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What Is Reddcoin? Introduction to RDD Token

What Is Reddcoin? Reddcoin is a decentralized, blockchain-based cryptocurrency used to tip or send payments for social content. Unlike competitor Steem (and legacy platforms like Snapcash), the Reddcoin API supports all social platforms, from Reddit to Twitter and Twitch. RDD, the native cryptocurrency coin of Reddcoin, is mined by the ReddID wallet through a Proof-of-Stake-Velocity, which increases your odds of mining a valid block through your RDD balance. Social media is a big business - according to Pew Research, over 68 percent of American adults use Facebook alone. In fact, the social giant has over 2.27 billion monthly active users as of September 30, 2018. The rise of social media led to a rise in influencer marketing, with major social influencers generating millions of dollars in revenue. Now everybody wants to be a social media influencer, and with brands pushing toward microinfluencers, socialcoins like RDD, SBD, and STEEM are well-positioned to bridge the gap. Everyone should get paid for making social platforms like Facebook popular, not just C-suite executives like Zuckerberg. The idea of tipping content creators already created a rift that let social funding platforms like Patreon to create a new lane and flourish. If there’s money to be made in this lane, it’s going to be found, and Reddcoin isn’t the only one looking. Even Dogecoin is popularly used for tipping online. Will social currency and Internet tipping become widespread enough to sustain an entire market? Let’s begin answering that question with a breakdown of the RDD cryptocurrency and its market performance so far. RDD Cryptocurrency Summary As of December 17th, 2018, the circulating supply of Reddcoin is 28,808,713,174 RDD, with no total supply cap (the original hard cap of 109,000,000,000 was removed during the transition to PoSV). The peak price so far of RDD was $0.028770 on January 7, 2018. The Reddcoin public ICO token sale ended January 20, 2014 and raised over $100,000 worth of BTC in anticipation of the platform’s February 2, 2014 release. Over 5.45 billion REDD was minted in this initial batch. RDD was initially mined through PoW like BTC, but it was transitioned to PoSV mining in August 2014. The total supply of RDD increases approximately five percent on an annual basis. PoSV still requires processing algorithms, but because RDD balances increase success probability, PCs, tablets, laptops, and smartphones can compete with ASIC mining rigs. Reddcoin critics argue it can’t sustain value because of its divisibility and uncapped supply. Supporters argue a price over $0.01 already makes it difficult to support microtransactions online. Spending a penny is more emotional than spending one tenth of a penny, and on ad platforms used by most websites, approximately $0.01 is paid out for every 1000 views. This puts a hefty limit on social media, as nearly 80 percent of Facebook users (and 100% of real people) have 500 or fewer friends. Over $200,000 worth of RDD is traded on a daily basis. Cryptocurrency exchanges that support RDD include Bittrex, Upbit,, and Cryptopia. Reddcoin trading pairs include BTC, DOGE, and fiat currencies like EUR. The official Reddcoin cryptocurrency wallet is available for desktop platforms and mines RDD. Also, ReddID runs as a browser extension that lets you easily tip people on any website or forum you visit within the browser. Think of it as a phonebook for Reddcoin addresses and usernames so you can locate wallet addresses for the creators you’re viewing. Other third-party wallets have been created, including Reddcoin-Qt and reddcoind, however only ReddID has been confirmed for staking and earning RDD interest. Socializing With Online Networks When cryptocurrency started gaining mainstream attention in 2011, journalists, influencers, bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, and other content creators started posting their public keys online. Over the past decade, we all just kinda got used to seeing them on social media profiles and author bios. Meanwhile in 2015, Facebook joined the ranks of messaging platforms to allow friend-to-friend payments. Microtransactions and social payments seem like the wave of the future, and several cryptocurrencies, like DOGE, have risen through the ranks as generally acceptable forms of payments to tip people online. This forced platforms to push for proprietary currencies to tokenize transactions on their platforms, whether blockchain-based or not. Amazon-owned video game streaming service Twitch, for example, created its proprietary Bits currency in late 2017 it quickly integrated the service with PayPal for convenience. Twitch has over 140 million monthly active users watching over 2.2 million monthly livestreams. Amazon spent $970 million to buy the company in 2014, and its top 10 streamers earn over $23 million a year in combined revenue. But earning a living on these platforms isn’t as easy as it looks - top earners have professional teams helping with

a month ago

Tapatalk To Add Crypto Rewards with KIN

Internet debates tend to generate more heat than light, but your next argument might generate something else: money. Tapatalk, a mobile app which aggregates online forums, has announced plans to integrate the Kin (KIN) cryptocurrency, allowing users to receive tokens in exchange for posting quality content. “Tapatalk users will receive Kin for posting quality content in the app,” the companies said in a joint press release, “and in turn, they can send Kin to other creators on the platform.” Tapatalk says that blockchain technology can bridge the moats separating different online communities, which the company says are typically siloed off from one another - stifling discussion and slowing the spread of ideas. By integrating online forums through an all-in-one mobile app, the company believes it can stimulate more productive online debates. The app is now used for over 200,000 forums, which have a combined user base above 300 million. By integrating its app with Kin, ”we think cryptocurrencies and blockchain will make online forums better,” CEO Winter Wong told Crypto Briefing “Tapatalk’s integration of Kin marks a noteworthy development in our expansion to reach new users and cultivate further engagement within the broader forum community,” Wong said, in a statement. “The mechanics of Kin will surely benefit existing forum users, while bringing new users into the fold of vibrant, active online discussion communities.” It’s also a new showing from Kin, the native currency of the Kik social messaging app. Despite one of the year’s biggest initial coin offerings, the Stellar-based token received a disappointing reception, and declined heavily over the ensuing bear season. After peaking at nearly $1 billion, the token’s total market cap is now worth scarcely $23 million. Tapatalk isn’t the first project to use crypto to incentivize social media postings. Steemit users are regularly rewarded in one of the few truly functional utility tokens, and can also leverage their influence to reward others. Reddcoin and Dogecoin have both targeted online communities, with easy-to-use tip-bots and social wallets for easy peer-to-peer rewards. And the Brave Browser, which incentivizes content creation with the Basic Attention Token, has also announced plans for peer-to-peer tipping in its next update. Tapatalk’s integration with Kin is expected to be complete early in the new year. Paddy Baker contributed original reporting. The author is invested in digital assets, but none mentioned here. The post Tapatalk To Add Crypto Rewards with KIN appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

2 months ago

Reddcoin (RDD) Review: Learn More About the Social Currency

About Reddcoin Reddcoin was developed back on January 20, 2014, and released to the public in February of that same year after it raised $100,000 through the company’s Initial Public Coin Offering (IPCO). The crypto initially used a PoW (Proof of Work) protocol, buy on April 29, 2014, it made the switch to PoSV (Proof The post Reddcoin (RDD) Review: Learn More About the Social Currency appeared first on Coindoo - Crypto News and Reviews....

3 months ago

ReddCoin Price Gains 16 Percent As Hype Surrounding ID Project Intensifies

Reddcoin saw some dramatic gains over the weekend (as high as 16 percent) as hype intensifies around the ReddID project. The project has been around since 2014. It’s touted as the... Continue reading "ReddCoin Price Gains 16 Percent As Hype Surrounding ID Project Intensifies" The post ReddCoin Price Gains 16 Percent As Hype Surrounding ID Project Intensifies appeared first on UseTheBitcoin....

3 months ago

Reddcoin Publicly Releases Social Media Tipping Platform ReddID

The team at Reddcoin (RDD) has announced the public release of the ReddID wallet, which enables Reddcoin users to more easily access the Reddcoin social tipping feature, its signature feature. This feature enables users to tip creators of social content, recognizing quality information and interaction. It can be likened to being a way to monetize the “like” feature on the social networking giant Facebook. The new system allows users to create a unique ReddID name for their wallet, replacing complex, 16 character identifiers. RDD is currently trading at $0.003937. (JF)

3 months ago

Reddcoin’s ReddID Supports All Major Social Networks at Launch

It has been coming for some time now, but Reddcoin’s ReddID solution is finally ready for prime time. This new solution offers some interesting benefits when it comes to using this particular cryptocurrency. With the ReddID wallet now available, crypto-based media tipping will become a lot more straightforward. The ReddID Solution in a Nutshell Reddcoin The post Reddcoin’s ReddID Supports All Major Social Networks at Launch appeared first on NullTX....

3 months ago

Reddcoin unveils public release of social media tipping platform ReddID

Reddcoin (RDD), the cryptocurrency social network coin, is proud to announce the public release of its ReddID wallet, which will give Reddcoin users even easier access to the platform’s signature platform to reward and recognize quality social......

4 months ago

Is The Reddcoin ReddID Wallet The Answer For Online Tipping?

Reddcoin launched its ReddID wallet to the public yesterday and says its one step closer to the ultimate goal of becoming the monetized ‘Like’ button of the internet. Tipping online creators is nothing new and Patreon leads the way, but the blockchain has the capacity to make this process seamless and simple. Lower transaction charges The post Is The Reddcoin ReddID Wallet The Answer For Online Tipping? appeared first on Crypto Briefing....

4 months ago

Two up 22% - Reddcoin (RDD) and Nebulas (NAS) up Over 22% On the Day

Checking in on the top 100 coins according to CoinMarketCap, we see that we have a pair of out performers, currently up over 22% on the day. The largest gains over the past day have been made by Reddcoin (RDD), currently trading at a value of $0.005294. It is closely followed, by less than half a percent, buy Nebulas (NAS, currently trading at $1.74. The overall crypto markets have begun to come alive as the weekend ends and some markets prepare for the Monday opening, with growing chatter in the crypto sphere about an approaching bull run. (JF)

4 months ago

ReddCoin Price Surges by 16% as ReddID Hype Intensifies

A lot of the cryptocurrency price action tends to take place outside of the market cap top 20. Altcoins often thrive regardless of how Bitcoin is evolving at that time. The ReddCoin price is an interesting indicator in this regard. This often overlooked project is noting solid gains across the board despite relatively low liquidity. The post ReddCoin Price Surges by 16% as ReddID Hype Intensifies appeared first on NullTX....

4 months ago

Reddcoin Advances 20%, Inks a Deal with HODL Finance for Social Media Tipping

Reddcoin (RDD) has added 20% to its value in the last 24 hours on trading volume of approximately $6 million. Reddcoin has partnered with HODL Finance so that RDD will be an accepted form of payment for social media-based tipping. HODL Finance supports popular sites like “Reddit, Twitter, Telegram and YouTube,” according to the announcement. The agreement also extends to crypto-backed loans. A Reddcoin Core team co-leader said in a statement: "Partnering with forward-thinking companies such as HODL Finance allows Reddcoin Core to offer our users the ability to use their RDD to secure fiat loans, safely, quickly, and without risking your underlying assets." (GT)

4 months ago

What is Reddcoin (RDD)?

Technological advancement in the last few decades has led to the creation of some new industries in the world.... The post What is Reddcoin (RDD)? appeared first on Invest In Blockchain....

4 months ago

Reddcoin Surges by 16%: The Coin that will Transform Social Media Cryptocurrency Projects

Reddcoin is a crypto project which collaborates with social media platforms in removing blockchain and cryptocurrency complexities; leading to a digital currency that can be used easily by the public. Reddcoin recently released ReddID Social Tipping Extension. This reduces the need for holding several blockchain addresses by using one ReddID in all social media platforms. Although the coin experienced a decrease in trading volume and market cap recently, its price has surged by 16%. Currently, its trading volume is at $3.4 m which is taking place mostly in Upbit and Bitrex exchanges. (KE)

4 months ago

Reddcoin (RDD) Price Surges by Over 40% Ahead of Launch of Redd ID

The price of Reddcoin (RDD) rose by over 40% in 24-hours after the firm announced that it was planning to launch Redd ID, its new social media tipping tool. The “social coin” was created to incentivize the sharing of content on social media. The new service is expected to boost the adoption of RDD tokens. The firm has announced that it will create Redd ID integrations with socials networks including Reddit and Twitter. (SK)

5 months ago

Reddcoin Gains Double Digits, Unveils CoinSwitch-Fueled Instant Exchange on Site

Reddcoin, which describes itself as a “social currency”, has bolstered its value by 25% in the last day on trading volume of $4.6 million. Reddcoin has a market cap of just under $100 million. The coin has had upward momentum on its side for the past week or so and is up approximately 3% in the month of August. Reddcoin added an “instant exchange” on its website to purchase RDD via CoinSwitch. RDD also trades on Bittrex, UPbit and more. (GT)

5 months ago

VeChain[VET] Tumbled 11.06%, Lost Grasp on Recent Gains

VeChain tumbled 11.06% in a 24-hour period, reversed the trend of gains and pushed its market cap fell to $764.218 million, according to CoinMarketCap. Except for 90th-ranked ReddCoin, which lost 11.18%, VeChain’s 24-hour loss was the largest for the top 100 cryptos. Its price has fallen to rank 21 from its time high of rank 19. Most of the top 100 cryptocurrencies lost ground in the last 24 hours, which may be due to the SEC's rejection of ETF proposals from Direxion and ProShares. Analysts do expect a bitcoin ETF before 2019. As of this writing, VeChain(VET) is trading at $0.014, down 13.30% in the last 24 hours. (RL)

5 months ago

ReddCoin (RDD) Team Hints and Big Developments Coming in September

The ReddCoin team recently posted this message on Twitter, hinting at upcoming releases and exciting their user base: “#ReddHeads, #beta almost complete on #ReddID, full release asap! Coming September 2018 w/ multiple ID mgmt, full #crypto #electrum #wallet & more! #Collect & #Tip from your #browser, all #opensource. Bring 1-button tips to your sites and services! #blockchain #btc #Stake_on!” RDD is currently trading at $0.002052 (JF)

5 months ago

Reddcoin (RDD) Releases ReddID Extension for Chrome

The Reddcoin team has announced that its new ReddID Social Tipping Extension is now available as a Chrome extension in its beta form. The ReddID platform allows for tipping across a variety of social media platforms including Youtube, Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram. Many in the community hope this move will help drive up adoption and increase value of the platform overall. (JF)

5 months ago

ReddCoin (RDD) Releases Beta Version of ReddID Social Tipping Extension

Following the June 4th announcement that it had acquired the legal documentation classifying ReddCoin (RDD) as a Utility Token and not a Security Token, the RedCoin team has released updates on its ongoing project. The token targets social media platforms where it can be used to ease the process of making remittances. The token is currently being used to tip users on Reddit, Youtube, Twitter, and Telegram. ReddCoin has also announced the release of the Beta version of the ReddID Social Tipping Extension and Platform, a service aimed at linking users’ social accounts to one ReddCoin ID. (VK)

5 months ago

Reddcoin Core (RDD) Releases ReddID Social Tipping Extension 0.1.0 Beta to Community Public Test Group.

Reddcoin (RDD) took to their twitter account to announce the successful release of the ReddID Social Tipping Extension 0.1.0 Beta to the community public test group with the following message: “#ReddIDBeta continues with much success, #ReddHeads! Registering #ReddIDs on #blockchain, #tip users, linking #social #identities to #crypto, #1-click tip and more! Some glitches, lots of features to add and bugs to kill with our 50+ #strong #Beta group. #Stake_on! #RDD #BTC.” (JF)

6 months ago

Reddcoin Core (RDD) - ReddID Beta Release - User Instructions & Documentation

The Reddcoin Core Development Team has announced the Public Beta launch of the ReddID Social TIpping Extension & Platform. Software and technical installation instructions will be available on GitHub and Google Chrome Store for download and use in the next couple hours. For the moment, they have released the User Guide for the extension so users can begin to see how it works and think of questions they haven't yet. User Documentation & Guide (Google Drive): (JF)

6 months ago

Reddcoin User is Building a ReddCoin Minecraft Server

An enthusiastic member of the Reddcoin community is currently working on a Reddcoin (RDD) Minecraft Server that will allow for the integration of the coin with the popular platform. "The idea is to create RDD economy by allowing users to buy and sell lands, tools etc. using RDD. Each player gets a Reddcoin address which will act as a bank to carry out buy/sell transactions within the game, such as sending RDD to other players, buy/sell lands, tools etc..." This project is unofficial, but poses an interesting use case for RDD, which could significantly increase its user base. The current price of RDD is $0.0047. (JF)

6 months ago

ReddCoin Core Dev Team Update - January 27, 2018 - Core Wallet Software and more

Attention, #ReddHead community! The #ReddCoin Core Dev team is happy to provide our latest update, including a new version of the desktop ReddCoin Core wallet. The new version of the wallet is and includes a number of fixes and improvements. Changelog is available on github, and the new wallet software is available at this link or from Please update your wallet client to the latest version for faster sync, DNS-seed enhancement and other misc bugfixes. Remember always to be safe and backup your wallet or copy your wallet.dat file before upgrading. This is a client update and contains no blockchain-affecting changes. We welcome feedback from users as well as contributions from interested developers on Github. In other news, the team is working hard, forging relationships and expanding the team internally to add additional skills. Look for a post next week or so about the current "active" team and its members, offering a little insight into who's doing what. We are planning a developer Q&A/AMA in the subreddit for the near future, and look forward to fielding user questions. If they could be more thought out than just "When #Redd-ID??", that would be wonderful. :) We have built and will be announcing shortly a ReddCoin Core Help & Support Desk as a central place for users to request assistance via a ticketing system. We're in the process of reviewing all of our public-facing information and bringing that up to date as well. We'd also like to thank those who've responded to our call for Wiki editors and contributors to help correct and update And finally, we are extremely gratified to see community members developing their own Redd-related projects, as well as joining the team and helping grow our coin and community. We'd like to make a particular shout-out to #Reddconomy, the new Minecraft plugin intended to expand #RDD into the #Minecraft world. Their system is now acitve on the RDD testnet and will be brought live shortly after further testing. If anyone is working on something RDD-related and needs a hand from the devs, or just want to share your work, please let the moderators know so we can offer a hand. We're growing together! Stake On!...

a year ago

From the ReddCoin Devs - Jan 1, 2018

ReddCoin - New Year 2018 Well, ReddHeads, Happy New Year! It's been an amazing year for our community and cryptocurrency in general. We've gained an immense number of new members of the community, tipping and sharing as well as "hodling" and staking. Side note, folks, if you're not trading your ReddCoin, they need to be in the desktop wallet helping to secure the network and earning up to 5% "interest". I'd like to recap some of our major news and developments to date for some of our newer members of the community. We have seen extreme recent growth in our subreddit and social presence and we have you all to thank for that. Keep posting and sharing good stuff. We've been featured on,, IBT, and other media outlets. John McAfee, for good or bad, chose our coin to tweet about, with a keen eye toward it's utility and speed as a tipcoin. Rumors continue to swirl, in this community, as in many others. We've got some petitions going to broaden our usage and encourage platforms to use our coin for tipping content creators and other users. We have active tip-bots on multiple channels, and are being incorporated as a payment mechanism into other platforms right now. Enterprising community members are stepping up to run competitions and giveaways in our increasingly valuable #RDD. How to get involved: Sign the ReddCoin petition(s). Vote for us on altcoinexchange. Binance voting is open. If you'd like to see us listed there, feel free to cast your vote. No further official word will be posted until that relationship is or isnt finalized, as their terms dictate. If you know of other reputable and solid exchanges we belong on, feel free to request our listing, and the dev team will follow up where appropriate. Remember, our community (that's you guys and girls) is just as important as our internal work and evolution. We all want to grow together. ReddCoin has been integrated with (Local World Forwarders) both as a method of tipping their end-parties and vendors within their backend platform, but also as a method of buying into their ICO. Feel free to visit their website ( and social channels and engage with their team. They've also offered RDD contributors a bonus of 40% instead of their standard 25% for those buying between Jan 3 and 9. Github was intended to have been updated with both code and compiled executable binaries for Windows, Mac and Linux, version prior to the holiday, but some issues have arisen with the compile process, and we want to make sure releases are as bugfree as possible. Release is expected momentarily. The new version includes significantly faster sync times, as well as additional DNS seeds for more geographic robustness in the network aimed at improving performance as we grow. We always recommend backing up your wallet.dat and password prior to installing new versions, and if you're not sure how to do that, there are guides and info on the subreddit, wiki and We are updating all of that shortly as well, as there is some outdated info on the wiki and elsewhere. In fact, if you'd like to help work on that aspect, we'd love some volunteers. Feel free to PM me or one of the other mods. We'd like to say goodbye to Gozzzy, returning to school to follow his own pursuits. He'll be missed. But as we realize that more development talent is needed, we are initiating a bounty program to compensate willing and knowledgeable developers for working on the reddcoin project. Details will be forthcoming in a separate post, but of you can do compelling videos, if you're a coder with blockchain experience, or other technical expertise that might fit, if you can write step-by-step "how-to"s or other documentation, if you can translate content into other languages, we want your skills! Not only will we be paying bounties in various amounts, but who knows, the best stuff may just gather some tips from your mates in the community! We will share on official channels the most awesome. Other than that, we look forward to an exciting 2018 for cryptocurrency in general, and ReddCoin specifically. We do have some interesting things being worked on, and will release info shortly. Stake on!!...

a year ago

Binance Community Coin of the Month! Let's get Reddcoin application submitted to list on Binance!

UPDATE: **GOOD JOB REDDHEADS: DEV TEAM IS LOOKING INTO IT AS CONFIRMED BY TECHADEPT** I know Doctorthee has already mentioned the possibility of a Reddcoin listing on Binance. The only requirement is a core team member must submit the application due 2017/12/31 4:00 AM (UTC). Is there anything the Reddcoin community can do to get this application submitted? :) Please upvote to gain awareness quickly!...

a year ago

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