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@lolzololzololz the new version NEO Cli 2.10.0 will be used ...

@lolzololzololz the new version NEO Cli 2.10.0 will be used on TestNet for a period of at least two weeks. If it pr…

a day ago

Note to all NEO users 📢TestNet upgrade will take place on Ma...

Note to all NEO users 📢TestNet upgrade will take place on Mar.18, 2019, 9:00-11:00 GMT+0. Users may experience unst…

2 days ago

Key NEO 3.0 Component, dBFT Ver 2.0 Released, Soon to Be Deployed to Testnet, Mainnet

Erik Zhang, the co-founder of NEO, one of the world’s largest platforms for building and deploying decentralized applications (dApps), has revealed that NEO blockchain’s consensus algorithm, the delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance mechanism (dBFT) version 2.0 has been updated.

3 days ago

To retrieve the open source code of NEO CLI 2.10.0, go on to...

To retrieve the open source code of NEO CLI 2.10.0, go on to Also, the specifications of dB…

3 days ago

#TOKEN2049 was held in Hong Kong today. Guests included the ...

#TOKEN2049 was held in Hong Kong today. Guests included the Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, NEO founder Hongfei D…

4 days ago

It’s happening now! Founder of NEO, @dahongfei together with...

It’s happening now! Founder of NEO, @dahongfei together with @aeternity @xinshudong @czhuling @PiersRidyard is up o…

4 days ago

Blockfolio Integrates with Slack to Allow the Teams Behind Major Cryptos to Connect with Users

The popular cryptocurrency focused mobile app Blockfolio has announced a new Slack integration for Blockfolio Signal which allows the teams behind the top cryptocurrencies to connect with their communities. There are currently over 350 team leaders actively broadcast on Signal with representation from most of the top 200 projects including Monero, Dash, NEO, NEM, Ethereum Classic, 0x, and Ontology. With this integration, project teams, traders, and enthusiasts can remain informed and the most recent developments through the convenience of a Slack channel. (JF)

5 days ago

NEO is on its way to be the one-stop #blockchaingame solutio...

NEO is on its way to be the one-stop #blockchaingame solution platform! Now, NEO supports most game engines, has st…

5 days ago

@lostlink3 Hi! NNC, SDUSD, YEZ have been distributed to your...

@lostlink3 Hi! NNC, SDUSD, YEZ have been distributed to your NEO wallet if you stayed till the end of…

5 days ago

NEO Blockchain Went Down for Over an Hour on Sunday

According to a discussion the Reddit, the NEO blockchain was down for over an hour earlier on Sunday and there has yet to be any official announcement as to the reason. Based on the discussion from the comments section on the post, multiple users verified that the NEO blockchain was frozen and not producing any more blocks. At the time of writing, the network has resumed operation and new blocks are now being produced, but the lack of communication between the NEO devs and the NEO communitiy continues to be minimal. (JF)

6 days ago

The Neo blockchain is down for over 1 hour!

Posted it on the Neo reddit but it got deleted. Go figure. So I’ll thought gonna try it in r/CryptoCurrency. Hope it doesn’t get deleted here. People need to know the good things but also the bad things! Dapps like Switcheo (decentralized exchange) can’t work when no new transactions can be done on the chain. Still no word yet from the devs on Reddit & Discord. Edit: New blocks are being produced again.

7 days ago

Jiachao Wang, Eco Growth Director of NEO Global Development,...

Jiachao Wang, Eco Growth Director of NEO Global Development, mentioned in his keynote speech that the goal of NEO i…

8 days ago

Top Cryptos in India According to the Exchanges

According to data from some of the top Indian crypto exchanges, so far this year the top traded cryptocurrencies are unsurprisingly Bitcoin and Ethereum. XRP comes in third, which should also come as no shock as their preference pretty much lines up with the top 3 cryptocurrencies by Market Cap, but the correlation ends there. The fourth most popular crypto is actually Tron (TRX), followed by Bittorrent token (BTT) coming in fifth. Some other honorable mentions include THETA, ADA, EOS, NEO and BNB. (JF)

8 days ago

Novem is Changing the Way That Gold is Bought, Sold, and Stored

Featured - Gold has long been considered as a secure and relatively risk-free store of value for investors looking to diversify their funds or hedge against more volatile assets, like stocks. However, transferring the process of investing in gold from traditional investments, which have high barriers to entry, to crypto investments has been challenging because of the complex process required to validate the quantity stored as well as the ownership. Andreas Kalteis (CMO, Novem) Novem is creating a more accountable gold industry by making it more accessible to everyone. Through the use of advanced blockchain technology, Novem provides an immutable, secure, and distributed ledger of ownership, which delivers security for gold buyers, refiners and investors while providing the transparency that protects all investors—especially those unfamiliar with gold investment. Novem’s mission is to improve the gold industry by emphasizing safety, transparency, and trust. The company was founded in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, which is known for being regulatory friendly towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups. Their Gold reserves are stored in Frankfurt Germany by a secure storage company called Loomis. Technology Novem uses the NEO blockchain platform to offer two cryptocurrency tokens: Novem 999.9 (NNN) Gold Tokens and NOVM Utility Tokens. According to Novem, the NEO blockchain was chosen because it provides incredible functionality, a great developer community, and superior security. Other technologies Novem uses to build its platform include Ruby, Ember, Typescript, and Python. The Novem 999.9 (NNN) Gold Token is named after the common purity measure of gold, 999.9%. The features of the Novem 999.9 (NNN) gold token include: 100 NNN = 1 gram of gold. Can be traded on the blockchain (classed as a Stablecoin due to its price being pagged to real gold). The token price is tied to the current market gold price. The token is classed as security. Gold reserves certified by LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) - the world’s most respected gold authority. Holders receive a physical certificate for all gold deposits. NNN tokens are not part of the ITO (initial token offering). The NOVM token is a utility token used to pay for services and trading costs relating to the 999.9 gold token. Main Features Include: Receive bonuses when you purchase physical gold (NNN tokens). They are built on the NEO blockchain. Provides additional benefits for current and future partners. Can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges Value Proposition In trying to improve the gold industry, Novem offers the following value propositions: The transaction settlement takes place in seconds, with an unalterable transaction record on the blockchain. The ability of people in unstable countries to store wealth that can be safely taken across borders in an emergency. Industry participants (such as refiners, merchants, and repositories) can exchange large volumes of gold in seconds from anywhere in the world. An opportunity for anyone to safely own real gold. In-store service discounts and 999.9 benefits with NOVEM utility token. Also, Novem’s relationship with key industry players (including refineries) means that they offer highly competitive gold prices for purchasers. Lastly, a small percentage of the total company’s revenue is being used to buy back NOVM Utility Tokens, creating further scarcity. The Team Novem’s team includes a group of experts with a wide range of experiences, including international trading of precious metals and stones, digital development, online and offline marketing, business development and project management. The founders have experience trading gold internationally in locations like Germany, Austria, and the UAE. Final Remarks Novem combines blockchain security and transparency with old economy world-leading standards on protecting gold investments at the time of purchase, storage, and sale. It is the safest gold cryptocurrency token in the world, linking immutable blockchain technology with LBMA-certified physical gold and is set to transform the precious metal industry. The post Novem is Changing the Way That Gold is Bought, Sold, and Stored appeared first on CryptoPotato.

9 days ago

$25 Trillion Spent in US Pursuing Trust, Can Blockchain Eliminate it Completely?

With the immense tribalism surrounding the cryptocurrency space and semantic arguments over abstract concepts like “decentralisation” often dominating crypto discourse, it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and what all this building and experimentation is progressing towards. Andreas Antonopoulos often argues that cryptocurrency is just the first application of the nascent technology that is blockchain, but what exactly does he mean? My personal highlight of the first day of NEO DevCon 2019 was a presentation given by Dr Chris Berg from RMIT University’s Blockchain Innovation Hub. Berg provided an excellent “zoomed-out” view of the disruptive potential of blockchain technology in a section of the program titled, “Crypto-Economics and the Future of the Global Economy.” NEO Conference Seattle, 2019 Blockchain Tech: A Weapon of Mass Disruption? As you would expect, most of the presentations at NEO DevCon 2019 focused directly on development happening both on the NEO protocol itself, as well as the building out of decentralised applications on the network. Berg took the crowd in an entirely different direction - providing a refreshing break from the tech-heavy program that preceded his presentation. In his talk, the computer science researcher set forth one potential view of a future global economy facilitated by crypto and blockchain tech. Drawing on the work of Nobel prize-winning economists before him, Berg and the Blockchain Innovation Hub have been studying how ledger technology and, more importantly, distributed ledger technology shapes society. Berg argues that one of the major problems addressed by blockchain technology is the coordination of economic activity when faced with distributed information. Previously, one of the biggest issues with such a coordination is trust - or lack of it. Berg estimates that a staggering 35 percent of today’s US labour force - or about $25 trillion - is required to create enough trust between disparate parties for our current systems to function as they do today. Institutions such as markets, firms, and governments are currently used to provide trust between entities to coordinate economic activity. Yet they are inefficient in doing so. According to Berg, blockchain technology itself can be considered as one of these trust-enabling institutions. He argues that previous institutions provide little more than a way to operationalise or manage various ledger relationships. Ledger technology, of course, provides humanity a way to map and verify agreed facts - who owns what, for example. These ledgers can document ownership of value, as is the case of money or property. Even companies themselves can be seen as ledgers - a record of labour, capital, and processes. Berg argues that the world changes each time ledger technology changes. He cites writing as the technology that gave us market society, double entry bookkeeping as changing the future of global capitalism, centralised distributed databases allowing for Empire capitalism, and finally global financial capitalism being made possible by digital ledgers. Dr. Berg claims that each time ledger technology changes, so too does society. Enter the Distributed Digital Ledger According to Berg the invention of decentralised, distributed databases - or as we like to call them blockchains - allows for what he terms the “crypto economy.” Berg argues that the 20th century was characterised by the debate between centralised and decentralised economies - capitalism versus socialism, essentially. History tells us that decentralised economies seem to dominate centralised ones. Blockchain technology takes this a step further. It allows for information about said economy to be decentralised too. By decentralising ledger technology, we as a species can move into “the next stage of economic discussion.” Blockchain technology is a new economic infrastructure capable of creating entirely new economies based on principles of non-hierarchical organisation: “Blockchains are going to change not just the way we do things but the governance structures in which we do them.” This disrupts a long-run economic dynamic. Blockchain can provide governance to complex economic relationships without relying on hierarchy as governments and companies are forced to. The result of this, for Berg and his colleagues, is fewer massive organisational forms (companies) and smaller governments. They call this process “dehierarchicalisation.” By creating trust through code, we can do away with the grossly inefficient, corruptible, and expensive hierarchical organisation that has dominated much of human history. We are, of course, only just discovering the true implications of this technological advancement. The technology itself is not quite there yet either. The main stumbling block for now is scalability. Yet, we have already seen the successful application of the tech in crypto assets such as Bitcoin and Ether. This is just the beginning. As the technology

9 days ago

Crypto Market Wrap: Could Cooling Off Lead to a Weekend Dump?

Crypto markets cooling as we end the week; EOS drops to fifth, IOTA and NEO still buoyant, surges. Market Wrap There have been no further gains on crypto markets over the past 24 hours and they appear to be starting a pullback as we round out the week. Total market capitalization has remained over $130 billion but red is starting to infiltrate the charts indicating that this run at least could be over for now. Bitcoin hit $3,940 again but that was as high as it got and heavy resistance forced it back down again. Generally there has been very little movement in BTC prices over the past day and it has dropped back a little to $3,915 where it currently trades. Ethereum has also started to break down over the past day as it drops almost 2% back to $137. ETH prices are back to where they were this time last Friday after a Monday dump to below $130. XRP has been even weaker as the market cap gap expands again to $1.4 billion. The Ripple token as dropped another 1.5% taking it back to $0.314. Every crypto asset in the top ten is red during today’s Asian trading session. EOS, Bitcoin Cash and Tron are dropping the most at almost 3% each. Litecoin has retaken fourth spot as it remains relatively stable on the day, however the gap between LTC and EOS is only $50 million so a reflippening could occur soon. There are a couple of beacons of green in the top twenty at the time of writing. IOTA is making a rare move upwards with almost 3% added and Bitcoin SV and NEO are close behind with a 2% gain on the day. Ontology is still bullish with a 5% climb today but the rest are falling back marginally. FOMO: Chain Climbing CRO is getting a big pump today as it surges 44% to $0.020. Daily volume has over doubled to $600 million as the new Chain token gathers momentum with crypto powered Visa cards. The firm has just hired Rovio Executive, Kasim Zorlu, to the leadership team as SVP Head of Growth to drive customer acquisition. Enjin Coin is also spiking at the moment with 40% on the day as the gaming platform continues to expand. Aurora is not far behind with a 32% fomo pump. There are no double digit dumps going on at the moment in the top one hundred but ABBC Coin is cooling off after its epic surge as it drops 8%. Total market cap 24 hours. Total crypto market capitalization has remained the same as these low cap coins do not really impact the market as a whole. A slight decline has dropped cap back to $133 billion but daily volume has remained high at $30 billion. Could this cooling lead to another dump over the weekend? Resistance remains strong so it is very possible. Market Wrap is a section that takes a daily look at the top cryptocurrencies during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Crypto Market Wrap: Could Cooling Off Lead to a Weekend Dump? appeared first on NewsBTC.

9 days ago

nOS Launching New nOS Poker Game By Hosing Free Poker Tournament

nOS, the “virtual operating system” for the NEO blockchain, recently announced its new online game nOS Poker and will host free poker tournament on March 9th, 2019. nOS Poker is the ecosystem’s “first full-fledged online game,” and is meant to help bring active users to the platform. The tournament will also help to serve as a beta and stress-test for the project and is open to the first 90 sign-ups who hold a minimum of 500 NOS tokens. Participation is free, so no users tokens will be spent, and the top nine participants will split a prize pool of 2,500 NOS tokens. (JF)

10 days ago

Breaking: eToro Officially Touches Down On U.S. Soil

Today, social trading and multi-asset brokerage company eToro announced its long anticipated arrival to U.S. customers. Already operating in 140 countries with a base of over 10 million users, the platform will now open its doors to customers in 32 U.S. states and territories, who will now have access to eToro’s plethora of trading, asset management, collaborative and educational features including: CopyTrader: Which allows users to allocate funds for automated and proportional trades identical to trades of other users, allowing beginners to emulate strategies of more experienced traders. CopyPortfolios: Portfolios curated by eToro’s experienced analysts that bundle together crypto assets based on specific trading strategies. Three portfolios will be available at this feature’s launch, with plans for further updates. Support for 13 digital assets available for trading: Including; BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, DASH, BCH, XLM, Ethereum Classic, NEO, EOS, ADA and Zcash. Multi-Signature crypto wallet: Providing secure storage for BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP and XLM for easy token transfers and instant token conversions to improve inter-asset liquidity. eToro’s hallmark strength is its accessibility to traders of various financial backgrounds and differing degrees of expertise, allowing users to display their track records, portfolios, recent trades, and strategies thus facilitating the exchange of trading ideas and the optimization of user portfolios. eToro also offers bonus incentives for experienced traders who wish to share their strategies by compensating traders with a proven track record for their performance. Now, this unique blend of trading, educational and social elements is available to traders based in the U.S. eToro’s mission has always been to span the gap between traditional and digital finance, between the old and the new. In an official press release, eToro CEO Yoni Assia said: “For the first time, Americans can collaborate with other crypto traders when making buying and selling decisions. Users can adjust their trading strategies by watching and learning from others on the platform. eToro also acts as a bridge between the old world of investing and a blockchain-powered future.” Early investors also feel that in positioning itself as the binding element from the old to new financial worlds, eToro has secured a lucrative lucrative niche. Santo Politi, General Partner at Spark Capital said: “Since Spark Capital’s initial investment in 2012, we believed that eToro would lead the charge in disrupting the financial services market. eToro’s launch into the U.S. market marks a significant milestone for the company as it builds a leadership position in the online trading space.” Moving forward, global financial markets will almost certainly see a shakeup in trends. Millennials show a dismally low interest in stocks and bonds versus a markedly high enthusiasm for purchasing and using cryptocurrencies among the same group. The advent of the new digital asset class along with a general air of distrust towards wall street among younger generations could spell major changes in the way capital flows in the developing world economy. The author is invested in digital assets, but none were mentioned in this article. Join the conversation on Telegram and Twitter! The post Breaking: eToro Officially Touches Down On U.S. Soil appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

10 days ago

Neo (NEO) Community Continues To Grow, Price Poised For A Big Breakout

Neo (NEO) long hailed as the Chinese Ethereum is now on an ambitious plan to grow its community. In the past few months, we have seen Neo (NEO) make a lot of progress towards building a loyal community. In this market, a loyal community is even more important for the survival and growth of a cryptocurrency. No matter how weak a project might be from a technological standpoint, if it has a loyal community it will do well. In the past, we have seen this force keep a lot of projects relevant and we have also seen the absence of this force render a lot of good projects obsolete. One of such blockchain projects with minimal use cases but a strong community is Dogecoin (DOGE). Strong community support keeps demand for projects like Dogecoin (DOGE) alive. If Dogecoin (DOGE) can do so well with a strong community, Neo (NEO) can certainly do a lot better considering its superior technology and widespread use cases. The Neo Ecosystem is even better than that of Ethereum in most ways. However, for a long time the team behind Neo (NEO were focused more on the product than marketing of the product. Although Neo (NEO) enjoyed a lot of hype during the bull market, the interest was mostly organic and the team did not feel the need to project their work like Ripple (XRP) or even Ethereum (ETH). The daily chart for NEO/USD shows that the cryptocurrency is currently trading above its 50 day moving average and is very close to its 200 day moving average. This means that a few strong moves to the upside might result in the cryptocurrency triggering a golden cross which would be an extremely bullish development that can propel its price even further. Neo (NEO) shares a similar outlook trading against Bitcoin (BTC). The daily chart for NEO/BTC shows that the cryptocurrency is just one strong rally away from a break above the 200 day moving average which would trigger the long anticipated golden cross. If that happens, we might see NEO/BTC rise a lot higher short term. On larger time frames though the cryptocurrency is nearing overbought conditions which means there might be plenty of room for another correction to the downside before the actual bottom is reached. The daily trading volume has dropped significantly but the sell volume seen on some days has the highest it has been in months which shows that a lot of professional investors are just looking for key levels to sell and that it might be a while before they start buying again. The daily chart for NEO/BTC shows that the price is still struggling to break past the 21 day exponential moving average. However, if it succeeds in breaking out before overbought conditions are reached on the daily time frame; we might expect a price boost short term. Neo (NEO) is a promising project with a lot of future potential. In fact, it is one of the few projects that are expected to remain relevant for a long time as the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve.

10 days ago

Now Americans Can Copy Each Others’ Crypto Trades on eToro

Social trading platform eToro is launching today in the U.S., opening up its crypto trading and wallet capabilities to people across 30 states and two territories. Users in these states will be able to trade 13 different cryptocurrencies on the platform—bitcoin, ether, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Cardano, IOTA, XLM, EOS, NEO, and […]

10 days ago

In our upcoming #NEOGameCon, we have General Manager at NEO ...

In our upcoming #NEOGameCon, we have General Manager at NEO Global Development, Zhao Chen, to share his take on “Bl…

10 days ago

Film-maker Jack Neo files police report over fake bitcoin site with bogus remarks attributed to him, Courts & Crime News & Top Stories

Film-maker Jack Neo files police report over fake bitcoin site with bogus remarks attributed to him, Courts & Crime News & Top Stories SINGAPORE - Local film-maker Jack Neo has filed a police report over a news article that “quoted” him extolling the value of bitcoin. The fake story, which at first glance looks like any

11 days ago

Best NEO Wallets in 2019

When NEO came into the market, it was dubbed as the “Ethereum killer” based on its development structure. Basically, NEO is a cryptocurrency designed to set up a scalable network of decentralized applications. The NEO tokens are the native asset for the NEO blockchain. The non-dividable asset generates GAS tokens used for transaction fees on the NEO network. According to cryptocurrency experts, NEO is a major Ethereum competitor which was build based on a single development code. On the other hand, NEO has the ability to support numerous development languages. Under NEO, developers have the freedom to set a diverse ecosystem. On storage of NEO assets, we have a wide range of wallets with different features. However, with NEO’s market growth, we have had a number of scammy wallets hence users are supposed to be on the lookout. Here are some wallets that will guarantee the safety of your NEO tokens. Neo Wallet Ledger Nano S The Neo Wallet Ledger Nano S is an offline wallet for cryptocurrencies. It is important to note that offline wallets are the most secure when it comes to storing digital assets. Due to its versatility, the Ledger Nano S becomes one of the best NEO wallets. Apart from NEO, the wallets support more than 25 other cryptocurrencies. The wallet has unique security features meant to keep hackers at bay. The Nano S has two physical buttons that are pressed simultaneously to verify transactions. In case the wallet is lost, your NEO assets are still safe due to the PIN code feature. Furthermore, the wallet has a two-factor authentication feature. These capabilities make The Ledger Nano S one of the best NEO wallets out there. NEON Wallet It is the best Neo wallet because it has received an endorsement from the NEON development team. According to NEO developers, users should not be worried about the security of their tokens by using the NEON Wallet. The wallet was designed with beginners in mind. It is easy to install and use alongside a good user interface. On safety matters, the NEON wallet developers ensured the private keys are not stored on the NEO servers to give you full control of your funds. At the moment, the NEON lightweight client wallet is available on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. The NEO GUI Wallet The NEO GUI wallet is the product of NEO developers and it is the official wallet for the desktop. The wallet synchronizes with the entire NEO blockchain allowing you to set up a new wallet with password protection. Further, it allows backing up of your data by importing your private keys in WIF or HEX format. You can conduct transactions in both NEO and GAS alongside with GAS generation rewards. The wallet is currently available for Windows 7 operating systems and has both English and Chinese functionality. NEO Tracker NEO tracker gives you control over your assets making it one of the best NEO wallets in the market. It is a light web wallet that comes with a friendly user interface. Transaction on the Neo tracker is stress-free in terms of security. All the keys are not stored on the NEO Trackers servers. You can log into the wallet using the private keys or keystore file. Furthermore, creating a new wallet is very easy as the navigation is clearly set out. This NEO wallet supports chrome and edge browsers. InWeCrypto Wallet InWeCrypto wallet supports a wide range of assets including NEO. It also supports all Ethereum based tokens. The wallet offers smart ways of managing your NEO assets. On the security side, the wallet comes with the mnemonic backup alongside private keys. Additionally, the wallet provides room for the trading of the NEO assets in one click. Aphelion Wallet Aphelion is a peer to peer trading platform set up on the NEO blockchain. It also comes with a wallet based on peer-to-peer trading experience to cryptocurrency traders. The Aphelion wallet caters for both desktop and mobile users. It is among the latest to support NEO tokens. Aphelion wallet is proving to be one of the best NEO wallets based on its impressive user interface. O3 Mobile Wallet This mobile wallet works for both Android and iOS devices. It has gained a reputation as one of the best iOS wallets for NEO with a friendly user interface. It offers the perfect platform for managing NEO tokens. Unlike other wallets, the O3 Mobile Wallet allows real-time monitoring of the NEO assets. With the Android version, users can split their digital assets into a hot storage address and a cold storage address. Notably, it is an open source wallet. Ansy Neo Paper Wallet It is among the few paper wallets that support NEO tokens. Using the Ansy Neo Paper Wallet guarantees the security of your tokens. Generally, paper wallets are among the most secure to store NEO tokens. The Ansy Neo Paper Wallet allows users to print their encrypted keys and store them in a secure place. The keys only come out when you want to transact. In simple terms, the printed paper will remain secure if stored properly. NEO CLI The

11 days ago

NEO Game Conference is Approaching: Building the Most Popular One-stop Solution for Blockchain Game Development

CoinSpeaker NEO Game Conference is Approaching: Building the Most Popular One-stop Solution for Blockchain Game Development The event will feature some of the industry’s biggest names including Netease Games, Sina Games and DMM Games as well as emerging game platforms such as Thunder Fire Studio, Mages Lab, Double Jump.Tokyo, Real World Games, and others. There will also be demos of current games running on the NEO platform, as well as discussions on blockchain gaming. Famous Japanese seiyuu (Japanese voice actors) are also invited to GameCon. One of the main events will be an ideathon supported by TV Tokyo, where creators pitch their ideas for a blockchain-based game to a panel of judges. The goal is to find a next generation game that makes the best use of blockchain technology. The creator with the best game idea will win 500,000 Yen (about $4,500). Erik Zhang, founder of NEO and its core developer, said the event would be a chance for budding game developers and builders to showcase their ideas to a wider audience, and to some of Japan’s, and the world’s, best known gaming businesses. He said: “We aim to build the most popular one-stop solution for blockchain game development. NEO will work with more game industry leaders to explore the future of blockchain games.” The event is the second major conference for NEO in less than a month, following the second successful NEO Developer Conference in Seattle, USA. That event outlined NEO’s plans for the platform in the months and years ahead and unveiled the new NEO Global Development Seattle office, led by former Microsoft executive John deVadoss. NGD Eco Development Head John Wang said that 2019 will be an exciting year for NEO gaming. It will release the NEO game development guide at the end of Q1, and will release at least 10 blockchain game applications based on NEO development in the first half of the year. To find out more about the conference, go here. NEO Game Conference is Approaching: Building the Most Popular One-stop Solution for Blockchain Game Development

11 days ago

What You Missed At NEO DevCon 2019

On February 16th and 17th, the second NEO DevCon took place in a rarely-snowy Seattle. Given the span of 13 months, the tone of NEO’s second developer conference was entirely different from the first. The first DevCon was full of projects heavily anticipating their initial coin offerings. The second focused on development and growth for projects trudging through the 2018 bear market. Keeping an eye on the prize, Da Hongfei, co-founder of NEO, reiterated his goal for NEO the become the “#1 blockchain” in 2020. This doesn’t mean NEO will take the coveted Number One spot on Coin Market Cap, or anything to do with token economics, he explained. Da’s vision for NEO to become the #1 blockchain is to create the most developer friendly platform. NGD Seattle At DevCon, NEO Global Development (NGD) announced a new office in Seattle, to be lead by John deVadoss and Peng Huang. The duo has more than 25 years of combined experience leading large-scale projects at Microsoft Digital and Microsoft .NET. The primary focus for NGD Seattle will center around developing libraries and frameworks to make building on the NEO blockchain simpler. These new tools will center around reoccurring uses cases, so developers don’t need to “reinvent the wheel” each time they create a new product. NGD Seattle will hit the ground running, with a primary focus on hiring Seattle-based developers. NEO 3.0 For their keynote presentations both Da and Erik Zhang, founder and core developer of NEO, spoke about an update to the NEO blockchain and its potential features. The NEO blockchain will likely require a hardfork or a genesis block, though this will not be ready for at least another year. The architecture of the NEO platform will undergo an overhaul. The primary change is the removal of global assets, and incorporating each transaction into a smart contract. Simply put, global assets were not able to efficiently communicate with smart contracts, which made the transaction process very difficult for specific tasks. An update to the consensus algorithm, delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT), will allow fallen consensus nodes to come back online more quickly and prevent accidental forking, as the blockchain has experienced in recent months. Finally, a new functionality, internet resource access, will incorporate into the new blockchain version 3.0, allowing smart contracts to access internet resources through URL links. Second layer solutions and new modules Efficient scaling will likely require a second-layer solution, Zhang said, similar to the Lightning or Raiden networks. A second layer, running dApps, will emphasize streamlining the architecture of the first layer for higher TPS. During the conference, the Trinity Protocol announced plans to integrate its second layer scaling solution directly into NEO nodes. This solution offers users the choice to conduct on-chain or off-chain payments. According to Trinity, the state channel implementation into the core code will make NEO “the first layer-2 integrated blockchain platform.” To provide a digital identity solution, Swisscom Blockchain, a NEO consensus node and NeoID candidate, outlined their vision and roadmap for a “self sovereign identity” entitled SERAPH ID. SERAPH ID has two objectives: first, to offer each user the ability to access and manage their own identity on the NEO blockchain. Second, to enable dApps, smart contracts, or third parties to verify the identity of a user and the validity of their claims. NEO SPCC presented their outline for the distributed decentralized storage platform (DDSP), a decentralized file storage system for the NEO blockchain. The team aims to release a protocol of the DDSP in Quarter 3 of 2019. Finally, the NeoResearch team presented their findings on quantum resistant cryptographic algorithms. While an exact quantum resistant proposal has yet to be designed, the team believes they’ve found a hybrid that allows users to support their level of increased cryptography. However, the current version of the NEO blockchain makes this quite expensive. Developer Workshop An all-day developer workshop on February 17th sought to teach participants who had never developed in the NEO ecosystem beforehand. Key members from community developer groups demonstrated coding tools to build projects with the blockchain technology. Vincent Geneste, creator of, demonstrated how to incorporate community developer tools in building a website. Many of the developers in attendance of the workshop were new, and excited to integrate NEO data and transactions into their web applications. Old projects and new ones What is a public blockchain ecosystem without its projects and dApps? Here were some of the major announcements from projects in the NEO ecosystem. Bridge Protocol, an identity verification company, announced the upcoming launch of the Bridge Passport, which allows users to send their NEO address along with a pre-verified identity. The

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Blockchain Life 2019

CoinSpeaker Blockchain Life 2019 On April 23-24 in Singapore, the global forum Blockchain Life 2019 welcomes 5000+ attendees and top companies at its 3d edition. The global forum 2019 highlights four significant topics: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, StartUps and Mining. More than 5000 people including industry top speakers, funds and investors, blockchain startups and world companies, crypto traders, developers and miners - all are going to join Blockchain Life 2019 to discuss the latest trends and ways of earning money in the crypto market. Find out more information and get tickets: Among the participating companies: Listing.Help, CoinMarketCap, KuCoin, Cointelegraph, BitForex, Neo, Nem, BitBlock Capital, IvoryBay Capital, Gravitas Holding, InfiniVision, Jets Capital and other famous enterprises from all over the world. The list of speakers is constantly growing, check it here on the site. The previous Blockchain Life forum in November 2018 attracted over 4500 guests and became one of the largest world events in the industry. In 2019 the famous hotel Marina Bay Sands welcomes 5000 participants from 70 countries around the globe in Singapore. Join world blockchain and cryptocommunity now. The global forum is organized by the world listing agency - Listing.Help. The general partner of Blockchain Life 2019 is ELVN - a new, convenient and safe cryptomessenger, that pays its users for activity. Blockchain Life 2019

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Blockchain Spending in 2019 to Grow to $2.9 Billion, 88.7% Growth Since 2018

The amount spent on blockchain technology by businesses seeking to utilise the trust-enhancing features of distributed ledgers is expected to grow to $2.9 million in 2019. This would represent a growth of 88.7% over the $1.5 billion spent on the technology during 2018. The reported figures come from the International Data Corporation (IDC) who recently updated its “Worldwide Semiannual Blockchain Spending Guide.” According to a representative for the IDC, the tech has moved out of the design phase and into actual use and this shift will drive a lot of the expected spending through the next ten months. New Industries Finding New Ways to Use Blockchain The IDC report states that the financial sector will continue to account for the lion’s share of the spending on blockchain technology during 2019. The estimated figure here is $1.1 billion. This will come from a variety of interests, including: banking, securities and investment services, and insurers. Another notable sector expected to be a part of the group of biggest blockchain spenders is that of manufacturing and resources. These industries will reportedly account for $653 million combined. They are also expected to see the largest growth in spending over the entire five year period with a CAGR of 77.6%. Coming close behind manufacturing and resources is the distribution and services industries. Firms doing business in these industries are expected to spend $642 billion on exploring and implementing blockchain technology during 2019. Blockchain technology is being explored by a range of industries. According to IDC vice president of the Customer Insights and Analysis programme, Jessica Goepfert, the technology is still very much in its infancy and businesses are still at the phase of explosive innovation when it comes to its implications: “The use cases that comprise the blockchain opportunity are developing as swiftly as the technologies enabling it. While spending for more developed use cases in the financial sector like trade finance and cross-border payments is still healthy and growing strong, relative to six months ago we’ve seen an acceleration in spending across a variety of other areas, such as energy settlements and warranty claims.” As part of the report, documenting the five year period between 2018 and 2022, the IDC states that it expects the total spent on blockchain to reach $12.4 billion by the final year of the sample. A director of research at Worldwide Blockchain Strategies, James Webster, commented on the projected growth in spending on blockchain: “Blockchain is maturing rapidly, and we have reached an inflection point where implementations are moving quickly beyond the pilot and proof of concept phase.” According to Webster, the figures gathered by the IDC reports will give crucial insight into over the technology is being adopted by different industries and where it is having the largest impact. Related Reading: How Co-Founder Sees NEO 3.0 Blockchain Being Used By Everyone From VCs to Potato Farmers in 2020 Featured Images from Shutterstock. The post Blockchain Spending in 2019 to Grow to $2.9 Billion, 88.7% Growth Since 2018 appeared first on NewsBTC.

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EOS poaches top NEO dapp

Effect.AI says “the NEO blockchain sucks” and it’s hightailing it to EOS. The post EOS poaches top NEO dapp appeared first on Decrypt Media.

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NEO-Based DEX Switcheo (SWTH) Announces OTC Trading Platform

Switcheo, a decentralized exchange built on NEO (NEO), announced a new crypto-to-crypto over-the-counter (OTC) trading platform on Thursday. We are pleased to announce #Switcheo #OTC — a new crypto-to-crypto over-the-counter trading platform. Launching soon! Read more about this here: $SWTH $ETH $NEO — Switcheo (@SwitcheoNetwork) February 28, 2019 According to the announcement, Switcheo OTC will leverage the exchange’s

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@livefreeinfo @Ontology_news @NEOnewstoday @Neon Your ONT is...

@livefreeinfo @Ontology_news @NEOnewstoday @Neon Your ONT is on the Ontology blockchain, not the NEO blockchain. Yo…

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This week Elastos published our financial report, a technica...

This week Elastos published our financial report, a technical update, and we get to take a deeper look at Neo Smart…

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For the NEO Global Development (NGD) team, the keyword of Fe...

For the NEO Global Development (NGD) team, the keyword of Feb. is no doubt #NEODevCon2019. Check out the latest Mon…

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Switcheo DEX to Launch OTC Trading Platform

The Switcheo (SWTH) decentralized exchange recently announced its plans to launch a new crypto-to-crypto over-the-counter trading platform named Switcheo OTC. The new OTC will leverage the existing Ethereum and NEO smart contracts which will allow users to execute peer-to-peer trades with zero counter-party risk and low fees. The OTC desk utilizes Switcheo’s established network of token partners, market makers, and institutional investors to help meet the needs of users on the OTC desk, and the minimum order size is $5000. The public beta of Switcheo OTC launches on 4th March 2019. (JF)

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Swisscom AG Subsidiary to Host Three-Day Blockchain Academy in Zürich

Swisscom Blockchain, a subsidiary of the telecom giant Swisscom AG, has announced that it will be hosting a three-day blockchain academy in Zürich, Switzerland from Monday, April 8th through Wednesday, April 10th. The goal of the multi-day event is to teach participants about the NEO ecosystem and how to develop smart contracts on the NEO blockchain. Swisscom Blockchain currently runs a consensus node on the NEO TestNet, and is developing a NeoID candidate called Seraph ID. The course aims to “combine technical theory and hands-on practice” for developers of all skill and experience levels. (JF)

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NEO and Ontology Outperform Other Top Projects on a Bullish Saturday

As the weekend has gotten off to a good start, there are a couple top projects that are closely linked that seem to be outperforming the field. The projects in question are NEO, which is currently up 14.71% and trading at $10.07, and Ontology, which has performed even better, currently up 17.57% and trading at $0.969681. The price appreciation is likely attributed to the recent announcement by Ontology that its Developer Platform is now available on Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure. (JF)

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Swisscom Blockchain Releases the SERAPH ID Self Sovereign Identity Solution

At NEO DevCon 2019, the consensus node and NeoID candidate Swisscom Blockchain announced its new decentralized digital identity solution entitled SERAPH ID. Swisscom Blockchain is a subsidiary of a telecom giant, Swisscom AG, and its services include digital asset custody, coding audits, and banking grade high secure infrastructure. The goals of SERAPH ID include giving each user the possibility to access and manage their own identity within the NEO blockchain, and the ability to Enable dApps, smart contracts, or third parties to verify the identity of the user and the validity of their claims. (JF)

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Effect.AI Migrating From NEO Blockchain to EOS Blockchain in April

Effect.AI, one of the top dApps on NEO, recently announced it will be migrating from NEO to the EOS blockchain this coming April. According to the team, “The current state of NEO is not up to speed with what we need to be able to build out our Network. NEO’s free transaction system for end users turned out not to be viable as they coped with multiple malicious spam attacks, the current state of the blockchain has a limited transaction throughput...Simply put: EOS is scalable, easy to iterate upon, fast, technologically advanced, secure, has high TPS, and has a great community and ecosystem.” (JF)

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Popular NEO DApp Swings Over To EOS

According to recent reports, a popular NEO based DApp (decentralised application) has taken the decision to move over to EOS in order to make use of the faster and more scalable EOS blockchain. The culture of DApps is becoming bigger and bigger, with many new alternative DApp building platforms. Gone are the days of Ethereum dominance, now developers are able to build DApps on a whole host of functional, fast and working blockchains, including TRON, EOS and of course, NEO. Because of this, competition is rife, many DApp developers are always looking to make their DApps better, in order to do this they need to ensure they are operating within the best platform for the DApp, therefore, it’s not uncommon for DApps to move over onto other blockchains. In this instance, Effect.AI (EFX) is alleged to be moving from NEO, it’s native platform, onto EOS in order to make the most of the faster transaction speeds experienced within EOS and of course, to help expand their own business. According to Crypto Briefing: “Although a good blockchain for the initial launch, Jesse Eisses, CTO of Effect.AI explained that NEO had failed to deliver when put to the test. He said: the current implementation of the blockchain can’t get to the promised transaction throughput and the smart contract compilers besides C# are still immature.” Furthermore: “At the time, Effect.AI said it had been attracted to NEO because of feeless transactions, multiple programming languages for smart contracts as well as the potential for rapid expansion brought on by increased scalability. Feeless transactions turned out to be unsustainable due to poor security. The network’s TPS rate remained at 15-20, too slow for Effect.AI’s needs; a problem which came to head when NEO struggled to handle 200,000 EFX transactions at the launch of Effect Force.” Moreover, Effect.AI also found that NEO had not been super supportive and that they seemed to have a lack of direction when it came to their future reboot, something that would in turn have had a big impact on Effect.AI. All things considered, the team clearly believed that a move over to EOS was the best option. As we have said, this sort of news is becoming more and more common because frankly, the whole culture of DApps is hotting up. Competition is hard and thus, big movements should always be expected. We hope that Effect.AI have offered NEO some feedback in this and will give them the chance to act on the feedback and improve, in order to keep up with the growing DApp format competition.

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XRP and Ethereum [ETH] added to OKEx while three others get delisted from the exchange

The cryptocurrency market and its volatile behavior has been going on for quite some time now with several of the best performers seeing significant price slumps, as well as pumps. It is in this background, that OKEx, a Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange launched XRP and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] in the C2C market while delisting others at the same time. OKEx users can now buy and sell the newly listed tokens with supported fiat currencies - British Pound (GBP), Chinese Renminbi (CNY), Vietnamese Dong (VND), Russian Ruble (RUB) and Thai Baht (THB). The organization, in an official release, stated: “OKEx C2C trading platform aims to provide a convenient and accessible way for public to better understanding of the application of digital assets and blockchain technology. The platform facilitates the trades between users by offering a low-volatility market and zero transaction fee.” At the time of writing, XRP was trading at $0.32 with a trade volume of $16.42 million on OKEx. The latest news may push the exchange to become a major holder of XRP, with OKEx currently taking the 11th position on the exchange rank list. The cryptocurrency exchange earlier announced that three other cryptocurrency exchanges will be delisted from the platform. The three cryptocurrencies are NEO, QTUM and Exchange Union [XUC]. In terms of Ethereum, OKEx held a slightly higher position ie. 10th. At press time, Ethereum was trading for $148.86 with a 24-hour trading volume of $81.992 million on OKEx. Recently, OKEx was also in the news when Tron [TRX] opened for perpetual swap trading on the platform. The OKEx approval was another feather in XRP’s cap as the cryptocurrency was talked about by multiple luminaries in the field. The latest proponent to speak about it was Yoshitaka Kitao, the Chief Executive Officer of SBI. Kitao said, “Because XRP is already beginning to become international, xRapid will be used for fund transfers in 2019. By increasing the so-called XRP’s plastic use, we anticipate that the [Ripple] market capitalization will easily exceed the market capitalization of Bitcoin (BTC).” The CEO further touched upon SBI’s use of Corda saying, “You can use R3’s ‘Corda’ for international remittance, but Corda Settler and XRP use this because they have high affinity. That’s why the SWIFT partnership with R3 (Corda) is good news that brings bright materials to the market... What I emphasize is to combine R3 and Ripple to make XRP thoroughly practical useable.” The post XRP and Ethereum [ETH] added to OKEx while three others get delisted from the exchange appeared first on AMBCrypto.

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NEO DevCon: Co-Founder Explains How Blockchain Is Developing Like The Internet

The co-founder of NEO, Da Hongfei has recently revealed that he believes the “whole world will [eventually] become digital.” The co-founder of NEO is a self-taught computer programmer who pointed out that cards never saw widespread adoption in China. Despite this, mobile payment apps like WeChatPay and AliPay are used by millions of the Chinese people because it is a lot more convenient according to Hongfei. His comments came during an interview he took part in at NEO’s DevCon decent, held in Washington last week. Hongfei went on to explain distributed ledger technology and how it was slowly getting adopted by big financial institutions saying that “after 2014, bankers realized that some geeks invented a protocol that could transfer value across countries in a few minutes. So they are curious about the technology and they abstracted it and called it blockchain.” Three years ago, it was realised that blockchain technology could be used to facilitate a “collaboration between individuals” and other entities in general, Hongfei said. In 2016, developers “invented or borrowed words like decentralised autonomous company (DAC)” which was later changed to DOA (decentralised autonomous organisation) by the Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin according to Hongfei. When more people started to work on DAOs, the NEO co-founder found that blockchain was a new “institutional technology”. He explained that blockchain technology evolves in a manner that will be somewhat similar to how the internet came to be. According to Hongfei: “[Blockchain development will be divided] into different layers. [For example,] TCP/IP is at the bottom and HTTP protocol is on top of TCP/IP. If you are building an internet application, you don’t have to bother about TCP/IP these days, you don’t even need to worry about HTTP. You have different middle layers to build on top of that. So blockchain will take a similar road.” Hongfei acknowledged that most dApps are currently being deployed and built on top of layer one or the standard layer of blockchain networks and also is a believer “in the future, there will be different layers” and there will especially be “a lot of layer 2 solutions.” This is in order to release dApps on second and third layers of the network. The NEO co-founder recommended creating “native support” or native development spaces. Speaking on Ethereum, Hongfei said that the development team is “like the go-to solution. If you want to [learn] how to [write proper] smart contracts, [then] you will probably do it on Ethereum.”

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Third-Top Exchange OKEx Lists Ripple and Bitcoin Cash on Customer-to-Customer Platform

OKEx C2C platform has listed Ripple and Bitcoin Cash, also announcing the delisting of NEO, QTUM and Exchange Union (XUC)

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Ethereum [ETH] dApp users drop as EOS and Tron dominate the market

EOS tops the dApps chart with its PRA CandyBox listing on blockchain dApps website, Dapp Radar. In the list of the most popular dApps on the website, EOS is in competition with Tron’s dApps. However, this finding is not good news for Ethereum [ETH] as it holds only one dApp in the top 30. On the other hand, EOS has 13 of its dApps listed. Ethereum’s platform has a total of 1,812 dApps against the 323 dApps that EOS has. On the contrary, a recent report suggests that more than 50% of EOS dApps are used per day, while only a mere 10% of the ETH dApps were used daily. A huge disparity is noted in terms of the volume of transactions per day on the two blockchains. Transactions on the Ethereum network are around 200,000 per day while EOS executes 450,000 transactions per day. According to charts published by dApp Radar, daily users of the ETH dApps from December 2017 to February 2018 shaped a large volume, rallying above 17000. The numbers fell for a period of three months but continued to maintain a minimum user base of 8500. The lowest phase recorded for the dApps on Ethereum was registered in July 2018, when the users per day fell below 8000. Gaming is the most popular space on the ETH platform with 1535 users, while gambling, exchanges and marketplaces have 1535, 800 and 162 users respectively. Besides, another dApp to join the EOS bandwagon is NEO network’s Effect, the popular AI-powered dApp. It was launched on the NEO blockchain in 2017 and will migrate to the EOS decentralized platform soon. The reason cited by Jesse Eisses, CTO of Effect.AI stated: “The current implementation of the blockchain can’t get to the promised transaction throughput and the smart contract compilers besides C# are still immature.” The post Ethereum [ETH] dApp users drop as EOS and Tron dominate the market appeared first on AMBCrypto.

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Crypto Market Wrap: What Caused VeChain to Make a Comeback as Markets Cool?

Crypto markets slowly starting to correct; VeChain and BNB going strong, Stellar, ADA and NEO dropping fastest. Market Wrap Yesterday’s minor movement did not last and crypto markets have fallen back a little as we end the week. The week-long rally looks like it is about to run out of steam as resistance is hit for the big cap cryptos. Total market capitalization has held though and is still above $134 billion for the time being. Total market cap, 24 hours. Yet again Bitcoin hit resistance at $4,000 and failed to break through. The longer this happens the less likely there will be a break to the upside. BTC is trading down marginally on yesterday’s levels but it still holding around $3,970 at the moment, volume is slowly shrinking however. Ethereum is holding $147 for now but it too has failed to break resistance at $150 so further losses could be on the cards. XRP is falling back and has lost 2% on the day dropping it to $0.322. This has widened the gap between it and ETH to $2.1 billion. The top ten is all red during Friday’s Asian trading session aside from Binance Coin which is back up again while others are falling. BNB has made over 3% on the day taking it to $10.90. The biggest drop in the top ten is Stellar losing 3% but remaining above Tron for now. The top twenty is awash with red at the time of writing. Cardano and NEO are dropping the most with 4% losses each. The rest are dumping between 1 and 3 percent as markets correct from three days of buying pressure. QASH has surged back into the top one hundred with a fomo pump of 33% but today’s surprise mover is VeChain which has made 12% over the past 24 hours. Daily volume has almost quadrupled from $5.7 million to almost $20 million, over half of it traded on Binance. The recent blockchain integration with Amazon Web Services appears to be driving momentum; AWS services enable one-click VeChainThor Blockchain deployment for enterprises. Original: English: — VeChain Foundation (@vechainofficial) February 18, 2019 Total market capitalization has cooled off and settled at $134 billion, down 1.5% from yesterday’s levels. Daily volume continues to dwindle and is now $10 billion less that it was a couple of days ago at $25 billion. It has been a strong week for crypto markets which are still up 10% on the same time last week. Market Wrap is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 cryptocurrencies during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Crypto Market Wrap: What Caused VeChain to Make a Comeback as Markets Cool? appeared first on NewsBTC.

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OKEx will List XRP and BCH on Its Legal Tender Trading Zone

According to OKEx's official announcement, OKEx legal tender trading zone will list the trading of XRP and BCH at 11:00 on February 22, 2019. At the same time, it will log off the legal tender trading of QTUM, NEO and XUC at 11:00 on February 25, 2019. (RL)

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NEO Price Drops by 5% as Bears Take Control

It is very difficult to find any real promising momentum in the cryptocurrency industry right now. As Bitcoin remains in the red, the vast majority of alternative markets is dragged down as well. The NEO price, for example, is losing a lot of ground across the board. It remains to be seen if its value can remain above $8.5 for much longer. NEO Price Gets a Beating Even though Bitcoin is keeping its losses to a bare minimum right now, the same cannot be said for most altcoins on the market. NEO, for example, is losing four times as much value as Bitcoin, which shows how tough the times have gotten for all markets all of a sudden. Even though NEO has ample trading volume, it appears most people are intent on selling. To put this in perspective, the NEO price has lost 5.5% in USD value and 4.8% against Bitcoin over the past few hours. This is in stark contrast to some bullish momentum which had begun forming earlier this week. Even so, no uptrend can be sustained indefinitely especially not in this volatile industry. As such, this may very well be the beginning of a steep downtrend for NEO. Social media is always an interesting source for information pertaining to any cryptocurrency. Christoph K wouldn’t mind seeing the Vienna University of Economics and Business run a validator node for the NEO blockchain. While not necessarily impossible, one has to keep in mind they are only running a Bitcoin node right now and have no plans to expand upon this functionality. Great job! Would love to see WU become a validator node for @NEO_Blockchain as addition to community and company nodes in their efforts to decentralize their network. #NEO — ChristophK (@corck) February 21, 2019 It would also appear a few projects are migrating from NEO onto other blockchain projects these days. The latest to do so is Effect.AI, a decentralized platform for artificial intelligence. They are also starting the #NEOtoEOS hashtag trend, which is not necessarily something to many people will appreciate. However, companies and projects need to do what is best for their particular needs. We welcome @effectaix on their move from #NEO to #EOS both for making the right decision technologically-wise, and for officially starting the #NEOtoEOS trend. Bring on the A.I. Guys, we are looking forward $EFX on $EOS — EOS Israel (@EOS_Israel) February 21, 2019 Outside of directly buying and holding NEO, there are other ways to make money as well. Arbitrage trading can usually be very lucrative where altcoins are concerned, In NEO’s case, there is just one interesting opportunity, but it is one that can make nearly 1% in profit per trade. Not a bad profit by any means, especially under these bearish market circumstances. #NEOBuy at and sell at #Bitfinex. Ratio: 0.98%#bitcoin #arbitrage #arbitraj #arbingtool — Arbing Tool (@ArbingTool) February 21, 2019 For the time being, it is unclear how the NEO chart will evolve over the coming days. As the weekend draws near, it is always difficult to make sense of the markets. While the trading volume should be sufficient to keep the losses to a minimum, there is a genuine chance even more people will liquidate their holdings in the next few hours. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. Image(s): The post NEO Price Drops by 5% as Bears Take Control appeared first on NullTX.

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NEO Co-Founder: Ethereum Has 'Strongest Community of Developers'

Da Hongfei, the co-founder of NEO, a leading blockchain-based platform for developing smart contract-enabled decentralized applications (dApps), recently revealed that he believes the “whole world will [eventually] become digital.”

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Binance and NEO Accused By Blocknet For Stealing Info Used To Build Binance DEX

TL; DR New suspects that Binance may be using their exchange listing application process as a way to steal information from unsuspecting competitors eager to be listed on their exchange. Blocknet revealed that Binance asked highly technical questions about their code and development process, possibly as a way to get information to develop their newly released DEX. Evidence shows that NEO co-founder Erick Zhang was involved in the questioning process, perhaps looking to acquire data to further the development of NeoFS’s storage solution. However, whether the suspects are correct, Blocknet had known that Binance were planning their DEX before contacting the exchange for the first time. Binance, one of the biggest and most trusted exchanges in the crypto space, may have a dark side to how they’ve acquired information necessary to build their highly anticipated decentralized exchange (DEX). Binance officially launched their DEX just yesterday. However, new evidence has come out that portrays Binance as misusing their power as a highly popular exchange to deceive eager crypto projects into sharing sensitive information about themselves to get listed. These projects would then be ignored, and their applications are forgotten once Binance had received all the information they wanted from them. Binance Seeks for Blocknet Technical DEX Info According to Tyler Swope from the Chico Crypto Youtube Channel, this is precisely what happened to Blocknet, a second layer blockchain interoperability protocol. The project has its DEX, named BlockDX. Like others, it was also one of the projects that many people in the crypto space have been hoping would be listed on Binance. Well, Blocknet did apply to be listed on Binance’s Exchange on August 2018, submitting the standard online application. The project followed the usual procedure, which includes answering a series of simple form of questions about the team, nature of the project, target industry, etc. Binance listing application. Source: ChicoCrypto Youtube Channel These are standard non-intrusive questions that Binance asks all projects applying to be listed. However, when it came to Blocknet, apparently these standard questions were not enough to evaluate their application; Binance’s head of business development, Ashley Ouyang, had then sent an email to Blocknet with an additional application form that included more questions. Blocknet filled out the form and responded to Ashley the very next day. Then over a month went by with no response from Binance. The radio silence from Binance seemed suspicious to Blocknet, and they began reviewing the questions they had answered in the second application. Only then they realized how much more intrusive the questions were, which made them even more suspicious. Some of the many questions in the second application include information on: Blocknet’s interoperability infrastructure and whether they could find the code in their GitHub. Why Blocknet chose to build their DEX How Blocknet solves the domain name system problem in the blockchain If Binance could receive access to BlockNet’s private repository to view their latest developments The questions Blocknet were asked by Binance. Source: ChicoCrypto Youtube Channel As we already mentioned, when Blocknet answered all of these questions and submitted the application, Binance cut off all communication with them and would not reply anymore. Given that Binance announced that they would be launching their DEX on March 2018 (5 months before Blocknet’s application), some questions are raising whether or not Binance was trying to gather as much information about their competitors to help fastrack Binance DEX development process. NEO plays a role in the deception to gain info about a storage solution Further proof of this claim can be found in the identities of the people involved in the communication between Binance and Blocknet. On the second application, Blocknet revealed that quite a few Binance developers (such as Nigel Yee and ‘CC’) had a hand in composing the more technical questions that Blocknet answered. But most surprising of all, Blocknet suspect that Erick Zhang, the CTO of NEO, was also involved. Zhang assisted in creating NEO’s dBFT (delegated byzantine fault tolerance) consensus. As can be seen on Blocknet’s video, Zhang is the one asking questions about their Github repo, infrastructure, how they solved their DNS problem and if they could elaborate on their blockchain based storage solution. Erick Zhang on Binance whitepaper. Source: ChicoCrypto Youtube Channel The storage solution question is critical since NEO has been looking to develop a storage solution for NeoFS, while Binance has been looking for the same solution for their DEX. Erick Zhang is also an angel investor in Binance, which explains his willingness to collaborate with Binance in providing information from DEX platforms like Blocknet to benefit his project NEO and Binance. Shocking News or Innocent Beha

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Bitcoin Tippin’ takes off on Twitter, and more!

Today's Debrief: Bitcoin Tippin on Twitter. NEO loses dapp. Stellar gives grant. Musk poser re-emerges. Quadriga funds find safety. Zuckerberg plugs crypto.

24 days ago

NEO, Dogecoin (DOGE) and VeChain (VET) Price Analysis and Prediction

After enjoying a Bullish run over the last couple of days, the various Altcoins are looking towards a Bearish outlook in the coming days. Previously held support zones have been tested and breached as the various candle sticks turned red. Over the last 24 hours also, investor sentiments dropped significantly as will be seen in the Relative Strength Index of some of the charts. This was attributed to the incoming bearish outlook as seen below: NEO/USD Over the last 24 hours, NEO has lost by 1.89% and is currently trading at $8.77. The relatively sharp decline in its price has spoiled over into its market performance where investors were quick to dispose of their coins. As can be seen in the RSI (A), sales increased with the decrease in NEO’s price and is currently headed towards 40(towards the point of ‘over sale’). Prediction There is a general Bearish outlook in the markets which has had the effect of bringing BTC under the $4000 mark. This is also expected to seem with NEO given that its 9 day EMA (C) is facing downwards and the 30 day EMA (B) upwards. The two are about to cross over each other which suggests that NEO’s price, currently at $8.77 may come down further. Dogecoin/USD Dogecoin began the day trading at $0.00211 and is now at $0.00209. This marks a 1% drop in its price. The drop in price adversely affected investor sentiments in the coin, with its RSI (A) dropping from ‘under bought’ towards the ‘oversold’ area. This means that investors have low hope in the coin picking an upward momentum for better prices. Forecast In the chart, all indicators point towards a Bearish run in the coming days. The 9 day EMA (C) was downward facing for the better parts of the day while the 30 day EMA (B) was upward facing. At the moment, the 30 day EMA seems set to cross over on top which is a strong indicator of a downward trend. VeChain/USD Unlike Dogecoin and NEO, VeChain underwent a Bull Run over the last 24 hours. It is currently up by 8.67% and is trading at $0.004666. In the markets, investor sentiments are high, threatening to go into the ‘undersold’ area. The RSI (A) is at 67 going to 70 which shows positive investor sentiments. Forecast The 9 day (C) and the 30 day (B) EMAs form a reverse contracting triangular pattern which shows that the Bull Run is set to continue. The post NEO, Dogecoin (DOGE) and VeChain (VET) Price Analysis and Prediction appeared first on ZyCrypto.

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Dash, Neo, Binance Coin, EOS, Ethereum

Dash, Neo, Binance Coin, EOS, Ethereum Argentina has recently settled an export deal with Paraguay in Bitcoin. Although the net value of the deal was only $7,100, it is a welcome step. Gradually, more countries will recognize the advantage of using cryptocurrencies for cross-border deals. Digital asset management fund Grayscale Investments said that its institutional

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