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MarketAcross Selected as Media Partner for IVS Crypto 2023 Conference in Kyoto

By May 18, 2023 No Comments
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MarketAcross, a leading specialist in blockchain marketing, has been designated as one of the media partners for IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO, the largest international crypto conference in Japan. Working in collaboration, they aim to ensure that the highly anticipated three-day event garners the recognition and attention it deserves.

IVS Crypto is a specialized conference within the larger IVS event, which has been a prominent fixture on Japan’s startup events calendar since its inception in 2007. Scheduled to take place at the Kyoto International Exhibition Hall “Miyako Messe” from June 28 to June 30, the 2023 edition will feature over 200 speakers participating in a wide array of sessions related to the startup ecosystem, with a particular focus on web3 and crypto.

Whiplus, Head of IVS Crypto, expressed utmost confidence in this year’s conference, noting that the inclusion of MarketAcross as a media partner further bolsters their expectations:

Our expectations for this year’s conference could not be higher, and the appointment of MarketAcross as a media partner gives us even more confidence. I have no doubt that startup executives and investors, including those in the burgeoning web3 space, will appreciate the diversity of events we have planned this year.

They firmly believe that startup executives and investors, especially those operating within the burgeoning web3 space, will appreciate the diversity of events planned for this year.

The IVS Crypto conference serves as a nexus, connecting startups and entrepreneurs with executives, investors, developers, evangelists, and enthusiasts. In addition to captivating keynote presentations, the conference will encompass a myriad of meetups, workshops, and Q&A sessions. Esteemed speakers slated to grace the event include Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle; Ito Joichi, Co-Founder of Digital Garage; Emi Yoshikawa, VP of Strategy & Operations at Ripple; Gabby Dizon, Co-Founder of Yield Guild Games, and many other notable figures.

Itai Elizur, Managing Partner at MarketAcross, commented on the company joining the IVS Crypto 2023 conference as a media partner:

We are delighted to join IVS Crypto as a media partner for 2023. Working with the world-class IVS team is something we’ll be proud of for years at MarketAcross.

During the conference, participants and partners of IVS Crypto will host a variety of side events at venues surrounding the main conference space, providing ample opportunities for networking and learning from professionals across diverse industries. The event is expected to draw over 10,000 attendees.

Apart from organizing and hosting the conference, IVS operates as a launchpad for promising startups selected by a panel of judges. To date, the launchpad has raised over $2.2 billion, with more than 430 companies participating. This year, the spotlight will shine on 14 finalists, chosen from a long-list of over 250 startups, who will have the opportunity to present their products in concise six-minute presentations, ultimately leading to the announcement of an overall winner.