LaneAxis’ Patented Platform Can Capture $200 Billion in Global Supply Chain Expenses Following ProBit Global Listing

By July 3, 2021 No Comments

LaneAxis is breaking new ground with their Brokerless Shipper-to-Carrier Direct Freight Network remediating costly inefficiencies that plague the modern supply chain following their debut on ProBit Global’s markets, including USDT, BTC, and ETH pairs. 

The network native token, AXIS, will act as a blockchain API key and an intra-network verification, data access and payment mechanism. LaneAxis boasts a broad addressable market with the potential to expand services into rail, waterways, and air logistics, rendering significant growth potential for AXIS.

The diverse and concrete market case enabled LaneAxis to secure $3.68M during its Reg CF crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine with the high demand helping it reach $2M in just six weeks. Its unique value proposition of addressing the current impasse in the global freight industry was also highlighted in a review on the top 7 startups

The keystone to LaneAxis’s disruptive potential is in its patented software, AI algorithm, and unique blockchain applications. Despite some brokers currently implementing technology solutions to try and bolster operational efficiency, these solutions are often discordant with current driver networks.

LaneAxis’s proposed model will enable new levels of connectivity between shippers and carriers, eradicating the need for intermediaries and further enabling shippers through leverage load-management automation, self-executing smart contracts, and blockchain security. Contractual management of hundreds of thousands of trucking companies directly and effortlessly becomes viable with LaneAxis.

Alleviating the need for intermediaries will automatically reduce the fees per shipment by 20-50% and drastically reduce negotiation complexity. Drivers will benefit significantly from LaneAxis integration as timestamped geofence data confirm exact arrival and wait times, potentially reducing detention disputes which waste billions of dollars yearly. 

By leveraging blockchain technology, every contractual agreement initiated on the network will have the obligations, liabilities, and requirements set in stone on an immutable ledger.

AXIS utility token has numerous functions within the ecosystem, with the primary role being expedited service payments. 

Carriers can pay to track loads using the FreightVISION application according to a logical pricing structure and can also send invitations to connect with shippers to expand their network in exchange for AXIS. Despite some start-up integration expenses, once a carrier or driver establishes a robust network, the savings will be monumental.

LaneAxis platform has more services in the pipe to expand on AXIS utility, including decentralized lending, load matchmaking, spare capacity trading, an insurance market, and network advertising. AXIS holders not participating in the network can opt to stake their AXIS tokens in various staking pools for pre-determined lockup periods in exchange for a steady yield.

The immediate target for LaneAxis’s services is the $1 Trillion U.S. transportation sector with upcoming ventures for global expansion. As the AI protocol grows more refined and reliable with client onboarding, the LaneAxis network will become increasingly more effective at reducing the daily movement of one million empty trucks. 

Within 2-3 years’ time-span, LaneAxis hopes to monetize their currently aggregating data set through data sales with insurers and other third parties.

LaneAxis allocates significant capital resources to marketing, amounting to 15% of the total AXIS supply, to grow its member base as quickly as possible. The service is poised to proliferate and, if it continues on its current trajectory, is a lucrative prospect for AXIS holders.


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LaneAxis is a blockchain-backed direct freight network seeking to remediate $200 billion in operational inefficiencies currently crippling the modern supply chain. The core users of the network, drivers and shippers, will enjoy a streamlined, efficient and transparent supply chain that they passively sustain and develop. 


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