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Maya on the brink: soaring prices, Mexican gold mines, controversy and more with James Dahlke, founder of Maya Preferred 223 [Sponsored]

By April 15, 2019 No Comments

Maya Preferred 223, a state-of-the-art Ethereum Classic token, appeared on the market less than a month ago. With a starting price of $1,500 per token, MAPR quickly skyrocketed, trading at press time for exactly 1 BTC.


However, the developers claim that the price the token ends up settling around will be much higher. Their point is that Maya Preferred isn’t your average token. It is a kind of stable coin, backed with gold and silver assets based in Mexico. According to the, the price of the backing assets is believed to exceed $23.000 per token. With only a million tokens available, the capitalization of MAPR will thereby quickly surpass that of Ethereum. And if, as Maya developers claim, the acquiring and accumulating of backing assets behind Maya Preferred 223 will continue, MAPR has the potential to outpace Bitcoin.

In an interview with the CEO and founder of one of the most ambitious cryptocurrency projects in recent memory, we tried to figure out some of Maya’s secrets.


1.     Hi James. Let’s start with the most obvious question. Where did the name of your token come from? Why Maya?


It’s very simple. I named the token after my godchild Maya, who means a great deal to me. We decided to do a gold and silver backed token and Maya is a radiant child, I love her very much, so she was the first thing that came to me when I was thinking of all the gold and silver.


2.     The situation seems markedly positive for Maya Preferred. After the token was listed on FatBTC exchange on March 21st, its value rose 200%. You guys are getting picked up by all the biggest names in crypto media. How have you achieved such rapid growth?


I believe the market price of the token is correct right now. We have $23.000 worth of gold and silver backing each token and that number is about to grow. If you have something that’s got $23.000 worth of assets backing it, logically the value of the object being backed should rise to what it is being backed by. I believe that the market is starting to catch on and investors are capitalizing on a good deal while they can, that is why the price has risen so quickly.


3.     Recently Maya’s whitepaper was heavily scrutinized after the Bitcointalk folks alleged that it had been plagiarized. Can you comment on that? Are you going to publish another whitepaper?


We wanted our white paper to serve as a primer, not just to our cryptocurrency, but to the entire industry. Because of that, we included a lot of information and definitions of various terms and concepts, things that, once read and soaked in, arm people with the essential tools of the industry. Now, that was our intention. In terms of execution, we took a lot of information from outside sources, but that is fairly common in this industry. There is no real mystery about it. The last thing we would want is for our investors to feel as if they have had the wool pulled over their eyes by anyone, let alone us. To further clear everything up, our management team thinks that we should put out a new version of the white paper, just so everything is black and white. Will we do that? Right now we are focused on increasing the assets that back our currency, that is our number one priority. I think our investors are much happier when they see that our currency is improving and when they see the physical evidence of all the work that we are doing than would be were we to release a cleaned up white paper. I mean it was written to educate people. But this is the industry that we are living in, and so, yeah at some point we will probably put a new version of the paper out just to clear everything up. I just hope that everyone keeps in mind that all these are negative things — it’s very easy to take swipes at other people and their work and try to point out all the miniscule flaws you find in things. We are not really concerned with that behavior and that line of thinking, we believe in this project and we think it has the potential to transform this industry into something better.


4.     What about the Maya Preferred roadmap? When are you going to unveil it to the public?


The reason why our roadmap is not on our website right now is that we are moving so fast that by the time we publicize it to the public it will already be old news. Soon we will publicize a road map for everyone to see where we plan to take this thing in the long run. I believe our coin holders will be very pleased with what we have on the horizon.


5.     Last week MAPR was listed on CoinCheckup. When will we see Maya Preferred on other major platforms?


We are in discussion with most of them already and they said that one of the reasons why we cannot get listed is because we need to be on multiple exchanges. That isn’t really an obstacle for us in the long run. Right now we are giving the coin some time to trade on FatBTC so if we do decide to go to another exchange we can show them a solid history with trading patterns. I think in about six months time we will get on all major platforms including, coinmarketcap, etc.


6. Right now MAPR capitalization is ranked fifth, at around $5 billion, right? What kind of movement do you expect after the major platform listings, when an almost no-name token emerges out of nowhere to land in the top-10? Aren’t you worried that issues like the recent whitepaper scandal could taint the view of the project held by the global community? How do you prepare for that?


Well, as I explained we are going to take care of whatever issues there are with the white paper. That’s really not something that we are worrying about, because we trust that investors and the community at large will see these things as they truly are, which is without real substance. It would be an unequivocal honor to get listed on all major platforms, and we’ve set our sights on that. We are an open company, we’ve provided proof of all the assets that are backing our currency. Where I’m from if you’re honest and have a good work ethic people will give you a fair shake. Where I’m from, people love a good underdog story. I think that is what we are talking about here, more than anything else; a no-name coin becomes a legacy coin overnight and injects the whole industry with new ambitions and new energy. There’s your story.


7.    Maya Preferred is not exactly treading water. U. K. Financial Ltd, the company behind the token, recently acquired several more precious metals assets, that can, in theory, impact the final price of the token. Tell us about these agreements.


The new mines that we acquired to back Maya Preferred 223 are substantial gold and silver Mines. We are now up to eight mines altogether and the estimated individual backing is now up to over $23,000 a token. It’s only going to go higher, and that number is only going to grow, We are going to continue to acquire Gold and Silver mines and expand as more and more people take notice of our project and climb on board.  


8.     Let’s bet. What will MAPR’s price be in a month, exactly one month from today’s date? I say it could be 1.5 BTC. What do you think?


I never comment on the price of my token. I learned a long time ago that can only lead to bad things, but I will say this right now: I believe our token will continue to rise progressively day by day, and with the assets we have, plus the additional assets we will acquire, and just a million coins in existence, the sky’s the limit for us.