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Most Talked About Cryptocurrencies Of October 2018

Some altcoins have performed well this past month despite the price of leading digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum’s value remaining stagnant. The stablecoin Tether, for example, has been widely adopted to some point by the crypto community, to them, it is the digital version of the dollar. It was the second most heavily traded cryptocurrency in the market as stated by the CoinMarketCap, after the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and since the start of the month, a lot of people have been jittery about it, adopting its use heavily. But things took a downturn when it failed to hold onto its dollar peg, a problem that has been associated to the coin before now which leads lots of people to believe that Tether was dying, in turn, causing bank runs. So as Tether fell, the average prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies shut up. Ripple also followed the same path, the digital token which was among the best cryptocurrencies last month failed to sustain that progress this month as it recorded a 24% monthly loss as well as 8% decrease in price. Things changed as the XRP recorded one of the fastest price recoveries rising to 16% within a seven-hour trading window making the volume of the coin to swell from a $400 million mark to a $900 million mark. Asides that, the coin received another major push during the middle of this month when traders started swapping their Tether tokens for other crypto assets which saw the coin surge to a 10% increase that day. The price went low and continued on that trend. The Tron (TRX) token has also seen a price stagnancy with its value failing to rise above the $0.03 level. This month the coin succeeded in displacing a leading digital token, Ethereum by surpassing it in daily transactions, this was as a result of the launch of the first large-scale distributed app on its network. The increase transactions on its network continued even recording a peak of 630,018 transactions in mid-October. Now the Tron network has thousands of registered accounts even though the network seems to have shelved aside hopes for a year-end increase. After the Venezuelans president declared that the country’s Oil backed cryptocurrency, Petro will be used both for local and international commercial transactions at the start of the month, a lot of Venezuelans have hugely adopted its use because they find it a better financial option when compared to the country’s currency, Bolivar. Though the coin does not currently trade on any of the major global crypto exchanges, it could be purchased for fiat, either in Yuan, Euro or the U.S Dollars and also in exchange for certain cryptocurrencies like the BTC and LTC. The Bitcoin Private cryptocurrency isn’t left out; it traded up 16.59% against the U.S Dollar. The market cap for BTCP is now $60,185,596 with one of it been currently purchased for about $2.93 or 0.000445480BTC on major cryptocurrency exchanges. The post Most Talked About Cryptocurrencies Of October 2018 appeared first on ZyCrypto.

12 days ago

Hacker Performs 51% Attack On Bitcoin Private And Livestreams It

An ethical hacker who goes by the name "Geocold" promised to attack an altcoin today and settled for Bitcoin Private. Bitcoin Private has a market cap of just $51 Million. While his hack was successful, his livestream wasn't. He was banned from two different platforms before he eventually gave up. However, he got control of nearly $70% of Bitcoin Private's network and was about to fork it. Bitcoin Private (BTCP) is priced at $2.49, gaining 1.61% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

a month ago

Hacker Livestreams 51% Attack on Bitcoin Private

On Oct. 13, ethical hacker “Geocold” followed through on his promise to 51 percent attack an altcoin. He eventually settled on Bitcoin Private (BTCP), and quickly gained majority hashrate control, but the spectacle was fraught with setbacks, including censorship from two streaming services that pulled the plug. Also read: Mischief-Maker Promises to Livestream a 51% Altcoin Attack Censorship, Denial of Service and Revenge Attacks - and That Was Just for Starters Geocold promised he would 51 percent attack an altcoin to prove how easy it was, and he did, but the attempt did not run as smoothly as he might have hoped. Over 750 viewers were tuned in, and the likes of Jackson Palmer live-tweeting the spectacle, when Twitch suddenly pulled the plug. Cam-whores and other performance artists can broadcast their ‘art’ to the masses, it would appear, but 51-percenting altcoins is a step too far. Geocold shows off his BTCP hashpower One of the unexpected lessons derived from Geocold’s session was on the dangers of censorship on an internet when a ‘Report’ button is never more than a few pixels away. Despite the ethical hacker having no intention of attempting to double spend coins, such as by depositing them into an exchange wallet and swapping them for BTC, the streaming provider pulled the plug, presumably in response to members of the Bitcoin Private community reporting his channel. “Anyone own/work for a streaming platform and can ensure report spamming doesn’t work for my stream?” he asked Twitter. “If I find such a solution I’ll stream again. If not I might do a surprise stream. If not I’ll just post a video.” I have to say, it is very interesting to be sitting around on a Saturday afternoon watching someone demo-ing a 51% attack while other people attack his IP addresses. Very crypto and 2018. — Jackson Palmer (@ummjackson) October 13, 2018 When Geocold returned on half an hour later, he lasted a little over 15 minutes before the same thing happened. Thankfully, by this time he had done enough to demonstrate his attack in action. When the second stream died, Geocold had majority hashrate and was merrily mining BTCP blocks. Geocold, shortly before Twitch banned him A Mischief-Maker on a Mission Geocold, who incorporated the “mischief-maker” epithet into his Twitter name in response to last week’s post from, had intended to 51 percent attack Einsteinium (EMC2). When the time came to perform the feat on Saturday, Oct. 13, however, he discovered that its hashrate had soared 15-fold to 1.4 TH/s. Given a week’s notice, the EMC2 community had thwarted the attack by acquiring huge amounts of hashpower. Geocold had anticipated this, and swiftly moved on to one of the alternative alts he had lined up as part of his contingency plan. Einsteinium‘s hashrate had soared in advance of the attack Bitcoin Private was selected and the benign hacker connected to a BTCP mining pool, using a couple of hundred dollars’ worth of rented hashpower he’d purchased from Nicehash with BTC. Shortly after finding his first block, however, Geocold came unstuck as members of the Bitcoin Private community fought back, possibly after he’d accidentally leaked his IP address while live-streaming. An http flood to the web UI of Geocold’s mining pool knocked him offline, prompting a reboot plus a move to a different streamer once Twitch swung the banhammer. At the second attempt, Geocold dominated BTCP’s hashrate, producing a steady 10 MSol/s versus the rest of the network’s 6 MSol/s. He soon began to create the longest chain of blocks, and, had he persisted, could have forked the BTCP chain. In the event, the second stream died, and Geocold elected to wind things down and save some tricks for next time. The evening started as an exercise on the ease of controlling low hashrate PoW coins and ended as a demonstration of the need for censorship-resistant platforms. Update on the stream. Got banned from two streaming platforms fairly quickly. I'm going to try to find a platform where I can be assured report spamming won't work. If not I'll just post a video on youtube. But attack wise: We got ~70% of BTCP's network and I was about to fork it — GeoCold "Mischief-Maker" (@geocold51) October 13, 2018 Do you think 51 percent attacking altcoins is a good spectator sport? Let us know in the comments section below. Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Twitch,, and Twitter. Need to calculate your bitcoin holdings? Check our tools section. The post Hacker Livestreams 51% Attack on Bitcoin Private appeared first on Bitcoin News.

a month ago

Binance Delists Bytecoin, ChatCoin, Triggers, and Iconomi Cryptocurrencies

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange (in market volume) has announced on Oct. 9 that it will delist Bytecoin (BCN), ChatCoin (CHAT), Iconomi (ICN), and Triggers (TRIG) from its platform. Binance’s Reasons for Delisting Digital Currencies According to the press release, Binance conducts comprehensive and periodic reviews to ensure that listed cryptocurrencies on its platform maintain a high standard of quality. In case a digital asset fails to meet the criteria, Binance performs additional review to potentially delist it. The company has outlined that the delisting of a cryptocurrency is decided by the following factors: “Commitment of team to project Quality and level of development activity Network/smart contract stability Level of public communication and activity Responsiveness to our periodic due diligence Evidence of unethical/fraudulent conduct Contribution to a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem.” Binance has set the day of delisting BCN, CHAT, ICN, and TRIG at 2018/10/12 10:00 AM (UTC) on all the available trading pairs. However, withdrawals will remain open until 2018/11/12 10:00 AM (UTC). The Bytecoin Pump and Dump Jonha Richman, PR & marketing advisor for Blockchain companies, told [blokt] that: “Binance only has the best interest of its users as coins and projects that do not necessarily have enough interest (as proven in form of volume) will no longer be included in its platform. By doing so, it will make way for more interesting and possibly more appealing coins for its users and investors to potentially invest in. Such practice is not exclusive for Binance and other exchanges such as Bittrex is also delisting a few coins including: Bitshares (BTS), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), and Bitcoin Private (BTCP)” Bytecoin, the most notable cryptocurrency of the ones to be delisted, saw a significant price increase (166%) in just a few hours after its listing on Binance last May. Experts then raised red flags about this listing, citing Monero, a cryptocurrency hard forked from BCN, whose team said that Bytecoin was highly centralized as 82 percent of its coins were premined and owned by its developers. Moreover, 693 million BCN coins were reportedly created out of thin air to compensate Binance for listing Bytecoin. The freezing of BCN on all platforms that followed raised a widespread belief that Bytecoin and Binance were involved in what was then called “the most sophisticated pump and dump ever.” Controversy Across the Community While Binance announced just yesterday that fees from future coin listings would be donated to charitable activities, today’s delisting announcement has raised skepticism across the crypto community about its credibility. Binance said that the disclosure of the coin delisting factors aims to ensure public transparency. A large part of the community embraced the decision of Binance as BCN, CHAT, ICN, and TRIG have not proved their value so far. However, numerous people said that the exchange should also demonstrate the same transparency prior to listing a new coin, a practice that Binance hasn’t followed up to date. Others said that because Binance’s delisting decision has the power to manipulate the market as people run to dump their coins, the exchange should conduct better due diligence before classifying a digital asset as worthless, like in the case of ChatCoin, which was added on Binance earlier this year. At the time of writing, Bytecoin is losing 20% of its value and is currently trading at $0.001781. ChatCoin plummets by 22% ($0.017494), Iconomi drops by 9% ($0.361727), while Triggers experiences losses of 39%, trading at $0.190701. Binance Delists Bytecoin, ChatCoin, Triggers, and Iconomi Cryptocurrencies was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

a month ago

After the recent rebranding from ZelTrez, ZelCore Mobile Wal...

After the recent rebranding from ZelTrez, ZelCore Mobile Wallet is now RELEASED with support for BTCP on both Mobil...

2 months ago

See the link below for BTCP Core team member @CryptoJake22’s...

See the link below for BTCP Core team member @CryptoJake22’s in-depth interview with @SethEstrada focusing on rebas...

2 months ago

John McAfee's Crypto Predictions Compared With Reality

John McAfee, a popular Crypto influencer on Twitter tweeted out his price predictions for multiple cryptocurrencies early this year. He said Bitcoin would cross $15,000 by the end of June which never happened. For July, he said Golem would pass $5, Docademic $0.73, Bezop $0.52, Bitcoin Private $200, and EOS $32. In reality, none of his predictions are even near the actual pricing. Some cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Private would have to to go up by 4,000% to meet his prediction. McAfee has been accused of pumping coins in the past for personal gains. (VS)

3 months ago

Bitcoin Private (BTCP) WooCommerce Plugin Approved by Wordpress

The Bitcoin Private team took to their Twitter account to officially announce their WooCommerce plugin: “The WooCommerce plugin has been approved and is available at … A big thank you to @wordpressdotcom for taking the time to help us get this ready in time for the BTCP Pay launch!” (JF)

3 months ago

Leading Crypto ATM Maker General Bytes Adds Support for Bitcoin Private (BTCP)

Cryptocurrency ATM maker General Bytes has released an update supporting the integration of Bitcoin Private (BTCP), a bitcoin and ZClassic fork merge. Any ATM provider possessing a machine manufactured by General Bytes can facilitate the buying and selling of BTCP at the machines, according to a tweet by Bitcoin Private. Bitcoin Private is currently trading lower by 8%. (GT)

4 months ago

I'm going to startup an Exchange with BTCP as main trading pair

I would like to come in contact with the dev people and investors to realize this in 4 weeks. Planning to add 50 Major coins with BTCP as main trading pair. I'm an C/C++ Full stack developer and also know PHP/Jscript with access to an entire Datacenter.. Who wants to help. Need PR/Investors. I have an entire team of developers. For Early investors, please PM me. ================================================ UPDATE 06 April 2018 ================================================ Currently we made an list with the first trading pairs we want to implement. If anybody has experience with Implementing the wallets of the following currency's please let me know if you have some time left in the coming weeks. -BTCP/BTC -BTCP/ETH -BTCP/LTC -BTCP/USDT -BTCP/IOTA -BTCP/ZCL -BTCP/REDD -BTCP/TRON -BTCP/XVG -BTCP/NEO -BTCP/DOGE -BTCP/UNIT -BTCP/XRP -BTCP/XVG More information will be added! Development Donation Address: BTCP: b1CF8H4W6n4fT7DfBSUWDA5MN8NFPmDsDY6 ...

7 months ago

Nanex has finally reached over $1,000,000 in trading volume. Thank you, Nano community.

Following the listing of BTCP, our volume has gone up to over $1,000,000 USD in just 12 hours and is not slowing down. While BTCP was the catalyst, it's not just BTCP volume. Volume is up across all markets, especially BTC/NANO where we're seeing $500,000+ volume alone. Despite the sudden massive increase in traffic and trading activity, Nanex's system is holding strong. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for believing in us. Nanex was always a community project and I'm just happy that we're in a position to really serve the Nano community now that we have a decent amount of volume. <3...

8 months ago

NanEx List Bitcoin Private!

One of the coolest exchanges on the internet just listed Bitcoin Private. Buy some cheap BTCP here now!

8 months ago

I'm ashamed of this reddit community

I'm a firm believer in the BTCP team and project... but this reddit community makes me completely ashamed of being a bag holder. I'm not worried about the team, the coin or acceptability of exchanges.. I'm worried about the imbeciles that I invested with and the harm they will cause by creating panic and false hype. If you believe in this coin, keep your mouth quiet at let the devs YOU decided to support do their jobs. I guarantee if you all just calm yourselves, this coin can reach great heights. Quit scaring people away from this community with your greed....

8 months ago

Gauging community interest in being listed on Nanex

Hi BTCP community, I'm Jay. I'm the CEO and lead developer of Nanex (, an exchange that is extremely well known in the Nano community that approaches the exchanging of digital assets differently, namely having Nano being the base pair instead of Bitcoin. We've been getting a lot of suggestions for other coins to add and BTCP stuck out to me. Normally I'm heavily wary of adding new Bitcoin forks, but this project seems like it may have some promise and many in the Nano community have expressed support for the idea and this project. I'm already working on getting in touch with the developers, but the developers can't tell me something the community can: whether or not this is even wanted. I won't list something if there isn't a desire for it. I believe that the Nano community has a lot of interest in this project being that it is a privacy coin, and it could be a very good pair. I won't lie to you and say we're a huge exchange or that we have a ton of volume. We aren't there yet, and we only launched a little over a month ago (with many months of development before then being followed closely by the Nano community - we were formerly known as RaiExchange). However, we have over 15,000 customers already, with ~150 new registrations per day. We're looking to adopt new cryptocurrencies with promising tech, and hope that they can also in turn adopt us. A case in point was Garlicoin: joke/meme coin that it may be, they had a large community of friendly people new to crypto but no good exchanges. Much like BTCP, the only thing they had was TradeSatoshi. We listed them, and we've been doing anywhere from 25%-50% of their total volume and we've introduced tons of people new to crypto to trading and exchanging - despite the fact that they are paired with NANO and not BTC. Our customers love our exchange, whether they're brand new to crypto or if they're experienced traders. To save you some time, here's some important points about Nanex: * We operate on a maker-taker fee schedule. Maker orders are free, and taker orders only pay a 0.2% fee. * Our withdrawal fees are generally the lowest in the industry. * We have the fastest exchange UI around, owing mainly to our single-page app user interface. Mobile support will be coming soon. * We have over 15,000 registered users and get 100-200 new registrations per day. * For those who care greatly about security (which I'm sure is many of you, considering this is a private coin), we're one of the only exchanges that supports U2F two-factor authentication. This means you can secure your account with a YubiKey, Trezor, or Ledger. This is just one of many other security considerations we've taken that many exchanges do not. * Withdrawal and deposit processing is a top concern of ours. Our nano wallet processes transactions in two seconds or less, and every other coin is always within 5 minutes. * Much like Binance, our entire system was built from the ground up for scalability and reliability. No matter how much load we get hit with, our system can handle it. It's too much to talk about in here, so if you're interested you can read some of my threads I've posted in the nano subreddit. * We currently list BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Garlicoin (all paired with NANO) I'd love to hear all of your thoughts....

8 months ago

Focus on adoption, not price.

I get it - a lot of us are concerned about the value of BTCP. Most of us bought an overly inflated ZCL as an investment and are eager for it to pay off. However, the price you see on exchanges right now is a bad estimate of the true value due to the low volumes. What we need to focus on is further adoption by the crypto community at large. If someone hears about Bitcoin Private and comes to this sub to find a full front page of posts whining about price, it makes BTCP look like a shitcoin with a community trying to manipulate the value. Let's focus on posts discussing technical merit, why you believe BTCP is a better privacy coin, etc. Be patient and let the price settle where it will over the next few months....

8 months ago

Bitcoin Private Post-Fork March Sprint

Thanks to the relentless dedication and commitment of the contribution team, the Bitcoin Private mainnet launch is strong and stable. This was a very long and hard fought week for the team and we are incredibly grateful for the continued feedback and support from our community members. In continuing on with the roll out of our mainnet, we still have plenty we are actively working on and would like to present to our community everything that is on our plate for this month, on a more short-term standpoint. 1) Work on hardware wallet support 2) Work with Bittrex/KuCoin to credit ZCL/BTC holders 3) Work with HitBTC/TradeSatoshi to complete listing of BTCP 4) Work on implementing full SegWit support 5) Continued work and testing of BTCP Electrum 6) Work with other exchanges to make BTCP more accessible 7) Improve the UX for Fullnode/Electrum 'zcl/btc->btcp' features 8) Improve initial block download / node sync times 9) Work with CoinMarketCap and other related websites to integrate BTCP 10) Implement a periodic community update framework 11) Further develop and release a medium-longterm Bitcoin Private product strategy roadmap We are excited to further organize and streamline our operations over the next several weeks to optimize for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. The first periodic community update is scheduled for this Tuesday evening. The purpose of this update is to establish a long-term, frequent and transparent cadence of informing our community of progress as we continue to build on our mission of Bitcoin Private....

8 months ago

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