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Uplift DAO Integrates with MoonPay to Make Investing In Web3 Projects Easier

By October 18, 2022 No Comments

Key takeaways:

  • The integration of Uplift DAO and MoonPay combines traditional investment methods with web3 projects
  • This partnership will allow investors to easily invest in web3 projects on the Uplift DAO Launchpad
  • Uplift DAO’s integration of MoonPay aims to remove the barrier to accessing web3 investment opportunities

Uplift DAO integrates MoonPay, enabling easy payments for web3 investors

Uplift DAO, a crowdfunding platform for popular web3 projects, has announced a partnership with web3 infrastructure firm MoonPay. This collaboration will pave the way for traditional payment methods to be used to invest in web3 projects.

Using cryptocurrencies and stepping into web3 is still too complex for many potential participants. Furthermore, most initial investment funds do not accept traditional investment methods and have a high investment amount which drives many investors away from the sector. With the combination of Uplift and MoonPay, many individual and institutional investors will be able to invest using easily accessible payment methods.

The MoonPay platform’s payment infrastructure will allow all users to convert between fiat, cryptocurrency, and NFTs using traditional payment methods such as debit and credit cards, local bank transfers, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. The users will be able to purchase more than 100+ assets on the Uplift DAO platform and be among the early investors in web3 projects. In addition, the platform will allow participation even with an amount as low as $ 100.

Oliver Jeffcott, senior business development manager at MoonPay, commented:

“Our industry needs capital to continue to evolve. Our partnership with Uplift will make it even simpler for people to get involved in financing projects they believe in and reap the benefits of the growth of web3.”

Irina Berezina, the Growth Lead at Uplift, highlighted how the integration with MoonPay aligns with one of the project’s core missions:

“At Uplift DAO one of our core missions is to lower the barrier of entry to web3 investment opportunities, whilst simultaneously raising the standard of usability for our users. By integrating MoonPay onto our platform, this is a key step towards web3 scalability not only for us as an IDO launchpad but for the future of web3 investing.”

Uplift DAO provides Price Protection, makes a detailed analysis of each project with its expert teams, and presents the highest quality unique projects to its investors. Uplift’s Key Performance Indicator Protected Funding mechanism, which maintains a set of KPIs for each project, is the foundation of the Price Protection Promise. If a project fails to meet those performance indicators, investors will have the option of receiving a refund.

More about Uplift DAO

Uplift DAO is a premier launchpad that connects individual investors with promising projects. It is gradually approaching the first goal of 1 million active members. Ikigai Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund, powers the Uplift DAO platform. Uplift DAO facilitated a 550,000 BUSD investment in its first two IDOs and integrates the most promising projects with investors in the DeFi ecosystem.

More about MoonPay

MoonPay is a leading web3 infrastructure company that pioneers payment systems. MoonPay converts payments made with debit and credit cards, local bank transfers, Apple Pay, and Google Pay into fiat and cryptocurrencies and serves more than 450+ popular websites, apps, and payment wallets in over 160 countries.