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At #ETHDenver, Team Quantstamp is working on the Beacon Chai...

At #ETHDenver, Team Quantstamp is working on the Beacon Chain, a fundamental component of Eth 2.0. Read more about… https://t.co/L2dcGdz97w

4 days ago

Quantstamp hackathon team heading to the ⁦@EthereumDenver⁩ o...

Quantstamp hackathon team heading to the ⁦@EthereumDenver⁩ opening ceremony, we’ll be working on an Ethereum 2.0 be… https://t.co/CSv30bCHmB

4 days ago

Living on Bitcoin for a Week in San Francisco

When I decided, maybe against my better judgement, to live on bitcoin for a week, the plan was met by a combination of cautions and jokes from friends and loved ones: “Just don’t starve,” “Well, it’s the New Year, a perfect time to start a new diet,” “Will you be able to eat?”, “Have you really thought about it?”I had “really” thought about it and it seemed not only sensible but necessary. Nakamoto’s white paper calls Bitcoin an “Electronic Cash System,” and I hadn’t stressed the cryptocurrency’s utility as an actual method of payment.My experiment would likely validate the strong opinions of skeptics (to whom bitcoin is either some nebulous scam at its worst or an outrageously valued trinket for prodigal hobbyists at its best) and that camp of maximalists who believe that bitcoin isn’t and never was digital cash.It’s a problem that Kashmir Hill ran into when she did her own experiments, more so in 2013 than 2014. In 2013, her final conclusion was that she had “survived” the week, but by 2014, she had herself a ball spending bitcoin. She went from conquering San Francisco’s hilly landscape on foot and bike in 2013 (and the occasional, simple pleasure of pizza and cupcakes) to the luxury of Uber rides, wine tours and even a strip club visit just a year later.She did well for herself the second go at it. I want to be able to do even better.That as my mindset going into my own version of the experiment, picking up five years later from where Hill had left off. If she survived on her first attempt, then I damn well ought to be able to thrive, I thought, going into it.Boy, was I dead wrong.A day or two in was all it would take to break this expectation as I soon learned that my experience would be unlike either of Hill’s. I anticipated great merchant adoption and with it a greater variety of services through which to use my bitcoin. I thought I was walking into a more vibrant Bitcoin scene than half a decade ago, an opportunity rich with ways I could offload my coin.Instead, I found (at least in San Francisco) that fewer merchants take bitcoin now than they did before and that the Bay area’s Bitcoin community, excepting those still active in it, had receded into altcoin enthusiasm and the flowering industry of “blockchain not Bitcoin” that had become the new darling of tech VCs and entrepreneurs.Those still involved in the community took care of me though, and the week was just as easy or as difficult as I wanted to make it.Living on Bitcoin Day 1: “That’s Not Going to Work”I set out to live on bitcoin for a week in San Francisco.Living On Bitcoin Day 2: Being “Unbanked” Has Been Easy ... But Also HardOn Day 2 of living on bitcoin experiment in San Francisco, I go on the hunt for some bitcoin-friendly eateries.Living on Bitcoin Day 3: Brother, Can You Take a Sat?I desperately comb the streets of San Francisco, hoping to find someone — anyone — who will accept payment in bitcoin on Day 3 of my experiment.Living on Bitcoin Day 4: The Uphill ClimbLiving on bitcoin has been a bit of an uphill battle. On Day 4, I try out some gift card options and move into the Crypto Castle.Living on Bitcoin Day 5: An In-Store Buy At Last (Spoiler: It’s Pot-Related)I finally make a point-of-sale purchase with bitcoin, hunt for Coinbase’s headquarters and chat with a young entrepreneur.Living on Bitcoin Day 6: An Artist, a Dev and a Moon Boy Walk Into a Bar...I continue my San Francisco experiment, spending bitcoin and attending a meetup in a crypto-friendly bar with some great, diverse company.Living on Bitcoin Day 7: A Supposedly Fun Thing I’d Definitely Do AgainI finally wrap up my week of living on bitcoin in San Francisco with visits to 20 Mission and bitcoin artist cryptograffiti. But first, I’ll have to survive a storm out on the Bay.Saying that I thrived while on bitcoin would be pushing it, but saying that I survived would be an embellishment.So I’ll put it another way: I subsisted. Plain and simple, I got by without buying into a strip club’s tit-for-tat (tit-for-bit?) or splurging on a high-dollar meal like Kashmir Hill did in 2014 (though I could do that here in Nashville, dropping fat sats for a meal at Flyte). Sure, the drinks at Stookey’s weren’t cheap, but they weren’t a bottle of Dom either. I got by without even buying a meal from a merchant during my trip, relying on bitcoin-bought Uber Eats credit and friends to keep me fed.My experience was both anticlimactic and blindsiding. I could have done it anywhere, something that I describe in the write-ups as fascinating and frustrating at the same time. I didn’t need San Francisco to spend my bitcoin (a city that, the week made quite clear, didn’t really want my bitcoin). Bitcoin didn’t need the merchants, though, to be useful; infrastructure, like Paxful and Bitrefill, made it useful.As the series unfolded on social media, plenty of other bitcoin-to-gift-card services, like Fold App and Bidali, reached out to me on Twitter, reaching for a chance at a PR plug (don’t

16 days ago

Quantstamp Short Term Potential

Quantstamp seems to have formed a bottom at $0.025, which has been tested on the 12th of September. Since then price started to move up in slow waves producing higher highs and higher lows, reaching $0.038 high. The recent corrective wave brought the price down to $0.03 area, where QSP/USD rejected the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level and price started to move up once again. Considering the recent price action, the upside momentum is likely to continue and if the recent high at $0.038 will be broken, next stop could be at $0.062, that is 61.8% Fibs level. It is also possible that prior to the uptrend price will consolidate, but only break and close below the $0.24 would invalidate bullish outlook.

18 days ago

Quantstamp News: 💻 Quantstamp Protocol Progress and Plannin...

Quantstamp News: 💻 Quantstamp Protocol Progress and Planning 💪🏽 New Hires: Martinet 🗣️ Unitimes AMA 👌 Fujitsu Acce… https://t.co/UQDTx6B149

18 days ago

KuCoin Delists 7 Altcoins

KuCoin has announced that it delisted 7 altcoins from its trading platform. The Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange explained that Arcblock, Aeron, Data, IHT Real Estate Protocol, Polymath, Quantstamp and Substratum were disqualified based on their inability to meet the exchange’s requirements. All trading pairs related to the delisted coins will be closed at 18:00 (UTC+8) on Feb 3, 2019, and withdrawals will be accessible until May 3, 2019. KuCoin also added Grin with BTC, ETH and USDT trading pairs. (RS)

21 days ago

Quantstamp CTO Steven Stewart will be speaking Thursday in B...

Quantstamp CTO Steven Stewart will be speaking Thursday in Berlin at an Ethereum Foundation #meetup in Berlin! Drop… https://t.co/oEkmBsOKhR

a month ago

Living On Bitcoin Day 2: Being “Unbanked” Has Been Easy ... But Also Hard

This is the second instalment of reporter Colin Harper's "Living on Bitcoin" experience in San Francisco. Find out what happened to him on Day 1 here.I woke up on Christian’s couch stiff-necked and cotton-mouthed. A bit more fitting for the “living on internet money” survival vibe, yeah?A friend of a friend of Christian’s roommates (who are starting a business and moving to LA today) was out cold on an air mattress next to a stripped Christmas tree, snoring into the streams of soon-after-sunrise light filtering through the window. Another blow-up mattress adjacent to the couch was vacant. Its former occupant, Julian Martinez, a copywriter at Quantstamp and Christian’s friend, had left early in the morning, politely folding his sheets before he left.I trundled into the kitchen in search of coffee. Christian and his housemates grind their coffee and use a french press, which seemed rightly authentic for San Francisco. The Philz whole coffee beans were stashed in a cupboard along with some almond flour (also on point), spices and other ostensibly hipster culinary staples.Christian came in and we prepped the press. Sitting down for a cup in the dining area, the view from his apartment window seat offered up a gorgeous morning landscape of the residential area with the bay at its back.As he and his girlfriend left to pick up breakfast, I was confronted with the task of condensing the whole of yesterday’s events. In the flurry the day had become, I recorded the experience in scatterings between my phone, laptop and journal, typing or jotting whenever I had the time or inspiration struck. The words were distributed. It was just a matter of pulling them together and making them fit.So most of Saturday was spent reconciling how to pare down the experience (2,900 words later, I didn’t do a very good job). Christian and his girlfriend brought me back a croque madame from a local bakery and the San Franciscan sourdough lived up to its reputation. I wouldn’t wrap up the first draft until probably 6:00 p.m. that night.Of course, there were interruptions (like eating) that involved my careful attention and purchase planning. I still hadn’t done a point-of-sale (PoS) with bitcoin, and I thought I would have the opportunity at lunch with Curry Up Now.The once-foodtruck, now-local chain has become a sensation with its uncanny Indian-Mex and world food fusion fare. Chicken tikka masala burritos, deconstructed samosas and aloo gobi tacos coexist with Indian street food, pub food with a curried twist and even fried ravioli with masala dip.At one point in time, they accepted bitcoin, and most resources (like coinmap.org) indicated as much. But when I called to confirm, a hurried employee shot down my hopes.“No, I’m sorry we don’t,” she said, a bit short and stressed, with the commotion of a popular restaurant audible in the background.Hanging up, I hoped it wasn’t an omen for the other restaurants I was planning to call.Bummed as I was not to get to buy direct, the menu left me salivating so I ordered a tikka masala burrito with Uber Eats using my Bitrefill-bought Uber credit.Amazingly, when it arrived, I managed to lock myself out of Christian’s apartment while he, his girlfriend and a future roommate went to lunch. At least I had food and rooftop access.I took the mishap as an excuse to take a break from writing and go enjoy the view on the roof. Up top, I tore into my burrito (which is a divinely inspired culinary design, I’m convinced) and surveyed the vibrant view of a lazy Saturday.I wasn’t too concerned by the lockening, mainly because I knew Christian and friends would be home shortly. Plus my phone had a healthy charge so I could get somewhere if I needed to, though my BRD wallet had been a glitchy cause for concern. But I wasn’t going to starve while they were gone, so locking myself out was more of a dunce-cap moment than a shot in the foot.They got home when I was halfway through with my burrito. Great when life works out like that (sucks when it doesn’t though). Like the way transportation was panning out — and not just for me.Running around in Ubers all week is going to beat up my wallet pretty good and already has. Christian offered to mitigate the problem by renting me his bike, so when he got back he took me to the house’s garage to dig it out.When he opened the door, there was a pile of bikes chained together, none of which belonged to Christian’s house. They belonged to his neighbors, but their bikes were gone. Earlier, Christian had been griping about his roommate Matt leaving the cover off the rooftop grill — looks like he might have forgotten to lock up the bikes (and the garage), too. I wasn’t the only one with bike woes.Sucks when it doesn’t though.If I can buy a bike with bitcoin while I’m here, I intend to donate it to Christian’s house — a gesture of good faith for letting me shack up.Maybe that will be my first IRL transaction in this tech city.I stayed in the rest of the day, in part to write but

a month ago

Happy to be one of the first teams featured on Blockfolio Si...

Happy to be one of the first teams featured on Blockfolio Signals. Follow Quantstamp and stay up to date with impo… https://t.co/1j92i33I2D

a month ago

Our Head of Asia Kei Oda discussing the Quantstamp portfolio...

Our Head of Asia Kei Oda discussing the Quantstamp portfolio of security solutions for enterprise and ecosystem at… https://t.co/UcOESYqSHB

2 months ago

Quantstamp Engineer Yohei Oka explains how security is a con...

Quantstamp Engineer Yohei Oka explains how security is a continuous process at a joint meetup in Seoul with our fr… https://t.co/4Ua8sAmuRA

2 months ago

Top Asia Crypto News Roundup from Nov 29- Dec 1

What Crypto insiders are reading on Asia. Happy December! Thank you for your feedback on our new subscription service. As an appreciation, and for demonstrating that we are listening, we are offering our readers to try us out for just $5 a month. Use the code “december5” to get the offering or simply sign up through this link Separately, I will be moderating and spending several days at the World Digital Asset Summit in San Francisco from December 9th through 11th.Come talk to me about crypto and Asia, and meet all the other amazing speakers including Balaji Srinivasan and Lily Liu from Earn.com, Kyle Samani from Multicoin, Dawn Song from Oasis Labs, Avichal Garg from Electric Capital, and more. For a limited time, enjoy a 60% off to the conference with the code “wdas60” Share with Friends Top News in Asia from Wednesday to Saturday China’s regulator updates its crypto ranking for the 7th time — BTC upgraded from the 19th place in the previous month to the 13th place, EOS continues to occupy the top position of the overall ranking, followed by Ethereum: http://bit.ly/2zzszx1 Binance Info Gold Label Project aims to protect the blockchain community by encouraging projects themselves to update and maintain project-related information, alleviating the risk from information asymmetry. http://bit.ly/2KK5zQh Dan Larimer from EOS is reportedly working on a “token that would be immutable, nonprogrammable, and limited to a currency role.” http://bit.ly/2KOhAE0 Coinshares, a crypto research firm, estimates that 77.6% of bitcoin mining uses renewable energy and part of the answer lies in Sichuan, China. https://on.mktw.net/2KMasZ1 Bitcoin mining firm Canaan Creative temporarily cut prices across all of its crypto mining devices to $200 each in amidst bitcoin prices rebounding. http://bit.ly/2KSstVL SV Insight Research’s and Dapp dot com latest report on the “State of the Dapps” show that Chinese developers are leading the decentralized app charts with their gambling dApps. Coin and Token News Consensys works with Philippines to have its Manila residents paid in Ethereum for cleaning up Philippines’ polluted beaches: http://bit.ly/2DUrGSz ICON Team received the Korean ‘Minister of Science and ICT (MSIT) Award’ in recognition of its contributions to the development and popularization of the blockchain industry in Korea. http://bit.ly/2BL8GVa Steemit, Inc. is close to going belly-up and laid off 70% of their staff. http://bit.ly/2BK365f Deals and Funds Former Huobi CTO James Ju is launching a cryptocurrency exchange by the end the yearin Singapore. The exchange, which will be called BHEX, raised $15 million in equity from OKEx and Huobi, DHVC, Dfund, BlockVC and Genesis Capital: http://bit.ly/2U2Zy5l TRON announced its plans to launch a blockchain gaming fund dubbed TRON Arcade,$100 million over the next three years: http://bit.ly/2E7NzhZ Pundi X is partnering Singapore-based Quantum Energy Asset Management to launch a $100-million blockchain fund in January 2019. http://bit.ly/2KK3i7q Exchange News KuCoin, Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange collaborated with Simplex to enable its user to purchase cryptocurrencies using their credit and debit cards. http://bit.ly/2KNFaB0 OKEx’s new Piggybank product enable hodlers to lend their fund as margin loans to margin traders. http://bit.ly/2KKkkCn Huobi US launched the first exchange billboard campaign in San Francisco. As part of the campaign, HBUS will eliminate all trading fees throughout the end of the year.http://bit.ly/2KMbsfR Regulation News India and Russia are to cooperate in blockchain amongst other tech areas, and both countries are increasingly looking towards utilizing blockchain’s potential within fintech and other sectors. http://bit.ly/2zDmUWB South Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT will develop a blockchain voting system that will go on trial in the private sector in December. https://zd.net/2BK9qcZ Malaysian Finance Minister has revealed that a new set of comprehensive regulations guiding the activities of crypto exchanges and ICOs will come into effect in Q1 2019.http://bit.ly/2rh3h1U Business News Bitmain has launched a new cryptocurrency index as a benchmark for investors with a real-time spot price that is updated every second, and a daily reference price that is published once a day: http://bit.ly/2DUCBvs A Chinese cryptocurrency company plans to introduce a so-called “digital peso” inPhillipines next year to serve not only overseas Filipino workers but also Chinese nationals working here in the Philippines. http://bit.ly/2KMfbKm Taiwan-based tech giant Asus is now letting gamers use their GPUs to earn passive income when not being used for other PC tasks. Earnings will be paid out via PayPal or WeChat:http://bit.ly/2SmyKeF The Japanese arm of computer giant Microsoft has partnered with nascent blockchain startup LayerX to “accelerate” uptake of the technology: http://bit.ly/2U64Nky Japanese video platform c0ban.tv pays users its own cryptocu

3 months ago

Podcast Transcript: CryptoAge Obi on Japan’s Regulatory Sentiment and its Growing Blockchain Developers Ecosystem

Checkout our Latest Podcast with Obi In this episode, Joyce Yang from Global Coin Research is joined by Yusuke Obinata, aka Obi, founder of CryptoAge. Obi is deeply involved with the Blockchain community in Japan, and he has been helping multiple US blockchain projects go to market in Japan including Cryptokitties, Quantstamp, and Kadena. Through CryptoAge, Obi organizes frequent, large size developer meetups in Tokyo. He is also the lead organizer of NodeTokyo 2018, the first kind of blockchain developer conference in Tokyo. In this podcast, Obi and Joyce discuss the latest regulatory sentiment towards crypto in Japan, the growing blockchain developers ecosystem and how he advises projects in the US to go to market there. Obi Something interesting thing about Japanese market is that actually a lot of tech enterprises from the big like listed companies to startup interested in Blockchain and most of them have already started working on building something. Joyce Yang Welcome to the Global Coin Podcast. A Podcast where we hear from leading global operators and investors in crypto with their thoughts on the Asia Blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Asia is really a cryptocurrency hub, and understanding the region is as important as understanding what’s going on locally. We also have a newsletter that highlights all the important crypto news coming out of Asia with many translated by our staff directly from the local media. Check it out at [globalcoinresearch.com] I’m your host Joyce Yang and today I am joined by Obi aka Obi founder of CryptoAge. Obi is deeply involved with the Blockchain community in Japan and he has been helping multiple US Blockchain projects go to market in Japan including CryptoKitties, Quantstamp and Kadena. Through CryptoAge, Obi organizes frequent large sized developer meetups in Tokyo. He’s also the lead organizer of NodeTokyo 2018, the first kind of Blockchain developer conference in Tokyo. In this podcast, Obi and I discussed the latest regulatory sentiment towards crypto in Japan, the growing Blockchain developer’s ecosystem and how he advises projects in the US to go to market there. Obi My name is Obi. Yusuke Obinata in Japanese full name, but people call me Obi like Obiwan from Star Wars. I’m based mostly in Tokyo and I’m the founder of CryptoAge which is the Blockchain community for developers in Japan who are excited about crypto Blockchain. I’ve been helping a lot of international Blockchain projects and communities in everything that can be the bridge between them and Japan. So I’ve been helping projects like Quantstamp, OmiseGo, CryptoKitties. I’ve also helped Ethereume foundation to set up the first big meetup which happened in Tokyo back in March which Vitalik and Gavin Wood, Joseph Poon. There were others who came to Japan and we had like 500 people joining us. Joyce Yang That’s really great and I’ve been hearing about you from many different people in the States, who whenever I mentioned I want to try to better understand Japan, they tell me that “you should go meet Obi.” So I’m so glad you’re here on the show and talking to us... Obi Thank you for having me. Joyce Yang Yeah I know it’s great. We love to learn more about what’s going on in Japan and you being here physically it definitely will be very interesting, could you share your perspectives on what’s going on there versus what you’re seeing in the rest of the world. Obi Yes, that’s good. Joyce Yang Yeah. So in terms of crypto and what we’ve seen in the last 6 months in the country, what are your top kind of takeaways for our audience? Obi I think Japan has been like one of the biggest crypto markets in terms of like trading, holding f the Bitcoin and like a general adoption of crypto. So that’s yeah exactly what I’ve been seeing in the past few years. So I’ve gotten into crypto since 2014 when I was working at traditional VC firms investing in Tokyo and Southeast Asia. We’ve invested in a crypto exchange called BitFlyer, we were one of the first investors in 2014. So I’ve seen the market since then and especially until like the beginning of this year, Japan is all about trading and speculation. There haven’t been many developer communities here. Starting from this year, I’ve seen more and more meetups or communities started being formed. And then also, I’ve started one of them and especially in the last 6 months, I’ve seen a huge growth of interest from the developers and also students who don’t really care about the price of the crypto, they’re more interested in the technology and innovative side of the Blockchain. Joyce Yang That’s really interesting. It sounds like you’re saying that the market has really spurred a group of individuals who are very interested in building and developing for the cryptocurrency projects and you’re very involved with that. Obi Yeah. Through CryptoAge, I’ve been hosting meetups for young developers and students at least like once or twice in a month starting fr

3 months ago

Questions about the Quantstamp Protocol or interested in wha...

Questions about the Quantstamp Protocol or interested in what we're up to? Join our CEO Richard Ma in our weekly Te… https://t.co/ARrWpQ8mI3

3 months ago

Quantstamp Assurance, Protocol upgrades, new team members, D...

Quantstamp Assurance, Protocol upgrades, new team members, Devcon 4 and more. Here's what's been going on at Quants… https://t.co/8OVrfldlKB

3 months ago

It was a pleasure to have @SVK_Crypto at the Quantstamp offi...

It was a pleasure to have @SVK_Crypto at the Quantstamp offices. SVK Crypto is an community driven investment fund.… https://t.co/S1OWV7ugrx

3 months ago

Proud to have hosted the Blockchain Advocacy Coalition at Qu...

Proud to have hosted the Blockchain Advocacy Coalition at Quantstamp HQ in San Francisco. We were happy to have… https://t.co/1ErKZ9pRwA

3 months ago

Check out this recent interview of Quantstamp Business Devel...

Check out this recent interview of Quantstamp Business Development guru Don Ho by @crypt0snews at #devcon4 about ho… https://t.co/YnFX7j5QNR

3 months ago

Following the recent audit of the @omise_go Plasma MVP contr...

Following the recent audit of the @omise_go Plasma MVP contracts, Quantstamp CEO Richard Ma and Sr. Research Eng. M… https://t.co/9UPm4RCseq

3 months ago

Quantstamp partners with OmiseGo to make Ethereum safer by securing plasma MVP

CryptoNinjas Quantstamp, the blockchain security company developing protocols that enhance smart contract security recently conducted their most significant audit to date: OmiseGo’s Minimum Viable Plasma (MVP) implementation. Quantstamp’s objective... Quantstamp partners with OmiseGo to make Ethereum safer by securing plasma MVP

4 months ago

Join Quantstamp and @Modularbanking as a part of the ...

Join Quantstamp and @Modularbanking as a part of the https://t.co/Ni3WMksZ1t in the Coquelicot room at 10am (Prague… https://t.co/Kw7BAGggiv

4 months ago

OMG Have You Heard About The New OmiseGo Update?!

Not many altcoins went through the bear market and came out looking good on the other side and OmiseGo isn’t an exception. Some have quite simply faded away while others continue on with their projects no matter the token market prices. The team at OmiseGo has done this and has recently updated the community on their latest updates in the ecosystem. In a Medium post yesterday, a quick message was said to send the message that the project is still sticking to its guns and new developers are still being made. The team has moved away from a milestone model stating that “It’s been our experience that the milestone model has led to a cycle of waiting, speculation, frustration, brief excitement upon release, and then recommencement of waiting, with not enough clarity in between.” Instead, they are using a tracker to show the advancements with less time and lists jobs to be finished for each milestone. The end goal is to make the time periods between each milestone not as shrouded and “interminable”. The OMG Network intends to serve as a decentralised exchange. The ecosystem, as it stands, consists of an application interface, eWallet suite, Plasma Blockchain scalability framework, decentralised exchange layer and a proof of stake consensus mechanism. The thought process is that once connected to Ethereum and plasma, users will be able to receive, send and store digital currencies and tokenised fiat on the eWallet software. The medium post added, “We will expand the capabilities of the OMG Network to support additional currencies, working toward a fully currency agnostic exchange.” As said by Ethereum World News, a big part of the ecosystem is Plasma and this layer of 2 scaling solution could introduce a whole new area for transaction speeds to the current blockchain systems which are essentially limited. Plasma takes the pressure off the root chain with a few extra security protocols. DevCon4 is the next venture for the team, however, part of which includes the auditing of the network and plasma integration by Quantstamp, a smart contract company. You can see the two firms interacting on Twitter here: Thank you @Quantstamp for all your hard work and valuable feedback so far! https://t.co/BXoq2jtl6z — OmiseGO (@omise_go) 30 October 2018 What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think down below in the comments! googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1538128067916-0'); }); The post OMG Have You Heard About The New OmiseGo Update?! appeared first on Crypto Daily™.

4 months ago

OmiseGO (OMG) Recovering as Ecosystem Update Posted, Plasma Audit Successful

Few altcoins have survived the bear market of 2018 and OmiseGO has been no exception. Some have simply fallen away while others continue on with their projects regardless of token market prices. The Omise team has done just that, recently updating the community on latest developments in the ecosystem. Yesterday’s medium post serves as a reminder that the project is still sticking to its roadmap and new developments are still being made. The team has moved away from a milestone model stating; “It’s been our experience that the milestone model has led to a cycle of waiting, speculation, frustration, brief excitement upon release, and then recommencement of waiting, with not enough clarity in between.” Instead they are using a tracker to show progress on a smaller timescale which lists tasks to be completed for each milestone. The aim is to make periods between each milestone “less mysterious and interminable”. The OMG Network aims to serve as a decentralized exchange (DEX). The current ecosystem consists of a eWallet Suite and Application Interface, Plasma Blockchain Scalability Framework, Decentralized Exchange Layer, and Proof-of-Stake Consensus Mechanism. The concept is that once connected to Ethereum and plasma, users will be able to send, receive and store cryptocurrencies such as ERC-20, ERC-721, tokenized fiat, and so on using the eWallet software. “We will expand the capabilities of the OMG Network to support additional currencies, working toward a fully currency agnostic exchange,” the post added. Plasma is a big part of the ecosystem and this layer 2 scaling solution could bring a whole new realm of transaction speeds to current blockchain systems which are fundamentally limited. By using child chains Plasma takes the pressure off the root chain with additional security protocols. The team is gearing up for DevCon4, part of which includes the auditing of the network and Plasma integration by smart contract security firm, Quantstamp; Thank you @Quantstamp for all your hard work and valuable feedback so far! https://t.co/BXoq2jtl6z — OmiseGO (@omise_go) October 30, 2018 “Tesuji Plasma is the first iteration of OmiseGO plasma-based implementation. The design is based on Minimal Viable Plasma. Tesuji is currently on our internal testnet. Audits are in progress with Quantstamp and Synthetic Minds” At the time of writing OMG is one of the few altcoins recovering today. According to CMC it is up 3.5% to $3.21. Over the past few months however OMG has suffered the same fate as all of the other altcoins, a big attack of the bears. The post OmiseGO (OMG) Recovering as Ecosystem Update Posted, Plasma Audit Successful appeared first on Ethereum World News.

4 months ago

OmiseGO Registers Gains Following the News of a Successful Plasma Audit

In a medium post, smart contract security company Quantstamp announced that OMG's plasma audit was successful. Plasma which is part of OMG's ecosystem is a scaling solution which will increase transaction speeds to the blockchain systems that are currently in use. The announcement of the successful plasma audit impacted the OMG price notably. Following the announcement, OMG registered gains of 3.5% to trade at $3.21. The gains were significant since the market is currently stable with coins recording minor price changes.(KE)

4 months ago

Quantstamp speaking about “Security and the mainstream adopt...

Quantstamp speaking about “Security and the mainstream adoption of blockchain” to a packed standing-room only audie… https://t.co/WsrjE0c2m2

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Plasma Update #5 - October 8, 2018

## Production This sprint has been focused on getting the Watcher API ready for an internal deployment and end-to-end integration. This includes fixes for bugs encountered when reporting initial deposits in the watcher and when publishing multiple plasma blocks at the same root chain block height. We’ve improved the API for reporting account balances and submitting transactions through the watcher. We’ve also improved performance syncing with the child chain. We’re deep in our audits of the Plasma MVP root chain contracts with Quantstamp and Synthetic Minds. Once we have the results, we’ll report back on any issues they’ve found and how we’re addressing them. We made a fix to the root chain contracts to address an attack vector on how `finalizeExits()` performs on long exit queues when there’s insufficient gas to clear all the exits. We now have the ability to use an `_exits_to_process` parameter so that `finalizeExits` can continue to work in the event of very long exit queues. Speaking of integration: we’re putting the final touches on our first integration library before making that repo and npm module (Node Package Manager, a JavaScript packaging format) public as well. We’ve chosen to use JavaScript for the first library since it’s one of the most accessible and widely-used languages. This is considered an early alpha version; the initial feature set of the library will support deposits into and transactions on the child chain, primarily interacting with the watcher. This library provides the end-to-end infrastructure for integrating an end-user application, from application to library to watcher to child chain. This is good news for the eWallet team too - this release paves the way for their next steps on blockchain integration. ## Research ### Plasma Cash We’ve been working with a few people on some pretty cool research related to Plasma Cash, building off Vitalik’s [atomic swap](https://ethresear.ch/t/plasma-cash-minimal-atomic-swap/3409) and [defragmentation](https://ethresear.ch/t/plasma-cash-defragmentation/3410) work. Part of this research is a simplification of the atomic swap protocol. The other part of this work is a generalization of Vitalik’s idea of using very small denomination coins to simulate fungible assets in Plasma Cash. These designs are currently being cleaned/written up and should be published to ethresear.ch in the next week. We’ve also been tackling the problem of [large histories](https://www.learnplasma.org/pages/research.html#shorter-proofs) in Plasma Cash, which is currently the biggest barrier to using Plasma Cash for large-scale use cases. This is a pretty hard problem, and it seems like we probably can’t solve it in a clean way without something fancy (like maybe [RSA accumulators](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accumulator_%28cryptography%29)). We’re looking into this more deeply right now and will continue to update as we get further. ### RLP Encoding With the help of the community (and [GitCoin!](https://gitcoin.co/)), we managed to bring together a [standardized and tested RLP encoding library for Solidity](https://github.com/bakaoh/solidity-rlp-encode). This makes it possible to [RLP encode](https://github.com/ethereum/wiki/wiki/RLP) things inside a smart contract running on Ethereum, which can be useful for certain Plasma implementations. We’re not using this in production (not efficient enough), but we’re making use of it for [More Minimal Plasma](https://github.com/kfichter/more-minimal-plasma), a simplified Plasma MVP smart contract implementation meant to demonstrate exactly how Plasma MVP works. If you’re a developer looking to learn more about Plasma, you should check out the [RootChain smart contract](https://github.com/kfichter/more-minimal-plasma/blob/master/plasma/contracts/RootChain.sol). ## Plasma Implementers Call #15 Notes *The video for this call has not yet been posted - we will update this post with a link once it is available* * More work on Plasma Debit! A detailed specification is in the works and should be published soon. * Atomic swaps are really hard. * Atomic swaps safe from operator griefing are even harder. Griefing is always a potential problem if there’s an information asymmetry. * People are working on figuring out optimal bond prices. This is a very economics-heavy question and depends on a lot of variables. * [Optimistic Cheap Multi-Exits](https://ethresear.ch/t/optimistic-cheap-multi-exit-for-plasma-cash-or-mvp/1893/) are one way to reduce the gas cost of withdrawing funds from the Plasma chain. * There might be a way to derive Plasma Debit from Plasma Cash if there’s a good mechanism for [sibling splits/merges](https://ethresear.ch/t/one-proposal-for-plasma-cash-with-coin-splitting-and-merging/1447). * Some discussion about what will happen if users lose the information necessary to exit, based on [this ethresear.ch question](https://ethresear.ch/t/how-can-a-user-submit-an-exit-if-he-loses-his-proof/3127). It’s l...

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Congratulations to @jacobmort and his project Quantstamp Bad...

Congratulations to @jacobmort and his project Quantstamp Badge for winning the @ETHSanfrancisco Quantstamp bounty f… https://t.co/2inNAfHPah

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43 New Tokens to Be Added to Ethos Universal Wallet

The Ethos blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem recently announced that the upcoming 1.3 update to its Universal Wallet will include 43 new token integrations. The app will be updated for both Android and iOS devices and will be released following the completion of the current beta-testing. The wallet recently announced the integration of Dash and Litecoin, and will soon be followed by numerous popular projects including Pundi X, Quantstamp, NAGA, Fusion, Mainframe, District0x, Huobi Token, and UTRUST. (JF)

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