$4.8m and Counting: Bitcoin Dogs’ Unstoppable Presale Success

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Bitcoin Dogs

Bitcoin Dogs is shattering records with its extraordinary presale success, already amassing over $4.8m and making the global crypto community sit the hell up and take note. This groundbreaking project, heralding the first-ever Bitcoin blockchain ICO, could easily be the project that unleashes the next new craze upon the cryptosphere: BRC-20 coins.

This blog will explain why.

The beast that is Bitcoin Dogs

Bitcoin Dogs is a stunning blend of gaming, an NFT collection, and a coin so game-changing that the chance to make outstanding returns feels palpable. With Bitcoin Dogs, gamers, collectors, and investors can enjoy the thrill of digital pet simulation (yes, like Tamagotchi) with the cutting-edge security and decentralization of blockchain technology.

The project introduces a gaming experience inspired by the nostalgic 90s classic with elements of the more recent Axie Infinity GameFi title thrown in. The game harnesses PvP competitions and a social platform where users can interact, compete, and grow their pets together.

Then, if the Bitcoin Dogs universe wasn’t spicy enough, it throws in the biggest NFT ordinals collection eva, featuring 10,000 unique digital dogs with some ultra-rare specimens thrown into the mix. Like any NFT collection unleashed today, each one is algorithmically assigned a rarity score. 

While most NFTs and altcoins are stuck on old-school platforms like, Ethereum or Solana, Bitcoin Dogs brings the energy back to the blockchain that started it all. The OG blockchain, Bitcoin, offers security, and a stable blockchain that presents a new standard in crypto, whilst the project as a whole merges multiple worlds of gaming, NFTs, Web3 culture, and traditional crypto. Basically, Bitcoin Dogs has it all.

How it works

Bitcoin Dogs is offering the latest and greatest in digital pet simulation. Their game will be a match made in Web3 heaven; the nostalgic charm of retro-style pixelated graphics and the strong foundations of the most modern blockchain available. 

Players will care for and nurture their virtual canine companions, training them up, feeding them like dog royalty, pimping out their kennels, and basically giving their canines a glow-up that would put the Kardashians to shame. If and when a player gives their dog next-level care, the dog can start earning the real bucks by farming 0DOG tokens and competing in races with other high-level doggos.

Another gangsta feature of Bitcoin Dogs is its upcoming NFT collection, which can be likened to a dog show in your pocket. Collectors will be able to show off their dogs at the Bitcoin Dogs Club, where they can meet up with other dog fans and degens.

The NFTs on offer are algorithmically generated, ensuring diversity and uniqueness among digital pets. There will be some ultra-rare breeds, like the exclusive OG Dog, of which only 8 will be minted. On the other side, there will be a variety of interesting mutts, like the more common Sausage O Dog, of which 500 will be waggin’ their tails in the hope of being adopted.

Owners will be able to showcase and trade their ordinal NFTs, with a super-small 0.5% fee from each transaction going into a pot to use to sustain the site and pay back the community. 

The 0DOG token is the magic key that gives the owner access to the features above, acting as the coin fueling the ecosystem and enabling purchases of NFTs, dog care, etc., etc.

Why the Bitcoin Dogs presale is proving such a success

Not so long ago, the cryptosphere bore witness to a Bitcoin Gaming project called Bitcoin Cats. It offered something along the same lines as Bitcoin Dogs. Big difference though – it wasn’t offering a proper BRC-20 coin on the BTC blockchain. That’s the sweet thing that Bitcoin Dogs brings to the table.

Bitcoin Dogs, offers the magic of BTC cats – which, FYI, pumped hard and hit a $50 million 24-hour trading volume after a week or so. But this time around, it has the full-blown first-mover-FOMO-inducing magic of being on the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Drawing on the lessons of Bitcoin Cats and capitalizing on the expected resurgence of NFTs, Bitcoin Dogs is more impressive than a blunt rolled by Snoop. Its addictive game, coupled with the chance to make some real coin just for taking care of your dog, is going to keep players coming back for more on the daily.

And it could not be a better time to launch an ultra-short 30-day presale. The Bitcoin halving, coupled with the premier of Bitcoin ETFs, is pushing the crypto market to the moon right now. Investors need to get in quick before they miss the opportunity to not only get in on the fun and games Bitcoin Dogs offers, but also the first-ever BRC-20 presale.

Click here to visit the Bitcoin Dogs website and purchase 0DOG.

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