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Mythos and Polkadot Enter into a Decentralized Partnership

By May 20, 2024 No Comments
Mythos Door
  • Mythos moves over 5 million users to Polkadot, transforming it into one of the largest gaming blockchain ecosystems.
  • 1,000,000 DOT exchanged for 15,000,000 MYTH, with a unique distribution strategy to enhance community and ecosystem engagement.
  • Mythos takes advantage of Polkadot’s advanced functionalities to enhance cross-chain capabilities.

The Mythos Foundation, supported by Mythical Games, has established a revolutionary partnership with Polkadot, a first of its kind. This strategic partnership is set to significantly expand the Polkadot ecosystem by incorporating over 5 million players from the Mythos community, making Polkadot one of the largest gaming chains in the world.

Token Swap for community engagement and ecosystem growth

Executed through Polkadot’s OpenGov—a decentralized governance model—this partnership involves a strategic token swap, exchanging 1M DOT for 15M MYTH tokens. This move facilitates integration and empowers the Polkadot community by distributing 10 million MYTH tokens directly to DOT holders. The remaining 5 million MYTH tokens are allocated towards ecosystem incentives, especially for Polkadot exchanges and DEXes. Any unused tokens by September 2024 will be returned to the community treasury.

The integration brings the Mythos Chain, previously an EVM-based blockchain, into the Polkadot network as a parachain. This transition allows Mythos to maintain EVM compatibility while also benefiting from Polkadot’s Substrate framework. As for the MYTH token, it will capitalize on Polkadot’s native cross-chain functionalities, including XCM and decentralized bridges like Snowbridge.

“Mythos has formed a groundbreaking, transformative partnership with Polkadot, which is set to immensely benefit both blockchain ecosystems, as well as the entire Web3 gaming community,”

John Linden, CEO of Mythical Games

John expects Mythos to grow immensely as a result of the new partnership, thanks to the impressive technological and community bases of the two collaborative ecosystems.


The strategic alliance between Mythos and Polkadot exemplifies the potential of collaborative efforts in the blockchain gaming space. With it, Mythos and Polkadot are setting new standards for scalability, interoperability, and user engagement in Web3 gaming. This partnership enhances the capabilities of both entities and sets the direction for future innovations and growth in the blockchain gaming sector.