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Most of 2017’s Leading Cryptocurrencies by Market Cap Have Crashed Out of the Top 15

Many cryptocurrencies rose and fell during the 2017 bull market and subsequent year of bearish retracement. While the top four crypto assets by market cap have remained the same over the last two years, more than half of the leading markets as of Feb. 19, 2017 have since fallen from the top 15. Also Read: Markets Update: Cryptocurrencies Bullish Following Possible Higher Lows 2017’s Top 4 Markets Retain Their Ranking Today Despite the extreme volatility of the cryptocurrency markets over the last two years, the top four ranked by market cap has not changed. BTC has grown from a $16.5 billion market as of Feb. 19, 2017 to $65.29 billion today, with the price rising 252% from nearly $1,050 to $3,700 in 24 months. ETH recently reclaimed its rank as the second largest market by capitalization, with ethereum’s market cap rising from almost $1.14 billion to over $14.36 billion over the last two years. The price of a single ETH has risen 1,030% from $12.76 to roughly $144 on Feb. 18, 2019. XRP comprises the third largest crypto asset, with a market cap that has risen from nearly $218 million during Feb. 2017 to $12.69 billion today. Of the leading markets, ripple has generated the largest price gains, rising approximately 5,150% from $0.0059 to $0.31 in two years. A recent rally has seen LTC reclaim the fourth largest cryptocurrency capitalization, which has grown from roughly $187.6 million two years ago to $2.67 billion today. The price of litecoin has gained 1,100% from $3.76 to $45. Monero, Dash, and Ethereum Classic Fall From Top 10 As of Feb. 18, 2017, XMR comprised the fifth largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $181.24 million, with a single monero trading for $12.99. Monero now comprises the 13th largest market with a capitalization of $818 million and has seen a two-year price gain of roughly 285%, with XMR currently trading for nearly $50 each. In two years, dash has fallen from sixth with a market cap of $160.34 million to rank 15th with a market cap of $697.44 million today. The price of dash has gained 266% from $22.55 on Feb. 19th, 2017, to $82.50 as of this writing. ETC was the seventh ranked cryptocurrency with a market cap of $108.83 million 24 months ago as ethereum classic traded for $1.22 each. Today, ETC is the 18th largest crypto asset with a capitalization of $220.25 million and is trading for approximately $4.20, up 244% from early 2017. MAID and ICN Produce 24-Month Price Drop While the top seven markets by capitalization of two years ago have since posted triple figure or greater returns, several of 2017’s top-ranked markets are now priced lower than they were 24 months ago. Two years ago, maidsafecoin was trading for $0.19 and ranked eighth by market cap with a capitalization of nearly $86.43 million. Since then, the price MAID has fallen 37% to currently trade for less $0.12 and is ranked 69th with a market cap of $53.46 million. Nem has fallen from being the ninth ranked crypto asset with a market cap of approximately $57.17 million to currently comprise the 19th largest cryptocurrency with a capitalization of $373.63 million. Despite sliding in market cap ranking, the price of XEM has risen from roughly $0.0063 two years ago to more than $0.042 today, a 566% gain in 24 months. The 10th largest cryptocurrency as of Feb. 19th, 2017, augur, now comprises the 35th ranked market by capitalization, despite augur’s market cap growing from $57.09 million to $152.59 million. The price of REP has gained 169% from $5.19 to $13.95 in the past two years. Of 2017’s leading markets, iconomi has produced the greatest decline in market cap, falling from the 11th largest crypto asset with a capitalization of more than $30.21 million to currently comprise the 198th ranked cryptocurrency with a market cap of $12.9 million. The price of ICN has also fallen 74% from nearly $0.35 to $0.09. Tether Is the Sole Cryptocurrency to Ascend Market Cap Rankings Since 2017 Despite sliding from ranking 12th by market cap to 70th, factom has seen a significant gain in price and market cap. In 24 months, factom has grown from $28.67 million to $52.88 million, while the price of FCT has gained 83% from $3.28 to roughly $6. In two years, steem has gone from the 13th largest crypto asset with a capitalization of $27.92 million to 48th with $102.40 million. The price of steem has gained 167% from $0.12 to over $0.32 today. Since February 2017, tether is the only cryptocurrency to have ascended in market cap ranking, moving from 14th with a capitalization of $24.95 million to rank 7th with a market cap of nearly $2.03 billion. As of Feb. 19, 2017, waves was the 15th ranked crypto asset with a capitalization of $24.09 million and was trading for $0.24 each. Two years later, waves is ranked 21st with a market cap of nearly $268 million and is trading for $2.68 after generating a 1,015% price gain in 24 months. How many of the current leading markets do you expect will retain a top ranking by market cap i

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China’s Leading Bank CICC: Alipay’s blockchain payment system can potentially save Filipino workers HK$100 million a year

Below is a piece published by CICC Research, a leading local investment bank of China, on their evaluation of AlipayHK, a blockchain-based cross-border remittance service introduced by Alipay late last year. This piece is translated by Global Coin Research. Take AwayFor the first time in Hong Kong, we tried a blockchain-based cross-border remittance service, using AlipayHK for electronic cross-border transfers, and paid part of the monthly salary to Filipino servants. We have found that the use of AlipayHK transfers can provide a more favorable exchange rate than other cross-border remittance methods, without the need to transfer service fees, and the entire transfer process takes only a few seconds, reflecting the good application prospects of blockchain technology in cross-border payments. Detail AlipayHK offers a more favorable exchange rate, saving a total of HK$100 million per year for the Filipino servants in Hong Kong. By comparing the major cross-border remittance methods commonly used by Filipino maids in Hong Kong, including WesternUnion, Worldremit and TNG, we find that AlipayHK has a clear exchange rate advantage. Together with the savings for each remittance (HK$15/transaction), we estimate that each Filipino maid can save HK$500 per year through AlipayHK. For the entire Filipino servant group in Hong Kong (currently 201,090 people), if they all switch to AlipayHK, they can save about HK$100 million a year. In addition, AlipayHK has accelerated the speed of cross-border remittances and is able to arrive in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Compared with the traditional remittance method, it has a comparative advantage in both time and cost. Cross-border remittance technology based on blockchain may pose a long-term challenge to SWIFT’s monopoly in this area. According to Accenture data, the annual cross-border payment of banks in the world amounts to 25 trillion to 30 trillion US dollars, the total number of transactions is 10 billion to 15 billion, and each transaction costs up to 30-40 US dollars. At present, cross-border remittances mostly use the SWIFT model. Since the payers and payees belong to different payment systems in different countries in cross-border remittances, the intermediate brokerage bank is also required in the SWIFT model. The entire remittance process needs to go through many intermediate links such as remittance banks, remittance central banks, correspondent banks, and collection banks. There are problems such as low efficiency and high handling fees. With blockchain technology, business nodes can be directly connected end-to-end, eliminating a lot of intermediate links, and have the advantage of improving efficiency and reducing costs. Cross-border remittance technology based on blockchain may pose a long-term challenge to SWIFT payment’s monopoly in this area. According to Accenture data, the annual cross-border payment of banks in the world amounts to 25 trillion to 30 trillion US dollars, the total number of transactions is 10 billion to 15 billion, and each transaction costs up to 30-40 US dollars. At present, cross-border remittances mostly use the SWIFT payment system. Since the payers and payees belong to different payment systems in different countries in cross-border remittances, the intermediate brokerage bank is also required in the SWIFT model. The entire remittance process needs to go through many intermediate links such as remittance banks, remittance central banks, correspondent banks, and collection banks. There are problems such as low efficiency and high handling fees. With blockchain technology, business nodes can be directly connected end-to-end, eliminating a lot of intermediate links, and have the advantage of improving efficiency and reducing costs. We are optimistic about the application prospects of blockchain in clearing, cross-border payment, equity/debt financing and regulatory technology. Although bitcoin development has suffered setbacks, blockchain technology has entered the stage of mature commercial applications. As we pointed out in before, blockchain technology has been successfully implemented in many financial sectors. For example, in the clearing and settlement field, the HKEx uses the blockchain settlement system to simplify the northbound trading process of mainland stocks under interconnection. In the cross-border trade finance sector, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and Ping An Technology launched a trade linkage platform to accelerate the flow of funds in the Greater Bay Area. In addition, governments are actively studying the use of Securitization Issuance (STO) for private equity and bond financing: [In Chinese] Blockchain Research #4: Lessons from the ICO Bubble and STO Development Opportunities. With the spread of stable currencies, central banks have also actively explored the pros and cons of introducing digital currencies:[In Chinese] Blockchain Research #3: Digital Currency and Cross-Border Payments. RiskB

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Crypto Market Wrap: NEO Jumps Two Places With 13% Gain

Market Wrap Crypto markets recovering again; NEO on a Roll, Tron and Binance Coin gaining momentum. Another small bounce has taken crypto markets back to Monday’s levels indicating that things are still sideways for the time being. Total market capitalization is back over $135 billion but has failed to go any higher over the past week. Bitcoin pushed back over $4,000 and is currently up a percent or so on the day trading at $4,050 at the time of writing. BTC jumped to an intraday high of $4,100 but the bears came rushing out preventing it from breaking that wall of resistance it faces at this level. On the week Bitcoin is showing a 6.5% gain but it seems to be consolidating here along with the entire market. Ethereum is back over $150 with a 2% rise over the past 24 hours. It too does not seem to have the momentum to make further gains and pulled back twice after hitting $153. The top ten is mostly green during the Asian trading session today, only Bitcoin SV is showing a loss as it slides down the charts. Tron has made the biggest gain of over 6% on the day as it extends its lead over BSV and chases down Tether and that $2 billion market cap. The rest have made between 1 and 2 percent on the day at the time of writing. The top twenty is also mostly green and NEO is running away with it gaining 13.5% on the day. Rumors of ties between the project and the Russian government, and top global blockchain rankings from China’s Center for Information and Industry Development has boosted momentum for NEO. It has now flipped both Ethereum Classic and NEM and risen to 16th spot by market cap which is currently $620 million. Trade volume has doubled in a day from $100 to over $200 million as NEO wakes up. Binance Coin is also performing strongly with an 8% gain and Cardano has made 4.6% on the day. The rest are up 1 to 3 percent aside from Dash and NEM which have not moved. Today’s dose of fomo goes to Holo which has pumped 48% on the back of a positive Nasdaq article. Pundi X has also had a good day with gains approaching 20% at the time of writing. There are no big losers today but those topping the red end of the top one hundred are MaidSafeCoin and Dentacoin dumping 7% each. Total crypto market capitalization has crept back up to $137 billion 1.5% back up since yesterday’s pullback. The daily volume chart shows an unnatural step from $15 to $25 billion two hours ago some more moves could be imminent. On the week crypto markets are 6% higher but they still cannot break out of their range bound channel. FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 cryptocurrencies during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Crypto Market Wrap: NEO Jumps Two Places With 13% Gain appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Wallet Fail Developers Claim They Can Hack Major Hardware Wallets

Yesterday, three Wallet Fail developers announced that they could hack hard wallets at the 35th Annual Chaos Communication Congress conference (35C3). The 35C3 is an annual event which brings together hackers, security experts, and scientists. The Wallet Fail team, in a one-hour demonstration, showed how it could break into Ledger and Trazor hardware wallets. The team demonstrated software attacks, evil maid attacks, supply chain weaknesses, and other social engineering methods. Satoshi Labs CTO Pavol Rusnak said that they would address these vulnerabilities through a firmware update before the end of January. (KE)

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PR: Leading eShop MonetaryUnit, See’s Token Value Soar, Supports 42 Cryptocurrencies for Online Shopping

Bitcoin Press Release: Top eCommerce company MonetaryUnit has recorded substantial value rise in its digital $MUE token. The rise has been attributed to the fast adoption of its growing service, which now allows online buyers to use over 40 cryptocurrencies to purchase good with. 8th November 2018, London, UK - 70 Million household items can now be bought worldwide, as acceptance of over forty cryptocurrencies becomes the flagship payment option on MonetaryUnit’s ($MUE) relaunch of the largest UK independent marketplace. Since the summer acquisition of the brand, MonetaryUnit’s $MUE coin has shot up 37% in value, making it one of the leading players in the market today. Importantly for the wider crypto industry, this provides fresh validation for those seeking to make cryptocurrency an everyday payment asset. The company has already seen a surge in demand from communities wishing to have their coins added as payment options. Bertie Stephens, CEO of, spoke today about the important challenges of enabling a coin to be adopted into everyday life. “Being part of the shopping ecosystem can create demand for a coin, increase volume of trading, and consequently help grow a coin’s value and future relevance. Any community can apply, and we consider applications of those coins that we believe meet the same ethos as the MonetaryUnit’s own blockchain and crypto technologies”. The founder of the MonetaryUnit Blockchain project, Byron Barnard emphasised the project’s focus is to create environments that are accessible to all and free from the stigma that the blockchain/crypto space is only for techies. “Online shoppers expect the ease of checkout that card-payments currently gives them; prior to today that just hasn’t been possible at scale with cryptocurrency. On you can now simply choose any item from multiple sellers, select your preferred coin, and pay within a few clicks. Millions of everyday household items can be bought with crypto and zero fuss”. (a marketplace similar to Amazon’s offering), connects thousands of suppliers together, allowing users to purchase different items directly from multiple sellers in one basket. A setback to previous use-cases of cryptocurrency has been a slow adoption-rate from traditional businesses, but as Steph Fiala, Chief Operating Officer of explains, that is no longer a pain-point for sellers. “Sellers won’t know if they’ve received an order paid with a crypto or fiat currency. Where required and prior to an order being sent through to a seller, our technology automatically converts crypto payments into their native-currency. Sellers can now access a $15bn/day industry risk-free, an advantage they cannot get via other marketplaces”. The coins available at the launch of crypto offering are: BitCoin, BitCoin Cash, Dash, DogeCoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Komodo, LiteCoin, Ripple XRP, XMR Monero, Beancash, BlackCoin, Bitcoin gold, CloakCoin, Crown, Decred, DigiByte, Game credits, Groestlcoin, Lisk, MaidSafeCoin, NavCoin, Neo, Namecoin, Nxt, Peercoin, Pura, Qtum, SmartCash, Stratis, Syscoin, TokenPay, Tron, Ubiq, Vertcoin, Waves, NEM, Verge, ZCoin, Zcash and Horizen Media Contact Contact Name: Ashley Hill Email: To find out more, visit - Visit Flubit - To download the wallet - Get the wallet for Android - Follow MonetaryUnit on Twitter - Official Discord Channel - Monetary Unit is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. Follow on Twitter: @bitcoinnewscom Telegram Alerts from Want to advertise or get published on - View our Media Kit PDF here. Image Courtesy: The post PR: Leading eShop MonetaryUnit, See’s Token Value Soar, Supports 42 Cryptocurrencies for Online Shopping appeared first on

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We're excited to announce we are now live on @blockfolio Sig...

We're excited to announce we are now live on @blockfolio Signal. Download the #Blockfolio app & watch MAID to get u…

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We are happy to announce that MaidSafeCoin is now part of #D...

We are happy to announce that MaidSafeCoin is now part of #DeltaDirect. Get the latest @MaidSafe Coin updates dir…

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Private key’s disadvantage? The narrator who luckily won a Bitcoin draw and the less-lucky ending

TL;DR A recent conference hid Bitcoin wallets under the seats. Three lucky attendees won 0.1 BTC each. The Bitcoin was stolen from two of the three wallets, might be by someone involved in the ‘supply chain’ that made out the wallets As a conclusion, you must secure your private keys, and in case the wallet is not secured - transfer the funds to a 100% secure wallet. As we try to explain Bitcoin and how it is going to change the face of the global economy, the buzz around Blockchain technology continues to gather momentum and many conferences are held around the world. The case that we will present to you happened at a conference held in Tel Aviv last week and included a valuable lesson for holders of Bitcoin and other cryptos. Our story began on a sunny day when many of the local Blockchain industry made their way to a routine Blockchain event. While delivering the opening remarks, the conference moderator announced that an envelope was affixed to each of the participants’ chairs, containing a private key for a digital paper wallet. Three of these wallets were loaded with 0.1 bitcoin, about $650 for the lucky winners. Among the hundreds of participants was Dael Shalev, author of the bestseller “Bitcoin and Your Economic Future.” To Dael’s surprise and delight, he discovered that the public address that appeared on his fancy paper wallet did indeed contain 0.1 BTC. Paper wallets are considered very safe, so the hero of our story (and our book) was happy and continued his day thinking that he would pass his loot to his hardware wallet as soon as he got home. But then the story took a less favorable turn when the money disappeared from the paper wallet. In retrospect, it turned out that a few minutes after the wallet distribution someone transferred the Bitcoin from the paper wallet, and the joy of winning was replaced by sorrow. It seems that Dael was not the only one holding a copy of the private key printed on his paper wallet. As we know, whoever owns the private key holds the Bitcoin. Dael will probably have to finance his next vacation from another source. But he was not alone. There were three wallets loaded with Bitcoin and three happy winners. An inspection conducted by the event organizers revealed that another wallet had been emptied of its contents about half an hour later, suggesting that someone in the wallet ‘supply chain’ had access to the private addresses and had scanned them until they found the wallets with the Bitcoin. All that was required was a copy of the wallets and a smartphone. The rationale is simple: go over each address, one after the other. Although the Bitcoin from the third wallet was not stolen, the organizers’ embarrassment remained, for their intentions were good. Conclusion: Steps for security first So, if you get a paper wallet as a wedding gift, work payment, lottery, debt refund from a friend or any other grant, the assumption must be that the wallet is insecure or hacked. Even if the source is honest and decent. They are only a person, and someone may have cheated them without their knowledge and photographed or obtained a copy a different way. Whether it’s the printing press, the delivery person or anyone else exposed to the private key they can effortlessly transfer the contents of the wallet to themselves. Don’t be lazy. If you receive a paper wallet, immediately forward it to a local wallet where you are the only person who controls its private key. Do you have a paper wallet that you have made yourself and is safe in its durability? Remember that a paper wallet is only good for as long as it remains completely confidential. If you have a maid, or friends of the children, or visitors or anyone other than you, and they see the private key of the paper wallet, even if only for a moment, the money could be lost. It is complicated to produce a paper wallet that is safe from being hacked. There may be spyware on the computer, in the printer, or even on the motherboard chip. In conclusion, in the world of cryptocurrencies, freedom comes with responsibility. Learn how to secure your Bitcoin best. And remember “Not your private key - Not your Bitcoin.” The post Private key’s disadvantage? The narrator who luckily won a Bitcoin draw and the less-lucky ending appeared first on CryptoPotato.

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Social robots will become family members in the homes of the future

I first became fascinated by robots as a child while watching Star Wars. To me, R2D2 and C3PO were about so much more than just the novel, futuristic cool-factor—they were genuine friends and companions to the human characters, and even to each other. They had emotions and were compassionate and loyal. These humanistic qualities forever changed the way I viewed the possibilities and potential of robots in our lives. These days, fully autonomous robots are no longer just the stuff of science fiction. We send them to explore the depths of oceans and outer space, they work alongside us to manufacture goods, and they drive on our streets. As robots continue to augment industries, it makes sense that they will also have an increased presence in our homes. Just as the goal of every PC business was once to put a computer on every desk, present-day personal robotics companies have the goal of putting a robot in every home. In some ways, they already are. Though we might not think of them as robots in the Star Wars sense, a growing number of people have robots in their homes that can do things like vacuum the floors (Roomba), play music (Sonos), and order products on demand (Amazon’s Alexa devices). But think beyond the kinds of robots that would just juice your vegetables or do your laundry (although they probably could do that, too). We’re talking about social robots—those built to interact with us as helpful companions, to become new members of the household. Social robots will learn about the people they live with and tailor their behavior to meet their individual, unique needs. Children around the world are spending more and more time in front of screens, creating a generation of global citizens who have grown up with automated and depersonalized interactions as the norm. Though some people might see robots as just another tool to keep humans isolated from one another (or a technology that will take our jobs), humanistic robots can actually help bring us closer together. They can be designed to deliver a different kind of relationship with people that is not only useful, but emotionally uplifting. They shouldn’t be viewed as replacing humans, but rather as entities that enrich our lives and elevate the human experience. Social robots will be uniquely personal. They will be designed with a broad array of functions that serve to benefit everyone from young children and their parents to the elderly. As these relationships develop over time, social robots will learn the preferences of the people they live with and tailor their behavior to meet each person’s individual, unique needs. In-home social robots will be able to solve many problems that will continue to compound in. In 1970, only 31% of two-parent households saw both parents work full-time. That number has jumped to 46% today and continues to grow substantially each year. With fewer stay-at-home parents, social robots can serve as personalized practice partners to help with homework and reinforce what children have learned that day in school. Far beyond helping you find recipes and ordering groceries, they can be your personal sous-chef or even help you learn to cook. They can also act as personal health coaches to supplement nutrition and wellness programs recommended by doctors and specialists for an increasingly health-conscious population. As the number of aging-in-place boomers soars, social robots can provide a sense of companionship for retirees while also connecting seniors to the world and to their loved ones, as well as sending doctor-appointment and medication reminders. When asked to envision a robot in the home, many people immediately think of Rosie, the charming and helpful robot maid from The Jetsons. For others, the term “home robot” feels a little less “Rosie” and a little more “Skynet,” generating concerns about privacy invasion, identity theft, and spying. As with any intelligent technology that can learn and personalize its offerings to provide improved service, upholding and protecting the privacy of people and the security of their data are critical issues to address in an ethical and responsible way. The onus will fall on the companies who create social robots to ensure that these aspects remain paramount and are considered at each and every stage of development. This way, users can feel secure in their decisions to incorporate these robots into their homes and lives. Even though robot technology in the home is still a relatively new concept, soon enough it will feel as if we are all living a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. This story is part of What Happens Next, our complete guide to understanding the future. Read more predictions about the Future of Home.

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Cryptocurrency Market Update: A Lazy Sunday in Crypto Land

FOMO Moments Crypto markets are horizontal today; Only Digitex Futures is pumping. Cryptocurrency markets are still at the bottom following their mid-week dump. There has been no sign of a bounce back to previous levels as total market capitalization is still hovering just above $200 billion. Bitcoin has remained on a flat line since its Thursday dump of $300. BTC fell to $6,300 and is currently trading just below that level, it has fallen 5% since the same time last weekend. Ethereum is also very depressed at the moment after falling back to $200 and remaining there for the past 3 days. Altcoins are mostly in the red this morning, but movements are minimal. Looking at the top ten nothing is really moving more than a percent or so in either direction. Cardano has lost almost 2% on the day to fall back to $0.073. The rest are flat this Sunday during Asian trading. The top twenty is showing similar lethargy at the moment with most cryptos shifting around a percent up or down on the day. Dash is showing the greatest gain which is just 1.7% bringing it to $161, while Tezos is falling back by a similar amount dropping it to $1.22. The fomo induced pump of the day in the top one hundred is currently Digitex Futures which has surged 47% in the past 24 hours. These unnatural spikes usually happen when new altcoins increase in market cap but they often dump again just as quickly. Time will tell if DGTX can hold its gains. Aion has also done well since the dump, today it is up 18%. At the red end of the table is Noah Coin dumping all of its recent gains and falling back 26% on the day. MaidSafeCoin is also having a tough Sunday with an 11% slide. Total crypto market capitalization has not moved over the past 24 hours and is still very low at $202 billion. Trade volume has dipped below $10 billion for the first time since the end of August and crypto markets look very dejected at the moment. Markets are back to the same level they were at this time last month which appears to be the bottom, unless another dump is imminent. FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 altcoins during the current trading session and analyses the best performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Cryptocurrency Market Update: A Lazy Sunday in Crypto Land appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Yes, it’s weird that Princess Eugenie quoted “The Great Gatsby” at the royal wedding

Shall I compare thee to a charming literary con man? That was the sentiment behind an unconventional reading choice today (Oct. 12) at England’s latest royal wedding, in which Princess Eugenie, the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, tied the knot with Jack Brooksbank at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. The second reading at the wedding was an excerpt from The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous Jazz Age novel. In the passage read by Princess Beatrice, the bride’s sister and maid of honor, the book’s narrator, Nick Carraway, describes being enthralled by the smile of Jay Gatsby: “He smiled understandingly—much more than understandingly. It was one of those rare smiles with a quality of eternal reassurance in it, that you may come across four or five times in life. It faced—or seemed to face—the whole eternal world for an instant, and then concentrated on you with an irresistible prejudice in your favor. It understood you just as far as you wanted to be understood, believed in you as you would like to believe in yourself, and assured you that it had precisely the impression of you that, at your best, you hoped to convey. Precisely at that point it vanished—and I was looking at an elegant young rough-neck, a year or two over thirty, whose elaborate formality of speech just missed being absurd. Some time before he introduced himself I’d got a strong impression that he was picking his words with care.” Sounds like a great smile indeed! Here’s Princess Beatrice reading the passage: Princess Beatrice reads an extract from F. Scott Fitzgerald's 'The Great Gatsby'. #RoyalWedding — The Royal Family (@RoyalFamily) October 12, 2018 The problem, as Twitter observers were quick to note, is that Jay Gatsby is a fraud—a man who has managed to insinuate himself into the wealthy, patrician circles of Long Island through his knack for dazzling and flattery. I get the impression that the Princesses may not actually have read the Great Gatsby, seeing as they just read a passage about the smile of a conman about to massively defraud you — Ned Donovan (@Ned_Donovan) October 12, 2018 Bustle leapt to the defense of the royals’ reading choice, saying that during the ceremony, reverend Andrew Connor revealed that “Eugenie had specifically selected the passage because it reminded her of her fiancé and his warm smile.” And yet it’s still fair to suspect that Eugenie hasn’t given Gatsby a close reading lately. Gatsby’s grin smacks of charisma, sure. But the warm feeling Carraway gets is simply a testament to Gatsby’s ability to manipulate others. Gatsby is popular because he follows the No. 1 rule of grifters: If you hold up the world’s most flattering mirror to the people you meet, no one is going to look at you too closely.

5 months ago

MAID has been listed on @ChainRift for a few days now! Don't...

MAID has been listed on @ChainRift for a few days now! Don't forget the @chainrift team are on our forum if you ha...

6 months ago

MaidSafe (MAID) Advances Double Digits amid New Exchange Listing

MaidSafeCoin (MAID) is one of the top performers among the top 55 cryptocurrencies. MAID has gained nearly 11% in the last 24 hours on trading volume of approximately $1.5 million. MaidSafe scored a listing on ChainRift exchange, trading for which launches on Sept. 17. It will be available for trading in the MAID/BTC trading pair. It’s only been about one month since ChainRift launched, with about 1,000 users so far, and MaidSafe expects it will “be providing some early liquidity” to the platform. ChainRift also supports trading in Tezos (XTZ). (GT)

6 months ago

MaidSafe Price Analysis: Can an old dog learn new tricks?

The MaidSafeCoin has been available for trading on third party exchanges since June 2014, making it one of crypto's original innovations. In recent times, it has seen its unique value proposition encroached by multiple competitors with large financial backing, affecting its ability to stand out in the digital asset marketplace. However, with a new consensus model recently released, the project may be primed for a return to the limelight....

6 months ago

CoinGeek Week Conference Set for November 28th-30th in London

The Coin Geek conference is set for November 28th-30th at Puddle Dock (The mermaid) in London. In attendance will be leaders in cryptocurrency and blockchain developers to discuss virtual currencies merits in a retail environment as they provide a tool for payment and increases merchants revenues. The conference provides a platform where attendees could network, learn about the current trends in blockchain and crypto sphere, BCH integration on merchants' businesses among others. (KE)

6 months ago

Stratis Advances 13%, Announces ICO Platform on Microsoft's Azure

Stratis (STRAT), which is among the top 50 cryptocurrencies, is one of today’s top gainers, having advanced more than 13% in the last 24 hours. Despite today’s gains, STRAT has shed one-fifth of its value in the last month. In recent days, Stratis unveiled its ICO platform on Microsoft's Azure. It's the maiden “web app solution on Microsoft’s Azure marketplace,” according to Stratis chief Chris Trew. Among the features of the Stratis ICO platform is the technology to recognize a potential buyer’s location via their IP address, which helps when companies are banning certain jurisdictions from their token sale. (GT)

7 months ago

The Maiden “Korean International Blockchain Conference” Scheduled for October

North Korea doesn't want to be left out of the blockchain revolution. The Straits Times reports that the maiden “Korean International Blockchain Conference” is scheduled to unfold in Pyongyang, North Korea on Oct. 1-2. The event is expected to attract blockchain veterans from across regions who will then engage with North Korean corporate leaders following the event. (GT)

7 months ago

World Bank Completes $73 Million Bond Sale on the Blockchain

The World Bank, an international financial institution that lends to nations, has completed the maiden bond sale on the blockchain, according to Reuters. The deal, which is worth $73 million, has been dubbed “Bondi”, and it sets a precedent for how the blockchain can modernize traditional financial transactions. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia, which was the only manager on the deal, announced features of the bond issuance including a 2.251% interest rate and settlement date of five days from now. Bondi stands for “Blockchain Operated New Debt Instrument.” (GT)

7 months ago

OceanEx Becomes VeChainThor Ecosystem's Maiden "Minted" Token

VeChain announced a major milestone on Twitter, pointing to OceanEx (OCE) as the maiden ecosystem token to be "minted on the VeChainThor blockchain.” OceanEx is an AI-fueled digital asset exchange on the VeChainThor mainnet. VeChain followers cheered the move on Twitter, but the development did little to lift the price of the VeChain (VET) token, which has has shed 2.4% in the last 24 hours. VeChain recently waived the maturity period for economic nodes and announced X Node monitoring to start on Sept. 1. (GT)

7 months ago

Bibox Unveils a Blockchain Center in China's Hawaii Island, Hainan

Shortly after winning a VQF license to operate in Europe, Bibox exchange has more developments unfolding. Bibox has unveiled a blockchain center in China’s Hainan, which is also known as “China’s Hawaii.” The exchange said it's part of their pursuit of global growth and an attempt to bolster the blockchain's profile in the region. Meanwhile, the Bibox team is coming to Singapore for their maiden meetup in the jurisdiction. The event is scheduled for Sept. 8. (GT)

7 months ago

Pundi X (NPXS) Coin Soars 30% as More Locations Receive PoS Device

Pundi X (NPXS) is continuing to soar, as evidenced by a 30% gain in the last 24-hour period. The company, which is behind a blockchain-fueled point-of-sale product, is in the process of shipping a batch of its XPOS devices to certain locations. The maiden batch includes support for bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and Pundi X coin. The next batch will include support for Verge (XVG). Pundi X coin’s market cap is currently hovering at $238 million. (GT)

7 months ago

Canada’s Canaccord Says Be Patient, a Bitcoin ETF May Be Months Away

Canada-based financial services firm Canaccord Genuity has suggested in a report that the maiden bitcoin ETF will likely make its debut in 2019. Cryptocurrency investors have been on a roller coaster ride waiting for such a product to get approved by U.S. regulators, one that has most recently ended in a rejection. But the VanEck bitcoin ETF proposal has filled crypto traders with hope as the best prospect to get approved. Canaccord, however, says the SEC will likely “extend its deadline” regarding VanEck and a decision may not emerge until March 2019, Coindesk reports. (GT)

7 months ago

Turkey Unveils Istanbul Blockchain and Innovation Center for R&D

Turkey is raising its profile for blockchain innovation. Bahcesehir University has unveiled a blockchain center that will serve as an R&D hub. The center is dubbed the Istanbul Blockchain and Innovation Center and it’s the maiden one of its kind in the country. The university intends to work alongside other educational institutions, government agencies and the private sector to improve Turkey’s profile for blockchain innovation. (GT)

7 months ago

Monero Climbs 5% Higher amid Hello World and Lithium Luna Releases

Monero (XMR) has advanced more than 5% in the last 24-hour period amid a couple of developments surrounding the privacy coin. On Twitter, the Monero team announced: “Monero GUI "Lithium Luna", which includes full and direct Ledger support, released!” On Reddit, Monero provided download links to Windows, Linux and Mac. Meanwhile, MyMonero has unveiled “Hello World”, the maiden version of its desktop app, according to GitHub. XMR is trading at $128.40. (GT)

8 months ago

CoinJar Launches Digital Currency Index Fund for Aussie Investors

CoinJar has unveiled Australia’s maiden crypto-fueled index fund. The CoinJar Digital Currency Fund offers investors two classes including 100% exposure to bitcoin or exposure to a basket of cryptocurrencies across Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and Litecoin, according to a blog post. Individuals can invest via Australian dollars. Fees per annum are 1.3% and 1.8% for the bitcoin and multi-coin fund classes, respectively. (GT)

8 months ago

Profits at Online Bank Swissquote Soar Nearly 50% amid Bitcoin Support

Online bank Swissquote decided to support cryptocurrencies earlier this year, and now profits are soaring. According to ZyCrypto, Swissquote added bitcoin transactions for customers during the early part of the year. Since then, profits have advanced 44%, which is the best performance ever for the firm. Swissquote is reportedly Europe's maiden online bank to support bitcoin. (GT)

8 months ago, a Regulatory-Compliant Exchange, Debuts in Principality of Liechtenstein

The maiden regulatory compliant cryptocurrency exchange has debuted in the principality of Liechtenstein. is in complete compliance with European guidelines MiFID II/MiFIR, which were unveiled earlier this year. supports trading across BTC, BCH, LTC and XRP. Exchange officials believe that operating as a regulatory-compliant exchange should help to remove any stigma attached to cryptocurrencies. (GT)

8 months ago

Malta-Based Binance Acquires Ethereum-Fueled Trust Wallet

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has acquired Trust Wallet, which is an Ethereum-based mobile wallet, in its maiden acquisition, as reported by CCN. Binance completed the deal with a combination of cash, Binance stock and BNB tokens, though the price tag was kept close to the vest. Trust Wallet, which in addition to Ethereum supports ERC-20 and ERC-223-based tokens, will continue to operate independently but with the marketing muscle of Binance behind it. (GT)

8 months ago

TransferGo CEO Says Cryptocurrencies Are Not Going Away, Adds Crypto Trading

London-based payment platform TransferGo is adding support for trading in several leading cryptocurrencies, becoming the maiden remittance platform to do so. Daumantas Dvilinskas, who is at the helm of TransferGo, reportedly said the expansion into cryptocurrencies is in response to customer demand. Dvilinskas reportedly said that “as a platform, cryptocurrencies are here to stay.” TransferGo is adding support across BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and XRP. (GT)

8 months ago

Blockchain Week San Francisco Debuts in October with Innovation as Theme

The maiden San Francisco Blockchain week is scheduled for Oct. 5-12. The themes of the conference include mainstream adoption and innovation, not cryptocurrency prices, and will feature blockchain pioneers who are at the forefront of the industry. Speakers include Joseph Poon of Plasma and Lightning Network as well as Karl Floersch of the Ethereum Foundation. (GT)

8 months ago

Charitable Project Delivers Blockchain Baby in Tanzania

A collaboration between Joseph Thompson’s AID:Tech and Dutch PharmAccess made history on the blockchain. The project turned to the blockchain to ensure charitable donations were being directed in the way they were intended. The focus of the philanthropic giving is women in need and healthcare, and the blockchain is used to ensure that medical records remain accurate and protected. In recent days, the birth of a new baby by a Tanzania-based woman who is a participant in the program was recorded on the public ledger, making the newborn the maiden birth to be published on the blockchain. (GT)

8 months ago

MaidSafeCoin (MAID) Advances 10% amid Decentralized Exchange Push

MaidSafeCoin (MAID), which is the coin of the autonomous SAFE Network, is advancing approximately 10% in the last 24-hour period. The MaidSafeCoin team said in a blog that they are “examining opportunities to work with decentralized exchanges.” MaidSafeCoin has no intentions of ending its relationship with centralized exchanges, including the likes of HitBTC and Poloniex. But given the project’s focus on transparency and the decentralization of data, the team wants to give investors the option to have more autonomy over their data rather than having to trust it to a third party such as a centralized exchange. (GT)

8 months ago

LBank Exchange Launches VeChain’s Maiden VTHO Trading Pair with ETH

VeChain (VEN) is advancing 2% in the past 24-hour period. The VeChain Foundation tweeted that the maiden VTHO trading pair launched on LBank, which is the tenth largest cryptocurrency exchange based on trading volume. The trading pair is VTHO/ETH. VeChain in recent weeks launched its mainnet dubbed Thor. The VeChain Thor wallet is also available for download on iOS and Android. Other exchanges that have been supportive of the VeChainThor token swap are Binance and (GT)

8 months ago

XTZ Coin Climbs 4.5% Higher as Tezos Foundation Announces Baked Block

Blockchain network Tezos (XTZ) is up 4.5% today as the broader cryptocurrency market is similarly advancing. The Tezos Foundation tweeted that the maiden block was “baked by a new baker” on the Tezos beta network. It’s a positive sign for a project that was troubled for much of the last year but has most recently been given new life amid the launch of its beta network in recent weeks. The Tezos Network oversees the bakers, which are akin to cryptocurrency miners as they validate transactions. (GT)

8 months ago

Bulgaria to Install Its Maiden Cryptocurrency ATM at a Sofia Mall

Bulgaria will be receiving its maiden two-way cryptocurrency and fiat ATM, reports indicate. The machine is being added by cryptocurrency exchange DG Cash at a Sofia shopping mall in response to customer demand off-hours. The ATM will support bitcoin in addition to several altcoins across BCH, LTC, ETH and XMR. It will also let customers exchange BTC or LTC for the Bulgarian lev. DG Cash told Cryptovest it had to overcome regulatory roadblocks to win approval for the bitcoin ATM. (GT)

8 months ago

Hong Kong M&A: CyClean Scoops up Bike Sharing Company in Crypto-Fueled Deal

The Hong Kong Science Park is home to a new all-crypto fueled deal. Hong Kong-based bike-sharing startup Ketch'Up was acquired by Singapore's CyClean, which purchased a 60% position in the target company, funded the deal in half of its native tokens and the other half in JPAY tokens. According to CyClean's blog, it's the maiden M&A deal done in all cryptocurrencies with no cash or other assets. (GT)

8 months ago Launches Cryptocurrency-Fueled Live Horse Race Betting, which is a site for betting on live horse races, now accepts bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash deposits. is reportedly the maiden U.S. advance deposit wagering (ADW) company to gain the necessary regulatory approvals to accept cryptocurrencies. CEO Nelson Clemmens said in a statement: "[We] have worked diligently with the Oregon Racing Commission and BitPay to bring cryptocurrencies to the ADW industry." BitPay will process the cryptocurrency deposits. (GT)

8 months ago

Jaxx Liberty Cryptocurrency Wallet Teases DigiByte as Maiden Coin

DigiByte (DGB) will be the maiden coin added to the Jaxx Liberty wallet app, which is available on iOS and Android as well as Mac and Windows. Jaxx said on Twitter that it was doing some design work to "ensure the flow of adding and initializing new coins is tip-top." The Jaxx Liberty wallet is in beta format and the team is taking feedback. DGB is trading lower by 2.5%. (GT)

8 months ago

BitForex Lists Maiden Airdrop Token with NOBS

BitForex, the No. 6 cryptocurrency exchange based on trading volume, has listed NOBS, an airdrop token. According to a news release, the NOBS token is the exchange's maiden airdrop token. It's a project led by Chris Koerner and the outspoken cryptocurrency advocate John McAfee. NOBS token is short for "No BS" token and the news release suggests that demand for the coin crashed the BitForex trading platform momentarily. (GT)

8 months ago

Bitfinex Adds Its Maiden EOS Trading Pair with Everipedia (IQ) Coin

Hong Kong-based Bitfinex has announced the distribution of Everipedia (IQ) tokens in support of the EOS airdrop campaign. The airdrop is comprised of 5.1 IQ tokens for every EOS coin. Bitfinex also added support for IQ trading in the maiden EOS pair on the exchange. IQ is available across the EOS and USD markets. Everipedia is a decentralized encyclopedia. (GT)

8 months ago

BitForex to Launch Derivatives Trading This Month amid BitStar Acquisition

Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange BitForex has acquired BitStar, which will catapult the exchange toward its goal of supporting derivatives trading. BitStar is a derivatives exchange and was the maiden trading platform to launch ETH and BCH futures contracts, according to a press release. BitForex will introduce trading in futures contracts this month and will add options trading later this year. (GT)

8 months ago

Delaware Bitcoin House Sells for $1.7 Million in Real Estate-Disrupting Deal

The real estate agent who listed the first Delaware property to accept bitcoin as a payment method has announced on social media that the house sold. According to the realtor, it was the maiden property in the Northeastern U.S. to accept bitcoin, and the house has sold for $1.7 million. "I look forward to further disrupting an industry stuck in the 20th century," the realtor said on Facebook. While the realtor didn't mention which currency was used in the transaction, the fact that he took to social media boasting the sale suggests that BTC was used, Live Bitcoin News suggests. (GT)

8 months ago

PlexCoin ICO Founder Transfers $3.7 Mil in Bitcoin to Authorities in Quebec Court

PlexCorps, the startup behind the PlexCoin ICO, was one of the maiden blockchain projects on the radar of both U.S. and Canadian regulators. It promised investors unrealistic returns and raised $15 million in an ICO of unregistered securities. Dominic Lacroix, who was at the helm of the startup, has most recently transferred $3.724 million worth of bitcoin to authorities. The transfer was made in a Quebec court at the direction of the presiding judge. Lacroix's other alternative was to face jail time. (GT)

8 months ago

Ledger Unveils Ledger Live App for Managing Nano Device and Crypto Wallet

Cryptocurrency security company Ledger has unveiled the Ledger Live app, which is software to manage a Ledger device and cryptocurrency wallets. It's available on Windows, Mac and Linux. The app replaces a previous dependence on "multiple Chrome-based applications," according to the Ledger blog. Ledger Live supports Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue. The maiden version of the app doesn't support ERC20 tokens but future incarnations will. (GT)

8 months ago Inks a Partnership with ViewFin to Bolster Its Profile in Mainland China, a blockchain-fueled platform looking to bridge the gap between traditional finance and decentralization, has inked a partnership with Metaverse creator ViewFin, China's maiden public blockchain fueled by the proof-of-work system. ViewFin will help to bolster's profile in mainland China. The new deal involves the development of a Metaverse smart token for customers. will be added to ViewFin's RightBTC and TulipEx trading platforms. (GT)

8 months ago

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