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BTCC Mining Pool to Shut Down Indefinitely “Due to Business Adjustments”

BTCC, China’s oldest Bitcoin exchange, is shutting down its mining pool, which has been operating for more than four years, the company announced. The firm claims the decision to cease operations indefinitely from November 30 is due to business adjustments. BTCC’s Mining Pool to Cease Operations Indefinitely from November 30 The cryptocurrency mining pool launched by Hong Kong-based Bitcoin exchange BTCC has been active since 2014. Stating that the firm has earned the support and trust of the miners by providing a stable and transparent mining service for miners with security and low latency 24/7, BTCC asked digital currency miners to conclude their activity on the platform before the shutdown on November 15. “Today, we regret to announce that due to business adjustments, the BTCC pool will shut down all mining servers on November 15 and will cease operations indefinitely from November 30. In order to avoid unnecessary losses, please miners to complete the power switch before November 15th, and bind the mining revenue address before November 20th, we will release the profits of all miners in time.” Founded by Stanford science computer graduate Bobby Lee, brother of Litecoin founder Charlie Lee, the BTCC mining pool supports BTC, BCH, LTC, SBTC, BCD, and BTM mining. As the pool’s servers, deployed in strategic locations worldwide, prepare to shut down in mid-November, BTCC will focus solely on cryptocurrency exchange services and crypto wallets from now on. Founded in June 2011 as BTCChina, the firm which was once the world’s second-largest digital currency operator by volume in October 2014, is thought to have almost 150 employees today. The company chose to keep the reasons for the shutdown private, but made it clear that it remains a firm believer of Bitcoin and the blockchain industry, and seems to be promising an eventual return of its cryptocurrency mining pool. “We firmly believe that the digital encryption assets and blockchain industry represented by Bitcoin will continue to develop and improve. You, remember, there will be echoes, we will see you again!” Following the tightening of regulations within China’s crypto-space in early September 2017, BTCC’s Shanghai operation ceased trading on its domestic exchange. The firm shut down trading of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether, and stopped accepting new users. BTCC has recently launched a subsidiary in South Korea with an office located in Gangnam. The operator has obtained ISO27001 certification, which is the international standard for information security management system, and South Korea’s information protection management system certification. Featured image from Shutterstock. The post BTCC Mining Pool to Shut Down Indefinitely “Due to Business Adjustments” appeared first on NewsBTC.

5 days ago

XRP, Stellar (XLM), EOS, and Cardano (ADA) are the Best Buy Bet, Declares Weiss Crypto Ratings

Weiss Crypto Ratings has announced its highest-rated cryptos viz. XRP, Stellar (XLM), EOS, and Cardano (ADA) that makes them the best cryptos to invest in. It further shares the methodology behind its grading system along with why Bitcoin is still a C+. Best Investment Options Not long ago, Weiss Crypto Ratings announced four cryptocurrencies viz. Aurora Chain (AOA), Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), Credits (CS), and Mixin (XIN) that investors should stay away from. Now, it has provided with four cryptos that have got the best grading, giving them the buy preference. In its latest blog, Weiss crypto ratings’ Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D. and Juan M. Villaverde talk about these four cryptos that are “beginning to put it all together,” with advanced tech and adoption in the real world. However, it does mention that they aren’t “all the way there yet,” but are surely making good progress. XRP, Stellar (XLM), EOS, and Cardano (ADA) are the best cryptos to invest as they get the best rating of B- by Weiss crypto ratings that shares, “XRP and Stellar are appealing to businesses and other organizations, mainly for speedy financial transfers. In contrast, EOS and Cardano are designed more as virtual communities, with each participant empowered to influence the future direction of the project, spanning a broad range of applications.” Apparently, these four have technology that’s “built for excellence” and is further capable of achieving their goals. Moreover, during the past 10 months, they are enjoying “rapidly improving adoption metrics.” They conclude their findings with: “They’ve made remarkable progress during a period of massive investor losses, broad reputational damage to the industry, and worse. So imagine what their market performance could be like once the crypto markets firm up and investor interest returns in a big way!” In the same article, it also shares the methodology followed by them to grade cryptos. Its technology model focuses on the blockchain technology, adoption model measures performance in the real world, investment risk model evaluates volatility and downside price risk, and investment reward model deals with the upside potential. As for why not rate all cryptos, it specifies “they’re strictly utility tokens, typically issued by a startup company or project for very limited purposes.” It further provides the explanation on why Bitcoin only gets a C+, “poor risk/reward metrics. outdated technology, including slow transaction speeds, difficulty in scaling, weak governance, and more. Much of this could improve as the Lightning Network rolls out, but that could take a lot more time.” The post XRP, Stellar (XLM), EOS, and Cardano (ADA) are the Best Buy Bet, Declares Weiss Crypto Ratings appeared first on Coingape.

11 days ago

Chinese Are Legally Allowed To Use and Transfer Bitcoin (BTC)

If you thought Bitcoin (BTC) was banned entirely in China, you are wrong according to a cryptocurrency news source in China. Merchants in China are legally allowed to accept BTC as payment. Local reports indicate that the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration recognizes Bitcoin as a property and so individuals and businesses are allowed to own and transfer BTC. There are no barriers to regulations. The case was tried in Shenzhen which is one of China’s special economic ones and may have helped the situation of cryptocurrency given the Blockchain startups initiated in Shenzhen. Bitcoin’s decentralized nature classifies it as a property as it provides financial freedom and economic value to the owner, according to a cryptocurrency researcher Katherine Wu. China is more inclined towards supporting Bitcoin mining with companies such as Bitmain, Ebang, and Canaan Creative. Zerocrypted Opinion- The sources, however, state Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) being classified as a property due to its decentralized characteristic however the state of other cryptocurrencies are not classified as yet. It’s no wonder Chinese companies such as the oldest technology publication Beijing Sci-Tech Report (BSTR) has released plans to accept Bitcoin for its yearly subscription from 2019. Annual subscriptions will be sold at a price of 0.01 BTC and will change depending on Bitcoin’s value. Overall it’s not just Blockchain technology that is widening in China but even cryptocurrency but only in the field of real world usage and not trading. The news shows positivity of China using Bitcoin for various payments as the world is shifting into digital payments. For example research lab by the People’s Bank of China submitted 41 cryptocurrency patents which are a positive sign of China’s vision for blockchain and cryptocurrency for their future. China may run into a favorable widespread Bitcoin adoption given the latest news from Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration. Image Source - Flickr The post Chinese Are Legally Allowed To Use and Transfer Bitcoin (BTC) appeared first on Zerocrypted - Your Daily Cryptocurrency News, Guides And More.

15 days ago

Chinese Laws Do Not Prohibit Owning & Transferring Bitcoin, Court Rules BTC as Property

China court in the latest case rules Bitcoin protected by law as property as the China laws and regulations do not prohibit the private ownership and transferring of Bitcoin. China court rules Bitcoin protected by law as property The Chinese court, Shenzhen International Arbitration Institute (Shenzhen Arbitration Commission) in a case involving cryptocurrencies attributed Bitcoin as a property that is indeed protected by law. As mentioned by the court, the “case is a dispute over equity transfer, which is a new type of case because it involves special types such as BTC (Bitcoin), BCH (Bitcoin Cash), and BCD (Bitcoin Diamond).” It further points out that China has not clearly defined the legal attributes, concept, and delivery of Bitcoin at the legal and administrative level. According to the case analysis put on the web by the court states the plaintiff went into an agreement with the defendant in order to manage his cryptocurrencies. But the respondent did not return the cryptocurrencies in accordance with the contracts citing the illegal nature of Bitcoin and cryptos in the country making the contract invalid. The disputed cryptos involve 20.13 BTC, 50 BCH, and 12.66 BCD. However, the court argued the point with, “The bitcoin return contract concluded between private individuals does not violate the mandatory provisions of the legal and regulatory effects and should not be considered invalid. Chinese laws and regulations do not prohibit privately held and legally transferred bitcoin.” Second, although Bitcoin exists in the virtual space of the network, it has special characteristics in terms of possession and publicity of rights change, but it does not prevent it from becoming an object of delivery.” It further adds, “The arbitral tribunal held that Bitcoin is not a fiat currency and does not prevent Bitcoin from being protected by law as a property.” Bitcoin is in fact governed by property rules and regulations as court defines here, “The agreement can be seen that Bitcoin has Property attributes can be dominated and controlled by manpower, have economic value, and can bring economic benefits to the parties.” The post Chinese Laws Do Not Prohibit Owning & Transferring Bitcoin, Court Rules BTC as Property appeared first on Coingape.

16 days ago

Weiss Cryptocurrencies Ratings Says Do Not Invest in these 4 Cryptos

“Here’s why you shouldn’t touch ’em with a ten-foot pole,” writes Juan M. Villaverde of Weiss Ratings while talking about the four cryptocurrencies that better not be invested into. 4 Cryptocurrencies you better stay away from Cryptocurrency technology is advancing at a fast pace, no doubt. Greater speed, better governance, and smart contracts among much more innovations are part of this growing space. But with thousands of cryptocurrencies available in the market, as put by Villaverde, “a slew of supposedly “new and innovative” cryptocurrencies that are little more than copycat regurgitations of prior projects,” enters the market. Weiss Crypto Ratings recently began rating these four cryptos and have given them a grade of “D” (weak) or lower. Aurora Chain (AOA): D- Attributing this cryptocurrency to more misinformation and hype than any “real substance,” Villaverde points out a series of red flags. He states the consensus algorithm Aurora “trumpets” about is not a unique combination and that its smart contracts in its white paper seem to have been “lifted straight away from Wikipedia.” It further adds that there no programmers and developers identified by name, rather the website has only a list of “community managers on social media.” Moreover, no codes are available and the adoption metrics live on Ethereum network has no functionality. Not to forget the fact that it is listed on only one exchange. Bitcoin diamond (BCD): D Hyping the coin as “the next big thing” in crypto and “enticing investors to jump in,” BCD just increased its maximum supply and “came up with an algorithm that supposedly prevents big mining companies from developing specialized mining hardware that drives small-time miners out of business.” Meanwhile, it inherits all the technological weakness of the Bitcoin. With a tiny community of users, few transactions on the network and developer support being virtually non-existent, Weiss Ratings give it a weak grade. Credits (CS): D The team has used the MD5 hashing algorithm in their platform design which is “famously vulnerable to security breaches,” even America’s Department of Homeland Security warned of this algorithm. By pointing out its false claims of “groundbreaking new consensus algorithm” and being hyped, Weiss Ratings says, “This is shady at best.” Mixin (XIN): E- Suspicion of developers’ LinkedIn profiles being “faked”, about barely a dozen subscribers on Reddit, dApp that’s supposed to connect with the Mixin network doesn’t work, no technical details on how it will be built, and GitHub containaining no reference “we know of to any of the code that the Mixin whitepaper describes,” are the points against this cryptocurrency. The post Weiss Cryptocurrencies Ratings Says Do Not Invest in these 4 Cryptos appeared first on Coingape.

17 days ago

Independent Rating Agency Weiss Ratings Points Out 4 Coins Not to Buy

Weiss Ratings has once again released their evaluation of cryptocurrencies for investors. This time, the American Agency has named four coins they believe investors should not buy. In the new publication, the agency warns investors against buying Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), Aurora Chain (AOA), Mixin (XIN) and Credits (CS), naming the coins as low-grade cryptocurrencies. As per Weiss Ratings, the mentioned coins have a rating below D+. (VK)

18 days ago

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) Price Jumps on Bithumb Listing

The South Korean crypto exchange added BCD on early Wednesday morning, but the listing move has been affecting the coin market performance for more than 20 hours.

18 days ago

Bitcoin Diamond Gets a Boost after Bithumb Listing

Bitcoin Diamond surged 15% on the announcement that Bithumb will be airdropping BCD after its hard fork. South Korea’s top exchange also stated it will be listing Bitcoin Diamond today. Trade volume surged from $4 to $22 million as BCD price spiked at $2.20 before. At the time of writing, Bitcoin Diamond is trading at $2.06, up 13.72% in the last 24 hours. (RL)

19 days ago

Marks Jewelers Will Now Accept Bitcoin and Other Cryptos Through Shopping Cart Elite

The cryptocurrency sector is maturing as the prices have remained relatively steady throughout the second quarter of the year. Though the bear market has disappointed traders, merchants are now quickly moving ahead to offer crypto payments at their establishments. The newest addition in this list is the fine jewelry maker Marks Jewelers, which will be accepting payments in digital currencies. The jeweler is partnering with e-commerce platform Shopping Cart Elite. Cryptocurrency Support for Fine Jewelry Marks Jewelers will be accepting Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Gold (Bitcoin Gold), Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), Ethereum (ETH), Dash, Litecoin (LTC), and Zcoin (XZC). The jeweler’s partnership with Shopping Cart Elite will make the crypto support for buying jewelry possible. Timepieces, jewelry, wedding rings, fine diamonds and engagement rings available at the jeweler can now be bought with this wide selection of digital coins. Joshua Rubin, director of marketing for Marks Jewelers, said that they are very excited to accept digital currency payments from their customers worldwide. He added: “This will allow us to make our fine jewelry available to the global market while paying lower fees and avoiding chargebacks. Marks has long been known for our meticulous craftsmanship and curated selection, and we are thrilled to open our store to the world.” Why Opt for Digital Coins? Cryptocurrencies provide a cost-effective and fully decentralized way of paying for jewelry purchases. Additionally, it offers convenience to the global clientele of the jewelers who may want a better way to pay for their purchases instead of using credit cards. Digital coins provide the functionality of fiat coins and the security and efficiency of distributed ledgers to users. Lightning fast transactions on an immutable ledger could help in transforming the world of jewelry buying. One of the many reasons why merchants are now accepting these transactions is because they offer lower transaction fees, helping both customers and merchants reduce their cost and payment liabilities. There is a lesser need for chargebacks, currency conversion fees, etc., which further enhances the efficiency of digital currency payments. Marks Jewelers Will Now Accept Bitcoin and Other Cryptos Through Shopping Cart Elite was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

20 days ago

U.S. Jewelry Store Latest Retailer to Accept Cryptocurrency as Payment

A U.S.-based jewelry store is joining a growing and long list of retailers who are accepting cryptocurrency to pay for goods. If the crypto industry has been good to you and you’re in the market for something shiny, then you’re in luck. According to a press release, Marks Jewelers is the latest retailer to accept cryptocurrency as a payment. The US-based jewelry store’s wide range of beautiful diamonds and timepieces will most likely have you parting with your crypto in no time at all. Reaching More Customers Around the Globe By collaborating with Shopping Cart Elite, an e-commerce platform, Marks Jewelers will be able to accept Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Dash, Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Zcoin (XZC). The Director of Marketing for the jewelers, Joshua Rubin, spoke about his excitement for this new venture and how it will impact the company: We’re very excited to begin accepting cryptocurrency payments from our customers around the world. This will allow us to make our fine jewelry available to the global market while paying lower fees and avoiding chargebacks. Marks has long been known for our meticulous craftsmanship and curated selection, and we are thrilled to open our store to the world. While convenience and customer-base expansion are obvious benefits for the company, their clients may also experience discounted rates. This is because the savings that Marks Jewelers will enjoy, such as lack of currency conversion fees and reduced transaction costs, could translate into more affordable product prices for their customers. Cryptocurrency Acceptance Continues to Grow While perhaps the latest, Marks Jewelers is by no means that only retailer that is accepting virtual currencies as payment. Overstock saw the crypto light back in 2014 when they began accepting Bitcoin and its brethren. Live Bitcoin News also reported on a Texas-based luxury vehicle dealership that began accepting crypto as well as another U.S.-based car dealership that recently sold a car completely paid for in Dash. However, if you really want to up the ante and buy your own yacht or even the ever-popular Bitcoin status symbol, a Lambo, then sites like the Dadiani Syndicate were made for you. With these platforms, bridging the divide between virtual wealth and tangible luxury assets is getting easier and easier. So, the moral of the story is that you don’t have to let your lack of fiat stop you from popping the big question or buying that priceless work of art. Just find a platform that can accept your crypto and treat yo’ self. What would be the first luxury item you’d buy if you had some crypto to spare? Let us know in the comments below! Images courtesy of Pixabay and Shutterstock. The post U.S. Jewelry Store Latest Retailer to Accept Cryptocurrency as Payment appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.

23 days ago

Mahone's Wallpaper Shop Partners with Shopping Cart Elite to Accept Crypto Payments

Mahone's Wallpaper Shop has partnered with Shopping Cart Elite, an e-commerce platform, to accept crypto payments. Mahone's Wallpaper Shop will now take eight cryptos namely LTC, ETH, BTC, BCH, BCD, BTG, Dash, and Zcoin in the payments of its home decor products. With this offerings, the retailer is now paving the way for global customers for its Products. (KE)

a month ago

BOUNTY 200 BCD! Help me retrieve my BCD coins <3

Here's the situation: I bought BCD from HitBTC and accidentally shipped it off to a BTC address. I have the private key and wallet address, coins are still present within the wallet []( it's been stuck for weeks. Any wallet retrieval app says that the balance is 0 after importing it, even though the block explorer shows a balance of 3K+ any ideas?...

a month ago

T-Rex New Update for Windows and Linux is Available

T-Rex Nvidia GPU miner v0.6.10 new update has been released. The update reportedly gives an optimum performance to several supported algorithms and comes with new features, bug fixes, and several useful cosmetic changes. T-Rex 0.6,10, the latest update has its hashrate increased to 1-2% in Bitcore, BCD, C11, X17, X16s, X16r algorithms compared to T-Rex v0.6.6. The new features include the miner uptime which now gets displayed as apart of stats reported by the miner. Its a closed source miner for Linux and Windows. (VK)

2 months ago

BitcoinDiamond signed a strategic cooperation agreement with...

BitcoinDiamond signed a strategic cooperation agreement with MagicPay. Advisor LinkeYang visited the BCD Bazaar sho...

2 months ago

BCD Foundation and South Korea exchange TREBIT signs a strat...

BCD Foundation and South Korea exchange TREBIT signs a strategic cooperation agreement. BCD will be listed at TREBI...

2 months ago

Cryptocurrency Fire Sale: Most Tokens are 90% down from their All-Time-Highs

The 2018 bear market has knocked most cryptocurrency prices down to yearly lows with many now trading for less than 99% of their all-time-high value. Even though the market remains in a downtrend there are still some cryptocurrencies that post regular gains and could be considered good buys at the moment. Waltonchain (WTC) still gets plenty of action and today is up more than 12%. WTC currently trades for #3.52, which is 92% down from its ATH of $45.96. Lisk also rose 12% today and trades at $3.77, which is 90% down from an ATH of #39.31. Not every altcoin is a winner though. To date the biggest loser of 2018 is Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) which is down $97.55%. (RS)

2 months ago

And get this: Cash not welcome ! In this store, if you want ...

And get this: Cash not welcome ! In this store, if you want to purchase, you have to pay BCD no less than 30%!!! HO...

2 months ago

New Yearly Lows Emerge as the Crypto Market Takes a Beating Once Again

Sellers have dominated the crypto market, and the market is steadily approaching new lows for 2018. The crypto market is flashing red today as nearly all cryptocurrencies continue to shed value. As at the time of writing, 9.20 AM UTC, the entire market cap is valued at just above $192 billion. Bitcoin is trading at $6,227 and has strong bearish signals. ETH took a beating and is currently trading at $192, its lowest level in 14 months. Altcoins are also plunging with ADA registering a double-digit drop and is trading at $0.0756. XMR has recorded a 9% drop with the rest losing between 6-8 percent. However, DOGE has lost marginally and looks immune to the decline. MOAC, BCD, Nano, and Wangchain have lost 15-20 percent. Bitcoin Dark has defied the drop by gaining 28%. (KE)

2 months ago

Biggest Gainer: Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) Surges by 106.70%

As at 6:00 AM UTC, the crypto market was back in the red with most of the coins losing by as much as double digits. Bitcoin is below $7000 and is trading at $6960.50, a drop of 5.58%. However, Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) defied the odds by gaining over 106.70%, within 24 hours to trade $2.76, according to data collected by CoinMarketCap. At the time, Tether, TrueUSD, MOAC, and Dropil were the only coins in the green. (SK)

2 months ago

what just happened?

mother of all crashes Edit: to clarify, Binance prices were extremely inflated, between 1-2k satoshis, while other exchanges were sitting at 400-500 satoshis. As Binance opened transfers for BCD, all the other exchanges transferred to Binance and dumped. I was simply trading when this happened; foolishly, and unaware....

2 months ago

Crypto Update: QASH, the Top Gainer - 32.21%

As of 4:41 AM UTC, about 90% of the top hundred coins were in the green. QASH was the biggest gainer after surging by 32.21% to trade at $0.231404. The other best performers were Dentacoin, Aion and Substratum which were up by 25.3%, 22.73% and 20.29% respectively. Emercoin and Bitcoin Diamond which were the best performers yesterday are worst performers having lost by 12.77% and 12.10% respectively, in a 24-hour span. (KE)

3 months ago

The Biggest Gainer: Theta token-38.23%

As of 4:30 AM UTC, about 90% of coins in the top 100, according to CoinMarketCap, were in the green. The biggest gainer was Theta Token which had surged by 38.23% to trade at $0.100925. Also, CyberMiles which traded at $0.111181 had soared by 35.71 %. Emercoin and Bitcoin Diamond had also increased notably by 26.33% and 23.64% respectively. (KE)

3 months ago

BG: Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) Climbs 32.6% - $1.44

Today, Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) was the top gainer among the leading 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. BCD climbed just over 33% on the day up to a price of $1.44. Bitcoin Diamond is the third major hard-fork of the original Bitcoin core blockchain that differs from its predecessor in its total supply, block size, and lightning network capabilities. (EH)

3 months ago

The Crypto Market Records Losses of $9 Billion in 3 Hours; Tokens Decline by More than 10%

Within three hours, the crypto market has seen a $9 B loss in its valuation caused by declines of tokens and cryptocurrencies with small market capitalizations. In the past two days, the crypto market was in the green that saw coins record positive changes of 30%-50%. Nano, Ziliqa, and Aelf had notably increased but yesterday, they recorded declines of 18%, 13% and 12.9% respectively. Other worst perfomers were Wanchain 12.23%, Nuls 11.70%, Loopring 11.44%, Bitcoin Diamond 11.29% , IOST 10.85%, and VeChain 10.39%. (KE)

3 months ago

Bitcoin Diamond Continues to Pump!

The cryptocurrency market cap continues to grow closer to $300 billion and while altcoins are a mixed bag at the moment there a few that are popping above the rest. Bitcoin Gold (BCD) is up 6.6% and has spiked more than 50% this week. BCD leapt from $3.50 to $5.25 yesterday and added $300 million to its market cap. While pump and dumps often raise concerns, the lack of them in 2018 has provided some much needed excitement and could be indicative of positive sentiment returning to the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin Diamond forked in November 2017 and pumped to an all-time high above $90 before slipping all the way back under $3. Investors should also note that BCD is not the only coin pumping at the moment as Basic Attention Token is up 23%, Kin 17% and the newly listed Holo coin is already up 79% on Binance. (RS)

4 months ago

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) Doubles on HitBTC Listing

Bitcoin Diamond, a Bitcoin fork saw an immediate spike in its value after HitBTC announced its listing. Over the last 7 days, there were two sudden spikes, with immediate falls to the same levels. On Wednesday, Bitcoin Diamond jumped from $2.22 to $4.44, before dropping to $2.26 on Thursday. However, once again, the price surged on Saturday, going to $4.67 and is currently trading at $3.48. Bitcoin Diamond has a market cap of $534 Million, but a 24-hour trade volume of $2.77 Million with over 14% of the trade volume from Huobi. (VS)

4 months ago

Bitcoin Diamond Surges Up 77%

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), a coin that has seen several spikes and crashes recently, has again surged up in price, currently up 77% on the 24-Hour chart. At one point there was a 92% increase on the day before a correction and consolidation. Current trading price for BCD is $3.85, with a volume close to $3 million traded in the previous 24 hours. (JF)

4 months ago

Bitcoin Diamond Crashes Back after Phenomenal Growth Spurt

On June 18th, at 15:54 UTC, a Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) upward rally began, pushing the price up from$2.21 to $3.85. This rally followed the epic growth that Bitcoin, the lead crypto, was experiencing at the time. The price then crashed back towards the mean, before another stratospheric rise the next day, at 1:39 AM UTC. At some point, the price had increased by 97%, making Bitcoin Diamond the fastest-growing coin of the day. Unfortunately, the price peaked at 3 AM UTC on July 19th, before engaging in a free fall that has led to BCD being the biggest loser in 24 hours after it dropped by 33%. BCD is now trading at $2.26, near the support level it started from. (KE)

4 months ago

HitBTC Lists Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) and Beauty Platform Cosmochain (COSM)

HitBTC, the No. 7 cryptocurrency exchange based on trading volume, has added a couple of altcoins, including a bitcoin forked coin. HitBTC has listed Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), which is a fork of bitcoin. Bitcoin Diamond is now supported across the BCD/BTC and BCD/USDT trading pairs. HitBTC also announced support for Cosmochain (COSM), which is a beauty ecosystem. Bitcoin Diamond is down sharply today by 23%. (GT)

4 months ago

Bitcoin Diamond Grows by 95% in 24 Hours

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) has increased in price by 97% in the past 24 hours. The coin, at 3:45 UTC on June 18th, was trading at $2.29 against the dollar. 24 hours later, at 3:45 UTC on June 19th, it was trading at $4.49. This growth spurt is one of the knee-jerk reactions characteristic to the bitcoin (BTC) price fluctuations. (KE)

4 months ago

Price Update: Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) Surges 41%

Bitcoin Diamond, which is currently ranked 32nd by total market capitalization, increased by a dramatic 41% today. It is currently trading at just over $3, up from around $2.25 earlier today. However, the increase occurred all at once and without any major announcements, so some community members have been cautioning that the surge was due to some form of market manipulation. (EG)

4 months ago

Digibyte (DGB) is Gaining Steam - Up 11% on the 24 Hour Chart

The groundwork and social media rounds that the DigiByte team has been doing lately seem to be paying off. Among the top 100, it's the second-best performer after Bitcoin Diamond. The DigiByte marketing team has been in full force, making the rounds and stoking the community support as the chatter of a cryptocurrency bull market starts to build. On June 24th the price reached a low of $0.0178, and it hasn't looked back since. Current DGB price is $0.043. With partnerships and developments regularly being released, this is a coin to keep your eye on. (JF)

4 months ago

A Rising Bitcoin Tide Lifts the Boat of Altcoins

Bitcoin has surpassed resistance at the $6,700 level and is currently trading above $6,800. Correlated altcoins are rising too, including the likes of NEO, which is up 8%, Tezos, which is up 36%, Bitcoin Diamond, which is up 28%, and DigiByte, which is up 20%. David Sapper, CEO of Australia-based cryptocurrency exchange Blockbid, reportedly said that bitcoin remains "strongly positioned" and is beginning to realize its potential. Sapper pointed to the modest 1% of the global population that owns cryptocurrency, saying that cryptos will reach the mainstream within the next couple of years. (GT)

4 months ago

Top 5 Performers Over the Past 24-Hours: Bitcoin Diamond, Mixin, RChain, Digibyte, Nuls

Even with the recent upswing in the market, there have been coins that have outperformed others. In the top 100 according to CoinMarketCap, 5 coins have shown more than a 10 percent improvement over the past 24 hours. Bitcoin Diamond is currently up 56%, trading at $3.12. Mixin (XIN) is up 17% at $540, RChain (RHOC) is up 14% at $0.79, DigiByte is up 12.3% at $0.037, and Nuls (NULS) is up 10.77% and trading at $2.44. (JF)

4 months ago

Bitcoin Diamond Experiences 42.9% Growth

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) topped the list for positive price change on CoinMarketCap today with a startling 42.9% 24hr price boost. Bitcoin Diamond is currently trading at $3.09 and is ranked 32nd with a market cap of $475M.

4 months ago

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