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ArbitrageScanner Review: A Revolutionary Bot that Helps You Make Money on Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

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ArbitrageScanner Review

In today’s ever-changing markets, it’s no secret that price disparities can emerge rapidly, presenting traders with unique opportunities for profit. However, keeping a vigilant eye on multiple exchanges to identify these discrepancies manually is a daunting and time-consuming task. Hence, to make the situation easy for traders, the crypto space has seen the iteration of projects like ArbitrageScanner bot, a revolutionary solution designed to save traders time and unlock hidden potential.

The evolution of arbitrage scanners in the financial market is targeted at comparing prices and other relevant data across multiple platforms in real-time. It may analyze various financial instruments such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, or foreign currencies. They allow traders to harness the power of automation and tap into the lucrative world of arbitrage trading. Nonetheless, ArbitrageScanner is keen to offer its users top-notch services with its revolutionary bot. As we delve into this comprehensive review of the ArbitrageScanner, we will explore its functionality, features, and the potential it holds for traders seeking to capitalize on market inefficiencies.

What is ArbitrageScanner?

what is arbitrage

ArbitrageScanner introduces a revolutionary crypto arbitrage bot designed to track price disparities between exchanges and blockchains, all while ensuring the safety of users’ funds without requiring API access. This fully manual bot stands out for its security and user-friendliness, making it accessible even to beginners.

With ArbitrageScanner, users can customize their arbitrage experience by adding or removing tokens for tracking, configuring personalized notifications, and connecting to various exchanges, both decentralized (DEX) and centralized (CEX). This exclusive approach tailors arbitrage opportunities to your preferences, offering a unique advantage in the crypto trading landscape.

What truly distinguishes ArbitrageScanner is its capability to monitor not only conventional price differences among exchanges but also the increasingly significant variations between diverse blockchains. As the crypto space witnesses explosive growth in platforms like Arbitrum and the Optimism Network, hidden opportunities emerge, often overlooked by other websites or bots. By harnessing ArbitrageScanner, you can step into this realm of untapped profit potential.

ArbitrageScanner Bot Notifications

Moreover, ArbitrageScanner introduces the Screener, a product catering to beginners with limited capital. This tool seeks out opportunities, sends alerts on where to buy and sell coins, and estimates potential income from price disparities. With the ability to execute up to 200 trades daily and multiply your capital by x1.5 each day, it proves advantageous for both novices and experienced traders alike. In this article, we provide detailed guidance on getting started with the Screener, accompanied by real-life success stories from ArbitrageScanner users.

Key Features of ArbitrageScanner

Arbitrage Scanner offers a comprehensive solution for tracking price differences across crypto-exchanges, with a focus on providing a user-friendly experience, flexibility in customization, and support for various coins, exchanges, and blockchains. It features a unique crypto arbitrage bot which enables it to stand out from other scanners in the industry. Some of the key features of Arbitrage Scanner are as follows:

  • 24/7 Notifications

Users receive real-time notifications of price differences across crypto-exchanges, including decentralized exchanges (DEX).

  • Multiple Coin and Exchange Support

The scanner supports over 30,000 coins and 25 major exchanges, including both centralized exchanges (CEX) and DEX.

  • Support for Major Blockchains

The scanner supports arbitrage on 10 major blockchains, including Optimism, Arbitrum, BNB Chain, Fantom, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Gnosis, Klaytn, and Aurora.

  • Manual Cloud-Based Bot

Arbitrage Scanner is a manual bot that operates in the cloud, ensuring the safety of users’ funds. It does not connect to users’ exchange balances via API or require access to their wallets.

  • Personalized Cloud-Based Bot

The scanner provides a convenient CMS (Content Management System) where users can set up new pairs for tracking with desired templates and parameters quickly and easily.

  • Flexible Plans

The service offers different plans with varying features and durations, such as access to different numbers of coins, exchanges, DEX, Telegram channels, and educational materials.

  • Screener

An available screener actively seeks out bundles between exchanges and promptly notifies you about any price differences. This presents an opportunity to potentially earn up to 80% daily without the need to purchase tokens.

  • Web version

A user-friendly web version is available, allowing for easy setup in just 30 seconds. It provides pre-configured bundles, indicating where to make purchases and sales. However, it’s essential to exercise caution, as this platform offers numerous features to consider, such as bundle duration, withdrawal accessibility, and matching conditions.

  • ArbitrageScanner Message

By opting for the PRO plan, you gain access to the ArbitrageScanner Message tool, providing you with early news alerts ahead of official sources. This service analyzes updates across all your subscribed Telegram and Twitter channels, delivering insider information to you quicker than it surfaces in public news. With this tool, you can make informed decisions to buy or sell a coin before other traders or take advantage of long or short positions. It’s a valuable and highly recommended addition to your toolkit.

  • Private community and free training

Upon acquiring the bot, you will receive complimentary training in cryptocurrency arbitrage, along with comprehensive guidance on utilizing the scanner effectively. Furthermore, the project team will provide in-depth analyses of the bot’s performance through practical examples. Additionally, you gain entry to an exclusive community comprising fellow ArbitrageScanner users, where members share their arbitrage insights and success stories, offering a valuable platform for learning and collaboration.

  • Referral program

The project team offers users the chance to earn and offers lucrative referral conditions, enabling you to earn up to 50% of sales. Furthermore, there’s an option to acquire a bot franchise for $19,999, which presents an excellent opportunity for those aspiring to establish their own business. For further details, please visit our website to learn more.

ArbitrageScanner Whitelabel

arbitrage scanner whitelabel

Purchasing Arbitrage Scanner WhiteLabel is advisable due to its provision of a turnkey-ready tool, allowing you to retain 100% of sales without the necessity of investing tens of thousands of dollars in the technical aspects. This option provides the opportunity to launch it in your country, offering a more controlled and secure alternative compared to investing in tokens of uncertain nature.

Benefits of ArbitrageScanner Compared to Other Scanners

Benefits ArbitrageScanner Others
Exchange and Blockchain CoverageSupports over 50 CEX exchanges, 25 DEX exchanges, and 40 blockchains; allowing users to maximize potentials for profitable arbitrage opportunities.Usually, a dozen of centralized exchanges are available, no DEX nor blockchains though
Versatile Exchange ConnectivityIt provides flexibility in connecting to exchanges, allowing traders to track price differences within seconds.Often have slower or more limited connectivity options, potentially causing missed opportunities.
User-Friendly Interface for All TradersArbitrageScanner is designed to be user-friendly, catering to both beginners and experts.Other tools often have a steeper learning curve or lack comprehensive support for beginners
Enhanced Security MeasuresArbitrageScanner’s fully manual nature ensures improved security, reducing the risk of hacks or funds loss.Other tools that rely on automated trading may be more susceptible to security breaches.
Sending signals where to buy and sell, and what the profit isIt sends notifications to telegram or the web version.Other tools often require more complex setup processes or lack customizable options.

Cryptocurrency arbitrage between DEX exchanges and blockchains

Curve Finance hack arbitrage case

Following the Curve Finance hack, the CRV rate experienced a significant and sudden drop, with spreads reaching approximately 600% during the hack incident. This presented a substantial advantage to Arbitrage Scanner clients, as they received immediate notifications about the price disparities. While others were still contemplating or searching for opportunities, Scanner clients had already engaged in arbitrage activities. Remarkably, one of the clients managed to profit $130,000 within a span of just 2 hours. They swiftly acquired the coin on Uniswap for $0.1 and sold it on Binance for $0.65.

CRV price on Binance

CRV price on Uniswap

Time was of the essence, as exchanges suspended deposits and withdrawals after a mere 15 minutes. Thanks to the rapid bot notifications, Arbitrage Scanner users had sufficient time to execute trades and secure substantial profits. Such scenarios occur frequently, and the bot actively seeks out these opportunities. The screener’s speed empowers users to enhance their capital effectively.

Arbitrage spreads on ArbitrageScanner

Cryptocurrencies are traded across various decentralized exchanges (DEXs), resulting in different prices for the same token. This creates opportunities for arbitrage, where users can buy from one exchange and sell on another to profit from the price differences. The Arbitrage Scanner Telegram Bot presents multiple arbitrage opportunities, such as five different opportunities for the GHST token in a single message. The bot automatically calculates the profit rate for each opportunity, making it convenient for users.

In the provided image, there is an arrow-marked section indicating a potential profit of 0.5363% from a single trade. With a $100 budget, repeating this trade ten times could yield a profit of $5.63 in a short period. Another example in the image shows a 0.7630% profit from an arbitrage transaction between the ETH and Polygon networks on the 1inch exchange.

Usually, the price difference between DEX exchanges ranges from 5% to 20% per trade. By purchasing the bot, users gain access to free training and guidance on earning through arbitrage. Holding coins, connecting a tracking scanner, and taking advantage of spreads can be a profitable strategy. Even with the 1-month test package, users receive free arbitrage training, video lessons with detailed examples, and 24/7 support. It’s surprising how quickly one can earn through arbitrage.

Furthermore, arbitrage opportunities also exist between different blockchains on DEXs. This presents a unique chance to capitalize on the major networks, including Optimism, Arbitrum, BNB chain, Fantom, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Gnosis, Klaytn, and Aurora. These blockchains often have high spreads that go unnoticed by many, allowing Arbitrage Scanner clients to consistently capture these lucrative opportunities.

Setting Up Your Arbitrage Scanner: Step-by-Step Guide

  • Step 1: Purchase your Arbitrage Scanner Bot membership

Obtain access to the Arbitrage Scanner Bot by completing the purchase process.

  • Step 2: Log in to the panel

Use your login credentials to access the Arbitrage Scanner Bot panel.

  • Step 3: Familiarize yourself with the panel
ArbitrageScanner Plans

Take a moment to explore the panel interface and locate the list on the left, as shown in the accompanying picture.

  • Step 4: Receive the usage guide

The Arbitrage Bot Team will send you a comprehensive guide that explains the detailed usage of the scanner. Refer to this guide for specific instructions.

  • Step 5: Add currency pairs

Click on the “Currency Pairs” tab in the panel to begin adding the coins or tokens for which you want to receive arbitrage notifications. Follow these steps on the setting screen that appears:

  • untickedEnter the names of the coins or tokens, ensuring they match the ticker on the exchange.
  • untickedChoose the exchange for the pair. If there are multiple exchanges, select each one separately.
  • untickedSpecify the commission on the selected exchange, including any discounts.
  • untickedCheck the “active” box to receive notifications for the pair. You can uncheck it later to stop notifications
  • Step 6: Utilize Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)

If you have purchased a Pro Plan or higher package, you can receive data streams from any DEX. To set up DEX data:

  • uncheckedUse the currency pair tab and click the “add” button.
  • uncheckedProvide the contract address of the token you wish to track and receive notifications for.
  • uncheckedSelect the minimum volume on the DEX. Note that your profit calculations will be based on this volume.
  • Step 7: Customize notification templates

Access the “Notification Templates” section to personalize the notification themes according to your preferences. You can input any text you desire, but ensure that you enter the variables correctly. The panel already offers pre-configured notification templates for you to choose from during the setup process.

  • Step 8: Connect to Telegram channels

If you have a Telegram channel, you can link it directly to the Arbitrage Scanner Bot. By configuring the settings, your channel will receive instant notifications based on your preferences.


Upon a thorough examination of ArbitrageScanner and its functionality, it becomes evident that this platform serves as a valuable tool for cryptocurrency holders seeking to leverage arbitrage opportunities. With a straightforward approach that involves adding both decentralized exchanges (DEX) and centralized exchanges (CEX) to the tracking list while configuring notifications at a 2% threshold, users can conveniently receive alerts via Telegram. The platform consistently identifies notable price disparities of 5-10% among various cryptocurrencies, potentially enabling users to secure substantial profits, typically ranging from $300 to $500 per opportunity.

It’s worth highlighting that this tool is particularly advantageous for individuals who already possess cryptocurrencies, as the potential returns can significantly outweigh the subscription cost. It is advisable to employ ArbitrageScanner over a span of several months to fully harness its capabilities, as identifying profitable trading opportunities within just three days may not always be feasible.

Crucially, this service offers a genuine opportunity to multiply one’s capital. Additionally, users are provided with complimentary training resources to enhance their understanding of cryptocurrency arbitrage. For any inquiries or assistance, the support team is readily available. Register on the platform, subscribe, explore the possibilities, and share your experiences.