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AAG Integrates Coinbase Pay to Enhance Fiat On-ramping Solution For Its MetaOne Wallet

By December 23, 2022 No Comments
AAG Integrates Coinbase Pay to Enhance Fiat On-ramping Solution For Its MetaOne Wallet

Key takeaways:

  • AAG’s crypto wallet MetaOne Wallet has integrated Coinbase Pay
  • The Coinbase Pay integration will streamline the NFT and crypto onboarding process
  • MetaOne is an easy-to-use blockchain wallet solution designed for Web3 and metaverse purposes

Fast-growing Web3 infrastructure firm, AAG, announced today its integration with leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Pay to further improve the fiat on-ramping features of its product, MetaOne Wallet.

AAG Incorporates Coinbase Pay

According to an official press release, the company revealed that it has tapped the payment feature that enables fiat-crypto transactions on Coinbase to help simplify the onboarding process featured on MetaOne. Apparently, this aligns with its vision to provide the opportunity for crypto novices and amateurs to easily acquire crypto assets and NFTs on the MetaOne Wallet.

MetaOne is a web3 cryptocurrency wallet that is built specially to provide exclusive use cases for new and experienced users within the crypto space. Being a flagship product of AAG, MetaOne wallet is focused on remediating the most challenging features of the Web3 ecosystem, including security, safety, and efficiency, without compromising convenience. 

However, new and experienced users of the crypto space can easily explore the Web3 ecosystem, seamlessly acquiring crypto assets and non-fungible tokens through simple fiat payment methods, all thanks to AAG’s integration with Coinbase Pay.

The CEO of AAG, Jack Vinijtrongjit, commented on this, saying:

“With the recent situation with FTX, we believe that more and more users will be looking for an alternative option for self-custody. MetaOne, with its unique features, is perfect for those who might not be comfortable with a fully non-custodial wallet.”

MetaOne is easily adoptable by new and existing crypto users because of its straightforward features. Rather than having to struggle with the complications of private keys and seed phrases, MetaOne deploys the use of n-factor authentication. Thus, it enables a seamless user experience.

Apart from the convenient crypto purchases via easy-to-use fiat payment options MetaOne Wallet tends to offer, the wallet also allows users to access strings of approved and whitelisted decentralized application features on the platform. These applications are deemed safe and could serve exclusive Web3 and metaverse purposes for MetaOne users.

While providing users with an all-in-one solution for storing and managing digital assets, MetaOne Wallet also features an automatic asset discovery mechanism. This feature automatically identifies and displays the assets of users on the balance screen without requiring manual intervention. However, its incorporation with Coinbase Pay will further boost its efficiency towards aiding a seamless Web3 journey for users.