B2Core Introduces New Updates With The iOS V1.20 Release

By November 1, 2023 No Comments

B2Core, an innovative provider of CRM solutions and technology for trading across financial markets and asset classes, announces a new update to its services in the V1.20 iOS app. The release takes B2Core’s services and trading tools to another level, featuring the world’s leading trading software and adding more simplicity and usability to its user experience.

The new update integrates cTrader into the app, where users can enjoy trading options and analytics tools of the most famous trading software through B2Core’s new app.

There is more to talk about in this updated release, so let’s take a look at what matters the most for traders.

Onboarding cTrader

cTrader is one of the most used trading platforms for many CRMs and brokerage firms, famous for its comprehensive offerings and activity in various markets. Many traders prefer cTrader for its interactive interface and cutting-edge tools that make the trading experience seamless.

cTrader is trusted by traders of different experiences and professions, thanks to its advanced automation tools, like social and copy trading, that lower the entry barriers for new investors. Moreover, the software is focused on users, working for many years to provide the best charting options, market analysis, newsfeed and more features that help users succeed in the market.

What Does cTrader Integration Mean For B2Core App?

The onboarding of cTrader allows users to explore more features and functions on the app, including.

All-in-One Focused Service

The integration of B2Core’s advanced CRM solutions and functionality with cTrader’s robust trading infrastructure allows users to have the best trading experience.

Now, users can do more in the app without having to switch between tabs or apps. The user journey is now more streamlined, starting from registration to depositing, processing KYC, and handling money in one place. Whether the user prefers MT4, MT5 or cTrader, the new update focuses on making everything manageable through the app.

Real-time Status Update

Traders can now see the impact of their trading decisions and transactions on their equity using the real-time updated P&L status. This tool helps users understand and analyse markets to make the best trading decision possible.

Moreover, the app now provides more charting and grouping options to cut the time of gaining information and help traders make timely decisions to succeed in the market.

Seamless Account Configuration

Account management has become easier now with a simple interface and shorter user journey to deposit or withdraw funds to continue trading on the go.

Users can now do more with fewer clicks, like checking trading sessions, viewing trade logs and displaying transaction history in their accounts.

More Asset Classes & Securities

B2Core cooperation with cTrader means more trading securities with more analytical options, signals and indicators. Thus, traders can find more CFDs and other tradable instruments at the best liquidity and trading conditions provided by B2Broker’s Prime of Prime Service for individuals and institutions.

Other Updates on The B2Core App

The new update exceeds the thrilling introduction of cTrader and involves revamping many of the app’s features.

The app’s features and design have seen an overall improvement to enhance performance and layout. The update allows users to find trading pairs easily, select trading options and execute market orders.

The update supports transparency in deposit and withdrawal limits in each currency, besides incorporating a seamless customer service interface where traders can smoothly create and track support tickets.

The update also included MetaTrader, one of the common trading platforms, revamping its calendar settings and other functionalities.

Final Remarks

B2Core’s new update, especially the introduction of cTrader, is a testimonial of the company’s cutting-edge technologies and valuable CRM solutions.

There is definitely more to come as B2Core is committed to providing innovative trading solutions for retail and institutional traders to succeed in financial markets.