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CryptoGames Review

A severe pandemic has been petrifying the entire world for the past two years. All through the world people’s lives have been disrupted drastically and all aspects of life have been altered indefinitely. In most countries people can no longer leave their homes in order to continue their daily lives. This has affected the gambling industry greatly, as people in many countries can no longer visit their favourite casinos to gamble. At a time like this, online casinos have become extremely convenient as they provide an easy and effective solution to this horrendous problem. Online casinos allow players to gamble from the comfort of their home and earn lots of cryptocurrency in the process! However, as the number of online gamblers grows rapidly, there is a huge demand for efficient online casinos. CryptoGames, an extravagant gambling site, rises to the occasion in this situation and brings with it a set of mesmerizing services and games. With its impressive resume and the support of its fabulous community of gamblers, CryptoGames intends to become a utopia for gamblers from all corners of the internet.

An organization called MuchGaming B.V owns and operates CryptoGames and the casino is under the jurisdiction of the government of Curacao. An expert team of administrators and moderators are in charge of handling the casino and these individuals are perfectly capable of tackling any issue that might arise in the site. CryptoGames has invested heavily in areas that would enrich the player experience such as an improved interface, better deposit and withdrawal options, more secure safety protocols and much more. All of these contribute in making CryptoGames the sublime online casino it is today. Below is a detailed description of some of the top notch perks gamblers can experience in CryptoGames:

A Mesmerizing Interface

Gamblers of CryptoGames can effortlessly browse the UI of CryptoGames. The interface always leaves users with a positive experience as it has a myriad of useful features. The platform has a very attractive outlook and users can easily navigate through the site with just a few clicks. The UI is completely without any diverting designs that may distract a user while gambling. There is a chat box which players can use to converse with one another and talk about different games and strategies. Also, the very light weighted interface allows almost all devices to load and play the games. This implies that CryptoGames users can utilize gadgets with low specs to access and play the games. Users can easily check their betting history beside each game that is being played. Gamblers additionally have the choice of changing themes through the options situated under the “Your Account” tab. Users can switch between Dark Mode and Light Mode by pressing a “Moon or Sun Shaped” button situated at the top right. FAQ, Chat Rules and Support can be gotten to at the lower part of the page.

Library of Outstanding Games

CryptoGames presents its players with a library filled with superb games that are guaranteed to ensure maximum satisfaction. These magnificent games are very well known in the gambling scene because of their nostalgic vibe and a large part of the CryptoGames community of players have joined the casino due to the presence of this games. CryptoGames offers 8 awesome games. CryptoGames additionally helps its gamblers in learning the games in the most ideal manner possible. The gambling site does this by providing its users with detailed guides and tuitorials that they can follow. This remarkable assortment of games is one of the driving forces behind CryptoGames’ gigantic achievement in the gambling community.

The impressive House Edge of games is another reason behind CryptoGames great success in the world of gambling. Dice has a house edge of only 1%. The house edge of Lotto is 0% and all of the ticket sale revenue is divided completely amongst victors. The vast range of games also provides players with high chances of winning.

The games CryptoGames provides are also Provably Fair. This means the games have completely fair and impartial outcomes, which can be guaranteed by Cryptographic techniques. This is a huge blessing for CryptoGames players as this means they can play their games with their complete focus as they do not have to worry about being cheated out of their winnings. The winners of games are also immediately granted their winnings. The gamblers of CryptoGames can evaluate the fairness of bet results utilizing seeds and hashes and they can do this by following the helpful guide that CryptoGames provides.

A third party application called RandomPicker is used by CryptoGames to generate the fair and completely random outcomes of Lotto. This application utilizes cheat detection techniques to create the unbiased results. All relevant information is openly available to the public and can be used to ensure the reliability of bet results.

The Games offered by CryptoGames are:


Dice is a crypto-oriented game which has a vast range of outcomes from 0.000-99.999. This fabulous game requires players to abide by a few rules. Players have to choose a sum toward the beginning of the game. Players need to foresee whether the Dice roll will create a higher or lower amount than their picked number. The player who precisely predicts the result of the roll will be announced as the game winner and will be able to earn a payout. CryptoGames also allows its players the option of playing this great game by utilizing keyboard shortcuts. The handy “Auto Bet” feature allows users to set up a strategy that the game to will automatically follow, thus conserving important time for the player. Right now, a amount of 6 BTC can be won by players through a solitary bet in Dice.


Slot is a game played on five turning wheels that turn prior to halting. Five symbols must be picked toward the start of each game and the player may claim a reward when the selected symbols are in the center of the Slot. CryptoGames offers gamblers a reduced degree of difficulty for this game and players use this awesome advantage to attain more Cryptocurrency and achieve huge victories. The utilization of single line horizontal matching additionally guarantees a productive payout for players. Players can gain a profit of 5 BTC through a solitary bet in this fun and energizing game. This fun and enticing game draws huge numbers of players to the casino due to its massive profits and exciting game play.


Roulette is a fascinating game that has millions of fans all over the globe. The name of this game comes from the French word “roulette” which translates to ‘little wheel’. Players must follow a standard set of rules in order to play this exciting game. CryptoGames offers its gamblers a European rendition of this acclaimed game in contrast to the American version. This edition of the games has half the amount of house edge, unlike its American counterpart, due to the single zero that is present on the 37-number wheel. At the start of each game, gamblers place bets on the numbers they predict will come up by laying down chips on the betting mat. Players then begin the game by using the “Spin” button to initiate the rotation of the wheel and the gamblers are paid following the payout table after all bets are resolved.


Blackjack has a huge amount of fans in the gambling world.  Gamblers have to place a wager before cards are distributed amongst players. The game has to be played between one or more players and a dealer and everyone has to play the game by comparing their cards. The player has to attain a combined card count of 21 or lower in order to defeat the house`s combination. In this game, Aces are valued at 1 or eleven, a card count of ten is given to Kings, Queens and Jacks, and numbered cards are given the same value as the number placed on them.  When a gambler’s total exceeds the value of 21, he will lose the amount that he bet. CryptoGames players can flawless play their games without any distractions as the table interface is neat and without any unnecessary designs. Players can also access options such as Surrender, Double Down and Split.


Lotto is a game of luck and patience. This game began from the antique action known as Lottery. In order to play this fascinating game, players must buy tickets and players can win rewards when their purchased cards are picked. Players can buy tickets by clicking on the tab “Buy ticket” and have to enter number of tickets they want to purchase. Each ticket costs 0.00003 BTC (3k satoshi). Players can also check the total number of tickets purchased and the chance of winning under that same tab. Necessary data such as the time remaining for the round and rewards given for various positions can also be found there. Draws are held every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays and Randompicker is used to generate the results of draws. 100 percent of the crypto generated through ticket revenue is distributed among three lucky winners.


Plinko is a very uncommon game in the realm of online casinos. It follows the similar principles as the world renowned TV show known as “The Price is Right!”. CryptoGames players are able to easily learn and master the game due to the instructional guides provided by the casino. The game must be played on a pyramid shaped board involving a field of pegs. Players need to pick from four different colors of balls which are green, red, blue and yellow. 10 credits is the minimal bet amount and when the wagers have been placed, gamblers can use the “Play” button to begin the game. The ball chosen by the player is then permitted to drop from the top point of the pyramid and during its decent, various pegs crash into it. The ball at last drops into a slot which relates to the payout the player will get. Each slot alludes to an alternate payout value which differ from a 650 times payout to a 0.4 times return.

Video Poker

Video Poker is one of the most popular games offered by CryptoGames. The game resembles a typical poker game as players each get five cards from which they need to accomplish the strongest possible hand. Players have to get familiar with the rankings of the cards in order to dominate this game and attain huge rewards. Gamblers can play this game more prudently when they become familiar with the tricks and strategies of organizing the cards in the shortest amount of time.

CryptoGames offers three variants of this interesting games which are Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus poker. Players of CryptoGames can toggle between their preferred modes by using the options accessible at the upper left side of the interface. At the moment when a royal flush victory happens, the player will have a chance to win a maximum of 5 BTC in a solitary bitcoin bet due to the payout multiplier of 500! The “Smart Hold” feature can moreover be utilized by players to allow the computer to determine the cards that should be held. A table that can be found under the “How to play tab” is followed to decide the priority of the cards held. This infers that gamblers have the option of holding a better deck of cards over the cards picked by the computer. “The “Auto Bet” feature can similarly be utilized due to the Smart Hold.


Minesweeper is one of the most interesting and captivating games available in the world of gambling. This game has a huge number of admirers from all parts of the world and the players in CryptoGames particularly love enjoying this game as it permits them to earn massive profits because of the astounding odds that CryptoGames offers. Minesweeper includes a field loaded up with boxes -some of which conceal mines. Players can choose the quantity of mines they need to put on the field. The least number of mines they can put is 1, the highest number of mines is 24. Players need to press boxes and avoid collision with any mines in order to continue playing the game and win rewards. The greater the quantity of mines in the field, the bigger the payout will be.

 When the reward value exceeds 4 BTC (highest win per bet) they are no longer recognized by CryptoGames. This means in the event when the player wins a reward that crosses the 4 BTC mark, the gambler will lose any access to additional fields.

Lucrative Jackpots and Referral Rewards

CryptoGames is a casino that sees its number of gamblers increase almost every day. Many of these gamblers are attracted to the casino due to its lucrative jackpots. At the moment, gamblers of CryptoGames are constantly scouting the jackpots of Dice and Roulette which currently stand at 3.7 BTC respectively. Any gambler can win the Dice jackpot if his Dice roll is a winning roll of “7.777” or “77.777”, last two digits of Server seed including the client seed combined and encrypted in SHA512 are 77 and the minimum bet requirement to be eligible for the jackpot is met. The rewarding referral program offered by CryptoGames is another contributing factor behind the casino’s large success in drawing new players to it. A referral link for advertising CryptoGames is available to all members of CryptoGames. This link can be accessed in “Rewards” under the “Invite A Friend” tab.  For every referral successfully made, the player will be given 15% of the house edge. This referral commissions is not affected at all by any losses the player faces! Gamblers are also given the magnificent opportunity to promote the casino on a large scale by contacting the casino with a custom referral rate/commission proposition.

Swift and Convenient Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Online casinos are often rated according to the speed and ease of the financial options given to gamblers. Sluggish financial transactions cause players to lose a considerable amount of their valuable time and thus players suffer massively if a casino does not offer swift financial options. On the other hand, fast and reliable financial options allow players to concentrate completely on their games. CryptoGames is an online casino that puts a lot of importance into providing reliable and fast deposit and withdrawal options for players. The casino offers its players options of completing transactions from a wide variety of Cryptocurrency, eliminating the need to convert coins in a majority of cases. The casino supports any transaction made with any of the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Gas
  • Monero
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum Classic

CryptoGames also offers a very useful test currency known as “Play Money” to its gamblers. This currency can be utilised by gamblers to test games instead of risking coins form their own balance. Play Money is a site-internal mock currency that players can use in their games to experiment with various strategies or ideas without causing any changes to their actual funds.

Invulnerable Security Protocols

The internet is often considered a dangerous place as it is filled with notorious scammers and hackers. If proper security measures are not taken, these ravenous attackers would do anything to illegally attain invaluable user funds.

CryptoGames puts has invested heavily in ensuring maximum User account and fund security. The casino has installed Two-factor Authentication and SSL encryption in its system, making it almost impossible for Hackers to gain access to user account. In dire cases when the users have deactivated Two Factor Authentication, attackers are still unable to withdraw cryptocurrency as withdrawal of funds requires obligatory email verification. Even when a direct attack is launched on the casino by atrocious hackers, their actions are completely useless as CryptoGames stores user funds in cold wallets. All of these measures ensure that there is an indestructible wall of security between user funds and the horrible attackers of the internet.

Final Words

CryptoGames is an elite online casino that offers a very impressive set of services. Its magnificent team of moderators and administrators are masters in their respective fields and are perfectly capable of handling any issues that might arise in the site. Users of CryptoGames are able to browse the site with ease and are able to access their favorite games on a majority of devices due to the site’s light interface. The fabulous library of Games ensures gamblers of CryptoGames are never bored. Swift and convenient financial options of the casino makes sure players spend more time on their games instead of worrying over transactions. Invulnerable security protocols thwart the attempts of any hacker made on user funds. CryptoGames is a utopia for gamblers all over the world, and its aims of becoming the greatest online casino in the world are not far from coming true.

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