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Here’s Why Everyone Should Be Keeping An Eye On ChainWars, A GameFi Metaverse Project That Aims To Impress

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ChainWars is a narrative about cosmic combat that is constantly growing. In terms of the story, as robots broke beyond the constraints of human slavery, they developed their own desires to conquer and destroy. Humanity is compelled to escape its origins and rebuild on another world after witnessing Nimble’s rebellion and suffering their tyranny for too long, only to discover that they’ve infiltrated hostile territory. As three factions clash, war breaks out as the players are forced to choose sides in an epic intergalactic struggle for the ages.

What to expect?

The primary game is a Digital Collectible Card Game (DCCG). The designers build the cards, which are then compatible with the game and blockchain developers. Cards may also often differ according to species, type, and rarity, with ‘Tiers’ and ‘Forms’ serving as the two main groups of rarity. The drop rates from ‘Loot Boxes’ may also be observed.

In terms of what they actually are, tiers are merely the strength gradations that have been allocated to the cards. The tiers are ‘Common’, ‘Rare’, ‘Epic’, and finally ‘Legendary’. On the hand, forms are primarily aesthetic in nature, although they can grant stat bonuses. Common forms include ‘Gold’, ‘Diamond’, and ‘Rainbow’.

But how do we play?

The basic purpose of the game is to collect and pick a powerful, diversified deck of cards that will allow users to compete with the greatest players in the game. The users can employ strategic decisions before entering a game by carefully selecting their deck, after which they can simply utilize their wits, cunning and determination within the game. Loot Boxes can also be purchased or earned in order to obtain stronger cards.

In addition, ‘Land’ will serve as a supplementary secondary gamemode. This is essentially a world split into a plethora of construction sites. Players may hence improve their deck, customize their character and plot of land, and interact with various other players. It also serves as a means of leveling up in order to avoid matchmaking complications.

Past accomplishments and future goals

Regarding past achievements, the team has successfully created and finalized the game concept and conducted thorough market analysis. They also set up the initial roadmap, and established key partnerships for continued development, marketing, and the IDO. Elaborative concept meetings with the developers were also conducted. Moreover, several AMA sessions with the relevant communities had been carried out last year, along with the $CWE launch and the preparation of the ChainWars alpha release and the establishment of the ChainArmy and AlphaTeam.

This year, continued testing, patching, and expansion were the top priorities alongside the aforementioned Loot Boxes and an NFT marketplace as well as the ChainWars beta release, the ChainWars account, cinematic teaser and trailer, marketing roll out, a sale for the Loot Boxes, and finally onboarding partners for the INO. In terms of future goals, the team will soon commence the $CWE buy-back event, add liquidity to PancakeSwap and MoonLift, begin developing the land game, gain listings on CEXs and DEXs, enable staking opportunities, and much more. Lastly, becoming a member of the AlphaTeam allows users to participate in the game’s development and potentially earn rewards while doing so (300 spots will be allowed initially, with more to come as the game progresses).

About ChainWars

ChainWars is a space-themed, innovative, and ambitious GameFi project powered by community and creativity. It mixes the ideas of a trading card game and blockchain technology, allowing for new methods to interact with in-game goods, features and services. Furthermore, NFTs function as in-game cards and may be traded on ChainWars’ one-of-a-kind marketplace. As a result, players are the genuine owners of all acquired items.

Thus far, ChainWars’ official currency (CWE/Chain Wars Essence) has been released, constructive alliances and a solid support base have been built, and the game’s alpha release has already occurred. In a nutshell, ChainWars intends to offer a platform where gamers, investors, and cryptocurrency aficionados can gather. For the most part, this platform is produced and maintained by the community through governance structures. For more information, check out the official website, whitepaper, Twitter, Telegram and Medium channels.