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Upcoming Wave of Global Gaming Events: What’s Next

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Establishing itself as a major technology hub in Eastern Europe and Asia, Georgia is capturing global attention. Georgia’s iGaming sector is projected to grow at an annual rate of 7.55%, reaching €39.72m by 2027.

Tbilisi is recognised as the iGaming nexus of Central Asia and the Black Sea region, offering a gateway to explore business ventures in key surrounding markets such as Ukraine, Armenia, Bulgaria, and Romania. Furthermore, Georgia’s tax incentives and finance accessibility make it an attractive spot for tech expansion, including reduced corporate profit tax and lower income tax rates, further enhancing the country’s appeal for international investment.

Key Players Enhancing Georgia’s iGaming Realm

Adjarabet, Georgia’s leading online gaming operator, now under the umbrella of global leader Flutter Entertainment, offers a diverse range of products, from poker and online slots to sports betting and has elevated the gaming experience for Georgian punters. Aviatrix’s recent certification to introduce its NFT-based crash game marks an exciting addition to the local iGaming scene. Additionally, The Mill Adventure, recognised for its rapid industry growth, recently announced a partnership with renowned 5-star hotel chain, Ambassadori, adding to the list of strategic alliances developing in the region.

An Emerging Live Casino and Tech Hub

Georgia is emerging as a significant destination for live casino experiences in Eastern Europe.  The recent launch of Malta-based OnAir Entertainment’s third live casino studio in Tbilisi has bolstered Georgia’s position as a focal point in the industry. The region’s liberal approach to gambling laws and the strategic location between Asia and Europe has contributed to Georgia’s reputation as a vibrant hub for gaming experiences, and the surge in live casino gaming’s popularity adds to its allure.

Navigating Eurasia’s iGaming Scene: Join iGaming Crossroads Summit 2023!

In light of multiple companies vying to establish themselves in Georgia’s growing iGaming sector, staying informed and connected is vital. iGaming Crossroads Summit 2023 offers a unique chance for gaming professionals to navigate the competitive landscape, understand the latest trends and regulatory frameworks, and foster vital connections with regional decision-makers. Giving our audiences a competitive edge and the opportunity to establish a strong foothold in the market, you won’t want to miss out.

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Hear from Speakers Heading to iCS 2023:

“I wish to bring more insight towards the topics from the Regulatory point of view and share my experience and approach regarding the panel topics, as well as meet new interesting people and extend my network. ” – Giorgi Tsamalaidze, Chief Legal Officer, Random Systems Georgia LLC

India Stands as Asia’s iGaming Goldmine

India’s iGaming sector presents a lucrative avenue for iGaming stakeholders. An impressive 80% of Indian citizens engage in gaming activities annually, highlighting the substantial potential of the emerging market.

Reaching around 12.17 million users by 2027, the country’s gaming industry is currently valued at $1.5 billion and boasts a robust ecosystem with around 1,069 gaming startups. Featuring renowned industry leaders such as Dream11 and Mobile Premier League, the exponential rise in internet and mobile phone usage creates a favourable environment for mobile-centric gaming companies to offer gaming products directly to consumers.

Cricket-Fueled Sports Betting Surge

Cricket betting in India brought in over $2 billion in 2023, notably during major sporting events like the Indian Premier League. Cricket plays a pivotal role in the industry, with over 340 million wagers coming in during significant tournaments.

With a population of over a billion people, 826 million individuals aged between 18 to 64 years form a portion of that number. An expanding middle class, currently at 23 million people with the financial capability for online gaming, increased mobile participation in the coming years is a certainty.

Unlocking India’s Gaming Prospects at SPiCE India 2024!

Learn from the best and brightest in India’s gaming industry at SPiCE India 2024. From 27 – 29 February 2024, the 5th Annual Edition of the world-class event will bring together industry leaders from across the Indian subcontinent and beyond. From understanding India’s regulatory climate to anticipating the market’s potential, the event promises insightful presentations and panel discussions. Gain valuable insights into the industry’s opportunities and lessons learned from global case studies. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore the Indian gaming market’s future trajectory.

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Hear From Past SPiCE India Attendees:

“I have been attending since the inception of SPICE India. It’s a great event to network and learn nuances of the Indian gaming ecosystem.” – Anutosh Chatterjee, CEO, Revenue Street

Bright Market Prospects in Southern Africa

South Africa stands as one of the largest gaming markets in Africa, with experts estimating an online gaming market worth over ZAR 4 billion by 2024.

Key drivers propelling this growth include the country’s high mobile phone penetration rate. With over 100 million mobile subscribers, accounting for over 50% of the online gaming market and promising further expansion. Additionally, the increasing popularity of sports betting, particularly in soccer, makes up over 40% of the country’s online gaming market.

South Africa’s Regulatory Status

South Africa’s iGaming sector is on a rapid growth trajectory and market expansion is imminent. However, the road to establishing a more favourable iGaming environment in South Africa still holds obstacles. While online sports betting is legal, online gaming resides in a legal grey area. Efforts are underway to draft a new gambling bill that could potentially legalise and regulate online gaming, presenting significant opportunities for market growth.

Prominent Gaming Partnerships

Recent moves in the industry, such as LiveScore Group’s acquisition of South African platform developer Wonderlabz and Kambi Group’s extended partnership with South African operator Sun International, demonstrate the attractiveness of South Africa’s iGaming market.

A Milestone Summit: The 10th BiG Africa Summit 2024!

Experience the monumental 10th Annual Edition of Betting & iGaming Africa Summit! From the 26 – 28 March 2024, Johannesburg will host South Africa’s most prominent iGaming event. Standing as the epicentre of knowledge sharing and industry growth, this milestone summit is set to unite industry leaders, authorities, investors, and advisors across South Africa, Africa and beyond. Be part of groundbreaking discussions and seize invaluable networking opportunities, all tailor-made for those deeply invested in Africa’s gaming market! Register today at

Hear From Past BiG Africa Summit Attendees:

“It was great to be part of the BiG Africa Summit in Johannesburg this week. We had fantastic key speakers from leading authorities, connected with key customers, partners, operators, investors, and advisers in the gaming ecosystem.”- Ferhat Eren, Strategic Enterprise Account Executive, Cloudflare 

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