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Want to learn more about the demos we saw during Monday's Ki...

Want to learn more about the demos we saw during Monday's Kin Developer Program Demo Day? Check out our trends from...

5 days ago

@thebutlermouse Hi! Thanks for reaching out - we will share ...

@thebutlermouse Hi! Thanks for reaching out - we will share an update on the Kin Blog tomorrow once the verdicts fr...

7 days ago

Demo Day Trend: Teams were given the option to implement the...

Demo Day Trend: Teams were given the option to implement the Kin Marketplace for earn opps, but many participants h...

7 days ago

We’re getting ready to watch live demos from each participan...

We’re getting ready to watch live demos from each participant in the Kin Developer Program from 8:30am to 4:30pm ES...

7 days ago

Demo Day is quickly approaching! On Monday, participants in ...

Demo Day is quickly approaching! On Monday, participants in the Kin Developer Program will show us their Kin integr...

11 days ago

Fashion and Beauty Industry Looks Towards Cryptocurrency Integration

More and more industries are looking towards the adoption and use of cryptocurrencies, and the beauty industry is among them. According to the Glossy Magazine, companies in the fashion and beauty space are integrating cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies into their businesses, using the tech to create a reward system. The firms are taking a bet that utilizing these reward systems might lead to customer retention and boost sales. The most notable pioneers of the reward systems are Opu Labs and Perfect365. Opu Labs rewards customer personal data with in-house tokens, while Perfect365 uses the existing KIN tokens to entice users to spread the word about their services. (KE)

18 days ago

We're less than two weeks away from Demo Day for the Kin Dev...

We're less than two weeks away from Demo Day for the Kin Developer Program! Check out the participating apps submit...

20 days ago

Happy anniversary! It’s been one year since the Kin token di...

Happy anniversary! It’s been one year since the Kin token distribution event. @ted_livingston took some time to ref...

a month ago

Request Network to Support Five ERC20 Tokens After Upcoming Update

The Request Network has announced that it will be upgrading its platform to support five ERC20 tokens. These tokens are; Kin (KIN), Binance Token (BNB), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Ox (ZRX), Chainlink (LINK). Users will be able to use the tokens to issue invoices, complete on-chain verified transactions and to accept online payments. Users can also use various plugins to allow for the tokens to be accepted on online shopping platforms. The invoicing tool of Request Network was earlier updated to support the new ERC20 tokens, enabling users to send and request manual payments via the network's decentralised on-chain app. (SK)

a month ago

Today's the day! Don't miss our reddit AMA with Kin CMO Matt...

Today's the day! Don't miss our reddit AMA with Kin CMO Matt DiPietro, starting at 2p.m. EST. Submit your questions...

a month ago

Three teams in the Kin Developer Program have uncovered ways...

Three teams in the Kin Developer Program have uncovered ways Kin can benefit users of travel apps - find out how in...

a month ago

Kin Developer Program update: We've made some changes to the...

Kin Developer Program update: We've made some changes to the program's timeline based on feedback from our particip...

a month ago

Kin Hires Former Twitch Vice President as CMO

Kin Ecosystem Foundation has hired Matthew DiPietro as their new chief marketing officer (CMO). DiPietro worked for Twitch as the senior vice president for eight years and he is now in charge of planning the brand strategy for Kin. Twitch is a live streaming video platform which is now owned and managed by Amazon. DiPietro describes the opportunity as a chance to be part of a technological revolution that will “fundamentally change the relationship between consumers and developers.”(RS)

a month ago

Users in Australia, Canada, India, U.K, and U.S. will soon b...

Users in Australia, Canada, India, U.K, and U.S. will soon be able to earn and spend Kin in-app. Download...

a month ago

Perfect365, the #1 augmented reality beauty platform, is com...

Perfect365, the #1 augmented reality beauty platform, is coming to the Kin Ecosystem! Learn more:...

a month ago

Canadian Messaging app Kin Poaches Twitch Marketing Chief

The Kin Ecosystem Foundation has hired a new marketing chief from Twitch. Matthew DiPietro joins Kin as the chief marketing officer. Previously DiPietro held a similar role at Twitch, a live streaming platform. Kin is the cryptocurrency of Canada-based messaging app Kik. "Matt's previous experience at Twitch, where he defined a new industry and helped drive mainstream adoption of live streaming, is a perfect fit as we work towards making Kin the most used cryptocurrency in the world,” according to Kik and Kin Founder Ted Livingston in a press release. The KIN coin has gained approximately 9% in the last 24 hours on trading volume of $374,453. (GT)

a month ago

The Kin Developer Program's demo day is quickly approaching!...

The Kin Developer Program's demo day is quickly approaching! Check out our @Medium post to find out how some partic...

a month ago

The Kin Foundation is Currently Supporting 8 Crypto-Gaming Projects

The Kin Developer Program is currently investing in blockchain and crypto startups focused on blockchain-driven games. At the moment 8 of the 40 projects supported by the foundation focus on blockchain gaming and Ella Zhang, the head of Binance Labs, believes that the gaming industry will be the next frontier for blockchain developers. The Kin Foundation foresees great potential for blockchain to be used in gaming as it “can enable easy peer-to-peer transactions among gamers who often play opponent in other countries, and use different currencies than the person they’re playing.” (RS)

a month ago

Dogecoin Creator, Jackson Palmer, is Concerned About the State of dApps

Jackson Palmer, the creator of Dogecoin, recently told developers to find ways of converting centralized systems to decentralized applications (dApps). He also urged the dApp creators to find ideas of motivating users to switch to decentralized methods by the same system Brave Browser used to pay users with the BAT (Basic Attention Token) to boost adoption. Jackson Palmer approves the Kin (KIN) blockchain, a new digital currency created by the team behind Kik saying that it allows users to participate in the decentralized economy without realizing it. (KE)

a month ago

Monthly AMA with Ted - Founder and CEO of Kin and Kik - Tuesday 2:00 PM ET

On Tuesday, September 11, 2:00 p.m. ET, we will host our monthly AMA with Ted. Prior to sharing the guidelines, we want to acknowledge that [some community members were less than thrilled]( with the last AMA, and we want to clear the air regarding these concerns. The one question per person rule surprised some people, and we should have communicated this more clearly. The intent of the rule is to be inclusive of all members. Previous AMAs have been dominated by a few members, and as a community of 10,800 people, we want to give everyone a chance to be heard. We will continue to keep this rule. Regarding length, many have asked for one hour, stating that 30 minutes is not enough. As you can imagine, Ted has a very busy schedule, and as a project, we need to balance and manage his time effectively. We will plan to continue with 30-minute AMAs. And finally, we don’t avoid hard questions. It’s not the intent of these AMAs. Community feedback is extremely important to Kin. We appreciate all questions and will do our best to answer them. In an effort to make every AMA better than the last, we are going to try splitting this AMA into two parts: * Ted will cover the top three topics that emerged since the last AMA at the beginning to provide context. For this AMA Ted will cover: * Kin Developer Program / KRE * Wallet #4 * Kinit on iOS * The regular AMA. As a reminder Ted won’t make announcements during these AMAs. Ted is open to all questions about Kin as long as they follow the rules. In particular, he has suggested two types of questions: * 1. Questions where you want Ted’s perspective on something the has emerged in the industry. For example, “What do you think of the drop in the crypto market?” * 2. Questions that you genuinely get from critics, that if you had a better answer for them, it would help you better explain Kin to them. For example, “Isn’t Kin just a rewards program?” or “But isn’t Kin’s blockchain centralized?” or “Why isn’t there a roadmap?” What questions are you getting about Kin that Ted can help you answer? Please note that we will continue to assess the structure of these AMAs in an effort to constantly improve them. If changes need to be made, we will make them, and we promise to clearly communicate these changes so that there are no surprises. **AMA Guidelines:** * **One question per person.** The intent of the rule is to be inclusive of all members. We want to give everyone a chance to be heard. * **One question per comment**. A question in a comment thread does not qualify as a question. * **Redundant questions will not be addressed**. Please double check that your question has not been answered in this thread or in a previous AMA. * **Be respectful** **and ask constructive questions.** * **Keep questions to Kin and the project.** * **Questions about a specific individuals will be removed.** * **All questions must abide by the rules of our subreddit.** Link for the live stream of today's AMA [here]( To help guide the discussion, here are the top updates from the past month: * We [accepted 40 developers into the Kin Developer Program]( * [Kinit is now available in iOS]( * Former Ethereum advisor and crypto expert [William Mougayar joined the Kin Ecosystem Foundation’s board of directors](

a month ago

The Kin Developer Program is underway! Check out our @Medium...

The Kin Developer Program is underway! Check out our @Medium to find out more about the developers who have uncover...

a month ago

Bill Barhydt: ETF Applicants have to fit the Preferences of SEC

Bill Barhydt, the top executive of Abra recently said during an interview with CNBC that "Bitcoin (BTC) ETF applicants have to fit the financial archetype that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is looking for." He also noted that applicants should never dress in informal interview apparel in front of SEC and should "looks, feels and smells" the way the SEC wants them to in order for an ETF application to win approval. However, he showed his optimism that 2019 is the year. Winklevoss brothers’ ETF application failed in July and Van Eck/Solid X proposal is yet to be decided on September 30th, 2018. (RL)

2 months ago

Japan's Largest Bank Is Bullish On Ripple

At a recent conference, Steven Diep, a representative of Japan's largest bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. praised Ripple for offering a better alternative to SWIFT. He said SWIFT takes long hours, and high fee to transfer money from one part of the world to another. Ripple can get the same transaction done under 30 seconds for a fraction of the fee. He also added that they're looking to integrate Ripple in any way they can. XRP is currently priced at $0.3359, losing 0.48% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

2 months ago

IBM Debuts Stellar-Based Blockchain Payment Network

IBM has revealed its Blockchain World Wire (BWW) payment system from beta testing this week and cryptocurrency pundits will be proud to know that BWW uses digital assets on Stellar Lumens blockchain to process international settlements between banks in “near real-time”. According to IBM “it all means funds can now be transferred at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional correspondent banking.” It’s likely that BBW uses Stronghold, a Stellar-based digital asset that functions as a stablecoin. (RS)

2 months ago

Want to learn more about @Kik's integration of Kin? We inter...

Want to learn more about @Kik's integration of Kin? We interviewed Kik product manager Laura Newton and Kin product...

2 months ago

Bitcoin Cash Price Update: BCH is one Angry Bull Right Now

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has seen the red flag today and charged full speed ahead. The altcoin is holding on to 2% gains after making a leap above the bullish pennant which can be seen on the 4-hour chart. From a technical standpoint, BCH is bullish and additional gains are probable. There is resistance at $654.50, $660.80 and $711. In the event of a reversal BCH will encounter resistance at $635.70, $682.20 and $604.20. Currently BCH is up 1.72% and the price is $638.57. (RS)

2 months ago

Waltonchain Releases Whitepaper 2.0

IoT Blockchain startup Waltonchain has released a new version of its whitepaper. It talks about Value Internet of Things (VIoT) concept proposed by Waltonchain and 'Chain Cluster.' The startup is looking to improve its existing platform with more features and new innovative concepts. It also pitches concepts like PoL, WPoC and smart contracts with data customization support. Waltonchain (WTC) is currently priced at $5.09, gaining 7.47% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

2 months ago

Bittrex to Delist Bitcoin Gold on 14th September

Recently, the Bittrex exchange platform experienced a double spending attack on BTG chain. They were requested to pay 12,372,000 worth of BTG which they refused. As a result, Bitcoin Gold will cease existing from Bittrex platform. All bitcoin gold pairs like BTC/BTG, ETH/BTG, USDT/BTG will also be delisted. An official announcement was made by Bitcoin Gold about this said that: "We regret to inform our community that the crypto exchange Bittrex has decided to de-list BTG after we declined to pay them 12,372 BTG to remain listed." The attack reportedly which happened on Bittrex platform on May 19th saw hackers taking control of 51% of the hash power and stole 388,000 BTG. (VK)

2 months ago

ICE’s Bitcoin ETF Expected to Push Bitcoin Price Over $10K

The topic of Bitcoin ETFs has always generated debates. While others believe that it may lead to a price surge, others do not hold the same sentiments. Although some experts believe that there is no future for Bitcoin, others are banking on the SEC decision regarding a series of Bitcoin ETFs filed by some companies. Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the parent company of New York Stock Exchange is already planning to launch its ETF on November 5. The move is expected to push the price of Bitcoin over $10,000 in the first week of November. (VK)

2 months ago

EOS Developers Are Suffering From Rising RAM Costs

EOS developers require three main resources for deploying dapps: CPU, NET, and RAM. RAM is used for making user accounts. However, with the speculative nature of the crypto industry, speculators have started hoarding RAM, which has resulted in a price surge. Developers have to spend 4kb RAM for each user, which costs $3.12 per user with the current price. A game developer revealed that they purchased $65,000 worth RAM to launch their game. The cost of entry is extremely high right now, especially when compared with Ethereum which requires developers to pay only for the transactions they make. EOS is currently priced at $6.47, gaining 0.6% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

2 months ago

Crypto Update: OmiseGO Trading Volume Up by 230%, Price Soars by 12%

Minor corrections are taking place in the crypto market seeing the total market cap above $235 m. Bitcoin is well above $7200 and is trading at $7280, up by 0.5%. Altcoins have followed suit, and Monero had surged by 11% to trade at $135, at the time of writing. Within a week, it has gained over 30%. Other altcoins have surged by 3%-7%, but the biggest gainer is OmiseGo. OmiseGo has gained 12% within 24 hours to trade at $0.45. Huobi handles 30% of OMG's trading volume, this has increased by 230%. (KE)

2 months ago

Crypto Update: The New Developments in Bitcoin, Stellar, Litecoin, Tron, and NEO

With the increasing crypto adoption, chocolate Bitcoins is making headlines after being spotted at Walmart, and each bag goes for $1.00. Neo.Game which brought many developers together has come to an end, and winners have been awarded. Lykke exchange has listed Stellar, and trading can now occur using the Lykke mobile wallet. Also, Litecoin Summit 2018 is scheduled for Sept.14-15 and will happen at South San Francisco Conference Center. Further, Justin Sun boasts of Tron's mainnet accounts surpassing that of EOS by 301,000. (KE)

2 months ago

Yasuo Matsuda Formerly of Deutsche Bank Hired by FXcoin Ltd as a Senior Strategist

Yasuo Matsuda, the previous Deutsch Bank foreign exchange dealer has been taken up and recruited by FXcoin as their senior strategist. Yasuo was hired to focus on the market speculation daily report and was to begin working starting this September. This follows after the plans by FXcoin Ltd to venture in the exchange of cryptocurrencies received FSA regulatory approval. Matsuda will be expected to use his expertise gained from his previous job in Deutsch bank to provide digital tokens research. Matsuda reportedly has a six years experience in the brokerage industry. (VK)

2 months ago

Microsoft to Link its Products to Blockchain

Technology giant Microsoft is reported to be linking some of its products to the blockchain. The company was among the first entities to implement the distributed ledger technology through its cloud services platform, Microsoft Azure. The General Manager of Microsoft Azure said the firm was to provide users with the ability to link their data to the blockchain. He said the company was already building networks between its blockchain providers and other platforms. These platforms include Twitter, SAP, Dynamics 365 Online ad Salesforce. (VK)

2 months ago

Brazil Will Be Given 1,000 Multi-Crypto POS Terminals

According to a Joint Press Release, Pundi X Labs, have sewn up a deal with BitCapital, a Brazil crypto startup. This deal will see 1,000 X POS distributed to hundreds of retailers in Brazil; to make cryptocurrency to fiat exchanges as easy as possible. Indonesia’s POS terminal suppliers, Pundi X recently branched out into Brazil, and their headquarters are in Sao Paulo. In addition to this, Pundi X also plans to distribute another 1,000 in Colombia after striking another deal. There has recently been an increased adoption of crypto in South America. Due to this, Zac Cheah, CEO, and c-founder of Pundi X has described the region as being central for crypto adoption. (KE)

2 months ago

Yahoo To Integrate Crypto Into its Platform

Yahoo is looking into integrating its crypto news, original crypto video content, and tickers on its platform. It has reportedly integrated crypto news and Bitcoin together with tickers (real time) in its finance menu bar. Through crypto compare, yahoo URL for crypto has a table for market capitalization with share button. This allows users to send it through email, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. The mainstream readers could access blockchain and cryptocurrency news together with the original crypto content using Coindesk, Bloomberg, FX, CNBC among others. (KE)

2 months ago

Bithumb Suspicious of Wash-Trading

Though the crypto trading has seen a sea of green these days, Alex Kruger, the Argentinian born crypto trader made a case against this. He explained on Sunday through a series of tweets what exactly was happening prompting the $250 million fake volume Bithump was experiencing daily and concluded that some smart trader/s are taking $90,000 from Bithumb every day. The kind of wash-trading and manipulation paints not only the Bithumb exchange in a bad light but the rest of the crypto industry.(RL)

2 months ago

Use Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ethereum (ETH) To Buy $700K Lamborghini

The White Company has offered up a Lamborghini for sale, and you can purchase it using cryptocurrency. The new Aventador LP-750-4 SV Roadster is one of a kind. According to, this is the fastest Lamborghini ever made. It is made of ultra-lightweight materials which have made it 50 kilograms lighter than its predecessor. It also has a V12 engine that accelerates from 0 to 62mph in under 3 seconds. Its top speed is 217mph (350km/h). In addition to this, the Lambo will be the first model to have an open top. The White Company is selling this luxury vehicle for approximately 95.76 BTC. You can also purchase it using 1,101.10 BCH or 2,397.50 ETH. (KE)

2 months ago

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to Use Blockchain Technology

On September 1st, BiaNews reported that industrial and Commercial Bank of China would focus on the development of blockchain tech. Yi Huiman, ICBC Chairman, said that the bank would concentrate on innovations in big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, internet of things and blockchain. The bank is looking into finding use cases for smart contracts to enhance their service and secure data (financial) shared with third parties. (KE)

2 months ago

5 Chinese Altcoins to Consider During the Government Stricter Regulation

According to Sludgefeed, recent reports indicate that the Chinese government is clamping down even further and is set to ban more than 120 offshore cryptocurrency exchanges. Amid the cryptocurrency clamp down, China still calls for blockchain project development and releases monthly reports ranking the top blockchain projects by innovation and technological advancement. The reports also suggest 5 altcoins that are popular in China, i.e. TRON (TRX), NEO (NEO), VeChain (VET), Metaverse (ETP), Nuls (NULS). They are popular because the five offers interesting value propositions.

2 months ago

Report: Major Chinese Insurance Firm Will Use the Blockchain Technology After New Alliance

A Bianews report revealed that the People’s Insurance Company of China (PICC) has partnered with VeChain and DNV GL. This collaboration aims at using the blockchain technology to save on time and money for the two companies, through efficiency. The alliance also seeks to improve claim experience, fraud prevention, and KYC conformity. According to an announcement by PICC, VeChain will help to digitalize their operations, making them faster. The digitalization will create an instant compensation system, according to the report. Additionally, the report highlights that DNV GL, which is a global quality assurance and risk management company, will, in turn, guarantee the system’s data integrity. (KE)

2 months ago

British Artist Sells Entire Collection for Crypto via Wechat

Lincoln Townley, a contemporary British artist, recently made headlines for selling an entire collection of work for cryptocurrency using Wechat. The artist considers those who invest in Bitcoin to be speculators who may be looking to take more risk, and he feels that those are the types of people that would be interested in buying his art as a way to add to their investment portfolio. And apparently he was right, as he was easily able to conduct the transaction via a social messaging app, and see this as a viable option for future sales. (JF)

2 months ago

Japan Regulators Clamp Down on Crypto Exchange Risk Management Procedures

Japan’s financial regulator is reportedly clamping down on cryptocurrency exchanges pursuing licenses. According to local reports, the Financial Services Agency (FSA) will enforce higher standards when it comes to the risk-management screening of crypto exchanges, making it more difficult for trading platforms to gain a regulatory license in the country. Crypto exchanges pursuing a license will experience a “fourfold increase” in the number of questions they are asked while topics of questioning will be expanded upon as well. Earlier this year, Japan’s Coincheck suffered a security breach of more than $500 million in NEM. (GT)

2 months ago

Holochain Climbs 46% on Doubling of Volume, Holo Ask-Me-Anything on for Tomorrow

Holochain (HOT) coin is the top gainer among the leading 50 cryptocurrencies today. HOT has advanced more than 46% to $0.0015 on volume of $42 million. That’s more than double yesterday’s volume of $19 million, as investors look to capitalize on the rising trend. Holochain is behind a platform for dApps that it says outperforms the blockchain. Recent gains have been attributed to Holochain possibly striking a deal with Mozilla. Also, Holo, which is built on Holochain, is hosting an ask-me-anything session tomorrow. (GT)

2 months ago

Ontology Counts Down to Token Swap Deadline, Coin Advances 8.5% Over the Last Month

Ontology, which boasts a market cap of $444 million, has shed approximately 3% in the last 24 hours on trading volume of nearly $60 million. Ontology is counting down for completion of its mainnet token swap, which is scheduled to materialize on Oct. 1. Participants must complete the token swap by this date. Otherwise, NEP-5-fueled ONT tokens that aren’t swapped will be left behind on the NEO blockchain, according to a blog post by the Ontology team. Most of the coins have been swapped, however. Despite today’s profit taking, ONT remains 8.5% higher over the last month. (GT)

2 months ago

Binance Is Expanding To Africa Through Investments

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has been actively investing and expanding across continents. Their next target is Africa, which is home to over 1.2 Billion consumers with fast developing economies and yet millions of unbanked people. Binance is actively looking to invest in Blockchain startups in Africa, including non-sanctioned countries. Additionally, Binance is planning to deploy a base in the region. (VS)

2 months ago

Bitcoin Live Price Update: Bullish MACD on the Weekly Chart

In spite of today’s mild pullback under $7,250 the good signs of a long term bull rally keep stacking up for Bitcoin. The weekly chart shows that the MACD has turned bullish for the first time this year after a bullish crossover and divergence in July 2018. Combine this with the 100 day moving average (MA) approaching a bull cross with the 200-MA and the fact that the 50-day MA has already crossed above the 100 and 200-day MA and the situation is beginning to look favorable to bulls over the long-term. Last week BTC shorts fell to a record (3 week) low and BTCs technical standing is steadily improving on the monthly, weekly, daily and 4-hour charts. Currently BTC is up 0.18% and the price is $7,267. (RS)

2 months ago

Monero (XMR) Price Update

Similar to other altcoins, Monero (XMR) is steadily adding gains and making an attempt at a bull-reversal. Currently the outlook is bullish as XMR broke above the long-term descending trendline and the 50-day moving average (MA). XMR price rides above the newly formed ascending trendline and a close above the 100-MA could open the doors to a rally above $150. In the event of a reversal, the 10-day MA is likely to function as a strong support. At the time of writing XMR is up 8.59% and the price is $130.45. (RS)

2 months ago

Akon Announces As AKoin's First Partner

Rapper Akon after announcing his Cryptocurrency AKoin, has announced its first official partner, The website is a gambling platform for multiple casino games. However, the company is working on a Global Impact Platform, along with a Security Token Offering (STO) to gamify charity. (VS)

2 months ago

Daily Berminal Brief (9/3/18): Bitcoin Reaches $7,300 Target and a Handful of Altcoins Hold on to Their Recent Gains

1) Speaking to CNBC, Tom Lee said that bitcoin would possibly trade at $20,000 at the end of this year. He said this would be attributed to emerging ETFs and the asset's strong performance. Additionally, he said the contributing factor would also be the decline of the US dollar due to the US conflict with countries like Iran, China, Turkey; as a result, the Federal Reserve will slow the policy on interest rate hike, making people resort to bitcoin and increase its prices. 2) The report released by the ICO advisory firm Satis Group has made the news cycle rounds and caused a lot of stir. From claiming many ICO’s and utility tokens will go bust while currency and privacy coins like Monero (XMR) will be the best performers, they also made some price predictions as to where the market is headed. One of the more near term predictions is that the cryptocurrency market will reach a total market cap valuation of $1 Trillion by 2021, indicating that the market will increase in value more than four times its current value of nearly $240 Billion over the next couple of years. 3) Most cryptocurrency investors are aware of the rather unique relationship between Tether (USDT) and BitFinex and the rumors of manipulation will begin to churn again as $100 million USDT are currently en route to Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange. Hundreds of millions of USDT were sent to various exchanges during the height of the 2017 bull run and researchers and regulators point to the ‘manipulation’ as the reason for BTC reaching an all high. The most recent transfers of USDT led to significant leaps in BTC price. A July 24 transfer was followed by a $800 movement and the most recent infusion (August 21) lead to a $650 pop in BTC price. It is yet to be determined what the impact of today’s transfer will be but traders will certainly be keeping a close eye on the charts. (Read more at the Berminal's Medium page)

2 months ago

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