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The First Game of the Walken Ecosystem Will Be Released in October 2022

By October 18, 2022 No Comments
The First Game of the Walken Ecosystem Will Be Released in October 2022

Key highlights:

  • Walken Runner, the first game of the Walken ecosystem, will be released in October.
  • The game, which will include CAthlete NFTs, will require completing a long track and defeating the boss to reach the finish line.
  • Top players will be rewarded weekly with $WLKN tokens.

Walken, the mobile game project using the play-and-exercise-to-earn concept, is preparing to launch the first game of the ecosystem. The Walken Runner, which will be released in early October 2022, will both offer players different experiences with different modes and include CAThletes. Walken Runner is the first game of the large ecosystem that continues to develop rapidly.

Walken will release more hyper-casual games in the coming months that will allow Web2 users to transition easily to Web3. By diversifying the ecosystem, the developer team is working with all its might to create a sustainable gaming platform that gamers can access on mobile and attract new developers to the platform.

How to Play Walken Runner

The Walken Runner will highlight athletes within the ecosystem and showcase their athletic skills and pave the way for them to win rewards. Encouraging to create a more active and healthier lifestyle, Walken offers this through competitive, fun, and rewarding methods. The game is basically based on the logic of a CAThlete running, collecting bonuses and power-ups, and overcoming obstacles to increase its avatar’s power. Reaching the end of the track, CAthlete encounters a boss. All the adventure in the game is enhanced thanks to the character development and progression mechanics.

Leaders will be determined by player activities tracked throughout the weekly changing seasons. Each player gets a place on the leaderboard based on the score they earn in-game. Top Walken Runner players are rewarded with WLKN tokens through the Walken App. In the future, players’ leaderboard scores will also include their activities across the entire Walken ecosystem.

Based on Walken Runner’s statistics and community feedback, the dev team will continue to work to create a new ecosystem and bring more value to all Walken users.

Alexei Kulevets, CEO of Walken, adds:

“We are proud of the current traction of the Walken project and inspired to move on and push the limits. The Walken Runner is our first bold experiment aimed at providing additional value and fun to the community and also expanding token utility. It has all the potential to go viral and be a great addition to the main gameplay.”

More About Walken

Walken is an application that can be used on mobile devices, supports an active lifestyle with the move-to-earn concept, and rewards players with WLKN tokens and NFTs. With the application developed by the team behind GetFit Apps and Appyfurious applications, a mechanism for rewarding active players was created by basing the blockchain games on physical activities.

You can keep up to date with the latest updates about the project by browsing, or you can also follow the Walken team on Twitter.