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The Bytecoin Team encourages enthusiasts to contribute to By...

The Bytecoin Team encourages enthusiasts to contribute to Bytecoin's open-source GitHub repository and submit their…

14 hours ago

We remind our Android users that they can now download Bytec...

We remind our Android users that they can now download Bytecoin Wallet app from Google Play:…

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In the past year the open-source bytecoin daemons repository...

In the past year the open-source bytecoin daemons repository has seen 21 releases, bytecoin-gui - 22. We appreciate…

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What Is Electroneum? Introduction to ETN Token

What Is Electroneum? Electroneum is a blockchain-based payment platform designed specifically for use on mobile devices like smartphones. It’s claimed to be the first Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) compliant cryptocurrency. ETN, Electroneum’s native crypto, is virtually mined using mobile devices. The cryptocurrency has a massively loyal and committed following - its marketing strategy has tended toward virality, which has gained it over 2.7 million registered users (January 2019). As well as an impressive 129k Twitter followers, the project has attracted 143k Facebook users - interesting because FB is not a platform not known for crypto projects. Many don’t even have a Facebook page. This could illustrate that there is a strong following beyond crypto devotees - which would, of course, be exactly what the team would want to see. Of course, 2.7 million registered users does not measure active use, just as Bitcoin’s 22 million wallets doesn’t suggest that 22 million people are using Bitcoin today. But it’s a remarkably strong performance - and proves the power of integrating with major players like Google’s Play Store. The core development team of 12 is headed by SiteWizard co-founder Richard Ells. Its initial goal during its 2017 inception was to replace in-game currencies for mobile games. Gambling platforms were a natural evolution, as were mobile payments. Based in the U.K., the project is also still focused on emerging economies with large unbanked and underbanked populations. It was initially a soft fork of the Monero code but hard forked on May 30, 2018 at block 307500 to its own code. Part of the reason was to streamline code, and the other was to welcome ASIC rigs to the network, as Monero forked to resist GPU-based ASIC mining. Now the project is focused on mobile payments and has partnerships including telecommunications payment behemoth XIUS, e-commerce company BMedia, and more. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t still true to its gaming roots - its partnership with Mobile Streams PLC’s gaming platform exposes it to the service’s 750,000-strong subscriber base in Latin America. Is Electroneum the next big chain on the block, or is it all just a great white hype? We’ll start our research by examining the market performance of ETN, Electroneum’s proprietary cryptocurrency token. ETN Cryptocurrency Summary The peak price of ETN so far was $0.185470 on January 6, 2018. As of January 2nd, 2019, the circulating supply is 8,660,074,174, out of a total supply of 21,000,000,000 ETN. The team chose 21 billion over Bitcoin’s 21 million cap to encourage user adoption and satisfaction of earning a full coin instead of a minute fraction of one. The Electroneum ICO crowdsale occurred from September 14 through October 23, 2017. Twenty-nine percent of the total supply was made available to the public during the ICO, raising $40 million worth of ETH. [{"date":1514999055000,"value":0.0891296,"volume":6323970},{"date":1515085457000,"value":0.0828712,"volume":7804990},{"date":1515171856000,"value":0.114219,"volume":14173100},{"date":1515258256000,"value":0.218755,"volume":50984700},{"date":1515344656000,"value":0.174513,"volume":30050600},{"date":1515431056000,"value":0.158732,"volume":14915000},{"date":1515517457000,"value":0.168621,"volume":10399700},{"date":1515603856000,"value":0.158775,"volume":8450510},{"date":1515690256000,"value":0.152799,"volume":7719450},{"date":1515776656000,"value":0.149177,"volume":6340560},{"date":1515863056000,"value":0.179587,"volume":15773400},{"date":1515949456000,"value":0.160841,"volume":7974030},{"date":1516035856000,"value":0.161677,"volume":6816240},{"date":1516122261000,"value":0.125843,"volume":8670150},{"date":1516208661000,"value":0.0932108,"volume":7685810},{"date":1516295061000,"value":0.125274,"volume":7136780},{"date":1516381461000,"value":0.120053,"volume":4580090},{"date":1516467863000,"value":0.152585,"volume":14954300},{"date":1516554262000,"value":0.127335,"volume":6070170},{"date":1516640662000,"value":0.119012,"volume":4916250},{"date":1516727062000,"value":0.129039,"volume":4885680},{"date":1516813463000,"value":0.122591,"volume":3768580},{"date":1516899862000,"value":0.120301,"volume":3823250},{"date":1516986262000,"value":0.115058,"volume":4287090},{"date":1517072662000,"value":0.112921,"volume":3777030},{"date":1517159062000,"value":0.104875,"volume":3827660},{"date":1517245462000,"value":0.0964721,"volume":7026650},{"date":1517331863000,"value":0.0816634,"volume":3902110},{"date":1517418262000,"value":0.0797021,"volume":3763750},{"date":1517504663000,"value":0.0615434,"volume":3171850},{"date":1517591063000,"value":0.0764358,"volume":7705450},{"date":1517677463000,"value":0.0743658,"volume":4554000},{"date":1517763863000,"value":0.0640516,"volume":2495870},{"date":1517850263000,"value":0.0514354,"volume":2923990},{"date":1517938463000,"value":0.0497075,"volume":4955980},{"date":1518024863000,"value":0.0725776,"volume":663590

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The Bytecoin Team congratulates the users with the New Year!...

The Bytecoin Team congratulates the users with the New Year! Everyone is welcome to try themselves at educational q…

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Notice Regarding the Closure of Bytecoin (BCN) Withdrawals a...

Notice Regarding the Closure of Bytecoin (BCN) Withdrawals and Buyback of Remaining $BCN on Binance…

23 days ago

The Mobile Trend: Bytecoin Presents The Android Wallet

CoinSpeaker The Mobile Trend: Bytecoin Presents The Android Wallet Along with the mobile wallet, the Web wallet, Bytecoin Money, has also undergone significant improvements. The Bytecoin mobile wallet was released as an alternative to the desktop wallet, in order to ease access for those users who want to keep BCN closeby, as it doesn’t require synchronization to the blockchain. Additionally, the BCN mobile wallet for Android has significant differences with the desktop wallet, as two different approaches were taken to adhere to the different interests of each respective group of users. Some features that the Bytecoin wallet includes are managing up to 10 addresses per account, exchanging BTC to BCN and ETH to BCN, multi-language support which includes English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Turkish, as well as a 2FA option to keep accounts secured. The Bytecoin Web wallet, Bytecoin Money, has also undergone several enhancements, including a new design, code improvements, and multi-language support, in order to follow the localization trend. The team anticipates positive feedback on multi-language translation, as it simplifies usage for those whose first language is not English. While the Android application could earlier be found on the Bytecoin website, the official release of the app to Play Store lends validity to the project, as now all users of the most popular mobile OS are able to take advantage of a lightweight wallet directly from the official application store. The Bytecoin project continues to follow their roadmap, which was released on November 15, according to which there are more technical updates are coming, including HD wallet and auditable wallet releases, early support for hardware wallets, and the planned consensus update. The Mobile Trend: Bytecoin Presents The Android Wallet

a month ago

The new Bytecoin mobile wallet for Android has been released...

The new Bytecoin mobile wallet for Android has been released on Google Play. Check it out here:…

a month ago

Bytecoin Developers Announce the Launch of an "Auditable" Version

Bytecoin developers have announced the launch of "auditable" wallets and HD wallets. Bytecoin's Amethyst beta release has come with these Auditable wallets which are currently available for early testing. Auditable wallets will enable Stagenet users to send their crypto assets to publicly observable wallets, therefore, ensuring transparency. Bytecoin’s integration engineer Max Hasselhoff believes these "auditable" wallets will bolster the mainstream adoption of their Bytecoin. HD wallets, on the other hand, are focused on improving user experience and simplifying the integration with hardware wallets. The digital wallet will support HD wallets as from February 2019. (KE)

a month ago

@CO1083 Hello! The Bytecoin team stands for development, and...

@CO1083 Hello! The Bytecoin team stands for development, and technology is the most crucial part for us. The team d…

a month ago

@Vijendra22singh Hi! The Bytecoin team stands for developmen...

@Vijendra22singh Hi! The Bytecoin team stands for development, and technology is the most crucial part for us. The…

a month ago

The Bytecoin Team has released the Amethyst Beta, introducin...

The Bytecoin Team has released the Amethyst Beta, introducing Auditable coins in the Stagenet. Read more about the…

a month ago

Zcash Is All Ears Over Coinbase Privacy Concerns

Cryptographic technology has advanced in 2018, bringing the crypto community closer to “privacy for everyone,” according to a recent presentation by Zcash founder Zooko Wilcox. Considering that the Zcash cryptographers “pioneered the use of zero-knowledge proofs,” with Zcash representing the first application for the technology two years ago, it’s fitting that ZEC has become synonymous with privacy. But now that Zcash has scored a listing on KYC-compliant U.S. exchange Coinbase, you may be wondering if your transactions are truly anonymous, unlike the Bitcoin protocol from which ZEC got its start. The notion that there was a tradeoff isn’t too far-fetched. Dovey Wan, who is the founding partner of crypto investment fund Primitive Ventures, said in a tweet she has asked the Zcash founder numerous times, “why not remain anonymous since inception?” and “why seek [an] enormous amount of compliance for a privacy coin?” The answer became apparent when Coinbase decided to list ZEC, which will help the currency achieve mainstream status. And perhaps the crypto community has had a shortsighted view of privacy all along. As Wilcox tweeted: Privacy isn’t about isolation — it’s about community. But with consent. You get to choose who’s watching when you let down your hair. You get to choose who’s around the table when you tell your story. Privacy is about consent. Privacy and Crypto Go Together Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter Zcash gets its privacy from the zk-SNARK technology. To appreciate how important privacy has been not only to the Zcash community but crypto in general, it helps to go back as early as 2013 when privacy was among the chief motivations for Bitcoin developers. Privacy was the defining feature in projects like Zerocoin, but the technology was too cumbersome to make its way into a vital Bitcoin upgrade. Meanwhile, at the 2013 San Jose Bitcoin conference, the scientists behind the SNARK tech met the scientists behind Zerocoin, leading to a collaboration that Zooko compared to when “chocolate goes well with your peanut butter.” The new pairing “solved the problem of transaction times,” Zooko explained in a recent podcast. Pulling a Rabbit Out of Your Hat zk-SNARKs are part of the knitting of the Zcash project, but even Wilcox once revealed that he wasn’t in the loop about zero-knowledge proofs and instead left that to his team of cryptographers. Since that time, Zcash has upgraded its mainnet to version 2.0, slashing the transaction times for zero knowledge proofs from 37 seconds to 2.3 seconds. Wilcox, the student, has become the master. zk-SNARK stands for “Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge,” according to the Zcash website. It’s a proving system that adds an extra layer of privacy to the process that typically surrounds a BTC or ETH transaction, a layer of confidentiality that Wilcox suggests Satoshi might have included if SNARKs had been invented in 2008. While complex, the formula has a bit of magic to it that resembles pulling a rabbit out of a hat. The magician proves that there is no back door to the hat and then pulls a rabbit out of nowhere. You know there is a magician and a hat; even though you don’t know exactly where the rabbit came from, you can see with your own eyes that it is real. In a non-zero-knowledge-proof transaction, the BTC or ETH miner has access to the sender’s transaction history to prove that the funds are not being double-spent. But with a zero knowledge proof, the transaction is encrypted. A user presents the transaction in which they are looking to transfer some amount, but they don’t say how much. Consider the amount hidden inside a private envelope. The envelope transfers to the miner but it doesn’t say anything about the sender or the receiver. The content is hidden, but is accompanied by what Wilcox refers to as a “magic stamp,” which is the zero-knowledge proof. The miner then tests the magic stamp, which convinces them that the zero-knowledge proof is valid. If it weren’t, the sender would not have been able to produce this magic stamp. And in the end, the miner learns the meaning of “zero” behind zero-knowledge proof as they learn only the necessary information and nothing more to prove that the amount being transferred is in fact valid. Zcash and Monero Not surprisingly, Zcash and Monero, both of which are touted as privacy coins, have some key features in common. For instance, ZEC and XMR are both open source. Both coins are forks of other cryptocurrencies — Bitcoin and Bytecoin for ZEC and XMR, respectively. And both coins use mining-fueled proof-of-work algorithms for network validation — Equihash for Zcash and CryptoNight for Monero. And while the Zcash motto is “all coins are created equal,” perhaps that’s less so for privacy coins. The thing to remember about Monero is its popularity on the dark web where nefarious activities ranging from drug dealing to crypto-jacking hide. As Monero developer Riccardo Spagni once said

a month ago

@blogtienao2019 Hello! While we are happy to see new integra...

@blogtienao2019 Hello! While we are happy to see new integrators and supporters of Bytecoin, we are not associated…

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@csmweb_org Hello. While we are happy to see new integrators...

@csmweb_org Hello. While we are happy to see new integrators and supporters of Bytecoin, we are not associated with…

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@DaveXxXxxxxxxxx Hello there. Bytecoin has successfully exis...

@DaveXxXxxxxxxxx Hello there. Bytecoin has successfully existed and will flourish with or without the support of Bi…

2 months ago

@dmyazilim Hey there, thanks for noticing this fact. Unlike ...

@dmyazilim Hey there, thanks for noticing this fact. Unlike XRP, Bytecoin is based on PoW algo, that's why it's nec…

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@sinse420 Hello! The Bytecoin team stands for development, a...

@sinse420 Hello! The Bytecoin team stands for development, and the technology is the most crucial part for us. The…

2 months ago

The Bytecoin team has answered the community-selected questi...

The Bytecoin team has answered the community-selected question on the official Reddit. Read about the "Reasons for…

2 months ago

@FerhAtlas Hello. While we regret of the funds you've lost d...

@FerhAtlas Hello. While we regret of the funds you've lost during the market fluctuations, the Bytecoin team has no…

2 months ago

Privacy-Oriented Bytecoin Releases A New Roadmap

CoinSpeaker Privacy-Oriented Bytecoin Releases A New Roadmap The mysterious Bytecoin team has consistently focused their efforts on the development sector and continue to do so, in order to reinforce the technological foundation and move forward with the cryptographical aspects. Because of this, BCN will soon undergo a series of significant improvements. For the roadmap, The Bytecoin team has set six milestones including a hardfork, a web wallet update, early support of hardware wallets, and two essential releases. The team is planning to implement a HD wallet, unlinkable addresses, and improve P2P protocol and signature scheme. The new Beta builds (v.3.4.0 Amethyst) are scheduled for release on December 12th, and the stable Amethyst version is going live on February 7th, 2019. The mainnet hardfork is scheduled for March 6th, 2019. The alterations planned for Bytecoin’s codebase are poised to change the point of view on the CryptoNote technology completely, as the most provocative update is the introduction of auditable wallets, a feature that doesn’t coincide with the traditional logic of any CryptoNote-based coins. While the development team anticipates a lot of uses for this feature, they haven’t mentioned the utility of this feature. Another innovation that should be interesting for project followers is early support of hardware wallets. The planned software improvements, as mentioned in Bytecoin’s blog, display the logical progression of work the team has shown in the past months, and these improvements probably represent the most diverse and innovation-rich roadmap so far. Privacy-Oriented Bytecoin Releases A New Roadmap

2 months ago

Get familiar with the new Bytecoin Roadmap for Q4 2018 - Q1 ...

Get familiar with the new Bytecoin Roadmap for Q4 2018 - Q1 2019. Find more info in the blog:…

2 months ago

The Bytecoin users are welcome to read and contribute to the...

The Bytecoin users are welcome to read and contribute to the detailed description of Bytecoin at @wiki_token :…

2 months ago

Poloniex Requires 2,000 Confirmations for Bytecoin Transactions

If you want to trade Bytecoin on Poloniex, you’re going to have to wait a significant amount of time, CCN has learned. This reporter decided to enter the BCH pre-fork trading at the exchange and wanted to use his Bytecoin holdings as part of that process. He withdrew them from where they were held and

2 months ago

Monero [XMR] UI/UX designer: Protecting people doesn’t come without protecting privacy

Diego Salazar aka Rehrar, a UI/UX designer in the Monero community, advocated the need for privacy and why he is into Monero in a podcast recently. On the Coin Boys podcast, Salazar spoke about the privacy aspects of Monero and what attracted him to the community. He said that he got into Monero community a year and a half earlier and further confirmed how Monero was started as a scam by a user, ‘Thankful_for_today’. The core team developers later discovered the scam and took over the project [Monero] from him. Thankful_for_today was a user on Bitcointalk forum who forked the codebase of Bytecoin into the name BitMonero, which is an amalgamation of Bit [Bitcoin] and Monero. This literally translates into ‘coin’ in Esperanto. He added: “And at the same time, if the core team member starts doing something the community doesn’t like, we can take it from them. So one of the things we do and trust them with is looking over the code and merging it and building the binaries and signing those because they’re trusted members of the community like FluffyPony, ArcticMine and Luigi111.” Touching on the more intriguing aspects that attracted him to Monero, Rehrar said that he was a huge advocate of privacy and believed that privacy was instrumental and fundamental to our civil liberties. He continued saying if privacy was eroded, liberties would erode along with it, and that it was vastly seen in totalitarian governments. Furthermore, Salazar said that for people in first-world countries, lack of privacy would mostly be used for nothing more than targeted advertising. According to him, if people from other countries lacked privacy, they could go to jail or get killed. Explaining what attracted him to Monero, he said that they were creating a currency taking into account the survival of these people. He stated: “We’re looking on the fringes of the people that actually need this technology, not where the institutional money is. More importantly, we’re seeing how can we really help people with this technology and you can’t really do it without privacy.” The post Monero [XMR] UI/UX designer: Protecting people doesn’t come without protecting privacy appeared first on AMBCrypto.

2 months ago

Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Stellar, & Verge Primed to make Big Gains: Report

The latest Finder report predicts the price movements of the 13 coins for this month end and next year end. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP, Stellar (XLM), EOS, and Verge (XVG) are forecasted to have a bullish scenario while Tron (TRX) and Bytecoin (BCN) are the only ones with losses on the horizon. Ending 2018 with Gains while More than 100% Surge in 2019 According to the latest Finder’s report, 10 panelists predict the movement of the top and most trending cryptos have been made where, “Of the 13 coins, our panelists forecast that on average, Verge will experience the greatest price growth by 1 December 2018 (76%). This is followed by Ether (32%) and bitcoin (29%).” It further adds, “The panel was most optimistic for XRP’s success, with an average predicted value rise of 327% by the end of next year. This is followed closely by Ether (211%) and EOS (189%).” First, by this month end, Tron (TRX) is the only one with a negative change in price. While by 2019 end, Bytecoin is the one with the 5 percent loss. As for the coins that will be making the highest gains: Bitcoin (BTC) is predicted to be at $8,200 by December 1 while by the end of next year, it will see $16,732, a rise of about 164%. One of the panelists Joerg Molt says, “On November 15th, taxation begins. People run in BTC like last year and will sell off in mid-January to get the cut.” While Aaron LePoidevin says, “Bitcoin is currently struggling to demonstrate any promising price movement on the upside and seems to have found some stability for the moment.” Ethereum (ETH) will touch $261 by this month end as per Finder’s forecast while with a 211% surge, it is predicted to hit $615 by 2019 end. Genson Glier says, “Once Casper is up and running, it will increase the speed and capacity of the network.” With over 300% rise, XRP is predicted to hit the next year end at $1.90 while November end will see it at $0.57. “Sideways and holding, looks set to continue,” says the panelist, Craig Cobb. Stellar Lumens (XLM) will see a 28% growth by 1 December 2018 at $0.28 and $0.45 by 2019 end. Joseph Raczynski says, “Another platform that is coming along slowly but with promise,” while Tiana Laurence comments, “A more friendly XRP?” Verge (XVG) which has been silent for a long time now is predicted to see a revival with the highest surge of 76% by this month end at $0.024 and $0.028 by next year end. Panelist, Genson Glier gave the highest prediction for both 1 December 2018 and for the end of 2019 — at $0.056 and $0.068, respectively. EOS is also forecasted to have a bullish overview at $5.83 by November end while hitting $14.87 by 2019 end. “EOS raised a lot of money and if they are successful at creating an alternative to Ethereum, then there will be a larger demand for their crypto,” says Tiana Laurence. While Joseph Raczynski shares, “Sitting in the top 5, EOS is still working out the kinks, but has loads of promise in the coming year.” The post Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Stellar, & Verge Primed to make Big Gains: Report appeared first on Coingape.

2 months ago

XVG to Surge 71% By Year End, TRX to Fall By 10% in Nov 2018, BTC To Hit $16k By Dec. 2019, Finder Experts Predicts

Experts at personal finance comparison site has revealed in its November forecast that a bull run for the top cryptocurrencies will surface just like late last year. However, the growth will not be as massive as that which saw bitcoin hit near $20,000 last December. Finder’s panelists have drawn this month’s prediction from studying current and past crypto price movement and shared insights on what to expect from the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap as well as the top trending coins which they said were Binance Coin, Bytecoin, and Verge. From the release, Bitcoin is expected the overcome its current bear market and reach as high as $8200 by the start of December. By the end of next year (2019) predictions are that the average highest price from the major cryptocurrency will be $16720, two times higher than the December 1, 2018 forecast value. Top altcoin Ethereum is another who has been on a bearish run in recent times but is predicted to rise by 32% at the start of next month. This will mean that the coin will move from the October 31st value of $197 to $261 within the next 26 days. The predicted market value for ETH by 2019 is $615 while the total market cap at that time will be $69.8 billion, a more three-fold increase from the current $20 billion caps. In an earlier prediction, finder’s panel had a doomsday prediction for XRP but seem to be more favorably disposed towards the altcoin in the latest price forecast because of a turnaround in the market. A 28% increase is expected from now till the end of the November which will lift the altcoin from $0.44 to $0.57. The Market Experts forecasted a major decline for Tron (TRX) as they expect the digital asset to see a fall over the next month. Though they predicted a bright 2019 for the coin (80% growth), they believe its value will drop by 10 percent in November. Verge Will Shoot For The Moon What is perhaps the most bullish prediction on the list is that trending cryptocurrency, Verge will see a massive 78 percent between now and the start of December. The altcoin is currently that 41st largest crypto by market cap with a total market cap of $0.01 and a market cap of $206.8 billion. If the prediction comes true, then XVG value by December 1, 2018, will be $0.024. This trend is expected to lower in 2019 since the panelists predict a $0.028 at the end of next year. Other notable predictions on the list include a (211%) and (189%) increase for Ether and EOS respectively from now till the end of next year. The post XVG to Surge 71% By Year End, TRX to Fall By 10% in Nov 2018, BTC To Hit $16k By Dec. 2019, Finder Experts Predicts appeared first on ZyCrypto.

2 months ago

@akarthikeyan16 @jnfgoldberg Hi, Arjunan! Bytecoin Foundatio...

@akarthikeyan16 @jnfgoldberg Hi, Arjunan! Bytecoin Foundation is a community-driven project from Vietnam. We are lo…

2 months ago

Users on the go can take advantage of Bytecoin web and mobil...

Users on the go can take advantage of Bytecoin web and mobile wallets for managing and purchasing BCN without downl…

2 months ago

This week Bytecoin has reached its ATH hashrate at 719 MH/s,...

This week Bytecoin has reached its ATH hashrate at 719 MH/s, with the current being 695 MH/s. $BCN #Bytecoin…

3 months ago

OKEx Delists More Than Fifty Underperforming Trading Pairs From Its Platform

The Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange, OKEx, announced on October 25, it will be delisting more than 50 underperforming trading pairs. Delisting Will Only Affect Trading Pairs - Users Can Still Keep Their Assets According to the press release, the exchange plans to remove trading pairs with weak liquidity and trading volume, based on the “OKEx Token Delisting / Hiding Guideline.” The event will occur on Oct 31, at 06:00 CET and OKEx advised its users to cancel their orders of the affected trading pairs prior to the deadline. After the deadline, all active orders will be automatically canceled by the system and assets will be credited to users’ accounts. The exchange said, however, that only trading pairs will be delisted and clarified that the respective coins will not be affected. “Please note that only the TRADING PAIRS with weak liquidity and trading volume, but NOT THE TOKENS themselves, will be delisted. Other satisfactory trading pairs can still be traded normally.” Crypto Assets Are Constantly Evaluated at OKEx Following the delisting announcement, Andy Cheung, Head of Operations of OKEx, provided a link to the “OKEx Token Delisting / Hiding Guideline,” which outlines the criteria based on which trading pairs are evaluated. He added that the listing of an asset is never final and good performance is essential to maintain its place on OKEx. Commenting in a blog post, Cheung highlighted the importance of mitigating investors’ exposure on risky digital assets. He added: “As leaders, we are responsible for promoting a robust ecosystem. Listing projects loosely or having 795 trading pairs is simply putting trader interests at risks. Housekeeping is necessary. We need to take action on those underperforming tokens now.” Cryptocurrencies Currently Going Through a Correction Period? Since last year’s frenzy, the crypto market has stabilized, and cryptocurrencies are going through a consolidation period lately. This narrowed trading range could be seen as a market correction, which gives exchanges the opportunity to reevaluate the performance of trading pairs. Similarly, at the beginning of October, Binance delisted Bytecoin (BCN), ChatCoin (CHAT), Iconomi (ICN), and Triggers (TRIG) from its platform. Earlier this month, OKEx announced the listing of four stablecoins. Namely, TrueUSD (TUSD), USD Coin (USDC), Gemini Dollar (GUSD), and Paxos Standard Token (PAX) were added. Consolidation periods are usually followed by breakouts, and stablecoins were created as a countermeasure to the extreme volatility digital currencies have shown before. Therefore, could such a move be anticipating a breakout waiting just around the corner? OKEx Delists More Than Fifty Underperforming Trading Pairs From Its Platform was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

3 months ago

OKEX To Delist Over 50 Trading Pairs By October 31st

The delisting of cryptocurrencies by prominent exchanges has been a common occurence in the crypto-verse in the past one month. The delistings started when Binance ceased all trading of the four digital assets of Bytecoin (BCN), Chatcoin (CHAT), Iconomi (ICN) and Triggers (TRIG). OKEX would later also delist Bytecoin (BCN) from its trading platform. OKEX To Delist Over 50 Trading Pairs but Not Individual Tokens In an announcement on the 25th of October, OKEX announced that it was delisting 58 trading pairs linked to 42 digital assets/tokens. The reasons outlined by the exchange were two. Firstly, the trading pairs had a weak liquidity. Secondly, the trading volume of these trading pairs was too low to continue supporting them on the platform. The affected tokens and trading pairs are listed below: Ticker Token Name Trading Pair to Be Delisted READ READ BTC NGC NAGA ETH, USDT PRA ProChain BTC IPC IPChain ETH, BTC MAG Maggie ETH , BTC TRA Travel BTC VEE BLOCKv USDT RCT RealChain BTC, USDT CBT CommerceBlock ETH, USDT DNA EncrypGen BTC, ETH VIU Viuly ETH, BTC RCN Ripio Credit Network ETH MTH Monetha BTC, USDT AVT Aventus ETH, USDT CAG Change BTC, ETH REF RefToken USDT UKG Unikoin Gold USDT BRD Bread USDT ATL ATLANT USDT CAN Content and AD Network BTC CHAT ChatCoin ETH AUTO CUBE USDT, BTC MTL Metal USDT SUB SubStratum USDT EVX Everex BTC ICN Iconomi BTC, ETH OAX OAX BTC 1ST FirstBlood BTC, ETH SDA SixDomainChain BTC XAS Asch ETH AST AirSwap BTC, ETH GSC Global Social Chain BTC MOT Olympus Labs BTC, ETH UCT UCOT BTC AIDOC AI Doctor BTC TOPC TopChain BTC SPF Sportyco ETH ACE ACE ETH AMM Micromoney BTC, ETH FAIR FairGame BTC STC Starchain ETH XUC Exchange Union BTC 31st October Deadline The announcement further gave the deadline of 6am, 31st October, Central European Time (GMT + 1). Users are advised to cancel their orders of the affected pairs before the deadline. If orders are not canceled in time, the system will cancel them and the digital assets will be credited to the users’ trading accounts. Only Trading Pairs, Not Tokens The exchange went on to clarify that the delisting only affected trading pairs and not the individual tokens: Please note that only the TRADING PAIRS with weak liquidity and trading volume, but NOT THE TOKENS themselves, will be delisted. Other satisfactory trading pairs can still be traded normally. What are your thoughts on OKEX delisting the over 50 trading pairs? Please let us know in the comment section below. The post OKEX To Delist Over 50 Trading Pairs By October 31st appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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Are Crypto Exchanges Becoming The Same Powerhouses The Crypto Industry Is Meant To Fight

Launched at the height of the 2008 financial crisis, bitcoin had a singular purpose then: to fight the centralized nature of the mainstream financial system and give the ultimate power back to the people. Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision has gradually been achieved, with cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology that underpins them revolutionizing many industries. However, the very entities that are meant to facilitate this revolution could prove to be the biggest impediment. Are cryptocurrency exchanges becoming the same infallible powerhouses that cryptos have strived to fight for the past decade? Too Big To Fail? Coinbase is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States and while it is miles behind market leaders Binance and OKEx in trading volume, its significance far supersedes its size. From a small startup in 2012, the San Francisco-based firm has grown to be a behemoth in the cryptocurrency industry that according to an article in Fortune, is quickly becoming “too big to fail.” In the recent past, Coinbase has made a series of moves that are geared towards the creation of an empire that will play a central role in the rise of cryptocurrencies. Having established itself as the leader in the U.S with over 25 million users, Coinbase moved in on institutional investors by launching Coinbase Prime, Coinbase Custody and the Institutional Coverage Group. The exchange has also begun talks with the regulatory authorities about acquiring a banking license. These moves, combined with an array of acquisitions made in the past two years, would make Coinbase a virtually infallible empire. At the height of the cryptocurrency upward surge, rumors began circulating that Coinbase would list Ripple’s native XRP token. These rumors sparked an XRP-buying frenzy which sent its price “to the moon.” Expectedly, its price crashed after Coinbase denied the rumors. When Bitcoin Cash was listed, it emerged there may have been people with insider knowledge who cashed in on the knowledge to make millions of dollars. Coinbase set out to investigate these accusations but no one was found culpable. This ability to determine the direction the market takes further underlines the ultimate power that cryptocurrency exchanges have acquired. This is not unique to Coinbase. Binance and OKEx, the two biggest exchanges by trade volume globally, have as big a say on what direction the market takes. Just recently, Binance delisted four coins, among them Bytecoin and Iconomi which saw their prices shed over 20 percent of their value. Combined, the top five exchanges, which include Huobi, HitBTC and Bitfinex, typically facilitate over $5 billion worth of crypto daily. Needless to say, if any of them crashed, the effects would be devastating. This reflects the banking system that was the root of the 2008 financial crisis, the same system Nakamoto set out to bypass through the launching of Bitcoin. Before the crisis, some of the financial giants such as Lehmann Brothers also seemed infallible, but they all crashed, with most filing for bankruptcy. The cryptocurrency industry has already been through one scary experience, an experience that almost brought it to its knees. In early 2014, the biggest Bitcoin exchange at the time, Mt. Gox, lost over 800,000 bitcoins to hackers in what is one of the largest cryptocurrency heists ever. At the time, the exchange was handling 80 percent of all Bitcoin transactions. The subsequent collapse of the exchange proved devastating for the industry and the effects are still being felt four years later. One of the possible solutions has been the emergence of decentralized exchanges, referred to as DEX’s. DEX’s align themselves with Nakamoto’s vision of an industry free from centralized bias and control. Unfortunately, these haven’t been as popular and only account for a small fraction of the daily trade volume. To make it worse, some of them have been a contradiction of the decentralization principle, further eroding people’s faith in them. One of these is Newdex which was hacked recently, losing close to $30,000 worth of its clients’ tokens. Are we getting rid of the ‘monster’ that is the traditional banking empire but replacing it with a new ‘infallible’ empire? Time will tell. The post Are Crypto Exchanges Becoming The Same Powerhouses The Crypto Industry Is Meant To Fight appeared first on NullTX.

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Don't forget to update the Bytecoin software to the latest v...

Don't forget to update the Bytecoin software to the latest version 3.3.2: For more info,…

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Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Crypto Market Pullback From Big Bounce

FOMO Moments Markets have receded a little from the spike; Tezos, Bytecoin and Icon still climbing. Yesterday’s big bounce has been sustained today and markets are holding their gains at the moment. The rally added over $20 billion into crypto markets initially however a pullback has seen levels drop a little. Total market capitalization is currently over $210 billion. Bitcoin has retreated a little from its daily high of almost $7,000 and is currently trading at $6,650 - the level it remained at for so long previously. BTC trade volume which exceeded $7 billion on the day has pulled back to $5.8 billion which is still almost double the $3 billion it was at 48 hours ago. Ethereum has dropped back 2% to trade at just over $210, showing a similar pattern to Bitcoin. Altcoins are a mixed bunch this morning with some pulling back and others continuing to gain. In the top ten XRP and Stellar are in the green by a percent or two, the rest have declined by a similar amount. Following a day of Tether being the only coin in the red USDT is clawing back its peg as it approaches a dollar again. It is currently trading at $0.975 according to Coinmarketcap. In the top twenty Tezos is out in front adding a further 6% on the day as XTZ gets listed on Kraken. The rest have dropped back between 0-2 percent from Monday’s big pump. Dogecoin is falling further with a 3.5% loss on the day. Today’s fomo jump in the top one hundred is Aurora climbing 15% at the moment, closely followed by DigixDAO up a similar amount. Bytecoin and Icon are also doing well today rising 8-9 percent. Taking the hit is Digitex Futures which has been pumping for a couple of days, DGTX is down 12% on the day. Eternal Token is also dropping 10% at the moment. Total crypto market capitalization is currently at $213 billion. This is up 6.5% in 48 hours but down 3.5% from yesterday’s spike which took it to $221 billion. Trade volume doubled in 24 hours but has pulled back to around $16 billion at the time of writing. Markets have held this level for the past day which could signal further upsides as the week goes on. FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 altcoins during the current trading session and analyses the best performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals The post Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Crypto Market Pullback From Big Bounce appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Bytecoin Team Is In Talks With Binance After Delisting

Last week, two major cryptocurrency exchanges Binance and OKEx delisted Bytecoin (BCN). While Binance did not give a specific reason, OKEx blamed an unhandled critical issue by the development team. However, according to an official statement, the Bytecoin team is in the process of active communication with Binance representatives. If they come to an agreement, Bytecoin should be tradeable on Binance soon. Bytecoin (BCN) is priced at $0.001307, losing 4.44% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

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‘We are in Active Communication with Binance,’ Says Bytecoin (BCN) Team

The last one week has been a tumultuous one for the hodlers of the cryptocurrency known as Bytecoin (BCN). This is because the digital asset was delisted by two prominent cryptocurrency exchanges in a very short time span that also resulted in the digital asset performing poorly in the markets. The first one to delist BCN was Binance; together with the three digital assets of Chatcoin (CHAT), Iconomi (ICN) and Triggers (TRIG). Plans of delisting them were announced on the 9th of October and trading was halted on the 12th. On the same day of the 12th, OKEX issued an announcement that the platform was also delisting BCN effective immediately. Shocked BCN Hodlers The delisting of Bytecoin by the two prominent exchanges has not gone unnoticed by the crypto community. Many hodlers took to twitter to express their displeasure with the two events. One such tweet showed the obvious frustrations of the Bytecoin community as follows: @OKEx_ Exchange sh*t! There are many big exchanges ahead, the main thing is not to give up! #Bytecoin #BCN forever! Another hodler was shocked by the brief notice given by Binance. I did not know that these coins would be delisted, my coins are gone now. What about my money? binance can not announce something like that 3 days before and then simply delete the coin, there are enough people who are not online every day Bytecoin In Talks With Binance In a Reddit post right after Binance announced the delisting of BCN, the Bytecoin team announced the following: Dear community, We’d like to clarify the situation with Binance We are in the process of active communication with the Binance representatives about the delisting situation. Bytecoin should proceed its trading on Binance without any issues, and we are trying to come to an agreement as soon as possible. For now any detailed communication with the Binance can’t be disclosed for privacy reasons. We will keep you updated during the day. Thank you for your patience. Further rereading the announcement by the team at Bytecoin, we can conclude that the two teams are currently in negotiations. Details on the communications can not be provided right now and only time will tell if BCN trading will resume on the prominent exchange of Binance and/or OKEX. What are your thoughts of Binance delisting BCN? Were you affected by the event? Please let us know in the comment section below. The post ‘We are in Active Communication with Binance,’ Says Bytecoin (BCN) Team appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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Crypto Week In Review: Coinbase Drops Index Fund, “Dr.Doom” Bashes Crypto

Despite Nouriel “Dr.Doom” Roubini’s cries that the crypto market is on its last legs, this week’s crypto- and blockchain-pertinent developments indicate that this industry is still booming. Nouriel “Dr.Doom” Roubini Takes To Twitter, US Senate To Bash Crypto Dr.Nouriel Roubini, one of NYU Stern’s economics professors, recently bashed the cryptocurrency and blockchain world through a series of scalding comments and rants. Speaking in front of the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Community Affairs, Roubini, dubbed “Dr.Doom” by some, made a series of comments against cryptocurrencies. From calling Bitcoin “the mother of all scams” to dubbing blockchain “the most hyped tech ever,” Dr.Doom threw everything he had — a handful of senseless, wanton, and baseless comments — at this budding industry. Moreover, as seen in a 37-page post-mortem of the inflammatory testimony, Roubini pulled out all the stops, taking out the classic bag of tricks that heavy-handed regulators utilize to falsely tarnish the name of the crypto industry. Although America’s leading officials and governmental employees heard the economist’s cries, some would argue that Roubini’s thrashing of this nascent technology hasn’t damaged the cryptosphere at all. In fact, there are optimists who truly believe that his comments managed to unite this industry, instead of fundamentally splitting it apart. Roger Ver Looks Into Launching An Crypto Exchange Speaking with Bloomberg reporters at Malta’s first-ever DELTA Summit, Roger Ver revealed that he intends to develop or purchase a cryptocurrency exchange in the near future. While Ver, a diehard decentralist, didn’t make Bloomberg reporters privy to many details, the Bitcoin Cash proponent explained that if his plans to purchase an exchange fall through, he will call upon one of’s partners to exclusively develop the platform. Although the specifics the CEO gave were few and far between, Ver explained the benefits and drawbacks of building a platform in-house, noting: “If we build it ourselves, we can do it really, really cheap, and we get exactly what we want. But we don’t have the security of a battle-tested exchange that’s been around for a while.” What the industry veteran is alluding to is that Bitcoin Cash is barely used as a base cryptocurrency, as many platforms are hesitant to put the foremost Bitcoin fork front and center. Seeing that Roger “Bitcoin Jesus” Ver presides over the domain, which hosts a news outlet, wallet solution, and gaming portal, it would make sense that the entrepreneur would want to capitalize on his webpage’s steady stream of traffic. Acknowledging this, Ver noted: “Our exchange will be posted on so we’ll have thousands or tens of thousands of new users every single day.” Skeptics of claim that this exchange is being manufactured in a bid to bolster the adoption of Bitcoin Cash, a popular, yet controversial Bitcoin fork. For now, however, it is unclear what Ver has in mind for the platform. Binance Drastically Alters Listing Policy, Delists 4 Altcoins On Monday, Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, revealed that the platform of his creation was about to drastically change its listing fee policy, which was kept under wraps for over a year. Hope others will follow. — CZ Binance (@cz_binance) October 8, 2018 According to the official announcement pertaining to the matter, Binance will now disclose all listing fees paid, while also remaining to fees received to charity for the foreseeable future. Further bringing clarity to the sudden policy shift, the startup added that prospective Binance listees will be giving a “donation” rather than a listing or application fee. The platform also explained that there will not be a minimum monetary value for “donations,” which should come as a relief to small-cap, lesser-known altcoin projects that are looking to gain traction on the world’s largest crypto market. The firm has already stayed true to its word, listing Ravencoin (RVN) and then divulging that the project had paid not a single dime, or Bitcoin for that matter, to gain a spot on Binance’s exclusive roster of supported crypto assets. However, it was explained that if a project happens to give a “donation,” the funds will immediately be transferred to the Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF), which is a non-profit organization looking to support those in need through blockchain technologies. While there were cynics that suggested that Binance’s top brass had ulterior motives, as BCF is managed by the startup, CEO Zhao took to Twitter to explain that this move is likely to be a long-term “win-win” for the blockchain industry, along with Binance itself. Zhao, better known as CZ, wrote: “I think this is a net win for us too. Charity will increase adoption, make the industry bigger, which in turn will benefit BNB and Binance (and others too). Of course, we sacrifice short-term direct gains

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OKEx Removes Bytecoin Trading Over “Technical Flaws”

It seems these are very tough times for Bytecoin community. Although the altcoin has always been considered to be somewhat controversial, it now seems multiple exchanges have decided to get rid of this particular altcoin altogether. OKEx is the latest to join this growing list, even though it is far from the biggest market for BCN at this time. Bytecoin Faces Another Setback It is always interesting to see how exchanges approach specific cryptocurrencies. Getting listed on trading platforms can be a very big challenge, primarily because there are thousand of currencies all trying to compete for a top spot in this day and age. That situation will not necessarily change anytime soon, which makes life pretty difficult for exchanges. At the same time, all of the supported pairs and coins require a fair bit of management. Especially with altcoins, wallet updates, patches, and fixes are quite common. Every update requires re-syncing with the blockchain for thousands of addresses, which can be quite troublesome. If the currency does not generate sufficient volume, or proves to be a potential risk to users, it will be removed from the exchange. About a week ago, Binance made it clear they no longer planned to support Bytecoin moving forward. A bit of a controversial decision, although two of the most recent Bitcoin forks were to be removed as well. It now seems Binance is no longer the only platform removing Bytecoin from its active trading market, which will undoubtedly spark some interesting debates moving forward. To make thing seven worse, OKEx has decided to get rid of Bytecoin trading as well. This is a pretty interesting decision, primarily because of the reason given for this decision. OKEx officials claim the project is “exposed to a technical issue which is left unhandled”. The company wants to protect the interests of users and has delisted all BCN trading pairs already. More specifically, the company has also halted deposits and trading, although withdrawals are still possible for just under three weeks .After that time, the platform is no longer honoring any requests pertaining to BCN as a whole, which is not an uncommon decision whatsoever. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely Bytecoin is going to be added to the platform once again, which will undoubtedly spark some debates. It is worth pointing out Bytecoin is not necessarily popular on the OKEx platform. Similar to Bittrex, OKEx offered some interesting volume, although there was never really any massive volume to speak of. For now, the currency will remain listed on HitbTC, Poloniex, and, which are the three main trading platforms for this altcoin right now. An interesting development, but nothing overly crippling either. The post OKEx Removes Bytecoin Trading Over “Technical Flaws” appeared first on NullTX.

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ByteCoin (BCN) Delisted By a Second Exchange: OKEX

In a twitter announcement just hours ago, the team at OKEX alerted their clients that they were in the process of delisting Bytecoin (BCN) from the exchange. The reason for delisting BCN by OKEX is that there is a pending technical issue that has been left unattended by the coin’s development team. The announcement on the OKEX support page went on to give the exact time for the delisting: Our regular monitoring of Bytecoin found that the project has been exposed to a critical technical issue that has been left unhandled. To protect the interests of our users, OKEx will delist all BCN trading pairs at 19:00 Oct 12, 2018 (HKT). All depositing and trading services of BCN will be terminated after the date. Users should cancel their BCN orders from our platform. If your order is not canceled in time, the order will be canceled by the system and your asset will be credited to your trading account. BCN Holders Given till November 1st for Withdrawals Furthermore, the announcement gave all BCN holders on the platform up until November 1st, 2018 (Hong Kong Time), to withdraw all their coins from the platform to other preferred wallets. After this date, OKEX shall no longer support BCN. Binance Also Delisting BCN Today, October 12th In a similar announcement by Binance on the 9th of October, the exchange announced that it would delist four digital assets effective October 12th, 10am (UTC). These coins are as follows: Bytecoin (BCN) ChatCoin (CHAT) Iconomi (ICN) Triggers (TRIG) Withdrawals of these coins and tokens from Binance will continue to be supported only until November 12th, 10am (UTC). Market Response Since Binance made the announcement to delist BCN, CHAT, ICN and TRIG, all four have continued on a downward spiral in the crypto markets that has been accelerated by the recent slight crash of Bitcoin. The King of Crypto lost $400 in a matter of minutes. The fall of BTC coincided with a similar decline experienced at Wall Street at the same time. Since the 9th, BCN has fallen from values of $0.0022 to current levels of $0.0014: this is a drop of 36.4% in less than a week. What are your thoughts of both Binance and OKEX delisting BCN? Do you think the team at Bytecoin have abandoned the project? Please let us know in the comment section below. Disclaimer: This article is not meant to give financial advice. Any opinion herein is purely the author’s and does not represent the opinion of Ethereum World News or any of its other writers. Please carry out your own research before investing in any of the numerous cryptocurrencies available. Thank you. The post ByteCoin (BCN) Delisted By a Second Exchange: OKEX appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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OKEx To Delist Bytecoin (BCN) After Binance

Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has announced the delisting of all Bytecoin trading pairs from today. Users have until November 1, 2018, to withdraw BCN. The exchange blamed an unattended critical issue with Bytecoin for delisting. Early this week, Binance also delisted Bytecoin, along with two other coins. Bytecoin (BCN) is priced at $0.00142, losing 7.77% in the last 24 hours. Bytecoin has lost more than 35% of its value this week. (VS)

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ByteCoin Developers Work to Relist Coin After Investors are Angered by Binance Delisting

The ByteCoin (BCN) community is far from happy after Binance announced plans to delist the cryptocurrency earlier this week. The community and developers are now working toward having BCN relisted and a recent post on the BCN_official Reddit page notified investors that the developers are hoping to “clarify the situation with Binance.” Binance has not explicitly explained why BCN was delisted but they do cite “commitment of team to project” and “quality and level of developmental activity” as two of the seven possible reasons for delisting a coin. Investors are also pointing an accusatory finger at Binance as they believe the listing process allowed the exchange to benefit from what some investors believe was an exchange orchestrated pump and dump. (RS)

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Binance’s Announcement to Delist Coins Causes them to Drop in Price

Binance recently announced that it would be delisting Bytecoin (BCN), Iconomi (ICN), ChatCoin (CHAT), and Triggers (TRIG) on October 12. Consequently, each of these coins has plunged in regards to their market prices. BCN fell by 23% to trade at $0.17 from $0.22, losing more than $100 million of its market cap. CHAT dropped from $0.023 to $0.016, a 30% slide that saw it lose $5 million of its market cap. ICN declined by 10% to trade at $0.36 from $0.40, thus losing $4 million of its market cap. TRIG nosedived and shed 50% of its market cap to trade at $0.15 from $0.30. (KE)

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Iconomic [ICN], Bytecoin[BCN], ChatCoin [CHAT], and Triggers [TRIG] Dump Amid Delisting

The prices of projects are often at the whims of investors and traders. Prices move based on expectations from those participating in the market. But oftentimes, prices are subject to the decisions of larger institutions who play a key role in the markets. Binance, the largest exchange by trading volume, has made the decision to delist four of the projects from its exchange. All of the projects have dumped on the delisting news. The projects include Bytecoin, ChatCoin, Iconomi, and Triggers. Projects Delisted Source- Twitter All four of the projects have fallen sharply on the news. Bytecoin has dropped almost 20% over the past 24 hours while ChatCoin has dropped over 25%. The hourly charts below show the sharp depreciation. Bytecoin (Left) and ChatCoin (Right) Hourly Charts - Source: Iconomi has held its value better than its three peers after the news announcement with an approximate 10% decline over the past 24 hours. However, Triggers has fallen the most sharply with around a 37% decline over the past 24 hours. The hourly charts below show the fall in the price of the projects. Iconomi (Left) and Triggers (TRIG) Hourly Charts - Source: The news of the delisting represents one of the key risks with altcoin projects. Investors holding the project do not have any time to react after the news as the project begins to fall sharply straight away. The only investors and traders who will have a chance of exiting will be those with algorithms programmed. There is also a knock-on effect that makes it more likely for more exchanges to delist the project after the market-leading exchange Binance have done so. Each exchange which delists the projects cuts a key source of capital from the project. This is one risk which Bitcoin does not face as it is listed on every exchange and acts a key gateway into altcoin project. Although Bitcoin does not always outperform in rising markets, it has held its value better during declining markets. Bitcoin is not as exposed to the decisions of governments and institutions as much as altcoins are. Iconomic [ICN], Bytecoin[BCN], ChatCoin [CHAT], and Triggers [TRIG] Dump Amid Delisting was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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Binance Delists Bytecoin, ChatCoin, Triggers, and Iconomi Cryptocurrencies

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange (in market volume) has announced on Oct. 9 that it will delist Bytecoin (BCN), ChatCoin (CHAT), Iconomi (ICN), and Triggers (TRIG) from its platform. Binance’s Reasons for Delisting Digital Currencies According to the press release, Binance conducts comprehensive and periodic reviews to ensure that listed cryptocurrencies on its platform maintain a high standard of quality. In case a digital asset fails to meet the criteria, Binance performs additional review to potentially delist it. The company has outlined that the delisting of a cryptocurrency is decided by the following factors: “Commitment of team to project Quality and level of development activity Network/smart contract stability Level of public communication and activity Responsiveness to our periodic due diligence Evidence of unethical/fraudulent conduct Contribution to a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem.” Binance has set the day of delisting BCN, CHAT, ICN, and TRIG at 2018/10/12 10:00 AM (UTC) on all the available trading pairs. However, withdrawals will remain open until 2018/11/12 10:00 AM (UTC). The Bytecoin Pump and Dump Jonha Richman, PR & marketing advisor for Blockchain companies, told [blokt] that: “Binance only has the best interest of its users as coins and projects that do not necessarily have enough interest (as proven in form of volume) will no longer be included in its platform. By doing so, it will make way for more interesting and possibly more appealing coins for its users and investors to potentially invest in. Such practice is not exclusive for Binance and other exchanges such as Bittrex is also delisting a few coins including: Bitshares (BTS), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), and Bitcoin Private (BTCP)” Bytecoin, the most notable cryptocurrency of the ones to be delisted, saw a significant price increase (166%) in just a few hours after its listing on Binance last May. Experts then raised red flags about this listing, citing Monero, a cryptocurrency hard forked from BCN, whose team said that Bytecoin was highly centralized as 82 percent of its coins were premined and owned by its developers. Moreover, 693 million BCN coins were reportedly created out of thin air to compensate Binance for listing Bytecoin. The freezing of BCN on all platforms that followed raised a widespread belief that Bytecoin and Binance were involved in what was then called “the most sophisticated pump and dump ever.” Controversy Across the Community While Binance announced just yesterday that fees from future coin listings would be donated to charitable activities, today’s delisting announcement has raised skepticism across the crypto community about its credibility. Binance said that the disclosure of the coin delisting factors aims to ensure public transparency. A large part of the community embraced the decision of Binance as BCN, CHAT, ICN, and TRIG have not proved their value so far. However, numerous people said that the exchange should also demonstrate the same transparency prior to listing a new coin, a practice that Binance hasn’t followed up to date. Others said that because Binance’s delisting decision has the power to manipulate the market as people run to dump their coins, the exchange should conduct better due diligence before classifying a digital asset as worthless, like in the case of ChatCoin, which was added on Binance earlier this year. At the time of writing, Bytecoin is losing 20% of its value and is currently trading at $0.001781. ChatCoin plummets by 22% ($0.017494), Iconomi drops by 9% ($0.361727), while Triggers experiences losses of 39%, trading at $0.190701. Binance Delists Bytecoin, ChatCoin, Triggers, and Iconomi Cryptocurrencies was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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Joe Crypto: Noah Welcomes A Flood Of Investors

Well today has been a flat day on the cryptocurrency market yet again, in fact it’s starting to feel more like the old-school stock exchange this past week. Much of the volatility has died down and most coins are moving in increments, which the optimists say is a clear sign that the next bull market is coming. That’s about as upbeat as the news is likely to get today, with vast amounts of red and the market just stuck in this zone. So we’ll go with that and then look for a few standout stars that have managed to buck the trend. Overall the total market cap dipped from $221.88 billion to $219.50 million over the last 24 hours to 4pm EST, which is next to nothing. That makes a boost of 14.46% something of a miracle. It’s the market leader once again and we’re kind of shocked by Noah Coin. Why is Noah Coin Doing Well? In adverse market conditions it just keeps climbing the charts. Today it hit a market cap of $89.79 million and the coin is starting to gather momentum. The blockchain technology behind this one is legit, but so niche that the coin’s fortunes might simply be down to the momentum effect described by Yale University recently. The basic plan for the blockchain is to skirt remittance fees charged by the likes of Western Union, so overseas workers from the Philippines can afford to transfer money from Japan. That’s the first step, and it does have potential, but there is competition in the cheap payments sector. Elastos Stretches Limits A 10.77% boost in today’s market is a heroic performance and if the whole market does turn anytime soon then that could be a sign of real momentum growing for Elastos. The growth spurt came after the company revealed it has sold 100,000 SmartWeb Elastos TV boxes in August. This is creeping towards mass adoption and it means the tech is really out there en masse. The box is a combination of SmartWeb internet and a storage system for your media. It’s a computer, in essence, integrated with the TV screen. It operates on the blockchain, but the theory is that users simply won’t know. That has convinced buyers to get behind the ELA token and the price has surged dramatically. The blockchain technology behind the ELA token claims to be the decentralized internet of the future, which effectively separates the dApp from the blockchain and ensures total privacy as you don’t have to stay connected. It can also scale comfortably to millions of users. The fact that it’s really out there was enough to turn a profit on a dark day on the crypto markets. Did Airdrop Spark Nebulas Price Spike? Nebulas is another coin on the move thanks to an announcement that it would airdrop Atlas Protocol (ATP) tokens to all NAS Mainnet addresses on October 15th. Atlas Protocol is a digital marketing and advertising blockchain that has attracted heavyweight commercial deals with the likes of Baidu Ventures and SB China Capital. Nebulas itself is a public blockchain that is open-source and a product of the community. It is focused on a ranked search of the internet, using community feedback. It’s a blockchain search engine that has the potential to go further and act as a verification tool that interacts with other blockchains. The consistent development from an active community means that other applications are always a possibility. A boost of 9.10% in the last 24 hours seems a little much for an Airdrop announcement, but on days like these, where the market is treading water, the daytraders may have jumped on Nebulas. Dentacoin Keeps Confounding Critics Dentacoin added 9.72% to its value after revealing its recent success signing up partners for its mobile payments system. Dentacoin is another odd cryptocurrency that the world was never really sure it needed, but it stuck around like a bad toothache. Argentinian dentists’ network Cool Dent has now signed up and will bring more than 112 separate practices in to the Dentacoin fold. It’s still an unusual concept, but it’s finding a footing. The news sent the market cap to $76.79 million for the 86th ranked coin on CoinMarketCap. Now more than 70 dentists in America accept this coin as payment, but the blockchain itself has emerged as a trusted source of reviews for online dentists. That could be the USP it needs in the end, because without that it seems unusual to get crypto just to give to the dentist. Our Old Friend Electroneum Electroneum was back with a vengeance today, too, climbing 9.59% to outstrip the majority of the cryptocurrency world. The instant payment notifications system has its own momentum right now and really isn’t held by the gravitational pull of the market anymore. Things could change, but this coin is on a charge and is already up to 42nd in the rankings. 0x had another good day, boosting its price by 4.97%. Rumors of a Coinbase listing have drawn the speculative investors and the price just keeps going up. In today’s market, this was a solid performance and it would be wise to keep an eye on 0x if the tide turns. Bad Day

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Bytecoin [BCN] Follow-Up Analysis After Delisting Dump

Yesterday, the largest exchange by trading volume, Binance, announced that it would be delisting four coins. All four coins dumped on the news and depreciated in the range of around 10% to approximately 37%. Bytecoin was one of the coins being delisted and made the move from an opening of $0.0022 to an intraday low Bytecoin [BCN] Follow-Up Analysis After Delisting Dump was......

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Exchanges Roundup: Glen Oaks Escrow Supports Crypto, Binance to Delist 4 Altcoins

In recent news pertaining to cryptocurrency exchanges, Glen Oaks Escrow has announced that it has partnered with Bitpay to support cryptocurrency payments and Binance has revealed that it will delist Bytecoin, Chatcoin Iconomi and Triggers next month. Etoro, meanwhile, has announced a “significant cut” in the spreads on cryptocurrency markets on its platform. Also Read: Korean ...

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Bytecoin Price Analysis: BCN/USD Major Bearish Break

Bytecoin was previously consolidating inside a symmetrical triangle visible on its longer-term charts before a sharp downside break ensued. This is being pinned on the altcoin’s delisting on Binance, although a number of other factors have also been dragging cryptocurrencies lower in the past 24 hours. The 100 SMA is above the longer-term 200 SMA......

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Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Is The Tide About to Turn For Crypto Markets?

FOMO Moments The tide is out for crypto markets; Tezos, 0x gaining, Bytecoin waving goodbye. The stagnation continues today as markets have fallen back a fraction during the morning’s Asia trading session. Dropping back below $220 billion total market capitalization for the tenth time in the past month, things are going nowhere in crypto land.......

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