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Electroneum News

Overall Crypto Market Shows Continued Stabilization During the Weekend

The cryptocurrency market has continued to stabilize and trade sideways on this Sunday afternoon, keeping up with the overall trend of the week. Bitcoin (BTC) is currently trading at a price of $6615, showing a slight 0.36% increase on the 24-hour chart but the same basic value as this time last Sunday. Ethereum likewise has stabilized around the $225 value, marking a decrease in value of 3.3% on the 7-day chart. The biggest gainers from the top 100 are 0x (XRX) and Electroneum (ETN), which are both up around 11.5% on the 24-hour chart. (JF)

10 days ago

Electroneum Partners with Yoti Digital Identity App for KYC Checks

Electroneum (ETN) recently partnered with the digital identity app Yoti in an effort to boost its overall regulatory compliance as the push for wider adoption grows. ETN is a mobile-mining based platform, that currently has over 2 million users who have downloaded the app. The partnership will see Yoti handle the KYC verification for the ETN platform, enabling ETN to offer its mobile mining app to iOS users. The platform will require all users above a certain threshold to complete the KYC check before further access will be granted. (JF)

13 days ago

Biggest Loser: Gas Loses 24.84%

The market is in red today. The bearish trend has erased all the week's gains seeing the total market cap at $220 B. Gas and Electroneum, which had been the top gainers recently, are leading in the plunges. As at 9:27 AM UTC, Gas had lost 24.84% to trade at $6.15, while Electroneum had lost 12.92% to trade at $0.020659, according to CoinMarketCap data. (KE)

18 days ago

Electroneum (ETN) Up By 50% Without Major News

Electroneum, which has a market cap of $187 Million went to a peak of $0.027, gaining more than 50%. However, the trade volume has only doubled from $5 Million to $10 Million, and more than half of it is on Cryptopia. Electroneum (ETN) is currently priced at $0.0234, up by 32% in the last 24 hours. The only significant news for Electroneum was that the development team fixed a bug preventing double spend attacks. They also very recently announced mobile apps, to make it easy for transferring ETN. (VS)

19 days ago

Electroneum Skyrockets Following the Fixing of a Deadly Bug

Monero recently uncovered a bug which affected Electroneum since it is Monero's hardfork. Following the discovery, Electroneum suspended its operations, but the bug was fixed immediately, and Electroneum resumed trading. The fixing of the deadly bug saw Electroneum prices soar and became the biggest gainer. Notably, Electroneum jumped by 28% in the past 24 hours, and its trading volume has increased by 62.2% in the past few days to $3.3 m today. (KE)

20 days ago

Biggest Gainer: Electroneum Up by 24.26%

As at 6:46 PM UTC, the market was in green with the majority of the coins registering gains. Electroneum emerged the top gainer of the day. The coin had gained 24.26% to trade at $0.015234. This surge comes amidst the recent launch of the beta version of its payment system. The Electroneum team termed this as a breakthrough for the coin. At the time of writing, the coin had a market cap of $121,604,991, according to CoinMarketCap data. (SK)

21 days ago

Top Gainer for the Top 100: SiaCoin (SC) up 24%

Checking in on how the coins in the Top 100 are doing, we see that the best performer over the past 24-hours is SiaCoin (SC), the decentralized cloud storage platform secured by blockchain technology. SC is currently trading at a price of $0.007201, marking a nearly 24% increase since yesterday. Some other notable mentions from the top 100 include Electroneum (ETN), currently up nearly 15% at $0.0137, and Stellar Lumens (XLM), currently up 11% and trading at a price of $0.28. (JF)

24 days ago

Electroneum Coin Soars by 31% Following the Launch of a Crypto Payment App

Electroneum mobile payment app launched its beta version this week. The good news has triggered positive price changes for ETN coin. Today morning, ETN gained 31% on the day to trade at a high of $0.005303 from a low of $0.006827. Its trading volume has also risen by more than 216% to $570,000 from the average $180,000. In a blog post, Richard Ells, the CEO, and co-founder of Electroneum said that he is pleased with the successful beta launch and currently over 1 million users have installed the app seeing it ranked with Instagram. (VK)

a month ago

North America Weekly Crypto and Blockchain News Roundup

The Mexican government is set to increase Bitcoin regulations through central bank payments; crypto exchanges will need a permit issued from the Bank of Mexico so as to continue with their operations. Canada’s First Block capital has been approved to run as a mutual trust fund. In the USA, crypto startups have established a lobbying group in Washington DC. Further, a private mining group is set to convert a Department of Defense building in Nevada into a crypto mining facility. The SEC has halted the operations of the only Bitcoin Exchange Traded Note (ETN), and a New York Regulator has approved the Gemini stablecoin. The IMF has prevented the Marshall Islands from implementing a national cryptocurrency. (KE)

a month ago

Electroneum Mining App Gets Over One Million Downloads

Over one million people have reportedly downloaded Electroneum mining app. This app allows users to use their mobile phones in mining and transferring ETN, its cryptocurrency. This milestone has occurred nine months after its launch with people from over 200 countries globally downloading this app. According to Richard Ellis, the CEO of Elecroneum, the downloads were triggered by the popularity of the app which gives smartphones users the ability to mine and transfer ETN quickly. (KE)

a month ago

Daily Berminal Brief (9/10/18): Bears Continue to Bash the Market and Ethereum’s Price is now Lower than it was Exactly 1 Year Ago

The State of the Market: Bitcoin provided a few pleasant surprises this weekend at it attempted to regain lost ground by adding roughly $200 to its value in a quick move from $6,121 to $6,350. Since moving up a leg, BTC has tightly traded within the range of $6,200 - $6,350. On the other hand, Ethereum has not fared so well and over the weekend the altcoin saw it's market capitalization fall below $20 billion. Today, Ethereum price is lower than it was exactly one year ago and technical charts show little hint of a reversal occuring any time soon. Finally, the weekend wrapped up with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) putting in extra hours to announce a ban of XBT’s Bitcoin and Ethereum Tracker One exchange traded note (ETN). Currently the cryptocurrency market capitalization stands at $195.8 billion. 1) On Sunday, the SEC banned trading of XBT provider's Bitcoin and Ethereum Tracker One securities. While the crypto market managed to find some ground after the previous week's crash, it dropped again after the SEC news. The SEC has halted trading of the securities until September 20, citing confusion among investors. XBT has operated Bitcoin tracker since May 2015. At the time of writing, bitcoin is priced at $6,305.01, losing 1.16% in the last 24 hours and Ethereum is priced at $195.96, losing 2.61%. 2) Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, run by the Winklevoss twins has announced Gemini dollar, a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. Gemini received the permission to launch Gemini Dollar from the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS). Another blockchain startup, Paxos also received a license from NYDFS to launch a stablecoin today. Gemini will hold the fiat funds in a U.S.-based State Street Bank, and insure it through the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Gemini Dollar will be an ERC20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain. Gemini users will be able to convert their USD to Gemini USD and withdraw it to their Ethereum wallet from today. 3) According to a recent study by researcher Kevin Rooke, only 27 cryptocurrencies have more than 400 active users in a 24 hour period. Ethereum has over 5 active apps with 300 users, while EOS has 3 apps with 300 users. Rooke pointed out that this is the time to either ‘buy the dip’ or ‘panic sell’. However, the market is still new and for platforms like Ethereum, dApp adoption is picking up speed.

a month ago

German Brokerage to Provide Crypto Index Funds for Institutional and Retail Investors

Financial asset manager, Iconiq Funds has announced plans to launch a number of token based index funds at the start of Q4 in 2018. Investors will be able to engage with traditional and regulated financial mechanisms such as exchange traded funds (ETFs) and exchange traded notes (ETNs). While Iconiq is based in Germany, the first crypto-index will launch in Malta and is currently being reviewed by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). (RS)

2 months ago

Relexation Summit: Relex Fulfils its Promise of Covering the Expenses of all People who Attended the Summit Held in Vietnam

A Real estate cryptocurrency company, Relex development on Sunday held a summit dubbed the Relexation summit. The summit saw RLX holders and international developers for real estate from all over the globe attend it. The day after the summit, Relex paid airfare for everyone in attendance to a coastal city in Northern Eastern Vietnam, Da Nang to take a visit at the Cocobay Danang towers and its vicinities. It had last year made headlines for this all paid trip after the all-time largest airdrop to token holders. Relex covered all expenses of the people who attended the summit; meals, flights, and two nights free accommodation. (KE)

2 months ago

Upcoming Bitcoin-ETF Decision causes Short Sellers to Scramble

Bitcoin price is clearly connected to a crucial U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) decision that will decide whether or not financial institutions will be permitted to offer their clients cryptocurrency exchange traded funds. Tomorrow’s ProShares BTC-ETF decision has caused BTC to trade within a extremely tight range and volume is lower than usual as investors sit on the sidelines and await the SECs decision. Reports show that volume for bitcoin shorts have dropped by 69% over the last week. If the SEC were to approve ProShares ETF, billions of dollars in institutional investment would flood the market and add liquidity to the cryptocurrency market. In the event of a rejection, investors should remain hopeful as the VanEck-SolidX ETF, ICE backed Bakkt exchange and Fidelity’s exchange-traded note (ETN) will soon be available for investors and institutions to utilize. (RS)

2 months ago

KuCoin Resumes Withdrawal and Deposits of Electroneum (ETN)

KuCoin has announced the resumption of transactions of Electroneum which had been temporarily suspended. The withdrawal and deposits of Electroneum had been temporarily halted following the scheduled maintenance of the Electroneum wallet. At the time of writing, ETN had shed about 1.01% to trade at $0.006880. ETN, which has a market cap of about $52 million, recorded about $271000 in trading volume. (VK)

2 months ago

Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Bitcoin ETNs on the Rise, with Bitcoin Just Above $6,500

Although Bitcoin ETFs are not yet allowed by the SEC of the US, ETNs are on the rise. Bitcoin Tracker One and Bitcoin Investment Trust are the current available ETNs that are traded through the OTCs markets. Currently, Bitcoin is oscillating between an upside of $6800 and a downside of $ 5800. As of 2: 51 AM UTC, Bitcoin was trading at $6530.47, a surge of 2.24%, according to CoinMarketCap data. (KE)

2 months ago

Weekend Berminal Brief (8/19/2018): Ethereum Classic Goes Live On Coinbase And Binance Launches Crypto-Fiat Exchange

The total market cap went below $200 Billion for the first time in 2018, to a low of $192 Billion. However, towards the weekend, the recovery was swift and the market is now at $215 Billion. 1) Ethereum Classic (ETC) is finally live on Coinbase and Coinbase Index Fund. Right after it went live, the price of Ethereum Classic went up from $12 to $15 on Thursday. Ethereum Classic (ETC) is currently priced at $13.38, losing 3.87% in the last 24 hours. 2) Binance finally launched its first Fiat-to-Crypto exchange in Liechtenstein, in partnership with Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange (LCX). Binance will provide technical support and infrastructure to run the exchange, while LCX will take care of compliance and other regulations. 3) Fidelity Investments, which manages $2.4 Trillion worth assets began offering Bitcoin exposure to its clients through Bitcoin Exchange Traded Notes (ETN). The ETN is offered by XBT provider on Nasdaq against US Dollar. (VS)

2 months ago

Iconiq Funds to Launch Several Digital Asset Funds

Iconiq Funds has announced that it is planning to launch several digital asset index funds. The firm is a subsidiary of Germany-based Iconiq Holding. The funds, which will be established from the fourth quarter of this year, will enable traders to invest in diversified instruments. This will also give them a chance to benefit from the growth of the cryptocurrency markets using various investment channels such as exchange-traded notes (ETNs) and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). (VK)

2 months ago

Travala (AVA) Adds Over 70,000 Property Listings Across 12 Countries

Travala recently launched another update to its travel booking platform which raised the number of available properties to a total of 77,632. All listed properties are now live and bookable with the native AVA token. Previously there were only properties in Vietnam listed on the site, but this update has brought listings from 11 new countries with a total of 4,563 destinations. The new countries include Thailand, Indonesia , Australia,  Japan,  Malaysia,  New Zealand,  Cambodia,  Laos, Myanmar,  South Korea, and  Fiji . (JF)

2 months ago

This ETN will have to do as we wait for the Bitcoin ETF

Investors in the US who are still waiting, somewhat impatiently, for the SEC to approve a Bitcoin ETF can now at least invest in a listed exchange-traded note (ETN) that is bitcoin based. Bloomberg recently reported that Bitcoin Tracker One can now be purchased on U.S. brokerages under the symbol CXBTF. The ETN has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2015 and CoinShares CEO, Ryan Radloff described the opportunity as a “big win for Bitcoin”. Investors can now invest in bitcoin using USD and not have to worry about securing the tokens as CXBTF holds the tokens in exchange for an annual management fee. Sadly, many excited American investors are encountering difficulties as their providers do not support CXBTF or discourage clients from investing in cryptocurrency. (RS)

2 months ago

Fidelity Is Offering Customers Bitcoin ETN

Fidelity, one of the world's largest asset management firm that manages over $2.4 Trillion has begun offering its customers Bitcoin Exchange Traded Notes (ETN). The service is offered by offered by XBT Provider on Sweden’s Nasdaq. Some OTC Markets haven begun listing the ETN in dollars under the ticker of CXBTF. Until Bitcoin ETFs are approved by the SEC, the ENT offered by Fidelity can give institutional investors exposure to Bitcoin without actually buying Bitcoin. (VS)

2 months ago

Swedish Company Launches Exchange-Traded Note (ETN)

XBP, a Swedish company which is a subsidiary of Global Advisors Ltd, has launched Bitcoin TrackerOne which features an exchange-traded note (ETN) which tracks Bitcoin. The Bitcoin ETN is available as an F share quoted in US Dollar. The Bitcoin ETN is already listed on Nasdaq Stockholm exchange making it easily accessible to brokerage accounts and US retirement. The Bitcoin ETF is also available on CoinShares, giving US investors an opportunity to acquire these products. (VK) CoinShares, XBP, Exchange-Traded Note, Bitcoin

2 months ago

US Investors Can Now Buy BTC Exchange-Traded Notes(ETN)

CoinShares Holdings has announced that U.S. investors now can buy Bitcoin exchange-traded note (ETN) through their online broker, bank or advisor. The note, Bitcoin Tracker One (CXBTF), is now listed in US dollars. Ryan Radloff, CEO of CoinShares Holdings Ltd., told Bloomberg, "Given the current climate on the regulatory front in the US, this is a big win for Bitcoin." The ETN has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2015 for European investors and has already attracted over $1 billion. It is expected that the move will attract a new wave of investors.(RL)

2 months ago

CoinShares Bitcoin ETN Is Now Quoted in U.S. Dollars, Available via Brokerage Account

CoinShares has expanded its bitcoin exchange-traded note (ETN) product into USD trading. On Twitter, market participants likened the product to a bitcoin ETF for "American investors." Traders can access the bitcoin ETN via a brokerage account, according to Fundstrat’s Tom Lee, who compared the product to Grayscale’s Bitcoin Investment Trust, the latter of which reflects a premium in the bitcoin price. Fundstrat’s Lee retweeted a trader who attributed today’s cryptocurrency market rebound to the CoinShares USD-based product. (GT)

2 months ago

KuCoin: Withdrawal and Deposits Services Halted as Electroneum System Undergoes Maintenance

The KuCoin team has announced the temporary closure of Electroneum wallet system. The reason for the closure as stated was because of ENT's system maintenance. Services like deposits and withdrawals have been cut short as a result. They, however, said when the maintenance process will be concluded, they will give an update on when users will resume deposit and withdrawal services. (VK)

2 months ago

Vietnam Bans Importation of Cryptocurrency Mining Equipment

The Vietnamese government has prohibited the importation of cryptocurrency mining equipment. Data shows that over 3,664 ASIC equipment were imported into the country. Most of these gadgets were imported by four organizations. The Ministry of Finance (MoF) in collaboration with the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) called for the ban following a cryptocurrency scam where about 32,000 potential domestic investors lost over $660 million. SBV has also banned the use of digital currencies as a form of payment in the country. (VK)

2 months ago

Hong Kong Startup Comes up with Crypto Mining using a Phone

Startup module has recently rolled out the service where users can mine cryptos using their phones. The reason behind this they said is not majorly to compete with Electroneum but to gun the markets of Filecoin and Storj. Already its said to have started its pre-sale to the public with 7% bonuses. The mining algorithm of Module enables users to earn rewards when they lend out space on their devices (Handheld and desktop). Toshiki Tashiro together with Japanese based developers said they are looking forward to developing a system for compensation based on three elements; proof of space, time, transaction. (VK)

2 months ago

The Co-Founder of LinkedIn Joins a U.S. Blockchain Company Monarch

According to PR Web, U.S. Blockchain company Monarch announced that co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Eric Ly of LinkedIn will join its advisory committee. Eric is an ethnic Vietnamese Chinese, and he established the blockchain company Hub in 2017, which aims to make transactions easier among strangers on a blockchain platform. (RL)

2 months ago

New Blockchain Research Institutions and Petition for Extradition of Ho Chi Minh CEO

Blockchain tech has been disrupting all our works of life, and this has seen education centers research on this nascent tech. This includes China's Tsinghua University, Turkey's Bahcesehir University, and Hartford of the USA. In Vietnam, more than a thousand people have signed a petition for the extradition of Ho Chi Minh CEO who disappeared with over $36 M of investors money. (VK)

2 months ago

Investors In Vietnam Sign Petition To Extradite Sky mining CEO

After defrauding investors of $36 Million and running out of the country, nearly a thousand investors have filed a petition to extradite Leh Minh Tam, the CEO of Sky Mining who is in the United States right now. When the news of the scam broke last month, multiple investors filed lawsuits against the firm based in Ho Chi Minh City. Additionally, a group of investors has also registered a case of fraud with the Vietnamese police. The petition has also asked for the extradition of Le Minh Hieu, Sky Mining’s deputy chairman who is currently in Germany. (VS)

2 months ago

Leh Mihn Tam, Ho Chi Minh's CEO Flees, after Incurring Losses of $35 million

Ho Chi Mihn CEO, Leh Mihn Tam, ran out of the country after incurring losses amounting to $35 million. Ho Chi Mihn company owns 26 cryptocurrency mining firms in Vietnam though they are unprofitable due to increasing mining difficulty and cryptocurrency price stagnation. A temporary board has been formed by the company's deputy chairman to liquidate the remaining assets to pay the investors. Currently, the main office is closed while the whereabouts of 6oo mining rigs stored at a nearby undisclosed facility. (KE)

3 months ago

Electroneum (ETN) Reassures Users that the Google Ban Does Not Affect ETN

Electroneum (ETN) recently took to their Twitter page to reassure users that the Google mining app ban does not affect the Electroneum mobile app. “To reassure everyone, Google has updated their terms to prevent phone mining, but this does not impact Electroneum. ETN mobile mining is accepted under Google's "Remote Mining" because it's a mining emulation. Great news for #financialinclusion as #Electroneum is unaffected.” Current ETN price is $0.0113 (JF)

3 months ago

Mining Round-Up: Sky Mining CEO Flees with $35 Million, Texas Attracts Miners

In recent mining news, it appears as though the CEO of Vietnam-based Sky Mining has fled the country and run away with approximately $35 million USD in investor funds. Other executives are forming a temporary board to, “support investors and calculate the remaining assets of the company.” In the US, Tmgcore recently acquired a 100-megawatt data center in Dallas, Texas, and there are local reports that Bitmain is repurposing a former aluminum smelter in Rockdale, Texas, into a mining facility. (JF)

3 months ago

Vietnam Bans Cryptocurrency Services from Regulated Service Providers and Commercial Banks

In June, Vietnam's Finance Ministry was planning to entirely ban the importation of cryptocurrency mining equipment citing a lack of transparency. The move was meant to help them in regulation. State Bank of Vietnam has banned commercial banks and all regulated service providers from serving cryptocurrency businesses. Until they all comply with AML regulations, public companies, security companies, fund management companies and investment funds have been banned from taking part in any crypto related activities by the state Securities Commission. (VK)

3 months ago

Vietnamese Financial and Securities Warns Firms and Funds to Avoid Crypto

Vietnam's securities regulatory authority has warned local businesses, funds, and firms to give cryptocurrency transactions and investments a wide berth. This follows an issued directive from the prime minister of the country, earlier in 2018, that called for a tighter leash on the cryptocurrency activities within Vietnam. The companies in the finance space are banned from engaging in the nascent technology, as an anti-money-laundering measure. (KE)

3 months ago

Travala Launches Alpha Marketplace with 6000 properties in Vietnam

The Travala team has announced the release of their Marketplace Alpha V.2, which now has instantly bookable properties in the country of Vietnam. Some of the participating establishments include the Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, Mercure, FLC Group, Vinperal, Sheraton, InterContinental, Novotel, and Accor Hotels. They have also introduced numerous new functions to the app, which greatly increases user ease and functionality. (JF)

3 months ago

Vietnam: Central Bank Bans Importation of Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs

The Vietnamese cryptocurrency industry suffered a major blow after the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) banned the importation of mining rigs. The East Asian country’s Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) had pushed for the ban to address the challenge of currency flows. Data reveal that over 15,600 units mining rigs were imported into the country between 2017 and April 2018. The Ministry of Finance (MoF) also cited the difficulty of regulating the industry. The sector was recently hit by a $660 million fraud involving two ICOs. (VK)

3 months ago

Vietnam To Soon Ban The Import Of Cryptocurrency Miners

According to a report from the local publication Viet Nam News, State Bank of Vietnam (SBV), the country's central bank has now proposed a plan to halt the import of Cryptocurrency miners. The country had already banned the use of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, back in 2017. However, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT), since miners are not a restricted item, it has become difficult for authorities to enforce the current restrictions on cryptocurrencies. MoIT had asked for a ban following the crackdown of an alleged $660 million cryptocurrency fraud in May 2018. Over 6,300 ASIC miners were imported into the country in the first four months of 2018. (VS)

3 months ago

Electroneum (ETN) Updates Software, Advances on CoinBene Listing

Electroneum (ETN), which is among the top 100 digital currencies, advanced as much as 10% today but has since trimmed its gains to just about 3%. ETN scored a listing on CoinBene, an exchange focused on Latin America and Asia, and will officially be added by the end of July. Electroneum also completed a mining software update requiring node owners to similarly update their software. Transactions were reportedly slow but the backlog is expected to clear shortly. (GT)

3 months ago

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