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METAGENE. Incubator-Launchpad Worthy of Investors’ Attention

By April 18, 2022 No Comments

Joining the project at an early stage is a promising investment. Especially if the project is guaranteed to be successful. Why is METAGENE bound for success? Let’s see.

An experienced development team, CERTIC auditing, unique shooting system, perfectly worked out tokenomics, exclusive staking system and large-scale marketing campaign of the project deserve the trust and interest of the investors. You can read more about each section of the project from official sources.  

METAGENE has launched its Private Sale on April 5th, which allows every investor to be a part of this large-scale project and participate in the IDO that the incubator-launchpad will produce. 

The METAGENE incubator-launchpad ecosystem is based on 3 pillars: 

Auditor and advisor: project developers have extensive experience launching crypto startups. Being well aware of all the problems and pitfalls that startup development teams have to face, METAGENE team created an advisory board that will audit and advise new projects, ensuring the successful launch of their product.

Incubator: METAGENE is always looking for talent. By finding a promising development team with the skills and mindset needed to deploy truly transformative projects, the project takes them under its wing and guides them through all phases of the development process.

Launchpad: Once development teams pass all stages of the selection process (KYC, skill sets, and product validation), they get a chance to do an IDO and get their projects to market. METAGENE focuses only on high-quality Metaverse and NFT projects that have solid foundations, innovative plans, and unique utility.

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