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Electroneum (ETN) Price Makes Good Gains Against USD and BTC

The current crypto markets and their prices exhibit little positive momentum despite having several green dots on the cryptocurrency chart. Electroneum price, according to a report, is steadily in the green across the board. Over the past 24 hours, Electroneum has gained 45.5$ in USD value and 4.7% in Bitcoin (BTC) value. The gain, however, will only remain if BTC holds its ground well. (VK)

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Fidelity Considers Digital Trading of Top 7 Cryptocurrencies

Fidelity Investments is reportedly looking into the feasibility of offering the top five to seven cryptocurrencies on its Digital Asset Services platform. Extending beyond Bitcoin and Ether Last month, the investment firm revealed its new Digital Asset Services arm alongside plans to offer Bitcoin and Ether trading services for institutional investors, also giving them a much-anticipated custody solution for these cryptocurrencies. Tom Jessop, head of Fidelity Digital Assets, shared at the Block FS conference in New York on Thursday the company’s willingness to extend these services to other major cryptocurrencies. “I think there is demand for the next four or five in rank of market cap order. So we will be looking at that,” he said in response to a question posed by Coindesk. One of the potential issues he perceives is the question of which tokens will fall into the US Security and Exchange Commission’s definition of securities, as this will significantly impact the regulation surrounding their use. ”We are waiting for that space to develop,” he noted. Jessop added there is not a huge call from institutional investors yet to venture into the lesser known cryptocurrencies on offer, so Fidelity will focus on the top seven or so, although other aditions will be considered when the demand is there. Right now, he says Fidelity services over 13,000 institutional clients and their main interests are in the two leading cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ether. In August, the Bitcoin Tracker One Exchange Traded Note (ETN) became the first fully regulated financial instrument tied directly to Bitcoins, a service Fidelity offers its clients. Given the relatively poor performance of the cryptocurrency market this year compared with 2017, many are counting on an influx of institutional investors using digital currency investment services such as that offered by Fidelity to boost prices. Follow BitcoinNews.com on Twitter: @bitcoinnewscom Telegram Alerts from BitcoinNews.com: https://t.me/bconews Want to advertise or get published on BitcoinNews.com? - View our Media Kit PDF here. Image Courtesy: Pixabay The post Fidelity Considers Digital Trading of Top 7 Cryptocurrencies appeared first on BitcoinNews.com.

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Can The XLM Price Remain Above $0.15 for More than a Day?

Today is proving to be another difficult day for all cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Considering how things are not looking all that great on the hourly charts things can easily swing in either direction. For the XLM price, the recent uptrend pushed the value above $0.15 again, even though there is no gain or loss in BTC value. That makes for an interesting trend in many different ways. XLM Price Reclaims $0.15 for now The past week has been rather disastrous for most cryptocurrencies and digital assets. That is not necessarily surprising whatsoever, as most of these markets derive value directly from Bitcoin itself. XLM Has proven to be no exception in this regard, as its value dipped to the low end of $0.13 a few days ago. It seems that is now a thing of the past following today’s uptrend. In the past 24 hours, the XLM price has gained 8% in USD value and remained flat in BTC value. That latter part is pretty interesting, especially when considering how assets and altcoins usually derive value from their BTC ratio directly. At the same time, both XLM and XRP have shown a tendency to ignore Bitcoin’s overall trend more often than not. How this particular push will pan out in the coming days, is difficult to predict. When looking across social media, it is evident this positive momentum has gotten some people rather excited. Cyptocurrencyaustralia purchased some chap XLM as well as other currencies to flip for a higher price. Short-term profits are still the main objective for a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders first and foremost, Buying XLM and quickly flipping it will certainly achieve that goal, albeit not necessarily in the BTC department. Bought some #xrp #xlm #vet #med / #medx just this morning Australia time. Nibbled at some #omg as find that interesting. Some real quality coins there V - #zil had a great day! https://t.co/VHj79WJeCb — cryptocurrencyaustralia (@BTCandCryptoOz) November 28, 2018 A similar positive sentiment is echoed by ETN 911RS2. This particular trader is confident Bitcoin will moon again, whereas Litecoin, XLM, and ETN will see similar trends. A very optimistic outlook, considering how all of these currencies and assets have seen their fair share of setbacks in recent months. It is certainly possible all of them will rise side-by-side, but for now, the uneasy situation remains in place. I think #bitcoin will And #litecoinand #XLMand #etnall the others? I don't care — ETN 911RS2 (@ETN911RS2) November 28, 2018 Not everyone is confident this current recovery period will remain in place for very long. If Bas Haenraets is to be believed, the momentum will turn around fairly quickly, as it has all of the telltale signs of a “dead cat bounce”. A rather depressing outlook, although it is also one of the more realistic opinions given the current conditions. Even so, some optimism would be more than welcome. Dead cat's bounce. #xlm — Bas Haenraets (@Bas72) November 28, 2018 Considering how all of the markets are evolving in the past few weeks, things are not looking all that great right now. For the XLM price, sustaining a value of $0.15 is not all that easy, especially if the XLM/BTC ratio remains rather flat. That doesn’t mean nothing big will happen moving forward, though, but for now, things simply are not looking all that attractive. With the weekend not that far off, now is the time to make some big movements, either for XLM or any other asset tracked on Coinmarketcap. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. The post Can The XLM Price Remain Above $0.15 for More than a Day? appeared first on NullTX.

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Chapter three is now live! We're celebrating our first anniv...

Chapter three is now live! We're celebrating our first anniversary by telling the ETN story through our very own Gr… https://t.co/FMP8PSvewm

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Check out this fantastic video from the awesome Xterest Elec...

Check out this fantastic video from the awesome Xterest Electroneum 101. In it, he chats to the legendary Mick Ambr… https://t.co/XMMIOcAbps

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Amun Crypto ETP Launch Sees Minimal Interest, Fails to Curb Bears

Since’s the commencement of crypto’s bear market in 2018, investors in this budding asset class have sought to find refuge, banking their cryptocurrency holdings on a number of prospective catalysts, including the advent of institutional players and the formulation of a Bitcoin-backed exchange-traded fund (ETF). So, many thought their prayers were answered, when Amun, a European fintech firm, introduced a Switzerland-based exchange-traded product (ETP) centered around Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash (recently omitted due to a contentious hard fork). Related Reading: Crypto Week in Review: Bitcoin ETP Launches in Switzerland, KuCoin Scores $20M As this news hit the crypto mainstream, with thousands quickly sharing the development on this ecosystem’s social media channels, a copious amount of bullish sentiment found footing. Some optimists, blinded by “hopium,” claimed that this turn of events alone would turn the tide in bulls’ favor. But sadly, the launch of this instrument hasn’t done much to hamper the propagation of sell-side price action. In fact, as the product came to life, the crypto market continued to collapse, with BTC freefalling to establish new year-to-date lows under $4,500, as altcoins instantaneously followed suit. Many chalked this up to the lack of interest in Amun’s crypto foray, coupled with the misunderstood fact that the product isn’t the ETF that investors have been clamoring for. Amun’s Switzerland-based “HODL5” ETP Fails to Move Crypto Markets As astutely pointed out by Su Zhu, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency industry executive and investor, the product, dubbed “HODL5” in a nod to a long-standing inside joke in the cryptocurrency cohort, saw minimal volume on its first day in operation. Citing data gathered by SIX Swiss Exchange, the platform that HODL5 was debuted on, Zhu exclaimed that the product only saw 27,244 of its shares traded, a mere ~$400,000 in volume, a far cry from the millions in volume that optimists were betting on. Day1 of the Swiss HODL5 ETF saw 27,244shares ($400k) of volume. @FlowTraders is the official marketmaker. I'll be watching this closely as a barometer of natural interest.https://t.co/NFrKY1cLWr — Su Zhu (@zhusu) November 24, 2018 Many chalked up this lack of volume to a number of factors, namely the fact that SIX is only the world’s 13th largest stock exchange, even though the firms, funds, and vehicles listed on the platform amount to $1.6 trillion. Others looking to find a silver lining aimed their scopes at other nuances, with some pointing out that the scarcity of trading volume pertaining to HODL5 indicates that institutional investors with access to SIX, the vehicle’s targeted clientele, don’t believe that the crypto market is poised to reverse its multi-month downtrend. ETP, Not ETF Although some media lauded and touted Amun’s crypto basket as the “world’s first Bitcoin ETF,” a hot-button topic for the majority of crypto investors, it is important to accentuate that this is a piece of disinformation. HODL5, is, in fact, an ETP. While the two forms of investment vehicle do share underlying similarities, when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, an ETP isn’t inherently an ETF. Peter Sin Guili, who did some internet sleuthing to gain insight on the matter, divulged that HODL5 is nothing more than an exchange-traded note (ETN) or commodity (ETC), alluding to the fact that some investors were in over their heads when the instrument was announced. IMPORTANT:: Please take note the Swiss #Crypto Exchange-Traded Product (Amun Crypto Basket Index) that is launching on 21 Nov, is NOT an #ETF. It is listed under ETP - a debt security NOT a Fund & is not supervised by FINMA.See attached pics from Six Swiss Exchange!#Bitcoin pic.twitter.com/ggmoqmTLj4 — Peter Sin Guili (@petersinguili) November 20, 2018 For those who aren’t in the know, the differentiation between an ETF and an ETC/ETN is actually more pertinent than it may seem. More specifically, as per an official SIX release, Amun’s crypto basket product, while collateralized, isn’t surprised by Switzerland leading financial regulator, with this classification likely putting off investors at large. Additionally, HODL5’s ETP status also means that Amun isn’t eligible to have a central counterparty/clearinghouse (CCP) manage or aid its vehicle, likely diminishing interest in the product even further. Although the aforementioned points may scream “bear,” many hold faith in the product, which may prove to be an intermediate stepping stone toward a Bitcoin-secured, U.S.-based ETF that will catalyze the influx of retail investors. Featured image from Shutterstock. The post Amun Crypto ETP Launch Sees Minimal Interest, Fails to Curb Bears appeared first on NewsBTC.

17 days ago

Electroneum Price Struggles Despite Attempt to Get Listed on Binance

Considering how most cryptocurrencies lost a lot of value over the weekend, most of the altcoins are currently in damage control mode. More specifically, the losses need to be recouped first and foremost. For Electroneum, the weekend pushed the value below $0.01 again, although this latest uptrend seems to ensure that will not be the case for much longer. Electroneum Price Reclaims Steep Losses Now that the brutal weekend of cryptocurrency trading is finally over, things are starting to look up as the new week progresses. Considering how there are massive losses across the board for all currencies, recovering thesis lost value will take a while. It is always easier to lose something rather than gaining it back. In the case of Electroneum, the price may return to $0.01 fairly quickly. Over the past 24 hours, there has been a solid 7% gain in USD value and a 2% gain in BTC value. This latter aspect is a bit lackluster first and foremost, although it is possible things will continue to improve in this regard. Any altcoin needs to gain on Bitcoin right now to make a meaningful impact, and it seems Electroneum is on the right path to doing so. Reclaiming the $0.01 level may be a bit more difficult than one would assume, though. The big news pertaining to Electroneum this week is how the altcoin is trying to break grounds in the mobile sector. Forging partnerships with mobile carriers to get KYC information is an interesting option to explore in this regard. That move will also be helpful to ETN users on mobile who want to get verified quickly, as they would no longer need to go through a separate process to do so. #Electroneum is exploring the potential of partnering up with mobile carriers to get access to their already on file #KYC info for their mobile users. This will help #ETN users get KYC/AML verified. Smart solution to users who have YOTI issues in certain countries. #fintech #BTC — Mike Almiroudis (xterest) (@MikeAlmiroudis) November 26, 2018 It would also appear the Electroneum community is trying to get their favorite altcoin listed on the Binance platform. For many altcoins, getting listed on Binance is almost better than being added to Coinbase, primarily because Binance has a much bigger appeal to altcoin users and speculators first and foremost. It is unclear if the exchange will list ETN, though, as nothing has been confirmed at this point. Hello @binance , I want to ask you if it is possible to list #electroneum?Electroneum is an amazing project and it deserves to be listed on your amazing exchange.Please consider listing #ETN on your platform. Kind regards,Electroneum News#Crypto #Binance #Cryptocurrency — Electroneum News (@Electroneum_ICO) November 25, 2018 Callitlikeiseeit is perhaps one of the most down-to-earth altcoin traders under these current circumstances. Rather than worry about the current downward pressure, it seems he is simply adding more coins to his growing portfolio. That portfolio seemingly includes Electroneum, Tron, and Litecoin, which further confirms diversification is critical in the cryptocurrency industry at any given moment. Still adding to my bags. #cryptocurrency #Litecoin #satoshineverdies #HODL #trx #tron #etn #telcoin — CallitlikeIseeit (@manger8882) November 26, 2018 For the time being, it remains to be seen what the future will hold for Electroneum. The ETN price seems well underway to reclaim the $1 level, although there is still plenty of work to be done in this regard. After all, the hourly charts for most cryptocurrencies do not look promising whatsoever. More bearish pressure looms ahead for all currencies, as this year may not necessarily end on a high whatsoever. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. The post Electroneum Price Struggles Despite Attempt to Get Listed on Binance appeared first on NullTX.

17 days ago

Swiss Crypto Exchange-Traded Product Launching Nov. 21, but It’s Not an ETF

New.Bitcoin.com has confirmed that the exchange-traded product tracking an index of five leading cryptocurrencies will start trading on Switzerland’s principal stock exchange on Nov. 21. The exchange has also confirmed that this product is not an exchange-traded fund (ETF). The country’s financial regulator, Finma, explains the differences. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Differences Between ETPs and ETFs The news of the cryptocurrency exchange-traded product (ETP) by Zug-based Amun AG having been approved by Switzerland’s principal stock exchange, Six Swiss Exchange, spread throughout the crypto community over the weekend. The product tracks an index of five major cryptocurrencies: BTC, XRP, ETH, BCH, and LTC. While Amun’s website refers to this product only as an ETP, some believe that it is an exchange-traded fund (ETF). ETPs and ETFs are two different products, listed under different categories on Six Swiss Exchange. A spokesperson from Finma, Switzerland’s financial regulator, told news.Bitcoin.com: It is important to separate ETPs from ETFs, as ETPs are not subject to the Collective Investment Schemes Act (Cisa) and are therefore not supervised by Finma. Noting that ETFs “are funds that are traded on an exchange and normally track the performance of an index,” he emphasized that “In Switzerland, these products are subject to the Cisa.” A spokesperson from Six Swiss Exchange also confirmed to news.Bitcoin.com that Amun Crypto is an ETP, not an ETF, adding that the product will start trading on Wednesday, Nov. 21. The exchange clarified: ETPs are collateralized, noninterest-earning bearer debt securities which replicate an underlying [asset] (generally from the commodities sector), either on a regular or leveraged basis. Like ETFs, they trade in a multi market-making segment, but in legal terms they are not funds. ETFs, ETPs and ETNs On its website, Six Swiss Exchange detailed different types of “passive financial products in Switzerland.” The first two on the list are ETF and ETP. The document indicates that ETPs include exchange-traded notes (ETNs) and exchange-traded commodities (ETCs). ETNs are a type of debt security that trades on exchanges and promise a return linked to a market index or other benchmark. ETCs also trade on exchanges but provide exposure to commodities and commodity indices. Furthermore, ETFs and ETPs also carry different risks. “ETFs are separate pools of assets,” Swiss Funds and Asset Management Association described in its report on ETFs and Index Funds. “In the event of the insolvency (bankruptcy) of the provider (e.g. the fund management company or custodian bank), the assets and rights of the ETF can be segregated, and there is no issuer risk in this regard.” Debt securities, however, “often entail an issuer risk that is hard to calculate,” the report author noted. Public Misunderstanding Led to Trading Suspension XBT Provider’s exchange-traded products have also been misunderstood by the public. In September, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) temporarily suspended trading of the company’s products — Bitcoin Tracker One and Ether Tracker One — due to the inconsistencies of their descriptions. The commission wrote: The broker-dealer application materials submitted to enable the offer and sale of these financial products in the United States, as well as certain trading websites, characterize them as ‘exchange traded funds (ETF)’ ... Other public sources characterize the instruments as ‘exchange traded notes (ETN)’. In addition, the SEC noted that “the issuer characterizes them in its offering materials as ‘non-equity linked certificates’,” which “are not principal protected” and “do not bear interest.” Citing “a lack of current, consistent and accurate information” of the two investment vehicles which resulted “in confusion amongst market participants regarding these financial instruments,” the SEC justified its decision to suspend their trading. What do you think of Amun Crypto ETP trading on Six Exchange? Let us know in the comments section below. Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Six Swiss Exchange, and Finma. Need to calculate your bitcoin holdings? Check our tools section. The post Swiss Crypto Exchange-Traded Product Launching Nov. 21, but It’s Not an ETF appeared first on Bitcoin News.

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Primeiro ETF de criptomoeda do mundo aprovado na Suíça

Por: Livecoins O primeiro Exchange Traded Product (ETP) de criptomoeda do mundo começará a ser negociado na próxima semana na SIX Swiss Exchange, que é a quarta maior bolsa da Europa, com uma capitalização de mercado de US $ 1,6 trilhão. De acordo com a Trustnodes, Hany Rashwan, co-fundador e diretor executivo da Amun AG, a startup de criptomoedas que recebeu a luz verde para listar um fundo de índice em uma bolsa de valores tradicional, disse: “A ETP da Amun dará aos investidores institucionais que estão restritos a investir apenas em títulos ou não querem estabelecer a custódia de ativos digitais expostos a moedas criptografadas. Ele também fornecerá acesso para investidores de varejo que atualmente não têm acesso a corretoras de criptomoedas devido a impedimentos regulatórios locais. Depois de explorar isso em 23 diferentes corretoras e territórios ao redor do mundo, nós nos estabelecemos na Suíça”, disse Hany Rashwan. “Acreditamos que a Suíça seja a melhor jurisdição para nossa base e pretendemos, após o lançamento de nossos produtos iniciais na SIX Swiss Exchange, lançar produtos adicionais e também em regiões geográficas e bolsas de valores adicionais”. Family Offices und Institutionelle im Fokus: Fintech Amun holt Mark Rodino für neue Kryptoasset-ETPs https://t.co/IK8dMsZbji / dasinvestment — H.Steup@MaklerTweet (@MaklerTweet) November 14, 2018 Um ETP é o termo genérico sob o qual o ETF pertence, que é um tipo de produto específico dentro dessa faixa mais ampla. A tendência geral tanto no mercado quanto na mídia é usar ETF e ETP como termos perfeitamente intercambiáveis. As Notas ETN são tecnicamente uma dívida não garantida do emissor, mas as colateralizam com criptomoedas. Os ETFs são os mais populares, porque você está basicamente comprando o ativo subjacente sem ter que assegurá-lo, delegando esses aspectos ao emissor e seus parceiros. O ETF oferecido pela Amun AG A Amun AG, uma startup de criptomoedas, está oferecendo um fundo que permitirá aos investidores institucionais investir nas principais criptomoeda, como bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, litecoin e bitcoin cash. Hany Rashwan, CEO e co-fundador da empresa, disse que o ETP proporcionará uma oportunidade para os investidores institucionais que estão restritos a investir apenas em títulos e também dar a mesma oportunidade a investidores de varejo que não podem acessar as corretoras de criptomoedas devido pressão regulatória. O CEO também disse que antes de escolher a Suíça, a companhia explorou outros 23 destinos ao redor do mundo, mas achou a Suíça a mais adequada. O ETF permitirá que os investidores invistam no mercado de criptomoedas como um todo. Quando os investidores estiverem investindo em um fundo, um valor igual ao seu valor de compra será mantido em seu nome pelo custodiante. O artigo Primeiro ETF de criptomoeda do mundo aprovado na Suíça apareceu primeiro em Livecoins.

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World’s First Listed Crypto Basket ETP Will Go Live on Swiss Stock Exchange This Week

Swiss startup Amun AG is launching this week an Exchange-Traded Product (ETP) that tracks a basket of the top five digital currencies by market capitalization and liquidity, giving investors an opportunity to get exposure to the crypto market without having to own digital assets. The firm got the final approval for the offering from the SIX Swiss exchange and will have its ETP index listed this week under the ticker HODL5. Crypto Based Exchange-traded Products: The Journey so Far Industry enthusiasts had been pushing for a crypto-based Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) for months only to hit several regulatory barriers over concerns of market manipulation and market surveillance. However, a number of ETPs launched to make up for the lack of ETFs in the crypto market, had been pushed forward with the aim to give investors a certain exposure to digital assets. Swedish investors, for instance, have an Exchange-Traded Note (ETN) called Bitcoin Tracker One available for trade on the Nasdaq Stockholm Exchange, and this was made open to US investors as of last August via traditional brokerage accounts. On the other hand, Greyscale has also launched for US investors a similar ETN called Bitcoin Investment Trust in 2013. Yet both products only reflect a single digital asset price, which is Bitcoin’s. Back in September 2018, Amun AG’s CEO spoke to Bloomberg about the progress made so far by his team towards launching a Crypto ETP, and the main triggers behind developing such an investment vehicle. He revealed: “This was born out of our frustration at seeing vast swathes of the world excluded from easily participating in the digital assets’ revolution We want to make buying crypto as easy as buying a stock.” In fact, Amun AG is a Zug-based Fintech startup. Hany Rashwan, its CEO, is an Egyptian young entrepreneur, a Columbia University alma mater who is well known to the Fintech startup scene and to Silicon Valley. Rashwan was one of the “20 under 20 list” of most influential young entrepreneurs compiled by Forbes in 2017. First Crypto ETP The Financial Times reported on November 16, that the Amun Crypto ETP would be listed this week on the Zurich based SIX Swiss Exchange. The latter is, in fact, Switzerland’s principal stock exchange, and the fourth largest in Europe with a market cap of 1.6 trillion USD. Amun AG held that their ETP index gives investors access to a “diversified market cap weighted and automatically re-balancing” basket of the top five crypto assets. 49.7% of the ETP’s asset will be invested in Bitcoin, 25.4% in XRP, 16.7% in Ether, 5.2% in Bitcoin Cash and 3% in Litecoin. Investors will reportedly be paying a regular 2.5% management fee annually on their investment in the ETP index. Should an investor buy a share, a market maker would purchase the equivalent amount of underlying cryptocurrencies and safely keep them in a custodian. So far, Jane Street and Flow traders were cited as the market makers that has provided seeding for the index. They will also reportedly act as authorized participants. Rashwan explained that the Amun ETP would give the opportunity to institutional investors accustomed to investing in traditional securities, or that do not wish to set up custodianship services for cryptocurrencies exposure to the nascent digital assets market. He added that the product would provide a gateway for retail investors “that have no access to crypto exchanges due to local regulatory impediments.” World’s First Listed Crypto Basket ETP Will Go Live on Swiss Stock Exchange This Week was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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Swiss Stock Exchange to List World’s First Multi-Crypto Based ETF

Swiss stock exchange SIX, the fourth largest stock exchange in Europe with a market capitalization of $1.6 trillion, has followed up on its commitment made back in June of this year to open its doors to cryptocurrencies. With this announcement, it is about to list the world’s first crypto-based exchange-traded product (ETP). Exchange-traded products (ETP) are a type of security that is derivatively priced and trades intra-day on a national securities exchange. ETPs are priced so the value is derived from other investment instruments, such as a commodity, a currency, a share price or an interest rate. Generally, ETPs are benchmarked to stocks, commodities or indices. They can also be actively managed funds. ETPs include exchange-traded funds (ETFs), exchange-traded vehicles (ETVs), exchange-traded notes (ETNs) and certificates. The ETP that is the most popular is the ETF, securities that track an index, commodity or basket of assets. SIX, backed by Swiss startup Amun AG, will track Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum. Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin with Bitcoin representing about a half of the ETP’s assets. The break down is XRP 25.4 at percent 16.7 percent in Ethereum, with Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin acquiring 5.2 and 3 percent of the market. Amun’s co-founder and chief executive Hany Rashwan is certain that as an ETF, the security complies with the same rigorous requirements of traditional ETPs. Amun AG’s ETP is a branch of the UK based fintech company Amun Technologies who hinted at a crypto ETP last month. Thomas Zeeb, head of securities and exchanges at SIX, sees blockchain-based digital exchanges becoming the status quo within a decade citing cost-effectiveness as a game changer within brokerage, banks, and insurance. In the US, ETFs have hit a brick wall after the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rejected at least eight proposals in August of this year. The hope is that at least one successful approval on ETF by the SEC would bring a tidal wave of institutional buyers to the market, picking up prices and moving Bitcoin in a long-awaited upward trajectory. For the hopefuls in the market, the track record so far isn’t good. In August, XBT Provider AB, a subsidiary of CoinShares Holdings Ltd released an exchange-traded note (ETN) called Bitcoin Tracker One in Sweden. Ryan Radloff, CEO of CoinShares Holdings commented at the time: “Everyone that’s investing in dollars can now get exposure to these products, whereas before now, they were only available in Euros or Swedish Krona. Given the current climate on the regulatory front in the U.S., this is a big win for Bitcoin.” Experts are now suggesting that Bitcoin ETFs will be a “way bigger deal” than cash settlement Bitcoin futures contracts and a boon to the Bitcoin market moving forward. This move out of Switzerland’s “crypto valley” is seen as another step forward towards this end. Follow BitcoinNews.com on Twitter: @BitcoinNewsCom Telegram Alerts from BitcoinNews.com: https://t.me/bconews Want to advertise or get published on BitcoinNews.com? - View our Media Kit PDF here. Image Courtesy: Pixabay The post Swiss Stock Exchange to List World’s First Multi-Crypto Based ETF appeared first on BitcoinNews.com.

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@LorrieBracaloni Hi there Lorrie, sorry to hear you're havin...

@LorrieBracaloni Hi there Lorrie, sorry to hear you're having this problem. Have you posted a message in our ETN F… https://t.co/gw1azBsqAV

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@CraigNeale1 Hi there Craig, sorry to hear you're having this problem. Have you posted a message in our ETN Forum a… https://t.co/R9P1KCwBDa

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Electroneum - minere no seu celular

Por: Livecoins Electroneum (ETN) é uma criptomoeda com pouco mais de um ano. É um projeto inglês capitaneado por Richard Ells. A sua proposta é bem simples: ser a criptomoeda do mass adoption (adoção em massa). Apesar de simples é algo extremamente audacioso e difícil. O Bitcoin em seus 10 anos ainda não conseguiu. Porém, Richard e sua equipe tem um plano até bem simples para isso - um aplicativo de celular que torna bem simples operações com ETN - tão ou até mais simples que com cartão de credito. Ok, podemos dizer que praticamente qualquer carteira de celular de criptomoedas teria essa característica. Tanto por isso como para incentivar o uso do aplicativo a carteira vem com um simulador de mineração, apesar da mineração ser simulada e não utilizar recursos e processamento do seu celular os pagamentos são reais, você é efetivamente pago por deixar o aplicativo rodando. Verdade seja dita que hoje são pequenos valores, mas não deixa de ser atrativo, ainda mais se considerar o desempenho do Bitcoin de meros centavos para dezenas de milhares de dólares em seu maior preço. Neste um ano de vida entre altos e baixos a ETN valorizou próximo de 100% (até mais para quem comprou no início do ICO) saindo de 1 centavo de dólar para 1,5 centavo nos valores de hoje. Vale comentar que nos melhores momentos do mercado de criptos 1 ETN chegou a valer mais de 20 centavos de dólar e mesmo após um ano de grandes baixas os investidores do ICO ainda estão com um lucro maior que 100%. Além desse desempenho de preço, ETN tem formado diversas parcerias e depois de um longo período operando com apenas uma Exchange criptos x criptos, esta expandido sua presença com cada vez mais exchanges crypto x crypto e iniciando negociações em Exchange com pares EURO x ETN e USD x ETN (em breve) na LIQUID. Corre o boato que em breve ETN será listado na BINANCE, a maior (e possivelmente melhor) Exchange do mundo. COMO FAZER PARTE Primeiro passo é abrir uma conta no https://electroneum.com/ em seguida instalar o App (infelizmente devido a políticas da Apple por enquanto disponível apenas para ANDROID). As orientações são simples e fáceis de seguir. Com isso você já pode começar a minerar. Como mais um incentivo para a divulgação e mass adoption, pessoas indicadas e seus indicadores recebem um pequeno bônus ao longo da mineração, basta incluir o código (referral code) do usuário que fez a indicação, por exemplo: 345F2D. A velocidade de mineração sofre algumas variações, mas os ganhos a depender do aparelho e da simulação vão ser entre 30 e 150 ETN por mês // 360 - 1800 ETN por ano. Na cotação atual não são grandes valores, mas sempre bom lembrar que ETN, apesar dos percalços do primeiro ano, tem cumprido suas propostas e desenvolvido cada vez mais parcerias. Feita essa primeira parte, querendo aumentar sua posição em ETN o caminho seria comprando via Exchanges, infelizmente não temos Exchanges no Brasil operando com ETN o que significa que para comprar ETN é necessário criar uma conta em uma Exchange fora do Brasil. É razoavelmente fácil, eu abri minha conta na CRYPTOPIA, mas temos outras opções: Lista Exchanges ETN. O par mais negociado é BTC x ETN, e daí fica simples pois basta comprar BTC em uma Exchange brasileira como Bitcointrade, Foxbit, Negociecoins, ou qualquer outra e transferir para Cryptopia ou outra Exchange que preferir e comprar seus ETN´s. A primeira vez é um pouco mais trabalhoso, mas depois que se tem tudo montado é simples. Vale comentar que não se tem data ainda para início de pares na BINANCE. STORAGE e COLD STORAGE Uma vez que foi comprado ETN, se tem 3 opções: manter na Exchange, essa é tradicionalmente a pior opção pelo risco de hackers invadirem a Exchange escolhida e roubarem todas as moedas, além de muitas vezes em caso de forks não se receber a nova moeda (como ocorreram em diversos forks de BTC, como Bitcoin cash por exemplo) Transferir para o App, o App é uma opção segura, mas tão segura quanto sua segurança digital, se seu computador / celular não estiver protegido suas moedas podem ser facilmente roubadas (isso vale para qualquer moeda, inclusive R$ em contas bancarias). PAPER WALLET, Essa é a opção mais segura, no link pode se gerar uma carteira, imprimir e guardar em um local seguro, pode se ter várias copias e distribui las em locais de confiança. Todo o processo pode ser feito off-line, sem nunca expor a carteira na rede. O grande risco aqui é de se perder a carteira impressa e, portanto, todos os fundos (similar a outros cold storages, como a Nano S por exemplo) KYC ETN instituiu a necessidade de efetuar o KYC - known your customer. Apesar de desagradar algumas pessoas, é uma atitude importante para viabilizar novas parcerias, principalmente com seu grande alvo que são as empresas de telecomunicações e ter acesso a um público ainda maior em todos os continentes. Um mal necessário que visa principalmente evitar o uso da moeda para lavagem de dinheiro e que já é bem usual nos ICO´s. São 3 níveis, de aco

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Electroneum director and mobile industry veteran, Chris Gorm...

Electroneum director and mobile industry veteran, Chris Gorman, discusses how his awesome journey led him to… https://t.co/7Tl6cQt9pw

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Electroneum Price Stabilizes at $0.015 as Sistemkoin Adds Turkish Lira Trading Pair

It has not been a good week for Electroneum. Although this altcoin remains incredibly popular, its price continues to get battered day after day. For the time being, the currency remains above $0.015, but that level may begin to falter in very quick succession as well. The coming hours will be crucial for Electroneum in many different ways. Electroneum Price Struggle Continues The current negative price momentum affecting Electroneum is not unique to this currency whatsoever. In fact, virtually all major markets suffer from losses right now, primarily because Bitcoin is incapable of getting its act together. As such, all altcoins are dragged down with it, and that situation may not necessarily change in the near future either. Over the past 24 hours, the Electroneum price has lost another 8% in both USD and BTC value. That is anything but promising where speculators are concerned, although those with a long-term vision aren’t necessarily worried just yet. For the time being, the value holds its own above $0.015, which appears to be acting as pretty solid support for this currency. There are some interesting developments which may catapult the ETN price upward again. First and foremost, the Electroneum team decided to extend the KYC deadline. This measure has been subject to some controversy ever since it was announced, although it appears to be a logical step in the evolution of this altcoin. #GOOD #NEWSTeam @electroneum has extended the KYC deadline!!Hurry up guys.......Lots of announcements depend on this ......#ETN will be MOONING soon.Tighten Ur sit belts for a BULLISH ride ahead!!!#ETN#TOPCOIN#bestaltcoin#blockchain #Bitcoin #Fintech — Jay (@JayCriptorich) November 10, 2018 Secondly, another exchange has listed ETN, which will further improve the overall liquidity of this altcoin in the future. Sistemkoin, one of Turkey’s up-and-coming crypto trading platforms, pairs Electroneum with the Turkish Lira. It is a bit unclear if they will also open up a Bitcoin pair for ETN in the future, although that is not necessarily something to be concerned about at this time. #Electroneum is listed on SistemKoin https://t.co/eAkEPW6VGt Main visitors this exchange are people from #Turkey. #sistemkoin #sistemcoin #sistem #koin sistem coin #systemkoin Sistemkoin - Türkiye'nin En Büyük Bitcoin ve Altcoin Borsası. #ETN Info, Markets & Trading. pic.twitter.com/5LS1lSSjAg — Mrs.Electroneum (@Mrs_Electroneum) November 10, 2018 G Trader is one of those traders who maintain a long-term view on Electroneum. In his opinion, it seems to be a matter of time until one ETN is valued at $3 or more. While that may be an incredibly bullish outlook first and foremost, it is not necessarily impossible to be achieved whatsoever. A very interesting outlook, to say the very least. Today I buy more @electroneum and will hold over 250.000 coins really happy with the growth of the company which in 2 years I feel 1 #etn will be worth $3 to $6 USD this is just my thoughts I will for sure be buying more in 2019 #ETN #Blockchain #Electroneum — G Trader (@RealGTrader) November 10, 2018 All current indicators point toward an interesting weekend where Electroneum is concerned. Whether that will be for better or worse, is incredibly difficult to predict right now. Most top markets seem bound to reverse course in the coming hours, which would be rather promising for all altcoins as well. An ETN price of $0.015 needs to be maintained first and foremost, albeit that may be fairly difficult unless something changes. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. The post Electroneum Price Stabilizes at $0.015 as Sistemkoin Adds Turkish Lira Trading Pair appeared first on NullTX.

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We're celebrating our first anniversary by telling the ETN s...

We're celebrating our first anniversary by telling the ETN story through our very own Graphic Novel! Head over to t… https://t.co/XlAaUuR3uU

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How The Ripple Tortoise Might Win the Adoption Race

XRP might not be the Platonic ideal of a peer-to-peer currency, but a wave of new adoptions shows that Ripple must be doing something right. In addition to extending RippleNet to “close to 200 banking and financial partners”, and a handful more for xRapid, the company behind the third-largest cryptocurrency has also facilitated “billions” in inter-company payments for its banking partners in northern Europe. In an interview with The Banker, Paula da Silva, head of transaction services at SEB, confirmed that the Sweden-based banking group had adapted Ripple’s fintech platforms for high-volume trades: We exploring the DLT. We are not yet using any crypto. We are fit yet for that, we believe. But other DLT, we are exploring how the benefits look and also how to connect those to legacy systems, as we have to live with both for quite a long time, probably. Mrs. Da Silva was speaking at the Sibos 2018 conference in Sydney. Her employer, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB, serves 3,000 corporate clients and 400,000 SME’s, as well as four million private individuals. Crypto or not, Ripple’s ledger technology has been a hit, she confirmed: Before this year, it was only one customer on it then. Now we have all customers on SEB doing transfer inter-company between Sweden and the US, they are on the Ripple platform. So we have a couple billion going through that and we are trying to understand how that goes, and what we’ll need to make it happen even better, and in the future exploring what could be the next step of this. Building From the Banks Up Maximalists will object, correctly, that this is not a coup for cryptocurrency, and Mrs. Da Silva herself emphasized that there was no cryptocurrency involved. But that may be what makes Ripple’s long-term play a winning strategy. One of the biggest struggles in bootstrapping a cryptocurrency is developing network effects: there’s no value in a payment system with no users. Most aspirants have tried to jumpstart their payments systems by attracting new users (e.g., Stellar’s enormous airdrop) or by incentivizing merchants (like Electroneum) or simply attracting gullible users (Initiative Q). However, this strategy seems to move in fits and starts: most users, including the most voracious crypto enthusiasts, are unlikely to use crypto for payments more than a few times a year. Ripple’s strategy, on the other hand, is to sell DLT and crypto solutions to banks and payment providers: the kinds of parties whose businesses require using the payment technology many times per day. Moreover, the fact that cryptocurrency is an optional part of the settlement process—RippleNet clients can use XRP for instant liquidity, but doing so is not obligatory—allows banking partners to experiment with digital ledgers leaving the rails of legacy banking. It might not be totally in line with Satoshi’s vision, but in terms of real use, Ripple is several yards ahead in the race to adoption. The author has minor investments in XRP and Stellar. The post How The Ripple Tortoise Might Win the Adoption Race appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

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In case you’ve missed it, we're celebrating our first annive...

In case you’ve missed it, we're celebrating our first anniversary by telling the ETN story through our very own Gra… https://t.co/ef8KIwhNnd

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If you missed it Monday, Team #ETN is delighted to announce ...

If you missed it Monday, Team #ETN is delighted to announce we’re live on Liquid @quoineglobal! That’s right, ETN i… https://t.co/2McSykxdXh

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Multiple Stablecoins find listing on Liquid trading platform along with Electroneum (ETN)

Stablecoins are in demand everywhere and seems like everyone wants a piece of them. Considering this demand from the customers, a lot of exchanges are adding them in a frenzy. Same seems to be the case with Liquid- a trading platform that bridges fiat and crypto. Gemini Dollar (GUSD), Circle’s USDC and Electroneum (ETN) find listing on Liquid According to the recent announcement, Liquid, a trading platform that bridges fiat and crypto, has announced the listing of Electroneum (ETN), a cryptocurrency focused on mobile usage, in addition to multiple stablecoins including Gemini Dollar (GUSD) and Circle’s USDC Liquid is a product of QUOINE, a blockchain fintech company and creator of the QASH cryptocurrency. QUOINE previously raised $100 million via an ICO in 2017 and has conducted more than $50 billion in transactions over the past year, as of July. The press release that announced that Liquid will be listing GUSD quoted Liquid CEO Mike Kayamori saying that “The Gemini dollar is an obvious choice for Liquid. Both Liquid and Gemini put transparency, regulation and compliance at the forefront of our operations. We are proud and honored to be able to offer Liquid customers the opportunity to use a stablecoin that can stand up to regulatory scrutiny. We will now explore the opportunity to develop a JPY-pegged stablecoin” The reason behind Liquid listing these stablecoins seems to be the popularity stablecoins have gained recently and have become an important part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. These fiats backed coins give traders flexibility to hedge against volatile markets and the ability to easily and safely move funds between platforms. Tether stood as the bellwether for sablecoins but as controversy started building around it with respect to its USD backing, a lot of people and exchanges lost trust in it. With Tether unable to standout clean, Gemini USD started gaining popularity despite recent launch. The reason for this popularity is because this stablecoin is well regulated and audited. The U.S. dollars that back GUSD are held at the State Street Global Bank in the United States and eligible for federal deposit insurance coverage. The balance held by State Street is examined monthly by an independent, registered public account firm, with reports available to the public, while the smart contracts underlying the GUSD token have been audited and formally verified by an independent security firm, whose report is also publicly available. In addition, the multi-layered GUSD protocol brings a high level of security. With the addition of GUSD, a regulated and audited stablecoin with value pegged 1:1 to the U.S. dollar, Liquid is now more than ever at the forefront of cryptocurrency innovation and compliance. Apart from these stable coins, Liquid also listed Electroneum (ETN) with an EUR fiat trading pair. Electroneum, as a project, aims to build itself into a recognized platform for payment, similar to PayPal or Venmo. To accomplish this, the Electroneum has introduced a new system of KYC that “involves each user providing proof of identification based on the amount of ETN (our digital currency) they hold or send from their wallets.” With some good listings, Liquid will not be able to generate volumes for itself but also will be able to provide liquidity to these stablecoins. Let’s see how to do these listing play out on the liquid platform Will Stablecoins help in making liquid a prominent crypto cum fiat platform? Do let us know your views on the same The post Multiple Stablecoins find listing on Liquid trading platform along with Electroneum (ETN) appeared first on Coingape.

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Check out this fantastic video from Richard, where he recaps...

Check out this fantastic video from Richard, where he recaps the awesome first twelve months of Electroneum, and in… https://t.co/LkCLUhPQbY

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Incredible news! As announced earlier, the Euro ETN pairing ...

Incredible news! As announced earlier, the Euro ETN pairing is now live on #Beliquid. The USD ETN Pairing will be f… https://t.co/6IPNa2QtVD

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Awesome news! As announced earlier, the Euro ETN pairing is ...

Awesome news! As announced earlier, the Euro ETN pairing is now live on #Beliquid. This is a momentous occasion for… https://t.co/owr5rBqINy

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Exciting news! Quorra Merch has just released a host of new ...

Exciting news! Quorra Merch has just released a host of new goodies! Go check out Tyler's ETN themed cups, hoodies,… https://t.co/ROkXZvQAb1

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We are delighted to announce the Euro ETN pairing is now liv...

We are delighted to announce the Euro ETN pairing is now live on #Beliquid. The USD ETN Pairing will be following s… https://t.co/Dh9RahBiQ0

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Electroneum (ETN) Celebrates Its First Anniversary, Poised for Greatness in the Future

Electroneum celebrated completing a year in the crypto market on November 2. Although it has achieved several milestones, ETN has a bright future which could position it as one of the leading digital assets in the crypto sphere. This young cryptocurrency has launched a mobile mining app, advanced in the mobile gaming industry, and scaled the ranks in the crypto market in just a year. The firm announced that its partnership with MVNO (Mobile Virtual Mobile Operator) would create a window for ETN to penetrate the South Korean and Hong Kong markets. The firm is also preparing to get its first fiat trading pair. (KE)

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We’re celebrating our first anniversary by telling the ETN s...

We’re celebrating our first anniversary by telling the ETN story through our very own Graphic Novel! Head over to t… https://t.co/7DNFTpo2ZI

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Electroneum Price Inches Closer to $0.02 as Altcoin Celebrates First Birthday

Even though a lot of cryptocurrencies are rising in value right now, it remains to be seen which will be successful in the long run. For Electroneum, yesterday’s uptrend is still in place nearly 24 hours later, which confirms the altcoin is doing a lot of things right. A push to $0.02 is still possible. Electroneum Price Momentum Appears Solid It has become increasingly difficult for altcoins to note any real gains in the past few months. Every single time Bitcoin drops in value, there is a good chance most altcoins will suffer from a similar fate in quick succession. For Electroneum, the year 2018 hasn’t been overly positive by any means, although the year isn’t over just yet. These past 24 hours have shown there is some positive price momentum for ETN as of right now. The 3% net gain in USD is still firmly in place, and the 2.4% gain over Bitcoin has seemingly grown a bit larger. This further confirms things are heading in the right direction for Electroneum, although there is still a lot of uneasiness across all markets right now, unfortunately. Looking across social media, it appears Electorneum is celebrating its birthday as of today. While that is a major milestone for any altcoin, it is evident the road ahead will pose the most challenges. Surviving for one full year and still remaining relevant is something very few altcoins can effectively boast about right now, thus ETN seems to have a leg up over its competitors in this regard. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELECTRONEUM! As a small gesture: Starting NOW, we're offering 10% OFF EVERYTHING at https://t.co/FizAeeMrfT until Sunday 4th November! Join The Crowd—Celebrate and Spread the Word in Style! Go #Electroneum! pic.twitter.com/60joecl3Js — ETN Academy (@ETN_Academy) November 1, 2018 Those users who currently own Electroneum are still urged to complete the KYC process in the coming weeks. The deadline for this process is November 12, which leaves very little room for error. The process itself is not exactly problematic to complete, by the look of things, and it may end up bringing more legitimacy to this altcoin moving forward. To all our members who own #Electroneum, please remember to complete the KYC process before november 12th. It is very important. Go check the @electroneum page for more information on how to get started. Cheers all ! #cryptocurrency #etn #altcoins pic.twitter.com/jm8WvO09ts — BlockHaven (@blockhavencap) November 1, 2018 Last but not least, it seems there is yet another Coinbase rumor pertaining to Electroneum as of right now. Mr. CryptoCZ is confident Electroneum has forged some sort of partnership with Coinbase based on a video making the rounds on Facebook. Until either party confirms such a partnership, there is absolutely nothing to be overly excited about just yet. This sounds me like @electroneum have done #partnership with great #exchnage and it is #COINBASE @coinbase @CommerceCB bcs they released this video at #facebook just look on it and like all coments with ##ETN $ETN #Electroneum mention THX https://t.co/XxxFVMGLib — Mr.CryptoCZ (@cechv2) November 1, 2018 All of the current market conditions surrounding Electroneum seem to hint at a further uptrend waiting to materialize. Considering how there is an ongoing uptrend in the USD and BTC departments, there is a good chance ETN’s value will hit $0.019 in the coming hours. Reaching any value above that particular level is a bit challenging, for now, although it remains to be seen what the coming days will hold. The post Electroneum Price Inches Closer to $0.02 as Altcoin Celebrates First Birthday appeared first on NullTX.

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Electroneum Wants To Be The Next PayPal

The instant mobile payment platform Electroneum (ETN) is ambitious: it wants the world and it wants it now. So it seems with its latest announcement that it hopes will improve ETN adoption, to turn it into one of the world’s largest payment solutions. Electroneum announced earlier today it would be kickstarting a new recruitment drive to encourage vendors onto the ecosystem. Using an advertising campaign, the ETN core team argue they can convince more merchants to sign up. Electroneum’s CEO and Founder, Richard Ells, highlighted that one of the key benefits would be access to a customer base with a multi-million dollar value. “There are 2.5m Electroneum accounts with a total of $150m worth of ETN waiting to be spent,” explains Electroneum CEO and Founder Richard Ells. “What retailer wouldn’t want to be able to tap into that?” he added. What is Electroneum? Electroneum is a payment solution. Whereas similar cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) or Litecoin (LTC) rely on a wallet-based infrastructure, ETN is designed to be accessed from mobile phones. Users can hold tokens as well as send and receive transactions with one another through the Electroneum app. This lowers the barrier to entry for the less tech-savvy and complements existing financial infrastructure where phones are already used as a payments tool, especially in parts of Africa. Although based in the UK, Electroneum’s primary user base is out in the developing world. Crypto Briefing has looked at the Electroneum project before. The project brought out a whole host of new KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements, which they said could potentially lead to app users being able to purchase age-restricted items - like alcohol - without needing to provide any further proof of identity. The project was forced to make a U-turn during the summer when a plan to become an ASIC-resistant network went awry. A sudden collapse in hashrate, the number of transactions confirmed by miners on a blockchain, made the network less secure and effective. As a payments network, the team promised instant payments. A deeper inspection revealed that the API actually sends a message to the receiver, saying funds are on their way. ETN adoption: what we’ve been waiting for? As well as the new vendor drive, Electroneum is also looking to ramp up the number of consumers on the network. The project is currently in talks with mobile operators, who can help integrate the payment platform into their networks. Ells hopes that strong partnerships will lead to a significant increase in Electroneum users: “Once our deals with these mobile companies are over the line, they’ll start encouraging their users to download our app and start mining ETN”. “When that happens and we have people using ETN on a regular basis, they’ll start looking for other places to spend their ETN”, Ells added. “We’ll become an established means of digital payment just like PayPal or ApplePay. Then the world’s our oyster!” ETN adoption will get the platform somewhere towards fulfilling its imperial dreams. Other projects exist however. Dash (DASH), a rival payment network, has also set its sites on the developing world and has made significant inroads into South America. Electroneum will need to have real fire in the belly if it wants to take on PayPal... and beat it. The author is invested in BTC, which is mentioned in this article. The post Electroneum Wants To Be The Next PayPal appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

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Crypto Enthusiast Builds Instant Bitcoin Vending Machine

Blockchain and cryptocurrency advocate Ricardo Reis has unveiled a vending machine that can accept Bitcoin payments through the Lightning Network. This is potentially a big deal: if transactions can be reduced to milliseconds then Bitcoin could suddenly go mainstream. This vending machine is as home-brewed and basic as it gets, but if one cryptocurrency advocate and maker can turn out something like this, then it can happen on a much bigger scale. Some experts believe that Litecoin, not Bitcoin, is the future of the Lightning Network. Reis has proved that Bitcoin payments can work, though, as he makes the transaction in as close to real time as we can hope for right now. He built the whole thing from a Raspberry Pi that plumbed into BTCPay Server, using source code taken from Pusher and hacked to suit. This was a collection of off-the-peg parts in terms of the hardware and software, and it didn’t take a development team to make this happen. I build a Coke vending machine that accepts Bitcoin payments through Lightning Network. I use @Raspberry_Pi, @BtcpayServer , @pusher YT: https://t.co/qVr3GDkitJ pic.twitter.com/anSmCYmIKM — Ricardo Reis ⚡️ (@ricardoreis007) September 30, 2018 Bitcoin simply doesn’t have the transaction speed to function in the real world as we all once dreamed it would. The Lightning Network changes that. It can boost Bitcoin’s few transactions a second to billions every day. What is the Lightning Network? The Lightning Network takes whole deals off the blockchain and parses them out, only reconnecting to the blockchain to confirm that the transaction is complete. Numerous transactions take place, but are simply recorded as one. Effectively, the Lightning Network lightens the load for the blockchain and takes the busy work off its severely strained back. It also takes the painfully slow transaction times that are part and parcel of the Bitcoin economy and reduces them to near instant confirmations. Others are working on different solutions to the same problem. Electroneum has an API that can reduce transaction times to almost nothing with a system if instant notifications that effectively confirms the deal can happen in real time. The actual transfer still takes time, but happens in the background. The Tech is Here, Now For Mass Adoption The simple fact is that the Lightning Network, at least in some form, works. It hasn’t been exploited yet, not by a long shot, but it is functional. If a single entrepreneur can create a vending machine like this, so can the big guns. That means the tech is already here for widespread cryptocurrency acceptance. Now we know there’s a way, we have to see if there is the will. The author is not currently invested in digital assets. The post Crypto Enthusiast Builds Instant Bitcoin Vending Machine appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

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Electroneum Price Moves up Courtesy of Sistemkoin and eCommerce Push

A lot of cryptocurrencies are slowly digging themselves out of a hole right now. While the top 20 currencies are doing so in anything but spectacular fashion, a lot of interesting things are happening beyond the top 20. Electroneum is looking for ways to recover some losses and return to the $0.02 level in the near future. Electroneum Price is Moving up Again It has not been a great week for most cryptocurrencies. Considering how all markets have taken a rather big dip courtesy of Bitcoin losing value, things may improve a lot sooner than originally anticipated. In the case of Electroneum, things are looking pretty good right now, as a small uptrend has been forming in the past few hours. Small gains can easily add up to big momentum for relatively low-cap altcoins. Over the past 24 hours, the Electroneum price momentum has seemingly gained some momentum. More specifically, there is a 3.5% uptrend in the USD department and a near 4% gain over Bitcoin itself. If this trend continues and even intensifies a bit, there is a good chance the value per ETN will surpass $0.02 in rather quick succession. Looking across social media, it seems there is some excitement regarding a new ETN exchange listing. Turkey’s Sistemkoin is in the process of adding this altcoin to its platform, which further confirms this altcoin is in rather high demand. New exchange listings often lead to additional liquidity, which can be a pretty big deal for altcoins. The impact of #SistemKoin 's #Electroneum listing! #Turkey https://t.co/Xqbvh2WtXe — T-Rob (@Truthful_Rob) October 31, 2018 The bigger news this week comes in the form of Electroneum’s push into eCommerce. The developers have hinted at such developments for quite some time now, which is rather promising. The new plugin for online vendors will support Magento, Woocommerce, and Magento. Supporting all of those platforms is a pretty big deal for this altcoin, #Electroneum #Instant #Payment #Plug-In for Online #Vendors! #ETN $ETN #ETN242 check out this amazing video about our #woocomerce #etncommerce #magento #magento2 #plugins if you run a #shop #eshop and want to increase selling its #must have option 4 YOU! https://t.co/hMqesL2dav — Mr.CryptoCZ (@cechv2) October 31, 2018 Community members will also be aware of the ongoing Electroneum Halloween contest. That particular event is coming to a close today, and interested parties can still earn up to $50 worth of ETN for their submissions. Events like these can bring some more positive attention to Electroneum moving forward. Happy Halloween Everyone! Remember, it's the last day of our Halloween competition, entries so far have been amazing! There are 20 prizes of $50 worth of ETN to be won. Your creativity has blown us away, so keep them coming! Enter on our fourm: https://t.co/B2T96Ci8WD pic.twitter.com/duUlLNhUkF — electroneum (@electroneum) October 31, 2018 Based on the current market momentum, it appears the Electroneum price is in a good place right now. Surpassing $0.018 is the first hurdle to overcome on the way to returning to $0.02 again. Its current trading volume is relatively low first and foremost, although it is not necessarily something to be overly concerned about. Today is shaping up to be an interesting day for ETN price watchers. The post Electroneum Price Moves up Courtesy of Sistemkoin and eCommerce Push appeared first on NullTX.

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We love this video from Simo, this is awesome! ...

We love this video from Simo, this is awesome! https://t.co/PCQ6vKzthb Real Electroneum inspiration! Keep them comi… https://t.co/LK5L2CLYY5

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Another fantastic development from the #ETN Community! @Over...

Another fantastic development from the #ETN Community! @OverTheAirSMC has developed an ETN Instant Payment plug-in… https://t.co/vPwTN9xi9D

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Check out this fantastic ETN rocket costume created by Redwa...

Check out this fantastic ETN rocket costume created by Redwan for our #ETN Halloween costume competition! Don’t for… https://t.co/l9l0T1hMIN

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Electroneum (ETN) Surges 27% as New Fiat Trading Pairs Offered

Cryptocurrency markets have been pretty devoid of activity over the past month but there is always one or two altcoins pumping. Today that coin is Electroneum following the announcement of a new partnership which will open ETN up to fiat trading. According to coinmarketcap.com Electroneum is currently up 27% to $0.0176. Electroneum is currently ranked at 54 by market cap which is around $144 million. Daily volume is around $3.7 million which has almost doubled since this time yesterday. The top exchange for ETN trade is Kucoin which has over 50% of that total volume. A few hours ago the team announced that Electroneum is partnering with Turkey’s top crypto exchange, SistemKoin. This will enable the listing of ETN with three new trading pairs, two in fiat. ETN will be available to trade in Turkish Lira, US dollars, and Bitcoin. Mega news! #ETN is partnering with Turkey's top cryptocurrency exchange to bring 3 new ETN pairings - Dollars, Lira and BitCoin - live very soon. And SistemKoin allows US citizens to trade, so they'll be able to open an account and buy and sell ETN in USD . Exciting times! pic.twitter.com/J07vTNBSeU — electroneum (@electroneum) October 26, 2018 The key take from this announcement is that US citizens are allowed to open accounts on this exchange which opens up a potentially huge market for the ETN/USD pair. In addition to these new fiat pairs Liquid crypto exchange also announced that it would be adding the Electroneum Euro trading pair exposing ETN to another fiat currency. Adoption is vital for the growth of cryptocurrency and @Electroneum is at the forefront.$ETN can be sent and received from any smartphone, while vendors can easily implement an instant payment system via a simple API.$ETN/$EUR pair coming to Liquid November 5.#BeLiquid pic.twitter.com/kIvj9F54PO — Liquid (@QuoineGlobal) October 26, 2018 In a Reddit update the team also announced that they are working on finalizing AML and KYC certification in the lead up to a number of new partnerships; “There are many new large partnerships in the works, but before they can be announced and these deals can be engaged, ETN needs to fully implement KYC (Know Your Customer) / AML (Anti-Money Laundering) certifications. This has become a requirement before the large corporates’ can engage for obvious regulatory reasons, and now we have it.” Electroneum aims to combine fintech mobile payments and cryptocurrency in an easy to use mobile payment solution. It also has a patent pending Instant Payment System (IPS) that facilitates high speed mobile to mobile payments. Like all altcoins, however, ETN has had a rough ride this year. Since its ATH of almost $0.20 in January it has plummeted over 90% to its current trading level. After reaching a yearly low of $0.0052 in mid-September ETN has recovered almost 225% to its current price. With new developments, partnerships, listings and multiple fiat pairs now on the table, Electroneum has begun its recovery and should push higher once again. The post Electroneum (ETN) Surges 27% as New Fiat Trading Pairs Offered appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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