Fortrex: Color Duels and Decentraland — Two Gaming Cryptocurrencies Worth Every Penny

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Crypto platforms nowadays have gone from serving the sole purpose of buying and selling to including DeFi, NFTs, and recently, blockchain games. Hosting metaverses and creating decentralised virtual worlds where users can explore, interact and play with games has solved many problems regarding cryptocurrency adoption, fair recognition for game developers, true ownership of in-game assets, and monetizing instruments.

Decentraland (MANA), as the most popular metaverse cryptocurrency, paved the way for a new kind of metaverse. It also inspired Fortrex: Color Duels (MAGG), a GameFi token that promises real-time strategy and several elements to give users satisfactory utilities.

The Ethereum Blockchain Game Token, Fortrex: Color Duels (MAGG)

Fortrex: Color Duels (MAGG) is a P2E gaming platform created by Magnolia Games, an international team based in Istanbul and Paris. Magnolia Games aims to be the relevant GameFi network, with a four-layer system that consists of blockchain technology, protocol, fun, and a thriving, supportive community.

Starting with Fortrex: Color Duels (MAGG), the international team has begun to leave its mark in the world of GameFi. Fortrex: Color Duels (MAGG) promotes the true nature of GameFi games by giving players actual digital ownership of in-game assets and working to create a platform that offers a complete gaming experience.

In a real-time strategy game, players are tasked with the easy job of painting as many minions as possible and using the minions to win players and infiltrate their opponents’ castles with a splash of colors.

Fortrex: Color Duels (MAGG) game economy has several initiatives that make it stand out from other GameFi or P2E games. Using a play and earn approach allows users who have recorded nothing but losses with other non-engaging games to interact with highly stimulating alternatives.

Additionally, Fortrex: Color Duels (MAGG) has a continuous stream of benefit options for users to choose from when they buy the core utility token, MAGG. For example, buying MAGG with USDT issued on the TRON or Ethereum (ETH) network releases an automatic increase of up to 22%.

Home to the New Metaverse, Decentraland (MANA)

Launched in February 2020, Decentraland (MANA) is the pioneer of the new metaverse, creating a 3D virtual platform where users can buy digital land, sell and also explore other games in the ecosystem.

Decentraland (MANA) allows users absolute ownership of their digital land and to transfer the value obtained to the tangible world via NFTs. These non-fungible tokens can then be sold on marketplaces. While these features might be commonplace now, it is worth noting that it was not so until Decentraland (MANA) introduced the element of transferable value.

Decentraland (MANA) operates on a multi-token system, with MANA, LAND, and Estate all tokens for various utilities. The platform is governed by its DAO for decentralised and equal governance.


Fortrex: Color Duels (MAGG) might be a new GameFi token, but there are many benefits to purchasing it, especially while prices are still affordable. Also, it provides an opportunity to earn while interacting with others in a friendly environment- perks that should not be easily dismissed.

Fortrex: Color Duels (MAGG)