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Bybit Introduces Holograph as the Newest Addition to Its ByStarter Platform

By May 13, 2024 No Comments
Bybit Welcomes Holograph (HLG) ByStarter Project

Bybit, recognized globally as one of the top three cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume, is known for its robust trading platform that caters to over 25 million users worldwide. Bybit Exchange continues to innovate and provide a professional environment for crypto traders and other users looking for investment options.

Holograph has recently joined this innovative environment. It’s a cross-chain tokenization protocol that enables creators to issue tokens that are interoperable across multiple blockchains, simplifying the asset creation and distribution process.

Find high-quality projects on ByStarter

Bybit’s ByStarter platform is designed to launch high-quality projects like Holograph. ByStarter is a gateway that facilitates the introduction of new tokens. By doing so, it also engages the community through strategic airdrops and fosters investment in the ecosystem.

Key offerings of Holograph include:

  • Omnichain Tokenization: Allows the creation of assets that operate seamlessly across various blockchains.
  • Proven Success: Millions of assets have already been tokenized using Holograph’s technology, showcasing its effectiveness and broad adoption.

The HLG Rewards Round 1 is set to distribute Holograph tokens to participants. With it, Bybit actively engages the community, adding support for the new token.

Spotlight on ByStarter Projects

ByStarter has launched several noteworthy projects besides Holograph, including:

  • Mantle (MNT): Focuses on creating a decentralized network that supports mobile networking technologies.
  • Sui crypto (SUI): Aims to enhance scalability and usability in blockchain networks, providing faster and more efficient blockchain solutions.

HLG Rewards Round 1

The first round of Holograph’s token rewards allows participants to be among the first to access HLG tokens, promoting early adoption and community involvement.


Bybit’s inclusion of Holograph through the ByStarter platform is the exchange’s leap forward towards making Bybit a top exchange that provides a professional environment for crypto users and other subjects looking to become one. It reaffirms its role as a leader in the crypto exchange space that is dedicated to empowering traders and innovators alike.