel insisted that they are working with private companies to provide low-cost housing, with a goal of building 3 million+ houses, while using Petro for all conc

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Markets Update: Cryptocurrencies Follow Bullish Piercing Pattern as Buyers Advance

Digital currency markets have seen some gains during the early morning trading sessions on Saturday. Since our last markets update, the entire cryptocurrency economy has gained $4 billion and a slew of the top digital assets are up between 2-6% over the last 24 hours. Also read: Openbazaar’s New Social Media Platform Aims to Foster Privacy Top Markets Gain More Than 5% in Minutes For at least a week, most cryptocurrencies have been consolidating in value and shown very little signs of volatility. On Friday, Jan. 18, prices kicked up a notch as cryptocurrency bulls attempted to break resistance levels throughout most of the day. Finally, during the early morning hours on Saturday, buyers managed to surpass certain resistance levels, which produced gains for most of the top digital assets. The cryptocurrency economy of 2,000+ coins saw an increase of $4 billion in a matter of minutes on Saturday, Jan. 19, 2019. At the moment bitcoin core (BTC) is trading for $3,745 per coin and has an overall market valuation of about $65.5 billion. BTC is up 2.5% for the day and 2.2% over the last seven days. The second largest market cap still belongs to ripple (XRP) and each token is swapping for $0.33 per unit. Ripple markets are up today by 1.8% and are up for the week at 0.31% at the time of publication. Ethereum (ETH) markets still hold the third highest market valuation and ETH is trading for $125 per coin. ETH markets are up today by 2.4% but over the last week prices are down 1.4%. The last coin in the top five is eos (EOS), which is up 2.1% today and 3.2% for the week. EOS is trading for $2.51 per coin and markets have seen $736 million traded in the last 24 hours. The top 10 digital assets this weekend. Jan. 19, 2019. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Market Action Moving on to bitcoin cash (BCH) markets, data shows BCH is up today by 1.78% with each coin trading for $131. However, markets are down over the course of the week as BCH has seen a loss of 3% for the last seven days. The top five exchanges trading the most bitcoin cash today are Lbank, Hitbtc, Binance, Huobi Pro, and Digifinex. Ethereum is still dominating the currency pairs against BCH this weekend as the coin captures 48% of BCH trades. This is followed by USDT (22.8%), BTC (22.1%), USD (4.3%), and JPY (1.1%). Both the KRW and EUR have dipped this Saturday in regard to the spread of dominating BCH pairs. Bitcoin cash is the ninth most traded cryptocurrency this weekend just below QTUM markets and above the stablecoin GUSD. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) seven-day chart. BCH/USD Technical Indicators Looking at the four-hour BCH/USD chart on Bitstamp shows BCH bulls have made slight progress during the Saturday morning trading sessions. The two Simple Moving Averages (SMA) still indicate the path toward the least resistance is the downside as the 200 SMA is still above the short term 100 SMA trendline. RSI and Stochastic are coming closer to overbought regions but are still meandering in the middle which indicates some indecisiveness among traders. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) 4-hour chart, Bitstamp. Jan. 19, 2019. MACd shows in the short term prices could drop again slightly, but it also indicates the duration of today’s movements looks strong. The MACd’s short term trendline is above the long term moving average which suggests short-term momentum will increase. Gradually increasing trade volume also indicates some short term winds have started blowing northbound. Looking at BCH order books, upward movement will be stalled up until the $150 range and there’s some smoother seas beyond that price zone. On the back side there’s some good foundational support up until $115 per BCH but from that vantage point things look much weaker. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) 4-hour chart, Bitstamp. Jan. 19, 2019. Bollinger Bands remain tight. The Verdict: Bulls Must Break Further Resistance to Maintain Positive Divergence As traders can see, there’s been many signals that show increasing upward momentum but also signs of continued bearish sentiment as well. Some of the reversal signals two weeks ago and now today indicate that buyers have overcame prior selling pressure in the short term. Traders still seem uncertain of how the markets will perform in 2019 and have been playing positions very delicately over the past two weeks. Some of the signs that bulls may continue to push crypto prices northbound is the charts’ previous reaction to lows which can also be identified with the moving averages on the four-hour, daily, and weekly charts. Even though the RSI and Stoch-RSI show there may be a slight correction, positive divergences shown on the four-hour MACd would indicate improving momentum. Range-bound activity shows we may not approach the lows seen back in November and mid-December but there has been signs of buyers showing exhaustion. Bitcoin core (BTC) prices have managed to stay above the $3,500 zone which in turn has kept the rest of the correlated digital assets afloat. Earlier this week the publishe

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Cumulative Volume on Huobi Derivative Market Exceeds $20 Billion

Huobi has announced that its cryptocurrency derivative platform, Huobi DM, has surpassed $20 billion in cumulative trading volume. The announcement comes just one month after the platform exited beta mode. Also Read: Eastern European P2P Markets See Strongest BTC Volume in Over 12 Months Huobi DM Cumulative Trade Volume Doubles in 2 Weeks Huobi Derivative Market has announced that the cumulative trade volume on the platform has exceeded $20 billion as of Jan. 12, 2019. As such, cumulative trade on the platform doubled in just 15 days. Huobi’s derivative platform launched in beta on Nov. 21, 2018, for BTC contract trading only. On Dec. 10, 2018, Huobi DM exited beta mode and was integrated with Huobi Global and posted a 24-hour volume of $195 million. On Christmas day, Huobi announced that daily trade volume had surpassed $1 billion for the first time. On Dec. 28, 2018, Huobi DM claimed that cumulative volume on the platform had exceeded $10 billion alongside the launch of EOS contract trading. Livio Weng, the chief executive officer of Huobi Global, stated that he is “pleased” with the strong response,” describing the platform’s growth as “explosive,” despite the cryptocurrency markets being “in the midst of an ongoing bear market.” Bittrade Merger Facilitates Japanese Relaunch for Huobi On Thursday, Huobi announced that it had relaunched a fully regulated exchange under Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) following a merger with Bittrade. As such, Huobi Japan has been granted one of the first 17 licenses issued by the FSA. The founder of Huobi Group, Leon Li, stated that the relaunch was an “important milestone,” emphasizing the importance of the Japanese market to the company. Li also described working with regulators as “a longstanding priority for Huobi Group.” Huobi Japan currently supports BCH, BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, and MONA pairings. Do you think that cryptocurrency derivative markets will come to dwarf the spot markets in trade volume in coming years? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! Images courtesy of Shutterstock At Bitcoin.com there’s a bunch of free helpful services. For instance, have you seen our Tools page? You can even lookup the exchange rate for a transaction in the past. Or calculate the value of your current holdings. Or create a paper wallet. And much more. The post Cumulative Volume on Huobi Derivative Market Exceeds $20 Billion appeared first on Bitcoin News.

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Crypto Market Wrap: TenX Surging on Reissued PAY Credit Cards

Market Wrap Crypto markets are still flat this Saturday, Tron pulling back after recent gains, TenX surging. As we enter the weekend crypto markets remain inactive. If anything there has been a slight pullback for most crypto assets but total market cap is still hovering just above $120 billion. Over the past 24 hours Bitcoin has dropped to $3,640 before recovering slightly. It is currently showing zero movement on the day and is still trading at $3,670 where it was the same time yesterday. Since last Saturday Bitcoin dumped to $3,550 before recovering to exactly the same level again. Ethereum has not been so fortunate and is still dropping back ever so slowly. It is still above $120 but only just as ETH loses another percent on the day. The gap between it and XRP in second has widened to $700 million as the Ripple token remains flat. The top ten is all red during the Asian trading session today but losses are fractions of a percent. Tron is declining the most with almost 4% dropped on the day despite the huge success of its niTROn summit in San Francisco which concluded yesterday. The rest are all falling less than a percent on the day. There are only two cryptos in the green in the top twenty at the time of writing. Iota is making a little progress today as is Maker but only by a percent or two. The rest are in the red by a fraction showing very little movement from yesterday’s levels. TenX tops the fomo chart for the top one hundred at the moment with a surge of almost 50%. The reissue of PAY powered credit cards in Singapore appears to be driving momentum. South Koreans are jumping on this token as Bithumb gets almost half the daily volume in KRW at the moment. 1 year = 10 years in crypto, right? #10YearChallenge #CryptoTimeDilation #TenX #CardsNow pic.twitter.com/GiMlsGArhm — TenX (@tenxwallet) January 18, 2019 Loopring and Electroneum are both up over 20% at the time of writing. The only altcoin dumping doubles in the top one hundred is WAX with a 12% slide. Total market capitalization has done nothing in over the past 24 hours and is still at $122 billion as both the bears and bulls seem to be sleeping on Saturday. The entire week has been flat aside from a dump on Monday and subsequent recovery. Since mid-November’s $100 billion slide crypto markets have not moved a lot in either direction. Market Wrap is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 cryptocurrencies during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Crypto Market Wrap: TenX Surging on Reissued PAY Credit Cards appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Crypto Tidbits: BitGo Launches Bitcoin Trading, Ethereum’s Lubin Joins ErisX, Cryptopia Hacked

Although Bitcoin (BTC) and its crypto asset brethren have effectively stabilized, seeing little-to-zero movement, this industry’s startups have continued to make strides in an array of directions. Some preeminent companies made monumental steps forward, while others took devastating steps back. Regardless, the bottom line is that the crypto sector hasn’t slowed, contrary to sentiment touted by cynics. Crypto Tidbits Bitcoin Giant BitGo, Genesis Trading Launch Cold Storage-Secured OTC Desk: Palo Alto-headquartered BitGo, a long-time industry powerhouse that has served Pantera Captial, Ripple Labs, Bitstamp, among others, recently joined hands with Genesis Trading, a subsidiary of the crypto conglomerate in Digital Currency Group. BitGo and Genesis’ collaborative effort is taking the form of a newfangled over-the-counter (OTC) trading service, which will allow clients to “buy and sell digital assets directly from the security of their BitGo Trust cold storage account.” Genesis, headed by Michael Moro, will provide its expertise in facilitating large-sum, institutionally-sourced transactions, while BitGo will leverage its veteran status in the Bitcoin custody subsector to provide security for the offering. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple’s XRP, ZCash, and three other leading digital assets will be available through this innovative exchange channel. Cryptopia Hacked, New Zealand Police Commence Investigation: The broader crypto market suffered its first notable hack of 2019 last week. On Tuesday, the New Zealand-headquartered Cryptopia, a former major exchange, revealed that it suffered a “security breach.” In a company statement, signed by the Cryptopia team, it was revealed that the breach incurred “significant losses” for the startup. After further digging, the organization decided to contact local authorities, who have since pledged to keep the public updated on this imbroglio. Rumor has it that over $3 million in varied crypto assets, including Ethereum. This figure has been corroborated by so-called “whale watching” Twitter accounts, which revealed that thousands of Ether, along with an array of lesser-known (but valuable) tokens, were shipped out of Cryptopia’s cold wallets on the day of the supposed attack. Bakkt Makes First Acquisition After $182.5 Capital Injection: On New Year’s Eve, Bakkt, a crypto platform backed by NYSE owner Intercontinental Exchange, revealed that it secured a $182.5 million cheque from 12 financiers, including Galaxy Digital, Pantera, and Microsoft’s venture arm. And just days later, the company revealed that it had already begun to put its hefty capital injection to good use. More specifically, the company, headquartered in the Big Apple, revealed that it had purchased “certain assets” of Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG), a Chicago-based independent futures commission merchant. The nitty-gritty details of the deal weren’t divulged, but Bakkt chief Kelly Loeffler told Fortune Bakkt saw an opportunity to “purchase a portion of the back office operations,” especially certain facets of RCG’s compliance, risk management, treasury service departments. As put by Fortune’s Shawn Tully, “Bakkt is essentially buying part of Rosenthal’s back office.” Ethereum Co-Founder Joe Lubin Joins ErisX’s Board: Speaking of Wall Street-backed platforms trying to make a splash in the nascent crypto realm, ErisX, a seeming Bakkt competitor supported by TD Ameritrade, recently made a surprising announcement. ErisX revealed that it would be bringing on Joseph Lubin, a co-founder of Ethereum and the founder of blockchain development upstart ConsenSys, to its board of directors. His exact role wasn’t divulged, but some have speculated that Lubin will help ErisX in its push for Ether-backed derivatives vehicles. South Africa Looking To De-anonymize Bitcoin Transactions: Per Business Insider, South Africa’s Reserve Bank, the Sarb, is currently advising local crypto startups, namely wallet providers and exchanges, about how to best operate their services. The Sarb claims that its up-and-coming registration system, which startups will be mandated to utilize, will aid in the crusade to protect investors from crypto’s shortcomings. But the registration system isn’t all that innocuous. In fact, Sarb’s plan will deanonymize crypto accounts within the country, as it would mandate firms to actively track transactional data, including the identity of senders and receivers, transaction amounts, and other pieces of pertinent data. As put by Business Insider, this system will be much like how “banks are required to know their customers.” E.U. Financial Regulator Wary Of Crypto: In the same vein of news, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the E.U.’s in-house financial agency based in Paris, recently issued an in-depth report regarding “crypto-assets.” While the report was lengthy, it became apparent that the ESMA is somewhat skeptical with digital assets, which it was hesitant to call bonafide currencies. V

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Crypto Markets Surge as Bitcoin Jumps Above $3,700

The crypto markets are in the process of wrapping up a volatile week on a positive note, as virtually all major altcoins have surged today after Bitcoin jumped nearly 3% into the mid-$3,700 price region. Although Bitcoin is currently leading the markets, if it is able to stabilize at, or above, its current price levels, it could mean that the crypto markets will see further gains as the week goes on. Bitcoin Jumps Nearly 3%, Leading Crypto Market Surge At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading up just under 3% at its current price of $3,750. Last weekend, Bitcoin fell to lows of $3,550, which led to a sharp upwards move this past Monday to highs of just over $3,700. Although Bitcoin surged to over $3,700, bulls were not able to gain enough upwards momentum to propel the cryptocurrency towards $4,000, and its price gradually drifted down as the week progressed. Prior to this morning’s price surge, one popular cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter, called Cred, noted that he will be adding to his Bitcoin buy positions between $3,700 and $3,840 on the condition that it was able to break above $3,700, which had previously turned into a level of relative resistance. “$BTC... Very compressed price action following the high set on Monday. My plan is straightforward: Price below & finding resistance at $3,560s I’ll look for sells targeting $3,430s. Breakout & price accepted above $3,700s I’ll be a buyer until $3,840s,” he explained. If Cred’s assessment of Bitcoin’s current price trend is correct, another upwards move could be right around the corner. Most Altcoins Surge 3% or More Over the past week, most altcoins have been gradually drifting lower, which is partially due to the bout of sideways trading Bitcoin had experienced since its volatile trading session earlier this week. Today’s price surge has allowed virtually all major altcoins to recover at least some of their recent losses, and most cryptocurrencies are currently trading up 3% or more. At the time of writing, XRP is trading up 2.7% at its current price of $0.3325. Last Sunday, XRP fell to lows of $0.317 before quickly climbing to $0.337 on Monday. From here, XRP gradually drifted to lows of $0.322 before rising to its current price levels. Ethereum is trading up over 3% at its current price of $124.63. Ethereum has seen a relatively volatile week, partially due to drama surrounding its highly anticipated Constantinople hard fork, which was delayed after a security flaw in one of the improvement proposals was discovered. Litecoin is one of today’s best performing altcoins and is trading up 5.1% at its current price of $32.72. Featured image from Shutterstock. The post Crypto Markets Surge as Bitcoin Jumps Above $3,700 appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Prominent Crypto Investor Expects “Choppy Waters” For Bitcoin Over 2019

Since 2018 went on the way out, optimists have remarked that they expect for Bitcoin and the broader blockchain ecosystem to get some much-needed reprieve in 2019. Yet, a rally, recovery, or run of similar caliber still seems like a quixotic dream, as cryptocurrencies have failed to reverse a multi-month downturn. And interestingly, a number of analysts, including those with an immense vested interest in Bitcoin, expect for this bearish trend to continue well into 2019. Bitcoin Investors Should Expect Choppy Waters Joey Krug, a co-founder of preeminent Ethereum-based project Augur and the co-chief investment officer at Pantera Capital, recently sat down with Bloomberg TV to discuss his thoughts on cryptocurrencies moving forward. Bloomberg host Emily Chang, sticking to the script, asked Krug about how the digital asset space will develop during 2019. Unsurprisingly, the Pantera C-Suite member, an American tech-centric entrepreneur, noted that he expects for “choppy waters” to continue to haunt Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies throughout 2019. Krug isn’t alone in claiming that 2019 won’t bring mark a “knock your socks off” bull rally for cryptocurrencies. In fact, a number of preeminent analysts and commentators have claimed that 2019 will be rife with price shortcomings. In an early-January Youtube appearance, Murad Mahmudov, a Princeton graduate turned well-respected crypto trader, explained that as a number of altcoins, like Ether, EOS, XRP, are still drastically overvalued, the broader market could be overvalued. Mahmudov subsequently noted that Bitcoin could bottom within the $1,800 to $2,400 range, recently citing crypto’s historical drawdowns. Regardless, a number of industry insiders and onlookers believe that 2019’s crypto sector will be full to the brim with fundamental developments, rather than collapsing startups, depressed markets, and irritated investors. Pundits Believe Crypto Bottom Still Months Away Fred Wilson, a world-renowned venture capitalist who founded Union Square, recently touched on this thought process in a recent installment of AVC, his personal blog. Wilson noted that while a bottom of cryptocurrency markets is festering, the process of finding a floor could occupy much of 2019. However, Wilson went on to explain that he expects for 2019 to be a positive year for this industry’s fundamentals, explaining that many of 2017’s unfulfilled crypto-related promises will come to fruition in 2019. Wilson added that he expects for “next-gen” smart contracts platforms, like Cosmos, to begin making a move on Ethereum’s hegemony, creating a pro-innovation ecosystem that is rife with competition. Lastly, the Union Square co-founder and partner noted that he expects for “blockchain 3.0” platforms, coupled with stablecoins and non-fungible tokens, to make a move on the mainstream consciousness. Chris Burniske, a partner at Placeholder Ventures, echoed this sentiment, recently claiming that he expects for prominent projects to ship viable product in 2019, just like how Ethereum launched in 2015. Then again, there are some even more cynical than the aforementioned three. Civic’s Vinny Lingham, a South African entrepreneur that appears on the nation’s installment of Shark Tank, recently remarked that he expects for Bitcoin to continue to range trade, rather than breaking out. Yet, in the aforementioned interview, Krug provided an optimistic outlook to Bloomberg viewers, balancing out the dichotomy between Lingham’s harrowing comments and bullish quips from Wilson and crew. Pantera’s investment head, who has presumably allowed his firm to thrive in questionable conditions, explained that “moving forward,” there will be a notable focus on acquiring users and pushing product, adding that he’s “optimistic overall.” The Silicon Valley-based investor added that he expects for cryptocurrencies to eventually undergo a long-term “grind” higher, likely on the back of scalable crypto networks that may single-handedly catalyze global adoption. Related Reading: Crypto Pundits Skeptical Of “Better Bitcoin” Plan From MIT, Stanford Featured Image from Shutterstock The post Prominent Crypto Investor Expects “Choppy Waters” For Bitcoin Over 2019 appeared first on NewsBTC.

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CBOE CEO: Crypto Space Need Bitcoin ETNs To Boom

Lack Of Bitcoin ETNs Curbing Adoption, Says CBOE Chief In a recent media luncheon, Edward Tilly, the chief executive at the financial powerhouse that is the Chicago Board Options Exchange, the largest American options exchange, made a surprising mention of Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency market. Speaking to reporters, including those from Business Insider, Tilly, who formerly worked as a market maker for the heavyweight he now heads, noted that Bitcoin volume via CBOE’s vehicles hasn’t seen substantial growth due to a lack of a certain instrument. This financial instrument is an exchange-traded note (ETN), which are often debt-secured, rather than physically-backed, are products that allow mainly retail investors to gain exposure to certain often more-coveted, hard-to-access assets. Tilly touched on this, noting that Bitcoin ETNs, unlike futures, could be a popular product for America’s average Joes and Jills, specifically due to their “low barrier for entry.” Business Insider claimed that the barriers he was referring to involved account permissions, as futures trading purportedly “requires a significant amount of legwork.” The CBOE chief, who has helped the company’s stock double during his tenure, explained: The power of having that future there is also having an ETN that is more attractive to retail, and then institutions can lay that risk off on the listed futures market... Absent that leg and introducing trackers or notes, I think we will be in this, ‘It trades every day, but it is not the story. Tilly’s comments on the necessity for crypto-linked ETNs don’t come unbacked. More specifically, the finance veteran noted that CBOE’s VIX, a world-renowned index of volatility that is traded by investors en-masse, succeeded due to futures, trackers, and ETNs working in tandem, rather than pure futures. Yet, the CBOE head did note that there remain regulatory concerns regarding ETNs, along with its cousin the ETF, as manipulation is still purportedly rife in cryptocurrency markets. Tilly even quipped that he has the contacts of two regulators “that aren’t taking calls right now.” 2019: The Year Of Wall Street Bitcoin Forays Regardless of Tilly’s concerns, many remain convinced that 2019 will be the year for Wall Street to foray into cryptocurrencies head-first. Per previous reports from Ethereum World News, government-issued currency cynic Jeff Berwick, the so-called “Dollar Vigilante,” told Block TV that he expects for 2019 to hail in Wall Street greenbacks, which will “change the game completely.” Berwick stated that as institutional capital floods in, crypto valuations will “explode” en bloc, as there are presumed trillions waiting on the sidelines. And interestingly, many pundits believe Berwick’s quip has credence. Just recently, as reported by us previously, BitGo, in collaboration with Digital Currency Group’s Genesis Trading arm, recently revealed that it would be launching an innovative new pseudo-exchange offering. BitGo and Genesis’ collaborative effort is taking the form of a newfangled over-the-counter (OTC) trading service, which will allow clients to “buy and sell digital assets directly from the security of their BitGo Trust cold storage account.” Genesis, headed by Michael Moro, will provide its expertise in facilitating large-sum, institutionally-sourced transactions, while BitGo will leverage its veteran status in the Bitcoin custody subsector to provide security for the offering. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple’s XRP, ZCash, and three other leading digital assets will be available through this innovative exchange channel. While this news may seem “same old, same old,” many believe this new venture could spark institutional interest anew. More specifically, in an environment where crypto exchanges (look at Cryptopia) are hacked, BitGo’s secure trading offering, which also touts low fees, copious amounts of liquidity, and rapid transaction processing times, Wall Street firms may begin to clamor. Plus, hype for Bitcoin ETFs has continued to mount. Sun Rays Title Image Courtesy of Bruno Van Der Kraan Via Unsplash The post CBOE CEO: Crypto Space Need Bitcoin ETNs To Boom appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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Ripple Will Make Payments as Easy as Sending Emails, Ross D’Arcy Says

Ripple has made very clear its ambition to revolutionize the world of finance through blockchain technologies even though centralized and more traditional methods dominate it. Sending Money Should Be as Easy as Sending an Email According to an article published by The Daily Hodl, Ripple sales director Ross D’Arcy commented that its solutions are designed to make banking transactions as easy and fast as sending an e-mail or any sharing information on the internet: “3 clicks, 30 seconds, receive a confirmation that the end beneficiary has been paid. So as easy as we can do a voice chat or exchange emails, that’s exactly how we want the payment experience to be.” Just as a few months ago Ripple staged a strong communication campaign to make the ecosystem assume that Ripple and XRP were two separate entities, over the past few weeks the team has been quite active in promoting the idea that they are a direct (and better) competitor to SWIFT. Ripple > SWIFT This campaign arises due to a series of rumors suggesting the possibility of a partnership between SWIFT and Ripple, something that until a few weeks ago held the community in suspense, lending itself to much speculation and fake news. Regarding this situation D’Arcy commented that the use of Ripple technology is more reliable and convenient for customers than the SWIFT platform itself: “I think Swift’s a really interesting example. Because Swift, if you think about it, kind of crosses the lines sometimes and plays a bit of a political role. We don’t see our customer’s transactions. Our customer’s transactions go over the internet. So Ripple could shut down as a business tomorrow, and our customers could still transact using our software. The same wouldn’t be the case with Swift.” Likewise, at the end of the year, Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple explained that the company’s mission was precisely “taking over Swift,” noting that the number of customers adopting this technology was increasing day by day: “The technologies that banks use today that Swift developed decades ago really hasn’t evolved or kept up with the market...Swift said not that long ago they didn’t see blockchain as a solution to correspondent banking. We’ve got well over 100 of their customers saying they disagree ... What we’re doing and executing on a day-by-day basis is, in fact, taking over Swift.” Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse and Swift CEO Gottfried Leibbrandt will meet face-to-face on a panel called “Let’s Send the Money” at the Paris Fintech Forum on January 30th. The community has high expectations about this interesting debate The post Ripple Will Make Payments as Easy as Sending Emails, Ross D’Arcy Says appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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Mercury FX Makes Its Largest Payment Across RippleNet

CoinSpeaker Mercury FX Makes Its Largest Payment Across RippleNet Mercury fx, an xRapid user and one of Ripple’s foremost partners recently stated that the technology has been used successfully which enabled the company to move massive amounts of capital. The company tweeted: 1/2 UK-based Mustard Foods saved £79.17 and 31 hours on the transaction. — Mercury-fx Ltd (@mercury_fx_ltd) January 17, 2019 Mercury FX’s partnership was first announced during Ripple’s Swell conference back in October 2018. Brad Garlinghouse, the Chief Executive Officer of Ripple had banked on the company’s implementation of the Internet of Value and had then said: “The internet of value is something that a lot of people don’t understand and that is Ripple’s biggest bet. One of our main goals has always been to become builders rather than the ‘disruptors’ that is talked about a lot in Silicon Valley. Being coined a disruptor is somewhat of a catnip to investors but in Ripple’s opinion we don’t always need disruption in the industry.” This exact transfer helped a UK based company called Mustard Foods saves £79.17 and 31 hours on the transaction. Hence proving that Ripple helps companies reduce losses and gain in profits, with a saving of time which can lead to improved businesses and relationships. Mustard Foods could be one of the best examples of the impact of using RippleNet could have as it opened doors to cheaper expenses, quicker orders and faster payments. Ripple company has also announced that 13 new financial institutions have joined RippleNet thus propelling the number of total global customers to over 200. RippleNet currently operates in 40 countries across 6 continents. Out of the 13 aforementioned financial institutions, 5 are confirmed as using XRP to source instant liquidity for their cross border payments. The are JNFX, SendFriend, Transpaygo, FTCS and Euro Exim Bank. London-based Euro Exim Bank announced just this week that they will become the first financial institution to fully integrate the XRP-powered xRapid in the first quarter of this year. Garlinghouse then said: “By the end of this year [2018], major banks will use xRapid as a liquidity tool. By the end of next year [2019], I would certainly hope that we will see...in the order of magnitude...of dozens. But we also need to continue to grow that ecosystem...grow the liquidity. “ The success behind the team from Ripple could be standing by their marketing strategy and future plans of making the financial industry a better place to be. Just for reminder, last week was also announced that Ripple will be coming to Australia as FlashFX Announces New XRP-Based Exchange. Together with FlashFX, XRP will launch a new Ripple-based exchange in a move that increases the rate of mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies in the country. However, some argue that this stands counterintuitive to what the Bitcoin blockchain is aiming to achieve - both disruption and displacement of the current banking system, similar to how digital downloads and online streaming disrupted the record business. This strategy may work in certain markets where payment services are so poor that they are better off being displaced (for example; foreign exchange and international remittance services for countries where the currency is weak). However, in developed markets like Europe and the US, using some aspects of blockchain technology (i.e. private, permissioned ledgers) to improve traditional financial institutions makes more sense for immediate adoption and profitability. Santander praising RippleNet Recently, Spanish bank Santander praised Ripple and reported that Ripple-powered payments application One Pay FX is offering customers the ability to send cross-border transactions at much faster speeds compared to the competitors in the field. During the Santander International Banking Conference in Madrid, executive chairman Ana Botín said: “You can do FX transfers, real-time, between the UK and continental Europe. And you can do Poland, Brazil, and Chile - through Santander - for the same cost as TransferWise. And that is the reason why we need to really think about what is real reciprocity. The devil is in the details and the timing.” Catalyst Corporate Sings Strategic Partnership with Ripple In a recap of the year 2018 report, the CEO and President of Catalyst Corporate, Kathy Garner talked about ‘strategic partnership with Ripple, signed in last year’, which will likely be in operation this year. As the mission statement of Catalyst, she said: “Our goal is to send the international transaction to Mexico via Ripple blockchain solutions. With this co-operative arrangement known as Currentz, secure cross-border transactions can be completed within 10 seconds.” What is definitely more likely, is that the year 2019 with Ripple’s technology will help Catalyst reduce the cost of global remittance. As such increase the efficiency and maximize the overall profit. Mercury FX Makes Its Largest Payment Acr

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XRP Tip Bot security upgraded; prevents attacks on unclaimed Twitter handles and loss of tips

The creator of XRP tipbot, Wietse Wind upgraded the security of the tip bot which would otherwise allow attackers to claim tips of unclaimed Twitter handles. Wietse Wind tweeted: “I just added some @xrptipbot security. On changing your Twitter handle, the TipBot offers you to migrate your balance (from your old to your new handle). However, if someone would forget to do this, an attacker could register the old handle and claim the balance. Not anymore” The issue with the tipbot was noticed by @michahesse and informed to Wietse Wind, which was rectified by upgrading the security. After the new update, the users who change their handles have to update their donation QR codes and even the destination tags. This will help the users to retain the tips in their accounts and make sure that attackers will not take advantage of this loophole. The security update came with a bug which was again notified by the users to the creator leading it to be fixed. The tipbot allows users to tip XRP on Twitter and Reddit with just their handle names. The creator had said earlier that he was enamored by XRP after watching an interview of Ripple’s CTO, David Schwartz. A Twitter user, @Vigril_Hawkin asked Wietse: “Strictly out of curiosity. If one were to change their handle and it was then taken by another does the @xrptipbot then freeze that account as it was at the time of the change and then a “new” account is created for the person who claimed that handle?” Wietse replied: “Exactly. And then, when the user with the changed handle logs on with they new handle the TipBot offers a migration of the balance.” Another user, Kryptonian_23 asked: “Would someone be ass out if they had their Twitter account banned, and never was able to get the ban lifted?” Wietse answered the above saying: “That would be a problem, yes. However, most users that had this happening to them got their funds back by me manually verifying and sending them back. If they deposited from a personal account instead of an exchange, so I can verify if they have access to the account” The tip bot has come a long way from a normal tipbot to updates that allow users to open a paper account directly on the tipbot. Prior to this, the users would have to connect their Twitter or other social media accounts to create a new account, but the update on November 20 changed that. Wietse Wind has become an important member of the XRP community after creating tipbot. Moreover, Wind has plans to start a new software company that develops useful products like the XRPtipbot using or consumer-oriented tools that are currently needed, but absent for the XRP Ledger. The post XRP Tip Bot security upgraded; prevents attacks on unclaimed Twitter handles and loss of tips appeared first on AMBCrypto.

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Bitcoin [BTC], XRP and Ethereum have new competition with the arrival of Unit-e

In a move aimed to take cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies into the mainstream fore, prolific institutions in America are coming together to create a new cryptocurrency unit called ‘Unit-e’. Professors and officials from seven US colleges such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University and University of California, Berkeley, have come together to create a cryptocurrency to compete with the likes of Bitcoin [BTC] and XRP in terms of speed and settlement time. The luminaries from the colleges have created the Distributed Technology Research [DTR] backed by Pantera Capital Management, a famous hedge fund management company. Joey Krug, co-chief investment officer at Pantera Capital in San Francisco, who is also a member of the DTR council, stated: “The mainstream public is aware that these networks don’t scale. We are on the cusp of something where if this doesn’t scale relatively soon, it may be relegated to ideas that were nice but didn’t work in practice: more like 3D printing than the internet.” Unit-e is stipulated to process transactions up to 100,000 with the main aim of beating Bitcoin and Ethereum which can conduct 3.3-7 transactions and 10-30 transactions respectively. Pramod Viswanath, a Professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign said: “To achieve greater speed and scalability, DTR deconstructed the blockchain technology that supports most cryptocurrencies and sought to improve almost every element of it.” He further added: “Bitcoin has shown us that distributed trust is possible but its just not scaling at a dimension that could make it a truly global everyday money. It was a breakthrough that has the capacity to change human lives but that won’t happen unless the technology can be scaled up.” The move was publicly acknowledged by a lot of people in the cryptocurrency space, including Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings, a popular crypto rating organization. They had tweeted: “#MIT, #Stanford, #Berkeley announce the launch of a globally scalable decentralized payments network and the development of the #cryptocurrency Unit-e. TPS will be 10K, #XPR is 1.5K and #VISA is 25K. Just being faster doesn’t mean being better, gotta be permissionless. #BTC #ETH” The comment also drew the ire of the XRP community who went ahead to praise XRP’s transactions and settlement time which is currently clocked at 4 seconds for any cross border transactions. The ‘XRP army’ as they are called, touched upon how the DTR’s proposed speed is no match to that of XRP. The post Bitcoin [BTC], XRP and Ethereum have new competition with the arrival of Unit-e appeared first on AMBCrypto.

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Electroneum Price Surges as Mobile App Comes to iOS Next Week

As the weekend dawns upon the cryptocurrency industry, interesting things will happen. Although there is still plenty of bearish pressure on all individual markets, it seems things are improving gradually. The Electroneum price shows an uptrend can be established under these circumstances without too many problems. While the current gains may not seem like, the overall trend is quite interesting to keep an eye on. Healthy Electroneum Price Boost Appears Albeit it has been relatively quiet on the Electroneum front as of late, the project is still alive and kicking. This mobile-oriented cryptocurrency is in the process of forging new partnerships and expanding its presence on a global scale. As such, it is only normal the price tends to fluctuate like all other markets. What is rather uncommon, however, is how the ETN value is rising right when all other markets struggle to remain in the green. Over the past 24 hours, there has been a very notable Electroneum value increase. Following a 14% gain in ETN/USD and a 14.5% improvement in ETN/BTC, one Electroneum is now valued at $0.00668 again, or 183 Satoshi. This is all happening with the barest of trading volume as well. Just $426,525 worth of ETN has changed hands in the past day, which is rather little. Even so, it appears to be sufficient to keep this current momentum in place, at least for now. The big news for Electroneum holders is the upcoming iOS beta app. The developers confirmed this app is launching in the coming few days. Although it is a beta, it is a big milestone for this particular project. Gaining more traction among iOS users can be paramount to future successes. It is also somewhat difficult to launch a cryptocurrency app on iOS these days. Electroneum’s KYC approach may have made that process slightly easier in this regard. Internal app testing is now complete. The iOS BETA will launch next week. Keep an eye out for our announcement. Thank you all for your patience! #Electroneum #ETN #iOS pic.twitter.com/vF95d6PwiM — electroneum (@electroneum) January 18, 2019 There is no shortage of Twitter users educating the masses on why Electroneum is a good buy. As Latin Crypto explains, the project mainly focuses on mobile users and enforcing KYC and AML in this market. On paper, all of the important boxes are being checked as of right now. Translating that into real-world success will be a continuous process, which is only to be expected. @electroneum is going to revolutionize the financial industry through the mobile industry by having a solid ecosystem in place and been a hybrid blockchain/fin-tech company with KYC/AML. Better than Visa, Paypal, MC, Amex and Ripple for sure...#ETN #Electroneum — Latin Crypto (@latin_cryptoetn) January 19, 2019 Cryptical is a firm believer in Electorneum’s future potential. This user expects the altcoin to be the “most profitable” of them all. That is quite a label to live up to in the coming months and years. While it is true competition in the mobile space is nearly non-existent for cryptocurrencies, it doesn’t automatically mean this project will succeed. Interesting months loom ahead for this currency. I think ETN will be the most profitable because nobody will expect us to rise anyway. We will suprise the market. We will make the biggest steps up the ladder. #ETN #electroneum — Cryptical (@Cryptical16) January 18, 2019 Based on all of these factors, it is not hard to see why Electroneum is firmly in the green right now. Despite its incredibly bleak trading volume, there is genuine excitement regarding the iOS app launch. Additionally, the currency has managed to hold its own quite well during this extensive bearish pressure. Big things are expected by the community. Meeting those expectations is a lot more difficult than it may seem. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. Log in to use Ginger Limited mode altcoin × The post Electroneum Price Surges as Mobile App Comes to iOS Next Week appeared first on NullTX.

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XRP Price Drops Below 9,000 Satoshi as Bitcoin Profits Reign Supreme

This weekend is shaping up to be a rather interesting one. An unexpected brief bullish trend has triggered some changes few people saw coming. As far as the XRP price is concerned, virtually nothing has really changed, despite a minor gain in USD value. It would appear as if there are still some lingering concerns regarding the use of private ledgers in the future. XRP Price Inches Ahead in USD Value Every time the value of Bitcoin increases, most other markets will follow. It doesn’t matter whether it is another cryptocurrency, token, or digital asset in that regard. For XRP, the current price momentum looks relatively promising. It isn’t spectacular by any means, but it appears there simply isn’t enough daily trading volume to make anything extraordinary happen as of yet. Over the past 24 hours, there has been a 2% increase in XRP price. That in itself is promising, as it elevates the value to $0.3315 once again. On the other side of the spectrum, there is a 0.6% decline in XRP/BTC. After successfully sustaining the 9.000 Satoshi level, that support has now been broken. One XRP sits near the 8.853 Satoshi mark, for the time being. Yesterday, it became apparent there was some confusion regarding the use of private ledgers in accordance with XRPL. Today, these discussions still persist. The tweet below by Rachel Lee shows how things could play out in the long run. For now, it is anybody’s guess as to how the technology will evolve, although the use of private ledgers is still controversial and also unconfirmed at this point. If price discovery is left to public exchanges, can you imagine what would happen if #XRP was being used to move like $2trillion daily over public exchanges. CHAOS! Price discovery will be on private ledgers & private central bank exchanges which could handle larger amounts. — Rachel Lee (@LeeR912) January 18, 2019 For those who seek an imminent price increase for XRP, the waiting game appears to be far from over. As Nicklaus explains, there isn’t enough trading volume to push the value ahead in a significant manner. As such, this weekend shouldn’t provide any real changes, although things may look very different in the coming weeks. A volume below $1bn a day doesn’t mean there is no interest in trading the asset either. Even though these charts have been looking like a take off for #XRP is imminent. Unless the Volume starts reaching towards 1 Billion(24hr), it’s not going to move much. That’s what I can tell at least from previous spikes or drops in price. — Nicklaus (@NicklausScheetz) January 19, 2019 Last but not least, it would appear there is some good money to be made with XRP arbitrage opportunities today. Making money in this industry can usually be done by exploring many different methods. Flipping assets between exchanges because of minor price gaps has proven to be very lucrative. For XRP, there are a few options available right now, all of which yield more than respectable potential gains. #XRPBuy at #Kraken and sell at #EXMO. Ratio: 1.35%Buy at #KuCoin and sell at #EXMO. Ratio: 1.35%Buy at #HitBTC and sell at #EXMO. Ratio: 2.16%Buy at #OKEx and sell at #EXMO. Ratio: 2.00%#bitcoin #arbitrage #arbitraj #arbingtool https://t.co/xiFUPzcOcC — Arbing Tool (@ArbingTool) January 19, 2019 Even though this digital asset notes an interesting trading volume on a Saturday, it seemingly won’t be enough to make any major shifts occur. That is not necessarily a bad thing, as this market needs to find some stability. The only worrisome aspect for speculators is the BTC ratio, which will seemingly remain below 9,000 Satoshi for the remainder of the weekend. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. The post XRP Price Drops Below 9,000 Satoshi as Bitcoin Profits Reign Supreme appeared first on NullTX.

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Daily Berminal Brief: Total Market Cap Increases by $3 Billion on Saturday

The crypto market saw some positive price action on Saturday afternoon that saw the total market cap increase by roughly $3 billion and currently sits around the $124.3 billion level. The price of Bitcoin has increased by 1.9% over the past 24-hours and currently trades at $3,727, while the second-ranked XRP has increased by nearly 2% and is currently trading at $0.3312. Out of the top 100 coins, the top performer over the past 24-hours has been Apollo Currency (APL), currently up 70.26% and trading at $0.00342. (JF)

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27 Companies are Confirmed to Be Using XRP as a Form of Payment and Money Transmission

27 companies are now confirmed to be utilizing XRP, either as a way to accept payment or to power international remittances. Of those, 13 plan to adopt Ripple’s xRapid payment software which focuses on cross border transactions. Included on that list are Euro Exim Bank, Bittrex, Bitso, Bitstamp, Mercury FX, SBI Virtual Currencies, SentFriend, and Bitrue. Some of the companies that are utilizing the XRP digital asset as a form of payment include Travala, r3, Omni, Transpaygo, Arrington Capital, Coil, Nexo and XRP Tip Bot. (JF)

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XRP Tip Bot Gets Updated Security Features to Help Protect User Funds

The XRP Tip Bot recently received a new security upgrade meant to help protect unclaimed funds from being stolen. As announced by twitter user @michahesse, “I just added some @xrptipbot security. On changing your Twitter handle, the TipBot offers you to migrate your balance (from your old to your new handle). However, if someone would forget to do this, an attacker could register the old handle and claim the balance. Not anymore.” This XRP tip bot allows users to send XRP using Twitter and Reddit just by using their handle names. (JF)

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Wietse Wind Enhances the Security of the XRP TipBot to Prevent Attacks on Unclaimed Twitter Handles and Losses of Tips

Wietse Wind, the developer of XRP TipBot, recently upgraded its security to prevent hackers from stealing funds from unclaimed Twitter handles. He made this announcement on Twitter stating that the TipBot would now require users to update their donation QR codes and destination tags upon changing their handles. In so doing, the users would lock out anyone with malicious intentions. (KE)

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XLM, ADA, and DGB Set to Take the Crypto Space by a Storm

Cryptocurrencies like BTC, XRP, and TRX have remained dominant in the crypto sphere since the 2017 rally that saw the entire market post significant gains. However, some altcoins have been making substantial progress behind the scenes and are set to disrupt the crypto market. These are XLM, ADA, and DGB. XLM is preparing to launch a cross-border remittance system, while DGB boasts incredible security. On the other hand, ADA has an impressive infrastructure. Due to these facts, these digital currencies are poised for greatness as their use cases will be on the rise in 2019. (VK)

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Weiss Ratings: Bitcoin’s Improving Fundamentals are a Sign of an Impending Bull Rally

According to Martin D. Weiss of Weiss Ratings, Bitcoin resembles gold. Consequently, he believes Bitcoin's strong fundamentals will see it follow in gold’s trend, where it bottomed and is currently on its new bull cycle. He added that large market cap altcoins like ETH and XRP have been ‘showing signs of escaping the bear’ indicating that the bear markets will soon come to an end. Per Weiss, the important factor is that ‘Distributed Ledger Technology continues to advance by leaps and bounds.’ However, Weiss believes the incoming bears in the stock market will impact the price of cryptocurrencies. (VK)

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Ripple Partners with China’s Tsinghua University Joint Venture to Launch Blockchain Research Scholarship Program

According to a Chinese news outlet, Ripple has struck a partnership with a joint venture of Tsinghua University Institute of Financial Technology (THUIFR) to launch a Blockchain Technology Research Scholarship Program (BRSP). This partnership is geared towards helping Chinese graduate students to understand the crucial aspects of blockchain technology cutting across innovation, research and international regulations on the blockchain ecosystem. (VK)

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