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ProBit Global: Trust At The Core of Our Crypto Exchange

By October 20, 2023 No Comments

Vilnius, Lithuania, October 20, 2023—At ProBit Global, we’ve made it our priority to place security and trustworthiness above all else. With robust measures in place to protect user assets and information, ProBit Global aims to provide the most secure platform for our 2 million users.

At the foundation of ProBit Global’s security is its cold wallet storage system. 95% of all digital assets on the exchange are kept in offline cold wallets. This protection measure keeps user funds safe from hacking and theft, given the risks that hot wallets pose. ProBit Global also utilizes advanced encryption algorithms to secure personal data and wallet private keys. User information is encrypted multiple times over to prevent unauthorized access.

To prevent account takeovers, ProBit Global offers two-factor authentication through FIDO U2F hardware security keys and software-based 2FA options. This adds an extra layer of protection beyond passwords when users log in.

Thanks to our relentless focus on security, ProBit Global holds a flawless track record without any hacking incidents since its launch. As crypto exchanges frequently fall prey to breaches and exploits, ProBit Global’s zero hacking achievement is testament to the tireless focus that the exchange places on putting user safety first.

“In the volatile crypto space, traders and investors need an exchange they can rely on completely when it comes to security,” said Esmond Hwee, Sales & Partnerships Director at ProBit Global. “We take every measure possible, from cold wallet storage to encryption to 2FA, to give users peace of mind that their funds and data are safe. Our perfect record proves that we take security seriously.”

With our combination of cold wallets, encryption, 2FA, and a zero hacking history, ProBit Global provides a trusted platform that crypto traders demand in 2023 and beyond. As hacks and scams tarnish the industry, ProBit Global stands out for putting security first. For those who value their assets, ProBit Global is the secure crypto exchange they can truly trust.


At a time when cryptocurrency adoption is soaring, ProBit Global offers users a reliable cryptocurrency exchange with world-class security. Want to uncover the next big Web3 coin? Looking to dabble in DeFi? ProBit Global’s wide range of more than 800 verified crypto listings gives users access to over 1000 markets, including major tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

ProBit Global takes the guesswork out of crypto trading with easy fiat on-ramp facilities, a fully modular trading dashboard and trading discounts for members who pay with our native PROB token. Join the wave of more than 2,000,000 users who trust ProBit Global to deliver a seamless cryptocurrency experience. 

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