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Astar Network partners with Sequence to launch Astar Studio

By May 20, 2024 No Comments
astar partners with sequence

Key takeaways

  • Astar Network partners with Sequence to launch Astar Studio, enhancing web3 gaming and developer growth.
  • Astar Studio, built on Astar zkEVM, offers extensive tools and a $200,000 grant to support developers.

Astar Network, a multi-chain smart contract platform known for its robust support of various blockchains and virtual machines, has teamed up with Sequence, a leading development platform for web3 integration in games. This partnership introduces Astar Studio, a new developer platform that leverages the advanced Astar zkEVM and is powered by Sequence’s technology.

Astar Studio is more than just a tool as it offers a comprehensive ecosystem designed to expedite and facilitate the creation of web3 projects. It is built on Astar zkEVM, a next-generation zero-knowledge Layer 2 scaling solution that significantly enhances the capabilities of developers working in the blockchain space.

Shaun Wang, Chief Technology Officer at Astar Network, discussed the benefits of this partnership: “By combining Astar zkEVM with Sequence’s development platform, we’re empowering developers to build next-generation web3 dApps in easy mode. This partnership fosters a smooth and familiar development experience while ensuring low transaction fees and scalability. We’re excited to see the innovative and engaging experiences that developers will create with Astar Studio and look forward to working with Sequence.”

Astar Studio Credit Grant, worth $200,000 in Astar Studio credits

To further support the growth of the Astar zkEVM ecosystem, Astar Network and Sequence have introduced the ‘Astar Studio Credit Grant’. This initiative allocates $200,000 in Astar Studio credits to help developers effectively use the platform’s tools. This grant aims to facilitate the development of projects within Astar Studio and should ensure that developers have the resources they need to succeed.

Issei Kashima, APAC Business Development and Partnerships Manager at Sequence, shared his views on the partnership: “Astar Studio gives Astar developers the tools needed in an end-to-end development platform under Astar’s brand, eliminating the steep learning curves needed from using alternative fragmented web3 solutions.”


The launch of Astar Studio, backed by Astar’s blockchain technology and Sequence’s gaming development expertise, provides a powerful and accessible platform for developers. The substantial grant ensures that developers have the necessary tools and resources to innovate the rapidly evolving digital landscape.