IDWise and B2Core Unite to Transform KYC Processes with AI Innovation

By September 14, 2023 No Comments

B2Core, a frontrunner in back-office financial solutions, has forged a strategic alliance with IDWise to roll out AI-enhanced e-KYC & ID Verification services. Given IDWise’s reputation as a leading AI-driven Identity Verification (ID&V) and e-KYC platform, this union underscores a pivotal development. 

This partnership aims to establish unprecedented standards in user onboarding by delivering a smooth, secure, and highly efficient verification process. Let’s learn more.

Integration Details

The collaboration between B2Core and IDWise equips B2Core’s users with a top-tier identity verification mechanism. This solution seamlessly amalgamates the latest global ID verification, facial recognition tech, certified life authenticity checks, and a thorough AML/PEP/Sanctions assessment. 

Such advancements allow B2Core’s clients across different parts of the world to provide their users with a state-of-the-art experience. Moreover, it facilitates cost-saving through automation and ensures global alignment with the rigorous e-KYC norms.

Why IDWise?

Emerging in January 2021, IDWise is anchored in the UK and operates as a B2B SaaS entity focusing on Identity Verification and Regulatory Mechanisms. Their global footprint, with teams in five nations, empowers them to roll out AI-driven ID&V and e-KYC solutions fine-tuned for diverse international arenas. Their proficiency extends across a spectrum of industries, encompassing financial services, telecommunications, insurance, cryptocurrency, and logistics. 

Baha Arab, the driving force behind IDWise, emphasised the importance of fostering digital credibility, especially in today’s fast-paced tech landscape. He shared his optimism about the alliance with B2Core, aiming to bolster trust and enhance client relationships on a grand scale.

The integration of B2Core and IDWise is more than a typical business partnership. It represents a commitment to improve end-user protections in an era where data holds significant value. Through this integration, B2Core enhances its security measures, ensuring that consumers can have confidence in the safety of their personal and financial information.

Concluding Thoughts

B2Core, a leading fintech CRM solution, offers a comprehensive suite of tools for businesses. It includes advanced trading UI, money storage & conversion, adaptive user layout, trading history & analytics, and several external integrations like payment systems, trading platforms, and KYC providers. With its cutting-edge technology in Forex and Crypto domains, B2Core is designed to be simple and suitable for beginners and experts.

The integration with IDWise showcases B2Core’s dedication to innovation, security, and excellence. By partnering with an industry pioneer in e-KYC solutions, B2Core is further enhancing its offerings and taking a significant step towards providing unparalleled solutions in the financial industry.