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ParallelChain (XPLL) Announces Its Much-Anticipated Community Round

By April 24, 2023 No Comments

ParallelChain has great news for potential investors and the wider crypto community. The team has officially announced the much-anticipated XPLL Community Round. This is coming as the ParallelChain mainnet that completes its dual-blockchain ecosystem goes live.

As early as 2020, the ParallelChain team started working on building the public proof-of-stake mainnet for its dual-blockchain ecosystem. Prior to that, ParallelChain was only available as a private blockchain for enterprises. After over 3 years, the project is complete. To reward its loyal community and potential investors, ParallelChain will host the XPLL Community Round soonest.

Short Introduction to ParallelChain

ParallelChain is a unique dual-blockchain ecosystem. It’s basically made up of or powered by two distinct by closely-related layer-1 blockchains; ParallelChain Mainnet and ParallelChain Private. As an ecosystem, it supports applications and smart contracts.

ParallelChain was created to serve as a utility-driven, networked and trusted ecosystem for web2 and web3. At its core is privacy-inclined interoperability between public and private blockchains. Other factors that make the ecosystem outstanding include web2-compatible scalability, AI capabilities, and compliance with regulatory authorities.

ParallelChain contests that without web2 collaboration, DeFi may hit a dead-end. In response, the team aim to evolve the ecosystem in a secure and accessible manner that will bring about transformative use cases within and beyond the crypto universe.

The Community Round

ParallelChain has completed a good number of investment rounds since the mainnet began in Q4 2020. The last private round was particularly successful, and the ParallelChain community has grown significantly since it was concluded. Now, there’s a new opportunity for those who missed the previous events to get into the community and position themselves for the benefits.

The current community round was tentatively scheduled to hold between 27 March and 30 April 2023. The community round supply is $6,250,000 XPLL tokens, and they are priced at $0.76 per token. In terms of vesting, 35% of the tokens will be unlocked at the mass distribution event (scheduled for 1st week of May 2023). The remaining 65% is expected to vest daily and linearly over 30 days, 150 days, and 270 days, depending on volume.

To participate in this round, you’ll need to apply the link Once you provide the necessary information and complete a KYC process, you can submit and wait for the team to verify and potentially accept your application. If successful, you’ll receive a SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) via email. You will also get your XPLL tokens in the ParallelChain address you provided in the form at the mass distribution event.

Wrapping Up

ParallelChain has completed several successful rounds since 2020. This is another excellent opportunity for new and existing community members to get ParallelChain (XPLL) tokens at a pre-sale price. This opportunity will yield huge benefits as the dual-blockchain ecosystem expands and gain popularity across markets.