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Zeebu Review – an Innovative Blockchain Solution for Telecom Carriers

By May 18, 2023 No Comments
Zeebu Review – an Innovative Blockchain Solution for Telecom Carriers

Key Takeaways

  • Zeebu has launched the world’s first B2B loyalty utility token for telecom carriers
  • Zeebu and the Zeebu (ZBU) token offers several key benefits, including reduced cost, faster transactions, 24/7 instant payments and more
  • Zeebu is safe and offers incredible value to all users, including merchants and customers

Zeebu launched its innovative B2B utility and loyalty token for Telecom carriers a few weeks ago. Being the pioneer company in the Telecom carrier industry to leverage blockchain technology, Zeebu is onboarding merchants all over the world.

Zeebu is committed to revolutionizing the global Telecom carrier market. It improves cross-border transactions and profitability in the industry. At the same time, it incentives users, including merchants and consumers. In this Zeebu review post, we’ll discuss the platform and its token properly.

What is Zeebu?

Zeebu can best be described as a blockchain company in the telecom carrier industry that aims to revolutionize the industry with its innovative technology and products. Zeebu utilizes blockchain and settlement technologies to offer top-quality products/services.

To achieve its many objectives, Zeebu has a unique loyalty utility token. The use of this token generates a number of beneficial outcomes, including improved profitability in the Telecom carrier industry. Zeebu has also transformed cross-border transactions for the industry.

Due to its unique market, Zeebu may not be as popular as other top blockchain platforms. Its impact, however, is massive within the Telecom carrier industry, and there are chances it will extend its groundbreaking solutions to other B2B industries.


  • Improved efficiencies through instant global transactions
  • Reduced costs associated with cross-border transactions
  • Increased security and decentralized control
  • Enables faster transactions while reducing disputes and disruptions
  • Enables 24/7 carrier businesses to accept instant payment any time, any day


    How Does Zeebu Work?

    Zeebu works as a one-stop solution for Telecom carrier participants. It can be used by merchants and customers in different ways. Depending on individual needs, the Zeebu platform offers the best-in-class user experience.

    Getting started with Zeebu is somewhat simple and very secure. Customers and merchants receive their secure login after completing KYC verification. They will then have access to the Zeebu wallet from where they can complete all kinds of transactions.

    It is easy to deposit and withdraw funds from the Zeebu platform. It’s also super-easy for merchants to generate and send invoices to customers. In addition to the settlement interface, Zeebu offers a suite of reports to help businesses track their KPIs. Zeebu also supports Swap trading of the ZBU token with other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

    The Zeebu Loyalty Utility Token

    The Zeebu loyalty utility token powers the Zeebu platform. It is the world’s first B2B (business to business) loyalty utility token for telecom carriers. Its primary role is to facilitate instant global transactions, thereby boosting efficiency in the industry.

    The use of the Zeebu token within its ecosystem offers a number of benefits. It rewards merchants and customers when they use it to complete transactions successfully. Some of the most obvious benefits include:

    • Reduced transaction costs
    • Faster settlements
    • Improved margins

    In all, the Zeebu loyalty utility token provides loyalty rewards to both merchants and customers. It also solves issues that bedevil the global Telecom carrier industry, such as remittance delays, high cost of international transactions, as well as high volatility of local currencies.

    Zeebu Review – Core Features

    Like other innovative blockchain solutions, Zeebu has core features that make it work well for users. Without further ado, here are some of its core features:

    Zeebu Wallet

    The wallet is the secure place within the platform where users can store their Zeebu (ZBU) tokens. Once the secure login leads you to the Zeebu platform, you will see your wallet balance at the top of the screen. There are ‘deposit’ and ‘withdraw’ interfaces within the wallet environment.

    The Zeebu wallet allows users to deposit, withdraw or transfer their tokens or fiat currencies with ease. There is also an address management function that allows users to whitelist withdrawal addresses for all supported assets.

    Settlement Interface

    The settlement interface of Zeebu makes generating and sending invoices super-easy for merchants. It also helps merchants and customers to keep track of all invoices and their accompanying settlements. This interface also provides payment status for all invoices and other important details.


    With Zeebu, it’s easy for telecom carriers to effectively track their business KPIs (key performance indicators) in order to improve overall efficiency. Customers and merchants will benefit from its comprehensive suite of reports.

    It’s also interesting to note that transaction history on the Zeebu platform can be filtered based on such criteria as currency pair, transaction status, and market. Other key pieces of information that can help improve business decisions are also available on the reporting interface.

    Swap Trading

    It’s actually easy to convert other cryptocurrencies and even fiat money to Zeebu (ZBU) tokens through the platform. The Swap trading feature is fast and reliable. Once the user selects the currency to convert and the amount, they will receive an instant quote. The next thing is for the user to review prices and confirm the transaction details.

    Swap Trading in Zeebu is settled instantly, in a matter of seconds. Rates are always enticing, and remember that users receive loyalty rewards as they continue to use the Zeebu platform and its token.

    Is Zeebu Safe?

    From all indications, Zeebu is a safe platform. It leverages the power of blockchain technology to improve the telecom carrier industry in a sustainable and safe manner.

    The Zeebu token (ZBU) was launched on the Ethereum mainnet. The implication is that it leverages Ethereum security infrastructure.

    We’ve also mentioned Zeebu’s secure login. Before anyone can access the platform, the Zeebu admin requires a complete KYC verification. This means potential threats to the network are eliminated even before they gain access to the platform.

    Zeebu Review – The Verdict

    Zeebu will transform the telecom carrier industry in many ways. It has already started on the right path through its best-in-class UX and the loyalty utility token that facilitate transactions throughout the ecosystem. Zeebu offers a lot of benefits to merchants and customers. Some of the most prominent benefits, as we’ve revealed earlier, include reduced costs, a boost in trade, faster transactions, and 24/7 instant settlements. Through instant global transactions and other beneficial functions, Zeebu is set to transform the telecom carrier industry further.