STOC Coin is Ushering in the Next Generation of Copper Refining Processes Fueled by ProBit Global Listing

By July 4, 2021 No Comments

STOC, the utility token for the STOC Coin ecosystem and the cornerstone to their copper refining incentivization framework, will expedite growth on the heels of their recent listing on ProBit Global.

STOC Coin will remediate weaknesses in the existing copper refining market through blockchain and smart technology integration, leading to more efficient, transparent, and sustainable refining processes. Copper demand has increased exponentially in China due to expectations of a global economic recovery. However, current mining modalities employed by refining firms produce a significant amount of waste and are ultimately environmentally destructive. 

By leveraging the world’s first smelting technology, Entire Extraction, in cohesion with blockchain integration, STOC Coin will alleviate the financial burden caused by governing body intervention and early development hurdles.

Integrating IoT equipment and varying smart technologies will increase insight into copper refining efficiency, enable autonomous machine repair requests, and increase consumer trust, among many more integration benefits. 

STOC token issuance will incentivize smart factory participation through free equipment support made possible by client staking, where mining firms hold predetermined amounts of STOC tokens. Foundations, factory operators, and individuals are all awarded a segment of the reward compensation pool generated by plant production.

80% of STOC Coin allocation is reserved for factory node rewards, ensuring enough circulating tokens to bolster node operator retention. There is a three-year lockup period for tokens allocated towards the team, which account for only 2% of the remaining 20%. This development decision speaks to their commitment to the project.

The short-term road map for STOC Coin is ambitious and includes a new rewards system for sustainable production, nurturing new partner relationships, and expanding the protocol into different ecosystems. 

With copper prices up 67.6% on the year and an insatiable demand for green energy globally, STOC Coin is positioned optimally to remediate expensive inefficiencies and bolster industry transparency.


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STOC Coin increases transparency and efficiency in the global copper refining market through IoT equipment, blockchain integration, and smart factory technology. STOC Coin distribution will lead to financing aid through loans, personal investments, and contract creation. The network boasts an ingenious incentivization framework ensuring plant operators, investors, and foundations receive a sizable reward for their continued participation in the network.


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