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A Unique Crypto Wallet Set to Integrate Fashion With Crypto Eyes Debut at Cardano Summit 2023

By November 1, 2023 No Comments
Tangem Card

Over the past few weeks, Tangem has been making new innovations following its plans to strengthen its position in the hardware wallet market. As part of its relentless adventure for a stronger foothold, the leading cryptocurrency wallet provider, announced today that the Tangem Ring hardware wallet is set to debut at Cardano Summit 2023 in Dubai.

Tangem to Bridge the Gap Between Fashion and Crypto

The stylish new hardware wallet, Tangem Ring, comes as a crypto device in the form of a fashion accessory. Hence, the launch of this unique crypto wallet will see Tangem introducing fashion into the world of crypto.

Scheduled for November 3, Tangem with its reputation as the world’s safest crypto wallet, will have the opportunity to showcase the prototype of the world’s first jewelry crypto wallet, Tangem Ring, to the Cardano community and every enthusiast present at the summit. This will offer fans the first privilege to have a view and possibly hold Tangem’s slickest and latest innovation.

With the Tangem Ring, there are hopes that crypto awareness will be further extended to fashion lovers, thereby pushing crypto adoption a step closer to reaching mainstream appeal. Apparently, Tangem Ring is here to assure the broader world that cryptocurrency ownership is not only secure, and simple, but it is also stylish.

As we unveil Tangem Ring, we’re not just launching a product; we’re ushering in a new era of digital asset management. With Tangem, we’re making cryptocurrency ownership stylish, secure, and simple.

—Andrey Lazutkin, CTO of Tangem

During the Cardano Summit 2023, a special workshop will hold where the company will disclose the curves of the Tangem Ring, giving more details on its features and unique characteristics.

Moreover, the Tangem Ring will be awarded to people who attend the workshop in the form of a special gift, allowing them to test the wallet device for free and also wear it as a fashion accessory. This will serve as a rare opportunity to become holders of the coveted ring-shaped cold storage device before it is launched for public sale.

Tangem to Roll out First Ever VISA-Backed Payment Solution

In addition to the unveiling of Tangem Ring, the company will also reveal some information on another one of its products, Tangem Pay. This will bring a unique twist to the realm of payments in crypto. While it is still under development, Tangem Pay will see the company introducing the crypto space to the first-ever card that was certified for direct payments in VISA network.

According to its design, Tangem Pay will serve as a self-custodial payment card, featuring a cold storage that can be used to save crypto assets and also make direct fiat payments at 95 million VISA terminals all over the globe.