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Nexo Offers Up to 6% Crypto Cashback to New Users

By November 21, 2023 No Comments

According to an official blog post, Nexo is set to reward its users with a generous boost in its cashback rates. This offering marks a historic debut, as Nexo has added the cashback feature to the Debit Mode of its payment card for the first time while increasing the existing cashback rate of the card’s credit mode by three-fold up to 6%.

The cashback offer has been scheduled to last until December 31, 2023, and is only available to users who make their first transaction in this period. Nexo’s triple cashback perfectly responds to the growing demand for financial products that offer more than just transactions, especially as the world approaches a period of increased spending. But there’s more!

Nexo Introduces Debit Mode Cashback

The addition of cashback on the Debit Mode of the card reflects Nexo’s concerns to meet the needs of its users. Nexo now offers unmatched cashback benefits on the Debit mode of the Nexo Card for the first time.

The cashback rates vary with the card tier as the rewards are customized to suit the preferences and usage of the card holders as described below.

TierExclusive Rates
Plantinum2% in NEXO; 0.5% in BTC
Gold1% in NEXO; 0.3% in BTC
Silver0.7% in NEXO; 0.2% in BTC
Base0.5% in NEXO; 0.1% in BTC

Nexo Card’s Tripled Cashback Credit Mode

While Nexo had previously held cashback offerings for its card’s Credit Mode, it is taking a different turn this time around. The company has tripled the cashback rates in Credit mode across all tiers in a bid to meet the heightened consumer demands amid expectations for Black Friday sales.

Tier Old RatesNew Rates
Platinum2% in NEXO and 0.5% in BTC6% in NEXO and 1.5% in BTC.
Gold1% in NEXO and 0.3% in BTC3% in NEXO and 0.9% in BTC,
Sillver0.7% in NEXO and 0.2% in BTC2.1% in NEXO and 0.6% in BTC.
Base0.5% in NEXO and 0.1% in BTC1.5% in NEXO and0.3% in BTC

Nexo card as an alternative option for EEA users

It appears that Nexo card’s cashback offering comes in handy as a fallback option for Binance card users in the European Economic Area region (EEA).

About a month ago, Binance revealed that it is stopping card services in the EEA. Holders of existing physical or virtual cards under EEA, have until December 20, 2023, to use their cards before the discontinuation takes effect.

While this may have caused the affected users to panic and look out for suitable alternatives, Nexo card presents them with an alternative coupled with an opportunity to enjoy generous cashback offers.

Bright future for NEXO token

NEXO price movement in last 30 days

As of the time of writing, the price of Nexo is $0.7368 and has increased by 29% in the past 30 days. On an even brighter note, our algorithm predicts the price of NEXO to surge by almost 600% in the next 6 months.

NEXO 6-month price prediction