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DigiByte Plans ASIC Resistance With Continuous Code Changes

The team behind the DigiByte project has announced that they intend to keep DigiByte away from big miners by continuous code changes. ASICs are specialized chips manufactured for big miners, making low-volume cryptocurrencies centralized. DigiByte plans to combat it by implementing a mining algorithm that changes every 10 days. Also, hardware wallet manufacturer Trezor recently added support for DigiByte in beta. DigiByte (DGB) is priced at $0.02052, losing 1.41% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

4 days ago

DigiByte (DGB) Plans ASIC Protection with Continuous Code Changes

The DGB project has announced its intention of becoming permanently ASIC-resistant in an attempt to decentralize its network.

5 days ago

Three Cryptocurrency Investment Tips to Newbies

Cryptocurrency investment has become the new deal in the financial market. The popularity of this investment field has attracted a lot of interest with people asking “what cryptocurrency investment is all about.” From a few questions I have encountered and my experience in the field, I have gathered three essential lessons that crypto investors should know. Many people go out there and buy a cryptocurrency of their choice, expecting the coin to make them billionaires overnight, or expecting nothing but continuous rise in price. The complete belief in the cryptocurrency makes people sell their properties or even use their life-saving earnings to invest in them. This post seeks to give three lessons focusing on the aspect of cryptocurrency investment that deals with buying digital assets and selling them when the price rises. Do Not Expect 1000% Rise overnight. Even though the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and can rise by an unexpected magnitude, no cryptocurrency investment scheme can give you a 100% guarantee of a massive return within a short period after investment. There has been a lot of times experts have predicted an insane rise in the price of Bitcoin and other altcoins but ended up moving in the opposite directions. John McAfee, a renowned cryptocurrency expert, predicted that Verge would trade at $15 by mid-2018, but what happened? Verge ended up trading at $0.002. The cryptocurrency market is very responsive to harsh environments, ranging from government crackdowns to cryptocurrency exchanges filing for bankruptcy. Regardless of these, the market can make a bull run at its own time. Do Not Invest in Cryptocurrency With Life Saving Earnings In late 2017 to early 2018, there was a report that a family had sold their properties to invest in Bitcoin. Around that time, Bitcoin was trading above $10,000. Their reason for making this bold decision was probably influenced by how Bitcoin made a great run from $2000 to over$10,000. That was a dangerous decision. It is right that risk-taking is part of the investment, but weighing the cost and benefits of something before making a decision is essential in investment as well. The price of Bitcoin fell deeper and deeper after investing in the asset with money made from selling their properties. No matter how much you expect the digital asset to rise, invest an amount you can afford to lose. Bitcoin can crash like the Dutch Tulip Mania. Expect a Price Fall After Investment. After I successfully guided a friend to buy Digibyte, he asked me that “So when will I get rich?”. This question runs through the mind of many cryptocurrency investors, and they feel disappointed and deceived when they realize the price is not making any movement or the price is continuously falling. When you invest in any digital asset, expect a price fall and a market pullback. The cryptocurrency market does not rise continually without a fall. This kind of feature is dominant in Bitcoin price history. However, know that a cryptocurrency can rise by twice the percentage it fell. The post Three Cryptocurrency Investment Tips to Newbies appeared first on ZyCrypto.

7 days ago

Coinbase Lists BAT, Bitfinex Announces DigiByte Trading Pairs while Binance to Support BCH Hard Fork

Cryptocurrencies are seeing a lot of action as Coinbase announces support for BAT while DigiByte adds liquidity with Bitfinex trading pairs and HitBTC adding a new trading pair. Meanwhile, the upcoming hard fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has already gained support from Binance. Exchanges’ Announces Support adding to Liquidity According to the latest reports, Coinbase Pro has announced support for Basic Attention Token (BAT) making it one of the few cryptos available on the US-based exchange.\ BAT is launching on Coinbase Pro! Starting at 1pm PT today, customers can transfer BAT into their Coinbase Pro account. Traders can deposit BAT, but cannot place or fill orders. Order books will remain in transfer-only mode for at least 12 hours. https://t.co/31wbi09uyx pic.twitter.com/2YC7xtOjuI — Coinbase Pro (@CoinbasePro) November 2, 2018 The official announcement states, “After 1 pm PT on Friday, November 2, we will begin accepting inbound transfers of Basic Attention Token (BAT) to Coinbase Pro.” However, “BAT is not yet available at Coinbase.com or in our iOS and Android apps.” This has the 30th largest cryptocurrency take a hike of over 13 percent in the past 24-hours. At the time of writing, BAT has been trading at $0.2937 with a daily trading volume of about $60 million. BAT 7-days price chart, Source: Coinmarketcap Now, people are anticipating which coin will be the next addition to Coinbase which is meant to take a rise with that announcement. In another of exchange listing, Bitfinex announced the trading of DigiByte (DGB) against BTC and USD market on its platform. We are pleased to announce trading for DigiByte (DGB) against BTC and USD. @DigiByteCoin https://t.co/0tCBkdb2Um — Bitfinex (@bitfinex) November 2, 2018 The official announcement reads, “We are pleased to introduce trading for DigiByte (DGB). Trading will be enabled for DGB against BTC and USD pairs, with margin markets to be introduced following the development of a liquid trading market.” The 38th largest cryptocurrency that focuses on cybersecurity for decentralized applications and digital payments is currently trading at $0.022 while being up by more than 5 percent. DigiByte (DGB) price chart, Source: Coinmarketcap Also, just recently, HitBTC announced a new trading pair for DGB against TUSD. We are happy to present a new pair for @DigiByteCoin. Trading pair $DGB/$TUSD is now live on @hitbtc. Visit https://t.co/BRjWlKDNri for more information. pic.twitter.com/XACK5wuNE6 — HitBTC (@hitbtc) November 2, 2018 Additionally, Binance announced its support for the upcoming hard fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The exchange says: “Binance would like to confirm support for the upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard fork. We will take a snapshot of all Bitcoin Cash balances at UNIX time 1542300000, 2018/11/15 4:40:00 PM (UTC). Deposits and withdrawals of Bitcoin Cash will be suspended starting from 2018/11/15 3:00:00 PM (UTC).” BAT 3-days price chart, Source: Coinmarketcap In tandem with the crypto market, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is up by 8.19 percent at $461. The BCH hard fork mentioned here will enforce minimum transaction size, e canonical transaction order, “push only” rule for scriptSig, “clean stack” rule, while enabling OP_CHECKDATASIG and OP_CHECKDATASIGVERIFY opcodes, and removing the topological transaction order constraint. The post Coinbase Lists BAT, Bitfinex Announces DigiByte Trading Pairs while Binance to Support BCH Hard Fork appeared first on Coingape.

8 days ago

DigiByte (DGB) to be Listed on the CoinField Cryptocurrency Exchange

A retweet by the marketing team at DigiByte has pointed to a recent announcement made by the CoinField cryptocurrency exchange about listing DGB: “We're Glad to announce that #DigiByte #DGB will be listed on CoinField before end of 2018 and will be available in 61 countries. We are going to offer DGB/XRP pair as well as DGB/USD & EUR on #moonGO App.” This integration is evidence of the continued effort by the DGB team to push for wider awareness and adoption. DGB is currently trading at $0.0213. (JF)

8 days ago

HitBTC Adds the DigiByte/TrueUSD Trading Pair as Bitfinex Lists DGB

As stablecoins continue to grow in popularity, crypto exchange HitBTC has given investors another way to trade one of them. HitBTC, which is the No. 9 cryptocurrency exchange based on trading volume, announced it has added the DigiByte/TrueUSD trading pair, which is now live. TrueUSD is a stablecoin built on the TrustToken platform. Meanwhile, DigiByte (DGB), which is a decentralized mineable blockchain, also scored a listing on Bitfinex in the BTC and USD markets. The DGB price is up 5% to $0.021. (GT)

11 days ago

DigiByte Trading at .786 Fibonacci Support; Are the Bulls Aiming For $0.03?

DigiByte has seen a small 1.15% price hike over the past 24 hours of trading. The cryptocurrency is currently exchanging hands at a price of $0.0237 after seeing a further small 1,72% price increase over the past 7 trading days. The market has been trading along the path of a long term upward sloping trend line and has remained confined above it for many months. The CEO of DigiByte had recently publicly aired his opinions relating to Binance recently on Twitter. Tate went on a Tweet storm to explain why DGB has never been listen on Binance. Last summer, after completing many legal requirements to be added the DGB team refused to pay a donation fee to the Binance team to be listed on the exchange. Binance had long been known to be charging extraordinary fees to be listed on their exchange which had recently gotten out of hand. Binance have recently come out and have stated that from now on they will be donating all of their donation listing fees to charity. However, Jared Tate went on further to state that he has been told to publicly apologise to CZ, the owner of Binance, in the hopes that DGB will be listed on Binance. DGB is currently ranked in 36th position in terms of overall market cap across the entire industry. It currently holds a total market cap value of $259 million as the 56 month old coin is currently trading 81% lower than its all time high value. Let us continue to analyse price action for DGB over the short term and highlight any potential support and resistance zones. Price Analysis DGB/USD - SHORT TERM - DAILY CHART https://www.tradingview.com/x/MnlYNx9k/ Analysing the market from the short term perspective above, we can clearly see that upward sloping trend line which has been supporting the market for over 10 months now. Each time the market approaches this level the bulls defend the area aggressively causing price action to rebound. We can also notice that price action is trading at a strong area of combined support with the .786 Fibonacci Retracement priced at $0.02352. This Fibonacci Retracement is measured from the 225% bullish price increase when the market started from a low of $0.01574 on the 1st of April 2018 and extended to a high of $0.0522 on the 3rd of May 2018. Moving forward, the support at $0.02352 is expected to hold strongly due to the combination with the upward sloping trend line. If the bears to manage to penetrate below this level of combined support we can expect immediate significant support below to be located at the .886 Fibonacci Retracement level priced at $0.01986. Alternatively, if the bulls can regather momentum and push price action higher from this level of support, we can expect immediate resistance above to be located at the psychological round number handle at $0.0250. Resistance above this can then be expected at the 100 day moving average which currently floats around the $0.027 handle. If the bullish momentum can push the market market further higher we can expect more resistance above to be located at the .618 Fibonacci Retracement level priced at $0.02967 followed by the .5 Fibonacci Retracement level priced at $0.03399. The technical indicators within the market have recently slipped into the favour of the bears at this moment in time. The RSI is currently trading underneath the 50 handle which indicates that the bears are in control of the momentum within the market. If the RSI can break above the 50 line we can expect this market to move up and make some gains. DGB/BTC - SHORT TERM - DAILY CHART https://www.tradingview.com/x/seM1tI65/ The post DigiByte Trading at .786 Fibonacci Support; Are the Bulls Aiming For $0.03? appeared first on ZyCrypto.

25 days ago

Binance Exchange User Loses Funds to Hackers, Says Binance’s faulty Email System Caused it

Following previous cases of irregularities and other issues with Binance exchange, another customer has gone on Twitter to say his account has been hacked and all funds withdrawn by an unidentified hacker. The user who did not identify himself said although his email was not hacked, he did not get any warning email from Binance despite the company’s claim that no withdrawal can be made without email confirmation from the user. Binance has confirmed that an unusual login was done on the account from a different country from which the user claims his account has been hacked just last month, in which case he froze the account. He decried Binance’s reluctance in freezing or suspending the account despite the fact that the company noticed the unusual login. He also told Binance that their mail system is “working unsystematic” and made a video of himself logging in with a new IP Address with no email alert from the company as a warning. He said that Binance does not care about users and he has written the post as a warning to other users to exercise caution. Surprisingly despite Two Factor Authentication used on the account, the hackers were still able to hack and reset the password to access funds and sold the Altcoins but withdrew Bitcoin. Commenting On this issue, binance founder Changpeng Zhoa said, Sorry for your loss! I looked into this issue. Before your funds were lost, you insisted we unlock your account, even sending us your 2FA key (through email), the hacker already had access to your email. We advised you to change your 2FA, you didn’t, you had 48 hours to. Sorry! This is not the first time a Binance user is complaining of problems with their account. Earlier this month, another unidentified user wrote on Reddit that his account was locked down for no clear reason and efforts to find out the reason proved abortive. The user accused Binance of “arbitrary behaviour and a lack of transparency” saying there was no reason to lockdown his account when he met all the requirements for verification. The company had also been called out by DGB Founder Jared Ted in a series of tweets saying Binance demanded a bribe from him to list DGB in its platform despite its earlier promise to list the asset for free. He said Binance’s legal and financial conditions are too much for most assets despite its claim of listing assets freely with no fees. Binance is the world’s biggest crypto exchange and the chain of complaints could really deal a deadly blow to its reputation and customer base. Will the company still retain its number one spot among crypto exchanges in the world if trends like this should continue? The post Binance Exchange User Loses Funds to Hackers, Says Binance’s faulty Email System Caused it appeared first on ZyCrypto.

a month ago

Digibyte (DGB) Soars as the Wider Market Trades Sideways

Today Digibyte (DGB) soared 10.5% to rejoin the top 30 cryptocurrencies as the wider cryptocurrency market trades sideways. The price could be partially driven by the announcement of the first-ever Digibyte London Meetup on November 17. At this point, nobody is sure what to expect from the meetup, but there is always the possibility of a big announcement or a reveal of a new product at crypto-conferences. At the time of writing DGB is up 1.53% and the price is $0.0233. (RS)

a month ago

Digibyte Price Surges As DGB Enters the Crypto Market Cap Top 30

Sundays are usually very interesting days for cryptocurrency trading. Not because the biggest gains usually materialize, but primarily because there can be some interesting changes few people expect. Digibyte, a currency rather often overlooked, is making some positive strides. DGB has also reclaimed its spot in the market cap top 30 over the past few hours. Digibyte Price is Tearing it up Not too much is happening in the cryptocurrency top 20 right now. That is not unusual, as most of the attention is on Bitcoin’s and Ethereum’s uneasy momentum. This usually drags all cryptocurrencies down with it, though Digibyte is an interesting exception at this time. Over the past 24 hours, the DGB price has noted a strong 10.5% increase over USD, combined with a near 10% gain over Bitcoin, this altcoin is suddenly hitting its stride during these rather odd times for the crypto market. Any positive momentum in the altcoin department shows investors are in fact keeping tabs on the various cryptocurrencies. There is some excitement surrounding Digibyte as of right now. The first-ever Digibyte London Meetup is getting a lot of attention, which shows the strength of the DGB community. The event will take place in November, although it remains to be seen what one can expect from it exactly. It is good to see different currencies have their own meetups these days, as cryptocurrency isn’t just about Bitcoin and Ethereum. But you can’t pay for a ticket or a drink with #DGB ??? Ridiculousness — Jay C (@pastienot) October 14, 2018 On the price front, a lot of people are talking about Digibyte right now. With the altcoin entering the crypto market cap top 30 again, a very interesting situation is created. Irfan Hasnani is confident the altcoin will rise to spot #27 before the day is over, although it seems rather unlikely something like that will happen anytime soon. At the same time, the coins in front of DGB are not showing much momentum at this time. #DGB pic.twitter.com/EKTYnLObEF — Irfan Hasnani (@Irfan_Hasnani) October 14, 2018 There is also the firm belief Digibyte will effectively change the payments landscape for small businesses moving forward. While it is certainly interesting to see how altcoins can make micropayments happen well before Bitcoin can do so, none of the altcoins have the same market traction or “brand power” that Bitcoin has either. Eventually every small business in the world will accept #DGB for micro payments, now that my friend is bigger news than signing 1 big payment partnership. Power to the people. — DigiByte Awareness Team (@DGBAT_Official) October 14, 2018 Based on the current circumstances, it is safe to say things look pretty good for Digibyte. As is usually the case in cryptocurrency, problems arise when it comes to sustaining any sort of upward momentum for several hours, or even days. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. This article is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing any cryptocurrency. The post Digibyte Price Surges As DGB Enters the Crypto Market Cap Top 30 appeared first on NullTX.

a month ago

Tron (TRX) Still Gains Best Performer Among Top Cryptocurrencies

Tron has experienced an upward movement in the last few months, mostly since September, when it was listed on the Crypto Exchange Platform. This listing enables users on this platform, to buy TRX in exchange for dollars, using their own credit cards. The impact has pushed Tron to a higher level of usage and an attraction for investors and cryptocurrency enthusiast, who are looking for the next big opportunity in the Crypto world. Though Tron is currently trading below $1, an overview by Investingpr.com sees it rising above $1 in the next 5 years. This is also a good opportunity for investors who would be interested in buying coins still under $1. Currently, TRX ranks the 4th best coin to buy that is still under $1 with the likes of XVG, DGB AND XRP. Tron platform enables users to set up and store applications, execute good contracts using its blockchain. It allows them to publish data and contents, easily, very useful for key industries like entertainment and the media. The hidden blockchain powering Tron is advanced, it can easily carry plenty of data. This digital asset has soared through every storm, that is hindering the performance of other coins as though it is not affected by the market situation. In the current market report of Coinmarketcap’s top 100 Market Capitalization, Tron ranks among the best performers after Bitcoin Private and Noah coin. In this Market Capitalization Chart, TRX is listed among the top performers, as an emerging cryptocurrency, TRX has done considerably well compared to other smaller coins. According to TradeView, this digital asset is currently 8.26%, a report on this progress shows that the total number of accounts on the TRX network has gone beyond 400,000 more than EOS. The average daily transaction is said to be 29 times higher than Ethereum during last month. This is TRX growth chart as at the time of writing this article. Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of Tron has grown in popularity with Facebook followers that have grown over 1 million. TRX has one of the strongest crypto communities, which is powered by Sun’s constant tweeting, promises of giveaways and surprises for the enthusiast. What Triggers Tron’s (TRX) High Performance A lot of factors are being considered to push the rapid growth of this digital asset. According to Tron website, its aim is to decentralize the method through which content is shared on the internet that artists, musicians, creatives can share their content without middle companies like youtube, Apple, Amazon or Facebook. And they have employed effective tools that are empowering them to rank among the top performers in the Crypto world and investor’s delight. TRX Partnership With Developers The launch of the Main net has become a big plus for Tron, now it partners with some developers and gaming content companies like Bitman and Uplive. This coming together, will provide them with a decentralized platform to publish their contents. Tron will gain more acceptability and increased usage, as more developer start using this platform. According to a report from investingpr.com, TRX platform is one of the few blockchains which enables contents to be published easily without hitches. The application of this platform will bring wide coverage, usage will increase and also the token prices. This platform has great potentials, and now is the best time for investors to take advantage of the consistent increase in the value of this cryptocurrency. Tron has also extended its partnership to the sports industry by joining together with vSports. The aim is to create a better platform for sports coverage, another boost for investors. Wide Usage TRX is beating very hard on increasing its coverage, by adding new partnerships globally. Content developers from different countries can access its platform and use it without any restrictions. Tron development team aim to significantly increase usage by making the platform more versatile. Tools have been provided by the team on Tron Developer Hub for any developer who has an interest in exploring the Tron Platform. These tools will enable users to test the limit of the platform, there is a tool for converting Ethereum Contracts to function on this platform. The market effect of the recent launch of Test net is phenomenal, it expanded to 31 countries within a week, with 2500 nodes, notwithstanding the unfavorable market condition. This digital currency has demonstrated a progressive movement and favorable future with the launch of Test net, which includes complete nodes, basic network function, transactions, and customizable modules. To further widen its coverage and usage, Tron Foundation has planned to host a developer’s conference in San Francisco on 17th to 18th of January, 2019. This project will be managed by DApp developers and the main objective is to create an opportunity to bring together, all individuals interested in the blockchain industry. This would enhance, Tron Ecosystem, and utilize the ful

a month ago

Binance vs. DigiByte — The Gloves are Off

Binance’s announcement yesterday that it would henceforth donate all listing fees to charity was met with derision from some. Notably DigiByte founder, Jared Tate, who questioned the legitimacy of Binance’s new internal ‘charity’ division. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao was quick to respond. 😂 while we try to not publicly commenting on any coin, good or bad, some just don't leave us much choice. I......

a month ago

‘It’s time to set the Binance Record Straight’- DGB Founder Jared Tate Spills Some Teas

Following Binance’s announcement of its decision to donate 100% of its listing fees to charity, founder of Digibyte (DGB) Jared Tate has appeared to reveal his previous encounter with Binance when he attempted to get his DGB listed on the exchange. He said Binance turned down the request to list Digibyte many times when they ...

a month ago

Tron Foundation Announces the Exodus Support for Tron's Mainnet

In a tweet, Tron Foundation has announced that Exodus supports Tron mainnet. Therefore, Tron users can now exchange Tron for over fifty digital assets such as Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, DGB, and OmiseGo among others. Tron, which is ranked #13 by CoinMarketCap, is currently trading at $0.022084 with a market cap of $1.452B. (KE)

a month ago

PR: Digital file security boosted by V-ID and DigiByte: Real world adoption of blockchain technology

Bitcoin Press Release: V-ID allows anyone to secure his or her digital file against tampering on the DigiByte platform. 24th September, Rotterdam - Digital file validation system V-ID offers verification of originality of any file within 5 seconds to counter fraud and manipulation. With increasing dependency of documentation and files that are digitized, it is ... The post PR: Digital file security boosted by V-ID and DigiByte: Real world adoption of blockchain technology appeared first on BitcoinNews.com....

a month ago

Thank You DigiByte Community and Team for being the one of the kindest and friendliest around =)

The more love I see, the more I feel like donating ! ...and because it's the greatest crypto on the planet ;-) Thanks Everyone - let's be the class act of crypto and do what we can to benefit all that is DigiByte !...

2 months ago

Digibyte (DGB) Still Looking Good: Ironing out the technical kinks and increasing community engagement

Digibyte (DGB) Still Looking Good: Ironing out the technical kinks and increasing community engagement DigiByte currency showed some interesting price movements lately. Touching $0.021531/361 satoshi on the 14th of August, when the market in general reached a bottom, the currency closed the month off with a recovery towards $0.031175/445 satoshi. After 4 times retesting the...

2 months ago

V-ID On Course To Help Combat Fraud And Manipulation On The Digibyte DLT Platform

Digital file security will receive a big boost with the introduction of V-ID, a digital validation system that allows anyone to secure their digital file against tampering on the Digibyte platform. Another Form Of Digital Security Combating fraud and manipulation is one of the primary functions of the V-ID. The digital validation system tends to The post V-ID On Course To Help Combat Fraud And Manipulation On The Digibyte DLT Platform appeared first on ZyCrypto....

2 months ago

Digibyte Team Submits Listing Application to Coinbase

The Digibyte (DGB) team wasted no time following the recent announcement by Coinbase that they are adjusting their listing policy, and posted the following tweet: “On behalf of #DigiByte community members across the globe who are working hard each day to make $DGB better, we humbly request you consider adding one of the oldest, longest, fastest & most secure #blockchain projects around to your platform @coinbase. #ApplicationSubmitted.” The community now awaits the Coinbase response with great anticipation. (JF)

2 months ago

Digibyte (DGB) Team Releases Update Fixing UTXO Blockchain Vulnerability

Recently, it came to light that there was a vulnerability, which if exploited, would collapse the bitcoin network, or any other UTXO blockchain for that matter. In a response to this discovery, Digibyte has released its Digibyte core v6.16.5 that fixes this problem, making it the first blockchain platform to fix the bug, again making Digibyte (DGB) one of the safest and most reliable blockchains on the market. (JF)

2 months ago

V-ID and Digibyte Team Up to Increase Digital File Security

V-ID and Digibyte have collaborated to develop a proof of concept for the standard digital verification platform. V-ID will be using Digibyte blockchain. It reportedly has a working product and clients like wild Radar fauna management platform and Airbus Defence and space in the security industry. The platform reportedly verifies clients digital files which upon creation is written on the blockchain. The platform's clients can submit a file for verification which will take the platform only 5 seconds to verify. Digibyte will provide V-ID with its fast, secure and decentralized blockchain. (VK)

2 months ago

Digibyte (DGB) Bears The Key to Revolutionize the Multi-Billion Dollar Healthcare Industry

Digibyte's founder, Jared Tate, recently said that patients should have control over their medical information, and Digibyte can help with it. He added that an immutable data system in hospitals would prevent fatal mistakes such as misdiagnoses. According to Jared, the blockchain technology will better healthcare systems as it has a huge use case in the industry. He went on to state that DGB is key for the transformation of this sector. DGB's Digi ID allows Patients to access their medical records without invasion from third parties. It promises a bright future for DGB if the blockchain manages to make a break in the multi-billion dollar market. (KE)

2 months ago

Analysis: What Digibyte Could do to Ensure its Mainstream Adoption

Digibyte needs to avail a way in which buyers can directly purchase it without having to go through 3rd party websites such as Coinbase. Third party websites create challenges such as verification for buyers. For Digibyte to get mass adoption, it needs to make the buying process easy. The current process involves buying Bitcoin (BTC), then converting it to Digibyte (DGB). Moreover, the conversion charges a hefty 10% fee. These factors have discouraged people from purchasing DGB. Due to this, Digibyte has failed to get mass adoption and to be used for P2P or business payments. The DGB team needs to create a gateway to directly purchase the digital currency with either ACH of a credit card. (KE)

2 months ago

Ripple CEO Says Ripple (XRP) is not Fiat Replacement

The CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, has said cryptocurrencies will not replace fiat in everyday application. In an interview, Brad said he does not believe cryptocurrencies will be used to perform daily transactions. He said he considers these tokens as assets and not currencies. Jared Tate of Digibyte also holds the same sentiments. Tate said the true value of DGB is in cyber security and not in payments. The hodling of these digital tokens make it difficult to be used as fiat replacements. (VK)

2 months ago

Bitcoin Price Remains Past $7200 as Major Crypto Prices Decline

Most cryptocurrencies over the weekend were on the green but the last 24hours overturn the situation for the major cryptocurrency who saw their prices decline. Ethereum, Ripple, LTC, EOS and Bitcoin Cash saw a price decline of up to 4%. Bitcoin price, however, remained past $7200 while tokens like Aion, Digibyte, and WanChain saw their trading volume surge by 10-30%. A majority of the tokens have continued to bleed out as bitcoin struggle to see an upward trend of its prices. Bitcoin is showing a positive momentum, and this will impact the tokens prices to rise in the coming days. (VK)

2 months ago

DigiByte (DGB) Holds 3% Gains in Today's Market, Inks Deal with AntumID

DigiByte (DGB), the No. 33 cryptocurrency with a market cap of $323 million, has advanced about 3% in the last 24 hours while most altcoins remain under selling pressure. In recent days, DigiByte unveiled Core 6.16.4, calling on all exchanges, nodes and mining pools “to upgrade as quickly as possible.” In recent days, AntumID announced a partnership with DigiByte “to integrate the Digi-ID within the Antum-ID platform to provide blockchain authentication.” DigiByte is a decentralized blockchain that has been operational for four years. (GT)

2 months ago

DigiByte (DGB) Gets Added to the Edge Wallet

The team at Edge Wallet took to their Twitter page to announce the addition of Digibyte, Vertcoin, Tether, and Bitcoin Gold to the available assets in the wallet. Users can now store, send, and receive these currencies, and the addition of tether enables users to trade between the US dollar pegged coin and other cryptos through the ShapeShift exchange integration. Simplex was also integrated, enabling the purchase of litecoin, bitcoin, ethereum, and bitcoin cash with a credit or debit card. (JF)

3 months ago

Biggest Gainer: Kin (KIN) - $0.000167 - 9.17% Increase

With the crypto market gradually recovering from the recent crash, Kin, Kik Messenger's native cryptocurrency is the biggest gainer today. Kin went from $0.000152 to $0.000162, gaining 9.17% in the last 24 hours. Kin recently launched a beta version of their 'Knit' app and has already announced a partnership with multiple companies. The trade volume of Kin went from $900,000 to $1.4 Million and 60% of it is on the Bancor Network. Other big gainers for today are DigiByte (DGB) and Dentacoin (DCN), which gained 8.24% and 8.01%. (VS)

3 months ago

DigiByte Launches iOS Version of Wallet

DigiByte (DGB) is inviting users to test its recently-launched iOS wallet. The wallet has been under development for quite some time. The launch is deemed a major step toward promoting the adoption of the token. The app can be downloaded from the Apple store. The token has been listed in many cryptocurrency exchanges in the past 3 months. Its price has also almost doubled in the same period to trade at between $0.03 and $0.04. (VK)

3 months ago

Crypto Market Analysis: Cryptocurrencies Rebounding, Bitcoin Trading Volume at $ 3.7 B

Although the crypto market has been in the red for the past one week, recoveries have begun. Digibyte, Aelf, Ox, and Polymath have gained significantly leading to a total market capitalization of $258 B. BTC and ETH have surged by 2% to trade at $7160 and $413 respectively. Last week's sell-off saw BTC's trading volume decline to $3.7 B and that of Ether to $1.4. The volume of the crypto market is struggling to recover and could soon gain an upward momentum. (KE)

3 months ago

DigiByte Foundation Announces Developer Bounty

The DibiByte Foundation took to the official DigiByte Twitter account to announce their new developer bounty: “The $DGB Foundation would like to present it's Mega Bounty of 2018! The Foundation is focused on all development based initiatives. We want to thank #DGBAT for all their hard work and we continue to encourage their ongoing marketing efforts! #DigiByte.” The bounty program includes 11 projects/upgrades/improvements that the Foundation has laid out as being key for the future growth and development of this evolving blockchain platform. (JF)

3 months ago

DigiByte Launches a Mobile App on iOS

The DigiByte (DGB) ‘Awareness Team’ recently announced the successful launch of the DigiByte iOS app that the team calls “the best mobile cryptocurrency wallet on the market.” Features such as DigiShield, a protocol which adjusts mining difficulty in real time to defend against attackers, and a user-friendly interface are the contributing factors to the teams' confidence in the app. The DigiByte team has also ramped up its marketing effort and has released a new awareness pamphlet, touting DigiByte’s various uses, from point of sale to building smart contracts. (JF)

3 months ago

49 Million Online Stores Will Soon Be Able to Accept DigiByte Payments

The Digibyte team recently tweeted to community members, informing them that the cryptocurrency is in the final stages of being integrated with WooCommerce at which point it will be available to make payments with at over 49 million online stores. “49M online stores will soon be able to accept #DigiByte payments! Thanks @UTRUST_Official and @nunomlmc for making this happen.” WooCommerce recently announced the integration of cryptocurrency payments with its platform, currently accepting bitcoin and litecoin. Current DGB price is $0.03133. (JF)

3 months ago

Digibyte May Increase in Price as More Billionaires Promote Cryptos

Digibyte (DGB) may be heading down the right path as more billionaires have started promoting cryptos. Digibyte's blockchain has seen about 190,000 downloads, spanning across 200,000 servers. Billionaires like Mike Novogratz have been singing praise for cryptocurrencies, saying that the market capitalization will soon hit $800 billion. Digibyte is one of these cryptocurrencies. As at 5:30 AM, DGB was trading at $0.04, a decrease of 4%. (KE)

3 months ago

Jaxx Adds DigiByte (DGB) to its Recently Launched JaxxLiberty Wallet

Jaxx, a wallet that seeks to make cryptocurrency readily accessible to the masse has announced that Digibyte would be added to its recently launched JaxxLibery platform. However, JaxxLibery is still in its BETA version, and if all goes well, it will be a whole gateway to the world of cryptocurrencies as it promises. Currently ranked #33, DGB is trading at $0.04 with a market capitalization of $456,202,854. (VK)

4 months ago

DigiByte Blockchain Reaches 7 Million Blocks, Team Heads to Venezuela

The coin of public blockchain DigiByte (DGB) is advancing about 3% today. DigiByte Foundation’s Josiah Spackman congratulated DigiByte for reaching 7 million blocks on the blockchain. Spackman tweeted: “Longest (by quite a bit), fastest (no contest), highest mining distribution, and most decentralized UTXO Blockchain!” Separately, DigiByte is in the midst of a “Venezuela Outreach” in which it’s raising funds for a trip to the beleaguered country, having thus far raised the comparable amount to monthly wages for 100 people. (GT)

4 months ago

Huobi Lists DigiByte, Price Goes Down

DigiByte reached a two-month high of $0.049 last Friday when Huobi announced its listing. However, by the time Huobi listed the cryptocurrency on its exchange today, the coin list its steam. Huobi supports two trading pairs for DigiByte: Bitcoin and Ethereum. DigiByte (DGB) has a market cap of $479 Million and is currently priced at $0.045, losing 3.86% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

4 months ago

DigiByte Soars Nearly 12%, Scores Listing on No. 3 Crypto Exchange Huobi

Huobi, the No. 3 cryptocurrency exchange based on trading volume, has added support for DigiByte (DGB), which resides in the top 32 coins by market cap. DGB will be available across the DGB/BTC and DGB/ETH trading pairs starting on July 20. DGB coin is advancing nearly 12% on the development. DigiByte also recently unveiled its wallet on Android. (GT)

4 months ago

DigiByte Outperforms Most Coins on Monthly Gains

In the past 24 hours of trading, DigiByte (DGB) has witnessed strong price gains. It is currently at $0.0432, rising by 10.65% in the past seven days. In 30 days, DGB has seen a whopping 64.59%, making it one of the top performers in the period between June and July 2018. Due to the recent bull run by all the top coins, the bullish momentum could keep going for DGB. It is currently trading at $0.042001 according to data from Coinmarketcap.com. (KE)

4 months ago

Jaxx Liberty Cryptocurrency Wallet Teases DigiByte as Maiden Coin

DigiByte (DGB) will be the maiden coin added to the Jaxx Liberty wallet app, which is available on iOS and Android as well as Mac and Windows. Jaxx said on Twitter that it was doing some design work to "ensure the flow of adding and initializing new coins is tip-top." The Jaxx Liberty wallet is in beta format and the team is taking feedback. DGB is trading lower by 2.5%. (GT)

4 months ago

DigiByte (DGB) Trading on Cryptopia, Seeks Wider Partnership with Abra App

On Tuesday, July 12th, in an official blog post, DigiByte announced that it had been added on the platform of Cryptopia with USDT/DGB trading pair. Currently, in the Bittrex exchange DigiByte is trading against BTC. DGB is planning increased exposure of its coin by joining hands with TokenPay. DGB is also seeking to partner with Abra App which will see it allow direct withdrawals; it only allows BTC withdrawals. (VK)

4 months ago

DigiByte and Utrust Come Together to Create a Multi-Crypto Payment Solutions

Utrust has announced an integration with the DigiByte platform. The integration will make it possible for users to access a vast array of coins through the payment gateway. In addition to the coins, Utrust will also add the Digibyte token, making it one of the biggest payment processors that accept crypto globally. This is good news to the dedicated customer bases of both companies. (VK)

4 months ago

64% of Cryptocurrencies Increased in Price Last Week: Finder.com

What a difference a week makes. According to Finder.com, nearly two-thirds of all digital currencies had a pop in price in the past seven days leading up to today. Total volume across the broader cryptocurrency market increased 10% to $99.3 billion. Sakura Bloom (SKB) gained the most, at 291%, while Pure (PURE) fell the most at 82%. Among the leading 100 cryptocurrencies, DigiByte (DGB) had the best performance last week, advancing by nearly 60%. (GT)

4 months ago

China: Mining Hackers of About a Million Computers Arrested

A local news outlet has today reported that police in China's Da Lian city had arrested 20 suspects from a computer technology firm. According to the police, over 1 million computers became infected by clicking the display ad and installing the plug-in, collectively mining a total of 26 million Digibyte, Decred, and Siacoin over the course of two years. Reportedly, the hackers gained by about 15 million Yuan. (KE)

4 months ago

Digibyte (DGB) is Gaining Steam - Up 11% on the 24 Hour Chart

The groundwork and social media rounds that the DigiByte team has been doing lately seem to be paying off. Among the top 100, it's the second-best performer after Bitcoin Diamond. The DigiByte marketing team has been in full force, making the rounds and stoking the community support as the chatter of a cryptocurrency bull market starts to build. On June 24th the price reached a low of $0.0178, and it hasn't looked back since. Current DGB price is $0.043. With partnerships and developments regularly being released, this is a coin to keep your eye on. (JF)

4 months ago

A Rising Bitcoin Tide Lifts the Boat of Altcoins

Bitcoin has surpassed resistance at the $6,700 level and is currently trading above $6,800. Correlated altcoins are rising too, including the likes of NEO, which is up 8%, Tezos, which is up 36%, Bitcoin Diamond, which is up 28%, and DigiByte, which is up 20%. David Sapper, CEO of Australia-based cryptocurrency exchange Blockbid, reportedly said that bitcoin remains "strongly positioned" and is beginning to realize its potential. Sapper pointed to the modest 1% of the global population that owns cryptocurrency, saying that cryptos will reach the mainstream within the next couple of years. (GT)

4 months ago

DigiByte (DGB) Soars 24% as Positive Momentum Continues

DigiByte is advancing by a double-digit percentage today as the broader cryptocurrency market rallies. In recent days, the DigiByte coin was integrated onto UTRUST, a cryptocurrency payment platform. When UTRUST added PundiX (NPXS) in recent weeks, that coin advanced its ranking to be included among the leading 40 cryptocurrencies by market cap. DigiByte has had upward momentum for a week and has regained all of its losses from an early June crash. (GT)

4 months ago

Top 5 Performers Over the Past 24-Hours: Bitcoin Diamond, Mixin, RChain, Digibyte, Nuls

Even with the recent upswing in the market, there have been coins that have outperformed others. In the top 100 according to CoinMarketCap, 5 coins have shown more than a 10 percent improvement over the past 24 hours. Bitcoin Diamond is currently up 56%, trading at $3.12. Mixin (XIN) is up 17% at $540, RChain (RHOC) is up 14% at $0.79, DigiByte is up 12.3% at $0.037, and Nuls (NULS) is up 10.77% and trading at $2.44. (JF)

4 months ago


###DigiByte **What are cryptocurrencies?** Cryptocurrencies are peer to peer technology protocols which rely on the block-chain; a system of decentralized record keeping which allows people to exchange unmodifiable and indestructible information “coins,” globally in little to no time with little to no fees - this translates into the exchange of value as these coins cannot be counterfeit nor stolen. This concept was started by Satoshi Nakamoto (allegedly a pseudonym for a single man or organization) whom described and coded Bitcoin in 2009. **What is DigiByte?** DigiByte (DGB) is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. It is also a decentralized applications protocol in a similar fashion to Neo or Ethereum. DigiByte was founded and created by Jared Tate in 2014. DigiByte allows for fast (virtually instant) and low cost (virtually free) transactions. DigiByte is hard capped at 21 billion coins which will ever be mined, over a period of 21 years. DigiByte was never an ICO and was mined/created in the same way that Bitcoin or Litecoin initially were. DigiByte is the fastest UTXO PoW scalable block-chain in the world. We’ll cover what this really means down below. DigiByte has put forth and applied solutions to many of the problems that have plagued Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general - those being: * Maintaining decentralisation. * Maintaining low fees. * Maintaining fast transaction times. * Maintaining robust security + the immutable ledger. * And most importantly assuring massive scalability on chain. We will address these point by point in the subsequent sections. **The DigiByte Protocol** DigiByte maintains these properties through use of various technological innovations which we will briefly address below. ***Why so many coins? 21 Billion*** When initially conceived Bitcoin was the first of a kind! And came into the hands of a few! The beginnings of a coin such as Bitcoin were difficult, it had to go through a lot of initial growth pains which following coins did not have to face. It is for this reason among others why I believe Bitcoin was capped at 21 million; and why today it has thus secured a place as digital gold. When Bitcoin was first invented no one knew anything about cryptocurrencies, for the inventor to get them out to the public he would have to give them away. This is how the first Bitcoins were probably passed on, for free! But then as interest grew so did the community. For them to be able to build something and create something which could go on to have actual value, it would have to go through a steady growth phase. Therefore, the control of inflation through mining was extremely important. Also, why the cap for Bitcoin was probably set so low - to allow these coins to amass value without being destroyed by inflation (from mining) in the same way fiat is today! In my mind Satoshi Nakamoto knew what he was doing when setting it at 21 million BTC and must have known and even anticipated others would take his design and build on top of it. At DigiByte, we are that better design and capped at 21 billion. That's 1000 times larger than the supply of Bitcoin. Why though? Why is the cap on DigiByte so much higher than that of Bitcoin? Because DigiByte was conceived to be used not as a digital gold, nor as any sort of commodity, but as a real currency! Today on planet Earth, we are approximately 7.6 billion people. If each person should want or need to use and live off Bitcoin; then equally split at best each person could only own 0.00276315789 BTC. The market cap for all the money on the whole planet today is estimated to have recently passed 80 trillion dollars. That means that each whole unit of Bitcoin would be worth approximately $3,809,523.81! ***$3,809,523.81*** This is of course in an extreme case where everyone used Bitcoin for everything. But even in a more conservative scenario the fact remains that with such a low supply each unit of a Bitcoin would become absurdly expensive if not inaccessible to most. Imagine trying to buy anything under a dollar! Not only would using Bitcoin as an everyday currency be a logistical nightmare but it would be nigh impossible. For each Satoshi of a Bitcoin would be worth much, much, more than what is realistically manageable. This is where DigiByte comes in and where it shines. DigiByte aims to be used world-wide as an international currency! Not to be hoarded in the same way Bitcoin is. If we were to do some of the same calculations with DigiByte we'd find that the numbers are a lot more reasonable. At 7.6 billion people, each person could own 2.76315789474 DGB. Each whole unit of DGB would be worth approximately $3,809.52. ***$3,809.52*** This is much more manageable and remember in an extreme case where everyone used DigiByte for everything! I don't expect this to happen anytime soon, but with the supply of DigiByte it would allow us to live and transact in a much more realistic and fluid fashion. Without having to divide lar...

7 months ago

This is Jim, 4 year DGB holder and DGB Ambassador. Some updates to this great Reddit Community.

1) I been personally talking to Robinhood and I appreciate all you guys sharing your stories about adding DGB. I helped get DGB on about 40 exchanges in the last 3 months including 2 of the top 3 in the world, Okex and Upbit, but Robinhood is the big one that can explode DGB price overnight. 2) I will be visiting one of the top institutions in the world with Jared and another team member. Been in talks with them for awhile, and we will announce the news that comes out of that when ready. 3) I am on Telegram under "Discovernow Digibyte", but the best way to contact me is through: Jim@digibyte.io email. I was getting over 100+ PM a day, and 90% of them were "when moon" talk, not productive. 4) I am a volunteer in DGB. We all are, none of us are getting paid, and we spent thousands of dollars and our free time doing this on our own. I sold my business and retired before I entered DGB to be a stay at home dad which is a full time job within itself. Every single day, my wife is pushing me to be passive and step away and just focus on our kids, but I did promise Jared when I met him 4 years ago that I will help him achieve DGB Long Term Mission.) 5) Maybe we can end this Binance thing here. Hire an investigator and do a background check on them. My lovely wife has been investigating fraud for 20 years, so I know what I am talking about. 6) Your going to see some big media come out on DGB in 2018, I am talking to some of them personally. As always, will announce when ready. 7) DGB should be a $1 coin+. 2017, it went up 27,000% so it was not a bad year, but we are going to explode this in 2018. Don't look at daily charts, look at December 31st, 2018 and we will celebrate. 8) We have an awesome community, the best of the best. Jared is a great leader, a good friend, and somebody who I really respect. Remember, we are all volunteer's, we don't have to be here. 9) When I email companies, my spelling and grammar is excellent, but if you guys like you can correct spelling/grammar anything here or my 9 year old daughter can:-) 10) Keep having fun, enjoy life, we are all in this together as 1 TEAM. Anyways, if you need to reach me you can at jim@digibyte.io Thanks to this great Reddit community!...

9 months ago

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