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WyoHackathon – The First Blockchain Hackathon in Wyoming

By August 28, 2018 No Comments

History suggests that progressive business regulation can be a major boom to geographies looking to propel their economies.

Think Dubai’s free trade zones or Singapore’s little dragon boom, for example. As blockchain and digital currencies emerge as a new foundation for the global economy, governments around the world — both local and national — are racing to evaluate the intersection of this new technology with existing legislation.

We’re starting to see an increase in Blockchain adoption, with more and more countries passing bills and continuing to develop strategies for integrating blockchain into their day to day operations.

This is the case with the state of Wyoming that recently has passed 5 blockchain bills with the aim to help the development of digital assets, securities, and blockchain.

As a response to the news, the University of Wyoming is organizing the first blockchain hackathon – WyoHackathon.

Between September 7-9, at the Memorial Fieldhouse in Laramie, you can sign-up for the hackathon and get your first dApp ready during the 3 days of intense coding, fueled by awesome speeches from one of the top founders and CEOs in the blockchain industry.

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