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Insider Hidden Gem: 0xBitcoin

At Coincheckup one thing we like to do when investing is look for what we call “Hidden Gems.”

Hidden Gems are coins that have a small marketcap (usually under $10M USD) and fairly low trade volumes, but, that we think have really strong potential to grow rapidly over the next few years.

We decided, as part of our Insider Newsletter series, we’re going to share one of these hidden gems each month.

What’s so special about these hidden gems:

  • Since they are low marketcap projects, they have the potential to 2x – 10x instantly if big investors get onboard.
  • They are usually very early stage projects, often listed on only a few exchanges. The news of exchange listings is big enough to move them.
  • They are high-quality projects that have a clear path to long sustained growth.
  • Their low marketcaps mean they should see stable growth over time even without major events.


Hidden Gem of the Month:

What’s so special about this coin?

  • It’s marketcap as of today is only around $2.5M USD. Meaning that even if it grew 10x it would be considered a small coin.
  • It’s the first mineable ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. This means it is secure, and fairly distributed. No ICO teams, or early investors.
  • Just like Bitcoin anyone can mine the token, but, unlike Bitcoin the token can be used in smart contracts.
  • Like Bitcoin the token mining will have a reward halving era and give out smaller rewards over time. This will automatically increase the scarcity of the coin.
  • Just like Bitcoin, there will only ever be 21,000,000 coins in existence.

What is the price of 0xBitcoin right now?

  • Right now, OxBitcoin floats between a price of $0.70 – $1 USD per coin.

What would a $1000 worth of 0xBitcoin right now be worth in 10 years, if it followed the same trend as Bitcoin?

  • $1000 spent on 0xBitcoin today, would be worth $11,428,571 in 10 years if 0xBitcoin performed the same as Bitcoin.

Who is behind 0xBitcoin?

  • 0xBitcoin is an open source project originally started by a Stanford Researcher and lead by a developer known as “Infernal Toast.”

Where can I buy 0XBitcoin?


Important Disclaimer: Please note – the hidden gems series is not financial advice. The goal of this series is to showcase high quality cryptocurrency projects and compare them to the historical performance of Bitcoin. You should always do your own due diligence and research.