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NiceHashX – NiceHash’s Major Bitcoin Conference Central Europe

nicehashx conference

A big conference organized by NiceHash is scheduled to take place in Central Europe, Maribor, 2nd largest city in Slovenia. A two-day conference called NiceHashX with the theme “Bitcoin Conference on the Sunny Side of the Alps” is scheduled for November 8 and 9, 2024, to commemorate the startup’s ten years in business. NiceHash was founded in 2014 by two students from Slovenia. 

Commenting on this anticipated conference, CEO of NiceHash, Vladimir Hozjan, said “We are delighted to welcome the world to discover how Slovenia is leading the way in European Bitcoin adoption,” He added, “With 10 years of experience in this industry, we have witnessed phenomenal growth in the interest of using Bitcoin, here in Maribor and around the country. Join us as we celebrate, and witness Bitcoin in its purest form, used by everyday people, alongside some of the brightest speakers in the industry.

Though frequently disregarded in favor of cryptocurrency hotspots like Switzerland, Slovenia has quickly become a leader in using blockchain and Bitcoin. Over 1,000 establishments in the country, such as cafes, hotels, restaurants, and even large grocery chains, are all currently accepting Bitcoin as a mean of payment. 

NiceHash’s Bitcoin Conference on the sunny side of the Alps

The goal of NiceHashX is to draw the world’s attention to Slovenia’s developing Bitcoin community and establish Maribor as a center of innovation for the European cryptocurrency industry. A number of Maribor-based businesses that are making use of blockchain technology will be highlighted; in fact, one of the conference’s sections will be devoted to exhibiting these businesses. 

Aside from drawing the attention of the world to Slovenia, the anticipated conference has also drawn the attention of popular speakers from the Bitcoin industry. Notable figures comprise Saifedean Ammous, the author of the well-known book “The Bitcoin Standard,” Joe Hall, previously a reporter with CoinTelegraph; Martin Kuchař, the founder of the BTC Prague conference, Pierre Corbin, the co-founder of Bitcoin FilmFest, Jameson Lopp, the CTO of CASA, and many more.

The conference agenda includes subjects covering legislation challenges amidst the growth of crypto exchanges, changes in the mining and energy industry, and the regulation and acceptance of Bitcoin as legal tender in Europe. 

The guests at the conference will be entertained with exhibitions, side events, an official after-party, and a VIP dinner.

NiceHash is soft-launching a new Bitcoin payment method integrated with local Maribor merchants in the run-up to the conference. This innovation will enable guests to engage in real-world Bitcoin payments with practical demonstrations.


Maribor’s 2012 nomination as the European Capital of Culture makes it a perfect place for a crypto conference. Located in the Pohorje Mountain foothills, the city is a popular ski resort area because of its stunning architecture, vineyards, and laid-back atmosphere.  

With Nicehash celebrating its tenth anniversary since its launch in 2014 and acceptance of Bitcoin expanding throughout Europe, NiceHashX offers a rare chance to get up close and personal with the emerging Bitcoin ecosystem.