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B2Broker Launches White Label cTrader Ready Made Solution

By September 8, 2022 No Comments
B2Broker Launches White Label cTrader Ready Made Solution

We would like to introduce the official debut of our new product – cTrader White Label by B2Broker, delivered by a technology company focusing on providing technical and financial products for the Forex and cryptocurrency industries. This brand-new concept was made to give our clients access to one of the most renowned multi-asset trading platforms there is. The advanced trading features and innovative characteristics of the cTrader platform have made it a favorite among all traders. Furthermore, the new White label package allows brokers to provide their clients with a whole new cTrader platform trading experience.

About cTrader White Label

Through its modern UI, which can be personalized in any way possible, the complete brokerage framework gives both institutional enterprises and retail organizations the opportunity to create specialized interactions that represent each company’s own style.

Thanks to the infrastructure of White Label cTrader, starting your own company as an FX, cryptocurrency, or multi-asset broker has never been easier. This solution will also allow already established brokerages to expand their offerings and satisfy their customers’ needs. This new trading platform has all the necessary powerful features. Without having to incur extra costs, such as buying a cTrader server license, adjusting configurations and other parameters, or selecting and implementing a trustworthy liquidity provider, the White Label cTrader offers all the assets and instruments necessary for smooth functioning. You won’t have to bother about establishing crypto processing, linking with CRM or back-office systems, or building up a complete structure either. This is additional to a support desk that is open 24/7 to solve any problems or answer any inquiries. With this solution, you have access to a properly tested, fully operational solution. All of this is now possible thanks to WL cTrader.

cBroker – Powerful Tool for White Label cTrader

cBroker is a back office program that manages customer accounts and handles all vital trading issues. Everything that moves through the system is combined and tracked by cBroker, making it a crucial management interface and settings panel. You have full authority over the trading conditions with cBroker because it is user-friendly. You will always have complete access to all activities and information, giving you total control over every aspect.

cTrader Copy

On a fully configurable investing platform, all traders may easily replicate the tactics of other investors or contribute their own techniques for copying by other traders using cTrader Copy. Such a service is a fantastic opportunity to extend your network, draw more clients, and add another source of income. Besides that, it offers traders a broad range of choices while meeting the criteria of being straightforward to utilize. A trader can choose the assets they would like to trade, the investment size, the risk level, and whether or not to employ the Copy Stop Loss function, among others.

cTrader Open API

You can develop your own platform together with trading apps on top of the cTrader open API.

A significant number of the platforms now available on the market do not provide you the ability to create and personalize your own trading interface, nor do they allow you to build your own mobile trading applications. However, with the White Label cTrader, you are able to adapt the interface of the platform to reflect the look and feel of your company and the requirements of your traders.

Note, that you can do this with cTrader White Label’s modularity quite easily. Your trader’s room may be easily linked with the solution, enabling you to retain usage of all of your essential trading features as well as any other programs you may choose to employ. You can design the ideal user interface from scratch or choose from among the numerous ones that are currently on the market, such as TradingView or similar. With cTrader White Label, it is possible to create custom platform labels, advertising, attach icons, design preferences, technical indicators, as well as software applications.

Prime of Prime Liquidity Pool

Another feature that is offered  is a Prime of Prime liquidity pool. That means you’ll have exposure to the finest rates from the top prime brokerage firms, prime of primes, and financial institutions available in the whole industry. We offer access to 110 FX symbols and 150 cryptocurrency CFDs, two of the best trading products on the market. FX, Metals, Commodities, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, and several others are covered by Tier 1 Liquidity and referenced by numerous trading instruments.

B2Broker and cTrader

Therefore, the B2Broker cTrader White Label platform is the ideal choice for anyone wishing to start their own FX, cryptocurrency, or multi-asset trading company.

The CEO of B2Broker, Arthur Azizov said:

“cTrader is a well-known platform with a proven track record of success, and it is used by all the market’s top brokers. A quick search on the Appstore for cTrader will reveal all the major companies that use this platform.

We believe that in today’s ultra competitive markets, every broker must offer a wide variety of trading platforms to its clients. Otherwise, the broker would lose clients who wish to trade on the cTrader platform. In addition to the traditional trading capabilities provided by the MT platform, cTrader will almost certainly attract a new category of traders and investors.

When it comes to managing your crypto brokerage, and its algo capabilities, cTrader is one of the top solutions on the market.

Since 2021, we have been seeing a growing demand for cTrader among cryptocurrency brokers. Since many cTrader brokers use our liquidity offering, we decided to open a whole new world for brokers that want to grow more sophisticated and cater to traders’ needs, rather than requiring them to use a single platform,” 

The new B2Broker cTrader White Label platform was built by our team of professionals so that you can customize your individual requirements and branding standards.With B2Broker’s cTrader White Label platform, you can expect benefits and advantages like never before. Stay tuned for updates and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.