B2Prime Announces a New Update Strengthening Legality and Liquidity

By September 14, 2023 No Comments

B2Prime released a new update on its platform, including the products and services of the world’s renowned liquidity provider. The new update is timely with the growing market demands and to continuously improve the user experience.

Also, the new update comes with a reinforced regulatory structure and expanded liquidity offering, reassuring its leadership in innovation and providing liquidity for more efficient markets. So, let’s dive into what B2Prime is offering this time.

Reinforced Regulations

B2Prime is dedicated to delivering transparent and committed services by fully adhering to relevant laws and regulations. However, the new expansion includes taking serious steps to reinforce trust and reliability while complying with these two regulatory frameworks.

B2Prime Cyprus

CySec is one of the world’s leading regulatory bodies when it comes to financial institutions and transactions, ensuring all financial activities in Europe are legal and within the framework. B2Prime Cyprus is a fully regulated liquidity provider that European brokers can rely on to gain significant market access to high liquidity and a wide range of trading options like cryptocurrency CFDs.

Also, countries outside Europe can legally join a partnership with B2Prime, attracting more brokers and clients to benefit from B2Prime’s liquidity and trading offerings. Check the list of eligible countries.

B2Prime Mauritius

B2Prime Mauritius was recently announced as the company was approved to work under FSC Mauritius regulations, expanding its services to offshore brokers who deal with cryptocurrencies instead of fiat money. This enables partners outside the EU to use B2Prime’s offerings as a reliable provider instead of risking working with unregulated brokerages and financial firms.

This framework enables B2Prime to introduce a new settlement structure for the margin account using fiat money and digital currencies to deposit and withdraw on platforms like OneZero and PrimeXM.

Extended Asset Liquidity

B2Prime raises the bar with more liquidity options and tradable assets on a single margin account. This expanded offering includes 93 crypto CFDs, 103 currency pairs in Forex and more in a 24/7 liquidity streaming, an unmatched offer among all the EU-regulated liquidity providers. 

Clients can access this wide range of liquidity assets through OneZero, PrimeXM and other renowned platforms and enjoy a 10% margin on major currency pairs. Moreover, B2Prime uses an aggregation model that provides the best spread levels in the market. 

These offers allow clients to optimise their offerings and services and benefit from the advanced technology B2Prime provides without additional charges.

The new margin requirements are set to 10%, which means only 1:10 leverage is needed for a margin account, giving clients more flexibility and exposure while trading advanced assets like NDFs and CFDs

Innovation Delivery Methods

B2Prime taps into new ways to deliver its innovative solutions, especially when serving lots of institutional and individual clients worldwide at the same time.

The newly upgraded distribution model includes holistic aggregation and innovation solutions through OneZero and PrimeXM platforms, besides any API-compatible FIX, to benefit from the expanded liquidity.

On the other hand, MetaTrader 4 users can utilise Bridge Gateway or Bridge Plugin for MetaTrader 5. Users can access them using OneZero, PrimeXM or other Hub-to-Hub connectors in the Trading Liquidity Hub.

The new update includes advanced integrations like cTrader, Centroid HUB, T4B Trading Engine, FxQubic Bridge, and YourBurse Hub, which can be accessed using a single margin account after a new broker is onboarded.

New Margin Requirements

B2Prime is committed to providing services that put their clients at an advantage and let them benefit from advanced liquidity solutions. The update reviewed the margin account charges and presented them as the following:

  • Free of charge Prime Margin Account setup.
  • Monthly liquidity fee of $1,000, at least
  • Monthly MT Gateway/Bridge fee of $1,000 (optional).
  • Account deposit requirement: $10,000 at least.

Learn more about the commissions by leaving a request.

Improved Website Functionality and Features

B2Prime introduced significant improvements to its website, including streamlining the user journey and making it clearer and more user-friendly. These features correspond to the ongoing developments in website design and the growing user expectations.

The new design reduced the visual clutter and made the layout more focused on important information while optimising the text blocks and visuals to reduce redundancy and provide information at first glance. 

These updates are designed to help the visitor navigate through the website and find relevant information with a newly designed header and footer embedded with information and links that users usually look for.

Additionally, the website is powered by auto redirection to the visitor’s location, helping the user find relevant offers and assisting B2Prime’s team in understanding clients’ needs and behaviour.

Continuous B2Prime Evolution

The new iteration comes hand-in-hand with the new acquisitions and massive growth the company has witnessed over the last few years, which is a testament to the great success they have achieved till now.

This update package adds more liquidity assets that every broker will benefit from, including +90 crypto CFDs and +100 Forex assets at a 10% margin requirement. The #1 liquidity provider keeps pushing the boundaries and is scheduled to take the stage at the iFX Cyprus Expo to demonstrate the new update, recently added services, and liquidity assets that matter to every market professional and business.